The Angel Pt. 05

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Thank you to all my lovely readers once again for making part four so popular and all the lovely comments. I love feedback and will always try to reply if you don’t post anonymously. Oh, and be assured, there is a part six coming. I even have a part seven planned as a story wrap up.

Love and hugs




I was awoken, once again, by soft, tender kisses on my neck. Usually, in the past when I’ve fallen asleep spooning, one or other of us has ended up moving, ending up separately. It seemed that somehow it was different for my Angel and me. I snuggled my bottom into her and moaned softly, taking her hand, which was still draped around my waist, lacing my fingers through hers and giving her a gentle squeeze.

She whispered, “Good morning, Sorceress.”

I smiled and shuffled myself around so that I was facing her, once again captivated by the beauty of her smiling face and smiling eyes staring deep into my soul.

We kissed. Little pecks which slowly built up to more passion and I began to feel familiar stirrings down below.

I felt one of her hands stroking down my back, pulling me towards her and we ended up wrapped in each other’s arms, bodies touching at every possible point, our lips, our breasts, our bellies. I slid my thigh up over hers, using my calves to pull her close into me.

We both moaned softly into each other.

After a glorious time just holding and kissing I pulled back a little and watched her eyes flutter open.

I smiled and said, “I’m so sorry Angel…”

“What for?”

“I forgot to say… I love you.”

I felt my eyes tear up a little and saw hers follow suit.

“I love you, Anna. Really love you. All my heart.”

We started our kisses once more, now slightly more urgent and passionate. I felt her arm release me and then slide between us, then down and finding my already swollen clit, sending a huge thrill through me as I felt her fingers slide either side of her, softly squeezing.

I gasped with the feelings coursing through me, feeling contractions inside me.

Instinctively I brought my arm round, unwrapped my leg, making a little more space between us, and slid my hand down over her tummy and on down, stroking through her pubic hair and finally finding what I was now calling Little Angel in my mind. I stroked slowly across, left and right, pushing down slightly on her hood. She sighed and then moaned.

Instinctively we started mirroring each other’s movements. I slid my upper leg back and she did the same, opening ourselves a little more, our bodies half turning away from each other but never breaking the kiss.

To begin with the movements were soft and slow, reflecting the slow build up of our desire, but as time went on and my own need increased, as I started to feel my orgasm getting close, we sped up. There was this moment where it was as if I was touching my own clit through her, the movements matching so perfectly, that psychic and physical link manifesting itself in this wonderful moment.

Our moans increased together as we both got closer and closer, our fingers now rapidly moving over each other. There was a delicious sound coming from down there which meant both of us were incredibly wet. At that moment when I was about to go over the edge our kiss broke and we both cried out together.

The feeling was incredible. A wonderful release, but we didn’t stop. I could feel there was more. We were both shaking. I opened my eyes and saw that my Angel was staring at me. That look, deep into my soul, started the second, deeper wave. I could feel my own wetness increase at the exact moment I felt and heard the same happening for her.

All of a sudden the second dam broke and we both started shaking uncontrollably and my whole body stiffened in ecstasy, the rushing release spreading out from my clit, inside and up through me.

We naturally slowed down our movements and eventually almost, but not quite, stopped. As our breathing came under control we both stroked very slowly but gently. Not directly on our clits, just above, the small movements sending little aftershocks through both of us.

Our kisses resumed but slow, soft, pecks. Taking each other’s lips between our teeth, each in turn.

Finally I was calm enough to speak.

In a croaky whisper I said, “Angel.”

In a deliciously sensuous voice she replied, “Sorceress.”

“I… thank you… that was… incredible.”

She blinked those beautiful lids, “Yes. A perfect word. Incredible. It was… it was like… we were one.”

It was such a perfect way to express what had happened.

“Yes. As one.”

“I love you, Anna.”

“I love you, Angel.”

She took a deep breath and, smiling, said, “You said last night about exploring. This feels like another step on that journey.”

I was touched, in more ways than the merely physical, “Your language is so beautifully poetic, Angel. Maybe I’ll write a story about how we met and fell in love. You are my muse.”

She chuckled and kissed me briefly cennet mahallesi escort before saying, “Better wait until I’m back from Zambia, I could get into trouble.”

The mention of her leaving gave me that tummy churn that I was determined, at least for that day, to try to suppress.

