The Anatomy of an Affair Ch. 03

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Love is not enough.

He was laying on his back half asleep when he felt the fingers on his stomach. They started near to his navel, but quickly slid down towards his pubic mound. The fingertips and nails nestled into his crinkly thatch and softly scratched it before moving further to rest on his flaccid cock. Momentarily, he imagined it was Jenny and he felt some stirrings, but as he came fully awake he realised that it was Emily. Opening his eyes he saw that the lamp on the dressing table was on and was casting a dim light from behind her. Laying on her right side she had pushed the duvet down so she was naked from the waist up and was supporting herself on her right elbow as her left hand gently gripped his respectably, but not overly, sized prick. As the disappointment of it not being Jenny combined with the sight of Emily’s massive breasts dangling down, any stirrings immediately vanished. After she pulled the duvet down exposing Tom completely, Emily reached out for his hand and placed it on her left breast. Continuing to stroke his cock Emily muttered.

“Play with them Tom, play with my tits as you used to.”

Tom rubbed and stroked the at least G gup udders, as he now thought of them, hoping against hope that something would rekindle the stirrings in his cock and balls so that he would develop some form of hard on. Even though her hand was now rubbing his cock and balls, a little too hard as it happens, Tom knew it would be a lost cause. He was aware that despite the very untypical approach from her the likelihood of him getting hard enough to fuck her was extremely low. It was not just the distaste he now had for her overweight flabby body, not just the fact that they so rarely made love and not just because she was not at all sexually adventurous to the extent that what she was doing was highly daring by her standards. They were contributory reasons, influences and elements in his quandary at not being able to get hard when his wife fondled him. No, the main reason was that he had fucked Jenny his twenty-five year old mistress twice that evening in a hotel room and at forty five most men Tom included cannot perform three times in as many hours.


Tom had checked into the hotel first. His excuse to his boss the Southern Region General Manager of the motor group for which he ran their most prestigious dealership for not being around for the afternoon, was that he was seeing a potential corporate client who could be a purchaser of a thousand units a year.

Jenny, one of his top performing young sales executives, booked a day’s holiday and arrived at the hotel around one thirty. He had text her the room number so she went straight to it and pressed the buzzer. The door opened a little way and Tom peered round it.

“Hi Jenny, come in,” he said opening the door a little more so she could squeeze past. Once inside he closed the door and she turned to him. He heart leaped and her pulses raced when she saw that he was naked.

“Oh my god Tom what a surprise,” she smiled falling into his open arms.

They kissed and almost immediately his half erect cock began to stir and grow. Their hands immediately were all over the other’s familiar body. Jenny’s top was pushed up and Tom fed his gaze on the delicate, see-through black bra in which her prominent nipples were making large indentations. He sucked them through the material and sliding his hand under her skirt discovered to his delight that she was wearing holdups.

“Mmm they feel nice,” he told her running his fingertips around her stocking tops.

“It’s what we bought the other night,” she told him.

As the affair that had now gone on for nearly a year developed so they had started to try new things. Now and then when Tom’s wife Emily was in out or bed and Jenny was alone in the flat she shared with three others, they would use a chat room or sometimes, when sound didn’t matter, skype. They would chat or talk very intimately and occasionally masturbate together or look at sexy underwear that Tom would then buy for her on the understanding that she modelled them for him or if they were not able to be alone to let him know she was wearing them.

Just last week in the dealership she had text him.

“I am wearing the AP basque, thong and stockings.”

“Come to the training room immediately,” he had text back on the pay as you go phone he used only for communicating with his young mistress.

He got there just before her and went inside. He put the ‘session in process’ light on that pretty much ensured no one would enter and then opened the door to Jenny’s knock. Once inside he went and sat down behind a screen out of view of the door if it should be opened and said very huskily.

“Stand against that wall Jen, behind the door,” as he nodded to where she should stand.

Working out that although the session in process light was on someone could conceivably come in she saw that Tom was positioning them in the most secluded position he could. That sent a tremor through her for it suggested that he would pendik escort want to do something. She didn’t say anything, but staring at her lover she stood where he indicated.

