The Amethyst Chronicles: Council Retreat Day 1 (read this version, it has paragraph breaks)

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“It’s time Amethyst” he said softly as he first stroked then pinched her right nipple sharply to wake her up as she slumbered, curled on his lap with her head resting on his shoulder while the limo sped through the countryside.

The supple redheaded beauty stirred at the sound of his voice and moaned softly under his expert caress, her emerald eyes darting behind fluttering eyelids. With the sharp pinch, Amethyst sat bolt upright in his lap, her back arching as her eyes flew open and she let out a startled cry of pain, music to her master’s ears. She looked at him with a confused and hurt expression and found him smiling at her, a satisfied look on his face and his steel blue eyes practically gleaming with excitement and anticipation.

He was a striking and handsome man in his mid 30s, the epitome of dominance and control. He stood over 6 feet tall with untamable blond hair that always looked perfect, even in its disorder. The look suited his muscular, yet not overly bulky frame. He sat back confidently on the plush leather seat wearing his custom tailored suit, gazing at his property. Amethyst was now fully awake on his lap. He loved to look at her, his sex slave, just 20 years old and breathtakingly beautiful. He leaned forward and curled his fingers tightly into her crimson hair at the top of her skull, first forcing her head back to passionately kiss her throat above the metal collar that she wore, his collar, causing her to writhe and moan.

The collar was a highly specialized slave collar with an unpickable lock in the back that only he had the key too. That key was in a hidden safe in his house, for he had no need to carry it around with him. The collar had a gps tracker embedded inside in case she would ever try to run, and also a shock feature activated by remote to quell any disobedient behavior if more conventional methods were not working. Fortunately for him, when he bought her, she was well trained as a sex slave already and he never needed to use this on her, but the fear of it was enough to keep her obedient without question.

He pushed her head back up and held her face inches from his and said with authority “I need to get you prepared, we’re almost there. Hurry my love and fix your makeup, and don’t forget the extra mascara.” Turning, he absently looked out the window at the setting sun, the large sprawling manor house visible in the distance.

“Yes master” she said in her silky submissive voice and slipped off his lap to the other side of the limo to the seat perpendicular to his and opens her makeup bag. He gave her a playful spank as she transitioned to the other seat and she giggled and looked back over her shoulder at him with a loving expression. She made quick work of touching up her blush and eye shadow, a nice combination of purple and green to bring out her eyes. She applied a generous coating of bright red lipstick and shiny gloss to accentuate her full lips and lastly paid special attention to her mascara, her eyelashes full and curled. It was a shame her face would not be so well made up for long, she really was stunningly beautiful.

Stowing her bag, she slid back over to him “I’m ready master” she softly whispered, almost trembling with her adrenaline rush. She knew where he was taking her and she was frightened yet excited. She would be used ruthlessly this weekend by the members of a group her master belonged to called “The Council,” a secret society of wealthy individuals who owned and traded sex slaves for fun and profit. The members of this group operated at a level well above the laws of general society, consisting of some of the richest and most powerful people in the world, politicians, heads of state, celebrities, it was a who’s who of the world, and they had the money and lawyers to cover their tracks. Their common bond was their lust for writhing young women to fulfill their every twisted desire.

He appraised her appearance “yes, very nice Amethyst. Now get your shoes on, we don’t have much time” as he handed her a pair of 6 inch black stilettos with ankle straps that made it difficult to walk, but made her legs and ass look amazing.

She took them obediently and slipped them on, tightening the ankle straps as he caressed her breasts which swung free below her as she leaned over. She was his and he touched her when and how he wanted, and very frequently. She learned to crave his touch over time. She smiled contentedly as his hands roamed her chest and when she was done with her shoes she leaned back with her arms behind her back, like she had been trained.

“Master…” she said softly, almost meekly “I’m scared.” she confided in him as he continued to massage her ample breasts and tweak her perfectly round nipples. He looked at her thoughtfully, then leaned forward to suckle her left breast, his teeth clicking on the metal ring he had put through her nipple, speaking with is mouth full “I suppose that’s understandable. Don’t worry, I won’t let them do any permanent damage.” She did not feel very reassured but the sensations of his warm mouth and wet tongue made it difficult to concentrate on her concerns.

“Mmm, I wish I had more time to enjoy you right now my love, but we’ll be there in just a moment. Turn around.” he commanded with his calm authority.

“Yes master” she replied submissively, sliding off the seat and kneeling on the floor at his feet, her back to him. She kept her arms behind her back, knowing what he wanted.

He opened a storage compartment in the limo and pulled out a black arm binder. This compartment was full of bondage devices and sex toys. The limo itself was like a mini dungeon with rings in strategic places for attaching her cuffs or a quick tie off. He liked to take a variety of things with them when they traveled to be prepared to take and bind her in any number of ways whenever he, and sometimes Lucien wanted. Gently, almost lovingly he slid the arm binder over her arms and pulled the straps tight.

Amethyst winced but kept silent. The limo stopped at a gate in the high stone wall, then proceeded to roll as the gate opened for them. From his coat pocket, he pulled out a ball gag, custom made in a purple and white marble swirl pattern, and reached around her. She saw it hanging in front of her and obediently opened her mouth, not needing to be told, stretching her jaws wide to accommodate the large rubber ball. Her master had been merciful and applied mint extract to improve the taste.