“I think we need to shower, Angel, don’t you?”

“I do, Sorceress. Or perhaps I only think that because I am under your spell?”

I smiled as we both stopped our gentle strokes at the same moment and brought our hands up to brush each other’s hair back, behind our ears, finally resting our fingers on each other’s necks.

“As one,” I said.

“As one.”

We kissed softly and eventually broke away, pushed the cover down and swung ourselves off the bed. I got my phone out of my bag and looked at the time. It was just coming up to seven.

“What time do you need to be at work, Angel?”

She thought about it, and said, “Um. About nine. I’m supposed to finish at lunchtime today,” my heart sang at the thought we wouldn’t be apart for that long but then she said, “but maybe I’ll call our London office and see about that job. If I’m lucky they’ll want to see me today.”

I caught her hand in mine and held it against my chest.

“When can you call the office?” I asked, wanting to understand how the day would work and how long I would have to wait for her.

“Any time after eight,” she said. I could see that she was as nervous as I was.

I smiled, “It will be okay Angel. I’m sure.”

She smiled back, “I will make sure it is. If that doesn’t work, I will find some other way. I promise, Anna. Truly.”

I had noticed that she only tended to call me Sorceress when we were being playful and I liked that. It gave me a sign of her own inner thoughts. I also knew that for me she would always be Angel unless we were in a formal setting.

I decided to be, for now, practical Anna. “Okay, maybe you can call at eight and we can find out how our day will work? My conference is all day but I don’t have any sessions that I have to go to this afternoon so I can be there for you at a moment’s notice.”

She kissed me softly and said, “Yes. I’ll call when we’ve showered and we’re dressed. We’ll make our plans after that.”

She took my hand and led me through to the bathroom where we headed into the shower. It seemed that today she was going to be in control because she took the shower head down, turned on the water, and adjusted the heat until it was just right.

I watched her and loved the way her dark skin seemed to glisten when it was wet, reflecting the light so beautifully.

We kissed briefly and silently washed each other, both of us a little contemplative of what felt like an enormous mountain ahead of us. We kissed often and said little.

When we’d finished we dried each other and went back through to the bedroom where I noticed the bundle of toys on the bedside table which brought back wonderful memories of the previous evening with the dinner, the games with the Lush and the lovemaking.

“I’ll just go and clean our toys, Angel,” I said, picking them all up.

I went into the bathroom and Angela followed me and, while I rinsed them off in the sink, lent her arms on my shoulder and kissed my back often, watching me over my shoulder.

Once I’d dried them they all went back in my toy bag and I said, “I know one of them is yours, Angel. We’ll sort that out later.”

Of course, this brought back the thoughts of her leaving and I had to suppress the slightly sick feeling once more. I saw my feelings reflected in her face and we kissed, almost desperately.

I dressed her, putting her bra, panties, jeans, sneakers and blouse back on.

I then opened my wardrobe and said, “Pick me an outfit, Angel.”

She smiled as she started sliding various outfits across and finally pulled out what I call my swirly summer dress. It has a diagonal pattern of blues and browns of various different shades that swirl around. It is quite form fitting down to the hips and then there’s a slight flare to just above the knee.

‘This one, Sorceress. It is perfect for you.”

I smiled, “That is one of my favourite summer dresses, Angel. Thank you.”

“And here I am in my boring work clothes,” she said with a dimpled grin that told me she was teasing.

“Angel, that is what you were wearing when I first saw you and I fancied you like mad then so never say it is boring.”

She gestured down her body as she said, “Really? You liked me even in this?”

“Yes, Angel. Just like that.”

She helped me get dressed, I picked some comfortable, white slip on flats for my feet and finally we sorted out each other’s hair, hers in its customary ponytail and mine, as always, loose. We then touched up each other’s lipstick which had become a little smudged for some reason.

I checked the time again. It was just after eight.

“Are you going to call them now, Angel?”

She nodded, obviously as on edge as I was and esenler escort went to get her phone. She called up a number from her address book and hit dial. It was answered in seconds and I anxiously listened to her side of the conversation.

“Hi. Is that Stephanie?… It’s Angela… yes, yes. That Angela. Is Brenda in?… Okay what about Richard? Yes? Would it be possible to talk to him?”

She looked at me and mouthed, “Love you,” clearly waiting to be put through.