They had kissed and fondled each other a few times in his office and once they had nearly gone all the way, but drew back when they heard some talking nearby. They had talked about having full sex in the dealership and Tom had told her one night as she lay half naked in his arms in his car that he would love to fuck her on his desk. She had told him jokingly to be her guest and let her know when. That quite naturally had led them on to talking about having sex in public places and they had agreed that it was something that seriously turned each of them on. Tom told her, though, that it was too dangerous so they did very little in that direction.

So this was new ground for them and Jenny wondered what was going to happen. She knew pretty much for sure that if he wanted to fuck her that she would say yes, irrespective of the risks, although she knew that he would not take any risks.

Tom was very aware that if even a hint of his affair with a member of his staff reached the group management that he would be fired. He could only speculate at the consequences if he was caught shagging her, so he didn’t bother speculating. He knew that it was crazy to push his luck in the dealership but the frustrations of having an affair with a woman he could only be with infrequently were intense and the arousal he felt when he had read her text about wearing the white basque was extreme. So rational thinking and normal safeguards went out of the window, well to some extent that is.

“Undo your blouse Jen,” he said hoarsely.

She did and he saw the white material of the beneath the breasts basque and her matching diaphanous bra. The darkness of her areola and the protuberance of her nipples showed clearly through the bra. His cock was rigidly erect and he undid his zip.

“Pull your skirt up.”

As she took hold of the sides of her skirt Jenny’s heart was pounding so much she was sure that Tom would hear it. Slowly she pulled it up so that he saw her black stockings, then the tops of them, the suspenders holding them up and then the delicately sexy tiny, white lacy thong. She felt so wanton, wanted and womanly as she posed for her lover with her blouse undone and her skirt bunched round her waist. Looking directly into Tom’s eyes she reached behind her and undid her bra. Removing it she bent down and slipped it into her large bag.

As Tom watched her doing that he slid his hand inside his trousers and enjoyed the feel of his cock in his hand.

“Show it to me Tom,” Jenny gulped as he pulled it out through his fly.

“Oh god Jenny this is fucking crazy.”

“Yes darling it is so let’s go crazier, come here and suck my tits.”

“Oh my god yes,” he groaned closing the gap between them.

They didn’t go much further as although they both got an enormous kick from the danger they also realised how terrible the repercussions would be if anything did go wrong.

Now, though, in the seclusion of the hotel bedroom they were able to relax and indulge their joint love of sexy underwear. Jenny was wearing the Agent Provocateur matching set they had chosen together online a few evenings ago. She had matched the black lace and silk of the low cut, gossamer, thin bra and skimpy thong with a pair of black Lejaby, fishnet hold up stockings. They were very long reaching to within a couple of inches of the top of her legs and she accompanied them with four inch, killer heels in black patent leather. On top she was wearing a black, pencil skirt that ended a couple of inches above her knees and a deep red, almost maroon, skinny knit sweater that showed off her modest curves to perfection, but rather clashed with her red hair.

“Get that skirt off,” Tom growled as fumbled the sweater over her head whilst she slid out of her skirt.

Moving back a few feet, Jenny posed for him with one hand behind her head her fingers in her lustrous, red hair and the other on her stomach with her fingernails just inside the waistband of the thong.

“You look fucking amazing, turn round.”

She loved it when he made her pose for him and milked the situation unmercifully. Turning very slowly she bent forward slightly knowing that the thong vanished between the bare cheeks of her bum.


It was not easy for either of them. Carrying on an extra-marital affair is difficult and can be wearing. They could not really go on dates not only because they might see someone who knew James or even worse knew Emily, but also because they didn’t like the stares that an older guy with a young woman attracts. As a result affairs such as theirs have little else to them than sex. Sure they talked and watched some TV when in a hotel, but there was no more. They could not play golf, go to art galleries or museums, he couldn’t take her to a football match, the cinema or the theatre. Even eating out was very risky. So most of the affair maltepe escort was conducted on the back seat of his car or in hotel rooms.

