The Angel Pt. 03

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Wednesday Evening

When we finally broke our kiss we spent a few moments just staring at each other and smiling. I took in those beautiful eyes, her full dark lips, slightly glistening and, I noticed, with a little of my lipstick faintly showing.

I whispered, “What time do you need to be up in the morning, Angel? I can set the alarm for…”

She smiled and interrupted me, “No, it’s okay. I had to be early this morning because there was a meeting I needed to prepare for. I can be a little less rushed tomorrow. What about you, my bewitching Sorceress?”

I smiled and kissed her, and thought about my day. “In theory the day starts at nine, but the first session I have to be at is ten.”

She stroked my back gently as we lay there, staring at each other.

“Yes. A more lazy start to the day would be wonderful.”

“Let’s get under the covers, Angel.”

We briefly got up and pulled the soft duvet down and crawled back into bed together, pulling it up around us. I reached over and turned the room lights out.

We lay there kissing for a little while until Angela said, “Turn over, Sorceress. I want to be the big spoon tonight.”

I smiled in the darkness and slowly turned over. She pushed her arm gently under mine, her breasts pressing softly into my back. I felt little kisses on my neck then her fingers slid up and started gently stroking one of my nipples. I shivered with the sensation and moaned softly, “Mmm. Yes, Angel.”

“Goodnight, less and less mysterious Anna. Sweet dreams.”

“And you, my loving Angel.”


I was woken in the most wonderful way imaginable. I slowly became aware of soft kisses on my neck. I murmured, “Mmm. Good morning, Angel.”

I slowly turned and in the half light through the curtains saw my beautiful lover smiling at me.

“Good morning, Anna. I am so happy you’re awake. I’ve been lying here wanting to see your beautiful face once again.”

I reached for the light switch and turned it on, glorying in the sight of her dark skin, running my hand down her neck, once more loving the contrast between our shades. She shuddered and we fell into a natural kiss, our arms wrapped around each other, breasts pressed together.

I felt her leg move over mine and I pushed my thigh up to come in contact with her sex. I could feel her pussy lips on my thigh. It felt like they were placing soft, wet kisses there and I immediately felt the rush down to my own centre. My wonderful clit reacting to our close contact.

As she felt the push from me she moaned and started moving slightly so that she was rubbing against me and I put my hands on her bottom and held her closer to me. She whispered, “Oh god, Anna. The things you do to me…”

Our kisses intensified as she moved slightly faster on my thigh and I felt her orgasm rising, her body tensing. I watched her face, her eyes closed as she moaned softly. She started shaking and started whispering, “Yes, yes, yes. Oh fuck yes. I’m coming for you Sorceress… for you.”

Her movements slowly subsided and her body relaxed, her breathing calmed and she finally opened her eyes.

We kissed once more.

She pulled back and looked at me earnestly before saying, “I’ve never felt anything like this. I never even dreamed of such a thing. It’s not just the sex. It’s something about us that is different.”

I smiled, “I’m so happy you feel that way, my perfect Angel. Yes, it isn’t just about the sex, although I have to admit that it is pretty fucking spectacular,” and here she let out a small giggle, “it’s about who we are.”

She pushed me gently so I was on my back and slowly got up, pushing the covers back, exposing me to her gaze. I adored being on show to her. She moved so that she was straddling me, her pussy just touching on my pubic bone.

I watched, mesmerised by her beauty. Her wonderful shape, the perfect dark breasts with their large, dark areolae and very stiff black nipples. The curve into her waist, her little belly button, the spread of her hips, her perfect thighs framing me.

She now moved slightly back, looking down at our pussies until her still engorged clit was brushing over mine. Beautiful, smooth electric shocks ran through me. She started little back and forth movements. It was delicious and so gentle. I wasn’t sure I would be able to come that way but then the eroticism of the moment caught me and I just watched, transfixed on our joined bodies and I felt the warmth start again inside and out. I finally felt it starting deep within me. I eventually closed my eyes and just let it happen, building up an image in my head of her pussy kissing mine and that was all I needed, my tipping point. In a mad rush, I came, a beautiful, completely clit focussed orgasm that had me crying out meaningless sounds.

After a few minutes I calmed down as she stopped her sensuous movements. I felt her climb off me and come to lie beside me. She kissed me softly and I practically purred.