I mouthed, “Love you too,” and then Richard, whoever he was, came on the line.

“Yes! Hi, Richard. Um, look, this may sound odd but you know that post that’s going in your office, is it still vacant?… Okay, great. Do you think there’s any way I could apply for it?… I know… Yes, I know… I am serious, very… Any time after one would be fine.”

I felt a lurch of possible joy. She hadn’t been told ‘No’ so we were over hurdle number one.

There was a longer pause and she finally said, “Okay, that sounds great. I’ll see you at two. And thank you.”

She ended the call and her face lit up in a huge, happy grin.

“I have an interview at two this afternoon!”

“Oh my god! That’s wonderful, Angel!”

We wrapped our arms around each other and held on in a tight hug. I closed my eyes and took a breath for what seemed like the first time in hours.

We kissed and she said, “I better put something a little more suitable on for the interview so I’ll come back here at one and get changed.”

“But they know you, don’t they? Surely they know what you normally dress like?”

She smiled, “Yes, but this is important and I want to show them respect. Show them I’m serious.”

I thought madly, “Okay, okay. Perfect. I’ll meet you in the hotel lobby at one and we’ll get you ready for your interview. Oh, I’m so excited Angel!”

She put a finger on my lips and said, “I haven’t got the job yet, Sorceress. You’re going to have to cast one of your spells.”

“I will. I will. I promise.”

She grabbed her work bag and I grabbed my laptop, we both put our handbags over our shoulders and shared one lingering kiss before heading out.

As we walked along the corridor she said, “I don’t think I’ve got time for breakfast, even if I could eat, which I don’t think I could.”

“I understand, Angel. I don’t think I can either, but you must eat before your interview.”

We’d reached the lifts and she pressed the down button.

“I will. And you must as well, Anna.”

A lift arrived with several people already in it and we passed the journey in that silence that typifies every lift journey ever taken with strangers.

When we got out at the ground floor we walked out into the sunshine and I said, “Okay Angel. Have a wonderful morning and I’ll see you at one. I love you.”

Without a second thought she put a hand into mine and kissed me. A soft, gentle kiss.

“And I love you, Anna. I can’t wait to see you again.”

She turned and walked away, turning often to blow me a kiss, which I returned every time, until she was out of sight.

I headed for the conference centre in a daze. I got there and almost immediately saw Mariane at the reception desk. She was in a simple blue blouse and black midi skirt combination. She ran over and gave me a hug.

“Anna, how are you? How’s Angela?”

“She’s wonderful, as always,” I said with a huge grin.

“She is a real treasure, Anna. We both thought so.”

I smiled, “Thank you, Mariane. It means a lot to me.”

“Right, I have to get to a session. Want to do lunch again?”

She obviously read me like an open book because she then said, “I’m guessing you already have a lunch date. Okay, wonderful. Let’s get together soon, yes?”

“Yes. That would be lovely.”

“Right I’m off. Love to your Angel.”

I called after her, “And love to Tom from me!”

She waved and disappeared.

I attended a couple of sessions and even contributed a little. I managed to grab a sandwich and, when twelve thirty came around I made my way back to the hotel in unseemly haste.

I realised we hadn’t actually said where we would meet so I just sat in the lobby, reading through the latest draft of my book and making occasional tweaks, although my concentration levels weren’t really up to the task at hand.

About ten minutes later she walked in, and I shut my laptop and walked over, both of us smiling broadly at each other.

“Hi Angel,” I said, “how is everything?”

She took my hand and squeezed, “A little better now but I am so nervous, Anna.”

As we talked we walked towards the lift and went up to her room.

When we got in she put her work bag down on her unused bed and I put my laptop next to it. The next few minutes were taken up with a slow, sensuous kiss.

Angel pulled away and said, “I have to get changed, Anna. What should I wear? I don’t have many clothes with me.”

I remembered Tuesday and said, “How about that brown and orange dress you wore on Tuesday? You looked esenyurt escort practically edible in that.”

She gave me a mischievous grin, “And then you ate me…”

I giggled. Our nerves were making us delightfully silly.

She continued, “Yes. I’ll wear that and the same shoes. It will remind me of you. As if you’re with me holding my hand.”

She opened her cupboard and took out the dress. Just seeing it gave me little flutters of love, lust and beautiful memories. She laid it on the bed and I helped her undress, wishing we had more time but still taking a moment to kiss the mound of her breasts invoking a sigh from her.