Jenny loved him. She was positive of that and was confident that he loved her. At first she was content with having Tom just for sex. More and more, though as the months rolled by she began to want more.

Her friends and flatmates couldn’t understand what she was doing. To them she rarely seemed to date and never brought a guy to the flat. At weddings and parties she went alone. She told them that she was seeing a married man, but gave little other information.

Tom’s life had become one of lies and excuses, guilt and worry. He did love her and wanted to be with her more. But he had a family and a job both of which would be at jeopardy if he walked out on his marriage and set up with Jenny.

It was hopeless and they both knew that. They even talked about it particularly in those wonderfully relaxed moments after having had sex. Then they speculated at how marvellous it would be to live together and have the freedom to do as they wished. But such conversations nearly always came back to ‘but it’s impossible isn’t it?’

It was equally impossible also for both of them to avoid having awkward moments.

Tom’s arose mainly from having to sleep with Emily and occasionally fuck her. Her body having swollen and sagged in places no longer held an attraction to him. Whether it would have had he not been seeing Jenny’s youthful form he didn’t know and didn’t really care. He had stopped coming onto her as he had pre Jenny and now just waited for her to initiate something which she did a couple of times a month. And they were the very awkward moments.

Jenny’s came about more from loneliness than anything else. Staying in watching TV night after night particularly at weekends was a drain on her. She was bored and often wondered whether it was really worth it. Naturally she had approaches from other guys both in the dealership and from other places like her tennis club, the gym she attended, the reading group she had joined and the evening class she attended. She was tempted. It would be so nice she thought to have a loving boyfriend to go out to restaurants and clubs with, to go on walks and site see and to just be with. But the lot of a married man’s mistress precludes that. Just as it precludes sleeping together overnight, being with each other at weekends and holidays and sharing his birthday for that celebration and Easter and Christmas holidays belongs to his family not to the mistress. And then there were his family holiday when Tom and Emily and often their children and their partners would go away for two or even three weeks perhaps to a house Tom rented in Spain or the US. They were agony for her and awkward for him.

The worst aspect of the affair for Jenny was when they had spent the evening at a hotel or occasionally the flat she shared with two other when they were away, and Tom had to get out of bed, get dressed around nine or ten and go home. Usually leaving Jenny in bed naked and feeling absolutely rotten, Tom would carefully check himself for marks, smells or traces of her long red hair before dressing and leaving her. Watching him as it were ‘cleanse’ himself’ of her, his lover ,before going home to her, his wife, was distressing for Jenny. After he had left she would often feel sad and have a few tears, but generally the sadness was taken over by arousal and she would masturbate herself to sleep.

With Tom’s blessing and agreement she did go on some dates. Not that she particularly wanted to, but more as a means for finding a partner to go with her to parties, weddings, company functions and family celebrations. And of course the inevitable happened.

As with many women, Jenny found weddings to be romantic and arousing. At one where she was bridesmaid to her cousin she was accompanied by a friend of her brothers who had been her companion on several other occasions. It was not until she was at the hotel before the wedding changing into her bridesmaid dress that she realised that she and Dean had been allocated a room to share overnight. Her immediate reaction was to say to the bride that she didn’t want to share, but she knew full well that the hotel was full. She also knew that would draw attention to her relationship and that she would have to answer some difficult questions. What she didn’t know was whether Dean was aware of their sleeping arrangements?

They hadn’t had sex, but after a company event when he took her home they had kissed and he had caressed her breasts. The kissing went on for some time. Jenny enjoyed it and was reluctant to stop him for that would, or so she thought, make her look rather ridiculous and would put her into a situation that would be hard to explain. Additionally, although she was sure she loved Tom, she was as aware as he was that there was no real future other than more of the same. During the many long, boring sexless evening she spent at home alone this weighed heavily on her. kartal escort She had been seeing Tom for almost a year now and had, just about, been faithful, but the future, where her life was going, her lack of companionship, Tom always going home and simply being unattached was beginning to piss her off and affect her relationship with him. She was becoming insanely jealous of Emily who she now hated in a way that she had never hated anyone before. She knew it was wrong and irrational, but could not stop herself. This reached almost irresistible proportions when she attended company events such as new car launches with Tom. Although she knew it was ridiculous and could never happen, Jenny felt that it should be her with Tom making speeches, awarding employee of the month and doing the ceremonial duties expected of the partner of the senior manager.