“My god. That is something I have never done. You diyarbakır escort have taught me something, Angel.”

She looked genuinely surprised and happy, “Really? I did something new for you? Oh, Anna. That makes me so happy.”

I chuckled ruefully, “Not half as happy as you just made me, my perfect Angel.”

She nuzzled into my neck and we lay in silence for a few moments, both lost in thought.

I wondered what time it was. It was before seven, for sure, because my alarm hadn’t gone off. I picked up my phone and saw it was still only just after six thirty.

“How about we shower, get dressed, and go and get some breakfast Angel?”

She looked at me and surprised me by laughing a little, “Um, I would love to but I am not wearing that dress,” she said pointing at the floor, “to breakfast. I have to go and get changed.”

I was a little disappointed but had a sudden idea, “Okay. How about we shower first then you can go back to your room and we’ll meet for breakfast?”

“Perfect. Do you want to shower first, or shall I?”

I looked at her about to protest when I saw the silly grin on her face. I started laughing and said, “You really had me there for a moment. Come on, let’s go get clean together.”

We slid out of bed and I picked up the dildo from the bedside before leading her by the hand into the bathroom.

Angela said, “Um, we’re going to use that in the shower?”

I laughed, “A wonderful thought but no, Angel. If we do something like that I want it to be when we have hours of time. I just need to wash it.”

The shower was a large, glass walled, circular affair with more than enough room for both of us. We walked in and I took the showerhead down and started the water, adjusting the temperature while she stroked my back gently.

When it felt just right I rinsed the dildo off and opened the door and placed it on the floor just outside the shower. I put the showerhead back and went to take the Alice band from her hair, saying, “I’ll wash your hair for you first, Angel.”

She shook her head, “No, Anna. I washed it yesterday. For you. I can’t do it too often. I just need to brush it.”

I smiled at the sweet thought that she really had gone to a lot of trouble for our meeting.

“Then I would love to brush it for you when we’re finished. Okay, I can leave mine for at least another day so let’s just wash.”

We lathered each other’s body in turn and then used the showerhead to rinse each other off. I’m aware that I have a high sex drive, even when I don’t have a partner and indeed past lovers have commented on it. It seems to double when I’m with someone I connect with, but in my Angel I was beginning to think I had met my match. Her clit was still deliciously large, her lips puffy and I couldn’t resist, as I knelt down to clear away the last of the soap from her pussy, taking her beautiful clit in my mouth. She leaned back against the curved wall, her feet placed apart, and held my head as I tasted her, flicking my tongue quickly over her. I dropped the showerhead on the floor and put my hands up to massage her beautiful bum. I moved one hand round and slid two fingers into her beautiful, waiting pussy, feeling her walls clamp down on me.

Within minutes I felt her tense up and heard her cry out, “Oh yes, yes… there, there, yes.”

She was shaking and at the moment I felt she was going over I quickly pulled my fingers out and she gripped my hair tightly as her orgasm rushed through her. I ran my tongue down between her lips and tasted that wonderful flavour of her juices, which were practically flowing out of her.

I slowly stopped, pulled back, took the showerhead and stood up to see that her eyes were still closed and her breathing rapid.

I placed a kiss on those beautiful black lips and she recovered enough to say, “Wow. Just wow. That was so intense and so, so beautiful.”

“Anything for my Angel. I love to give you so much.”

She opened her eyes and looked at me, making me melt. Her eyes were so soft and loving.

“You give me everything, Sorceress.”

I placed the showerhead back in its holder and turned it off.

I led her by the hand out of the shower and we dried each other with the big fluffy towels supplied by the hotel, then went back to the bedroom, taking the dildo with me, which I put back in my toy bag. I didn’t want room service finding it just lying around. I had Angela sit at the dressing table and stood behind her while I brushed her hair out. Out loose, it fell just passed her shoulders and it was beautifully thick and felt wonderful as I followed the brush with my hand. I spent every possible moment looking at her reflection, wondering how on earth I had been so lucky.

I was about to put the Alice band back in when she smiled at my reflection saying, “No. I need my ponytail for today. I have a hair tie in my handbag…”

I picked up her bag from the bedside cabinet and handed it to her and she fished out a black hair tie, which I then used edirne escort to arrange her hair once more in the way I had seen her for the first time. Was it really only three days before? So much had happened that it seemed like so much more.