When she was ready I looked at the time. Not even one thirty.

“How long will it take to get there, Angel?” I asked.

“I’m not exactly sure. Probably no more than fifteen minutes. I’ll get a cab, but I should probably leave soon.”

We kissed again and she must have been able to feel my heart beating against her, I was so excited and nervous.

We broke, I grabbed my laptop, and we headed downstairs once more.

When we got outside and asked the concierge to hail a taxi I said, “How long do you think you’ll be, Angel?”

She looked into my eyes, “I don’t know. Let’s say maybe an hour for the interview? And then maybe chatting afterwards? I’ll probably be back by four. I’ll text you if I am going to be later.”

Her cab pulled up, a traditional London Black Cab, and she gave me a small kiss and I just said, “Good luck, Angel. I’ll see you in the bar when you get back. I’ll be casting spells all that time, promise.”

She smiled and said, “I’m relying on it, Sorceress. See you in a couple of hours.”

She climbed in and we waved at each other until she was out of sight.

I stood and just watched the empty street for a moment, lost in thought.

I wished I could have ridden with her in the cab, but fully understood that it could put her in an awkward position. She may be breaking down her own barriers in a social scene that didn’t involve people she knew, but it would be a different story when it came to coming out at work. If she got the job, that would come later.

I shook myself and turned, heading back into the hotel. I went into the bar which just had a small group of guys who were obviously office workers on a half day Friday, relaxing after whatever hard week they’d had. Mostly in semi-casual suits.

I was disappointed when I realised that Kendra wasn’t there. I presumed she mostly did evening shifts, so sat at the bar on one of ‘our’ stools. A barman came up, his name identified him as ‘Luke’. He asked me what I would like to drink.

I said, “Could I just get a coffee please, Luke? White, no sugar.”

“Certainly, madam.”

He went to organise the coffee while I opened my laptop and tried to focus on my book, but failed miserably.

When he bought the coffee over, placing it on a coaster in front of me, I asked, “What time does Kendra come on duty, Luke?”

I saw a mild look of surprise on his face but he recovered quickly, “The boss? I think she’s on at five today. Why? Do you need to talk to her?”

Boss? Was this some in-joke amongst the bar staff? Was she a really bossy person? It didn’t seem like it to me but then I was a customer and, I felt, a friend.

“Oh, not particularly. I was just wondering.”

“She’s in the hotel. Would you like me to let her know you’re here?”

“Oh, I don’t want to bother her.”

At that moment, from around the back side of the wall behind the bar, Kendra emerged, smiled at me, and said, “It won’t be any bother, Anna. You know that.”

Rather than the black trouser and white blouse combination I usually saw her in, Kendra was in a denim mini-skirt and white tee. I had to mentally adjust because it felt weird not seeing in the more formal attire she wore for work.

“Kendra! Where did you come from?”

She smiled and pointed back behind the wall, “There. The lounge area. I heard you asking after me. I was just catching up on staff rotas for next week.”

I’d never gone into the lounge area behind the bar because Angel and I had made the bar our meeting place.

“Anyway, Anna, what can I do for you?”

I smiled, “Well, nothing really. I just wanted some company. Angel… sorry Angela has gone for an interview and…”

She placed a hand on my arm to stop me babbling and as she sat in what I thought of as Angel’s place, said, “Anna, it’s okay. I can finish the rotas later,” she turned and said, “Luke, could I get a coffee too, babe? Thanks.”

Luke nodded, “Sure, Kendra, give me a minute,” and went off to prepare it.

She turned back to me and said, “Okay, Anna. Slow down. What’s happened?”

I collected my thoughts.

“Nothing bad. Really. Angel… sorry, Angela…”

“I know you call her ‘Angel’, Anna, it’s okay.”

“Yes. Okay. I know. Sorry. Angel is trying to get a job here. For me. So we can be together. She’s at the interview. Now. I’m nervous, excited, worried. Everything.”

Luke brought Kendra’s coffee and she took a moment to sip, looking over the cup at me with her dark blue eyes and, putting it back in the saucer, said, “First of all, she’s not trying to get a job just for you. She’s doing it for both of you. Right?”

Once again, Kendra was showing a calmness and wisdom that surprised me.

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