Previous to that company event when Dean had kissed her there had been a couple of times when he wanted to go further and although she was tempted, she had stopped him. After three dates, though, she was not only running out of excuses, but also the will and determination to stop him, or, she wondered, was it the need for more from a relationship than she was getting from that with Tom. She was beginning to realise that love was not enough.

“I have never fucked a girl in a bridesmaid’s dress before,” Dean whispered into Jenny’s ear as he squashed her against the bedroom wall.

“And I have never been fucked in one before,” Jenny replied as she felt him pulling on her knickers from behind.

Roughly, almost and certainly near frantically she pulled his face to hers and they kissed deeply, but rather awkwardly. Their passion for each other and having sex exploded making subtlety impossible. But then the situation did not require or deserve subtlety. It needed pace and energy for what they both wanted for very different reasons was a quick, hard and very dirty fuck.

They had danced together at the reception and had discussed the sleeping arrangements. Jenny was feeling very romantic and badly missed Tom. It would have been so nice to have had him there and to have been his partner after the ceremony and wedding meal. To have sat at the table with him, introducing him to her friends and family, even though she knew there would be some disapproving glances, and to have danced with him would have been wonderful she had thought realising that they had never danced together! That made her think of other things they had not done together: they never went shopping together, they never went on walks, to the cinema or theatre, they rarely went to restaurants and, of course, they never met other couples.

As the wedding had gone on and she had a few drinks she began to resent the fact that he was not there and that once more she alone. ‘But I don’t need to be’ she thought to herself as she and Dean joined the rest of the guests in the first dance.

As the wedding began winding up after the bride and groom had left Jenny and Dean were dancing slowly to a Lionel Ritchie number. His hands had slid down her back and were resting on the swell of her bottom. Their bodies were pressed together and she could feel his bulge against the softness of her stomach. Her face was pressed against his chest and his against her hair. He moved his head and ran his lips down her forehead and onto her cheek. He kissed her there, softly and gently as his hands gripped her buttocks slightly more firmly. She didn’t move her face away.

There were no more discussion about the sleeping arrangements

Once in the room they were in each other’s arms kissing almost ferociously. It was only moments later that he squeezed Jenny’s breasts and just a few more when the low cut top of her lilac coloured bridesmaid’s dress was pulled down and Deans hand was inside her bra. The pinching of her nipple was absolutely perfect at just the right pressure and the sensation of his finger squeezing her breasts was wonderful. She pushed her breasts against his pleasure giving hand and squirmed her lower body against his lovely, full erection.

“God I have wanted this for so long,” he groaned into her ear as with one hand he gripped her arse in the tight sheath dress and with the other he scooped her breasts out of her bra.

Jenny didn’t reply to that, but instead reached for his cock in his trousers. She found its length and squeezed it.

“Yes you do seem pleased to be here,” she joked, rubbing its respectable length.

They kissed again and this time Dean pulled her skirt up at the back and gripped her bare buttocks in the tiny thong. .

“I assume you will not be wearing this tomorrow so if it gets creased it won’t matter,” he grunted into her ear as he bunched it round her waist.

“No proper clothes tomorrow,” Jenny smiled back loving the carefree time with Dean.

It was so refreshing to be with someone more her own age for a change, she thought with a jolt when she thought of Tom and how unfaithful she was being. But somehow, instead of deterring her, the fact that she was cheating on her lover egged her on. ‘Fuck’ she thought as Dean rolled the elastic round the waist of her thong over the swell of her bum and onto her thighs, ‘I’ll let him have me and sod Tom who is probably fucking the old cow.’

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