She then had me sit and brushed my hair out, occasionally smiling at each other in the mirror.

I helped her with her dress and shoes, and I got delightful memories of seeing her as she entered the bar the night before.

Once she was all ready, looking as gorgeous as ever, we kissed and I said, “There you go Angel. Go back and get changed and I’ll see you in the breakfast bar.”

She raised that beautiful eyebrow. “You mean I don’t get to dress you? That seems a little unfair.”

I warmed inside, smiled, and went to the wardrobe, opening the doors and said, “Okay – in that case you get to choose what you want me to wear.”

She took one look and said, “My god, Anna. Did you bring your whole collection with you? That’s a lot of outfits for one week.”

I smiled and winked at her. “I always like to have lots of choice, Angel. You never know who you might need to impress.”

“Sorceress, you would impress me if you just wore a sack and old slippers.”

I laughed, “Not really my style, but thank you. Now, what should I wear?”

She spent a moment sliding the dresses back and forth and finally brought out my white base, flower pattern midi dress. It has spaghetti straps, but has built in support to replace the bra you cannot wear with it.

“This is so you. I want to see you in it.”

“I love it. Thank you Angel.”

I picked out some white lace panties and she helped me with my outfit and, since it was shaping up once more to be a warm day, I didn’t bother with tights but just my strappy cream sandals with a two inch block heel.

“Now my Sorceress is ready for her day. I’ll pop back to my room and change into boring clothes, they would faint at work if I wore a dress, and see you in the breakfast room?”

We kissed, picked up our handbags, I picked up my laptop and we headed out. When we got to the lifts Angela pressed to go up and I pressed to go down. My lift came first and there were people in it so we didn’t have the opportunity to kiss again and I just said, “See you in a few minutes.”

I went down to the ground floor and headed to the breakfast area. The woman at the desk asked me if it was a table for one and, smiling I said, “No, table for two. My friend will be joining me soon.”

“Certainly madam. Can I take a room number?”

I showed her my room card and said, “Twenty sixteen.”

She grabbed two menus, led me silently to a table and I sat down. She asked if I would like coffee or tea and I opted for coffee.

I picked up the menu and looked. I was favouring the continental breakfast. I wondered idly what Angela would pick when I heard a brief cough and looked up. There she was in all her radiant beauty. This time in a dark blouse, blue jeans and her sockless sneakers. She had a large black bag over her shoulder which I assumed contained a laptop and work related paraphernalia.

I looked around and saw that nobody was too close so I said, “Angel, that was quick.”

She sat down and laughed, “I don’t think I’ve ever changed so quickly in my life. I just wanted to be here as fast as possible.”

The server came back with my coffee and asked Angela for her room number and if she would like coffee or tea and she opted for tea.

Obviously trying to look as if this was just two friends meeting for breakfast she said, “So, Anna. How is your day looking? Will it be a busy one?”

I thought about my schedule, “No, not really. I have a lunch date with my friend Mariane,” and here I saw a little look of suspicion in her eyes, “No, silly Angel, she is the one who I told you about yesterday, who said she hoped you’d be good for me. Don’t be jealous. She’s happily married. To a man.”

I saw relief in her eyes and realised that this was significant. She was jealous. For a recovering straight woman, this was monumental.

Of course, the very thought of her with anyone else, man or woman, made my stomach churn, which told me something about the depth of my feelings for her.

We got through breakfast and arranged to meet in the bar at six, since I would be finished by five that day and she said she could get out early as well.

We went outside and realised we had to go in different directions. I wanted to kiss her but knew that would be pushing things too far for her so I just told her, quietly, “I want to kiss you right now. I’m going to miss you today Angel.”

She looked around and surprised me by putting her arms around me and kissing me full on the lips.

“See how much you have enchanted me, Sorceress? I am going to miss you too. Have a good day and I’ll see you tonight.”

I watched as she walked off, waiting until she went out of sight around a corner, briefly turning to wave at me as she did so.

I got to the conference elazığ escort centre at just after nine and went to see if there were any interesting sessions that I could attend before my presentation at ten. I saw that Mariane was giving a talk on character development and thought it would be an ideal opportunity to firm up our arrangements. I went in and sat at the back and, when she had finished I walked up to the podium, admiring how she carried off the shabby chic look, jeans with tears in and a white tee. She waved as she saw me walking towards her and came walking over, giving me a warm hug.

“Hey you. I have to dash to another session, but are we still on for lunch? There’s a lovely little gastropub nearby.”

I smiled, “Of course I’m on for lunch. See you around one at the main doors?”

“See you then, babe. Looking forward to it.”

She ran off and I got on with my morning. At just before one I made my way to the main entrance and Mariane was already there.

“Anna. Great to see you. Come on, let’s go gossip.”

We walked out and Mariane led me to a lovely looking pub, big glass windows with a chrome bar and wooden furniture. The walls were a pale lilac. We went in and got a large, sparkling mineral water each, we looked at the menu and ordered our lunches, in my case a cheese ploughman’s baguette, in hers a Tortellini Arrabiata.

We went and sat at a corner table and just fell into regular catch up chat.

“So, how’s the lovely Tom? I love listening to him, when I can.” Tom has an online chat show that is amusing, informative and silly in equal measure.

“Oh, everything’s great. He’s got a huge following and plenty of adoring fans, but I want to know who this mystery woman is, the one who dragged you away from me last night.”

I coloured slightly and couldn’t stop the smile breaking over my face, “Her name is Angela. She’s an engineer. She is so delightful.”

“An engineer? That’s unusual. You don’t usually go for the butch types. I remember when you first came out to me and you said, ‘If I wanted to date someone who looks and acts like a man, I’d date a man.'”

“Oh god, no,” I said, “she’s far from butch. She is incredibly feminine.”

She placed a hand over mine.

“Oh my, you have it bad don’t you, hun? I don’t think I’ve seen you this much in love, ever. How long have you been dating?”

I swallowed and quietly said, “Three days.”

Her eyebrows sprung up, “Three days? Good god, Anna. You fell in love that quickly?”

“Um, well. We haven’t actually said we love each other.”

“You might not have done, but I can see it in you. You met her since you came to the conference?”

“Yes. In the hotel I’m staying in.”

“So, who hit on who?”

I thought back over how it all began and said, “Um, well, it was sort of mutual.”

“Wow, your gaydar is working well, at least.”

I chuckled, “Well, therein lies another story… She’s straight.”

Mariane paused for a second then smiled, saying, “Oh, so nothing complicated then. Is she going to be your ‘plus one’ tonight? I’d love to meet the woman who stole your heart so quickly.”

Tonight? Oh god. I had completely forgotten about the conference dinner. What should I do? The obvious panic on my face told Mariane everything.

“Oh no. You’ve forgotten, haven’t you?”

“Yes. I have. I would love to come with my Angel,” here Mariane smiled at my affectionate name for her, “but I don’t know if she’s ready to be publicly out.”

She squeezed my arm, “Well, ask her maybe?”

“Yes. Yes. Give me a sec…”

I got my phone out and sent a quick text to Angela.

Hi Angel, when you get somewhere private can you call me? Xxx

I turned back to Mariane, “I’ve sent her a text asking her to call me.”

“Good. You never know, do you?”

At this point our lunch arrived and I had barely had a chance to take a bite when my phone rang. I looked at the screen, it was my Angel.

I pressed to answer.

“Hi Angel. Can you talk?”

She sounded slightly anxious as she asked, “Anna, what’s wrong? What’s happened?”

“Nothing bad, Angel, but… I had completely forgotten that there’s a conference dinner this evening, so…”

I heard the disappointment in her voice, “So I won’t see you? What time..”

“No. No, Angel. That’s not it. I wanted to know if you would like to come as my plus one? I know, it’s a huge imposition and if you don’t want to, I’ll understand. I’ll cancel and we can spend…”

She interrupted, “You can’t not go, Anna and… I would be honored to be your plus one. Now I’ll have to go and buy another new outfit. I can leave the office in a couple of hours to go shopping. I wish you could come with me.”

I thought about my afternoon schedule. There were no sessions that I would have to attend, so I said, “I can. I would love to. What time and where?”

“Wonderful! Let’s meet at the hotel reception at three and we can go from there. I’m so excited to go shopping with my Sorceress.”

My heart lifted, I would see her soon and would be the envy of everyone at the dinner.

“I’m so happy right now. I love hearing your voice Angel.”

“And I love hearing yours. See you in a couple of hours,” and I heard a mwah which I returned.

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