The limo coasted to a halt as her master cinched the strap tight against the back of her head, her red lips stretched impossibly wide around the ball. Her master would take it out soon enough so she could service the members, but this was the best way to present a slave, bound and helpless.

Her master spun her around and lifted her to the seat and rubbed his fingers lovingly along her cheeks “you are so beautiful, I love you.” he murmured, as she gazed at him with the adoration of a love slave. And he did love her more than life itself, but make no mistake, he kept and treated her like a slave in every sense of the word. She was whipped, chained, tortured and subjected to unimaginable pain all for his amusement. On certain occasions, he even gave the use of her to his associates, just like he was about to now.

Her heart was racing as the limo driver opened the door. Erebus produced from an inside pocket of his suit coat two chains. One was her leash and she turned her head for him to clip it to her collar.

“There, almost perfect…just one last thing” he marveled and squeezed a painful looking device attached to the other chain, a spider nipple clamp with many sharp points to dig into the tender flesh of her most sensitive nipples. The clamps were custom made, purple, and were adorned with diamonds and amethysts. They were really quite beautiful and glimmered in the light as she would walk, the weighted chain swinging between her perfectly proportioned natural breasts.

The arm binder forced her breasts out so there was no need for her to arch her back as he let the spider clamp go and it dug in instantly, causing her to squeal with pain. They heard a chuckle from just outside the limo. The clamp nested perfectly around the small gemstone ring piercing her nipple. Erebus had pierced her himself in her nipples and clit, a symbol of his love for her.

{She remembered so vividly that day, the day he told her he wanted to show her how much he loved her. Erebus bound her to a bondage cross and proceeded to take out a set of specially designed haemostatic forceps with a circular clamp on the end. He rubbed her nipples with a sterile iodine pad and she stared to panic, but he was humming a happy tune. She screamed as he locked the first one down, almost flattening her right nipple, then taking a small case from his pocket full of sterile needles and her soon to be piercings, he pulled the hemostat away from her body and drove a decent sized needle through her nipple from the right side to the left. As he pulled the needle back out, he lined up a nipple ring and slid it in the hole. He did the same thing for her other nipple then crouched down to sterilize and clamp her clit.

She looked down at him with her tear streaked face and sobbed questioningly “Master?” as if begging him to stop. He simply looked up at her and said sternly “I own you.” and returned to his work, mercilessly clamping her clit in the same manner as her nipples and driving the needle through. She hung on the cross and sobbed, her nipples and clit throbbing painfully. He stood back to admire his work and told her how fortunate she was, a wife gets one ring, she gets three.

That was a few months ago and they had long since healed, and she had grown to enjoy them as much as he did, especially the sound his teeth made clicking against the metal when he sucked her nipples or clit. The intensity of her orgasms increased exponentially since he had carefully placed the clit piercing to push the hood back, keep her clit exposed at all times and in a constant state of arousal. He also used the rings to bind her in various ways, training her to hold still under different circumstances. The rings did wonders for her obedience level.}

He clamped the prongs on the other nipple and her brow furrowed, she bit the ball gag and whimpered, the first trace of tears forming in her eyes. “Not yet Amethyst, your face must be perfect for the presentation” he chided. She nodded and forced the tears back, not letting them fall and run her mascara, that was for later.

The driver waited patiently with a satisfied smirk on his face at hearing the pained squeal as Erebus tended to his slave, his cock rock hard with anticipation of what awaited him at the driver and bodyguard lounge. There was a room of girls just for them, and they got to do whatever they wanted to them. Of course these girls were not the top quality of the private slaves of their employers, but still beautiful. The driver chuckled a bit to himself, thinking it didn’t matter what they looked like, because he took them from behind anyhow.

Erebus stepped out holding the leash, and Amethyst wiggled across the seat, setting her feet on the ground. “Lucien” Erebus canted his head toward his slave and nodded, and Lucien smiled sadistically, grabbing her hair and a hook on the arm binder and hoisting her up in the air first, then to her feet.

“MMMHHHHPP!” she screamed indignantly and glared at Lucien, who laughed obnoxiously, while her master simply smirked at the scenario, saying “that’s not really what I had in mind. Look, you messed up her hair.”

Lucien was Erebus’ driver, bodyguard and general go to guy, and often got to share Amethyst or have her to himself. To say the men were friends would be a stretch, Erebus did not keep friends, but Lucien kept Erebus out of the media and made him a lot of money over the years by doing the heavy lifting and dirty work, so he was tolerated for the most part. Lucien gave her nipple chain a tug for good measure and she squealed around the gag, squeezing her eyes shut.

“Don’t make her cry yet Lucien, I want that face unlined” Erebus said firmly.

Lucien let go with “you’re the boss.” and gave her a sound slap on her ass. The slave squealed with anger, and then Lucien pulled her head back hard as he whispered in her ear too low for her master to hear, “I’ll have plenty of time to make you cry when we get back home, slave meat.”

Lucien made sure to press his body against hers so she could feel his hard cock pressing through his pants on her thigh and rubbed his goatee on her ear. Her master cleared his throat very obviously as a signal for Lucien to back off, and Lucien flashed an innocent smile at his employer “just fixing her hair boss, ” his hands letting go and smoothing down the back with exaggerated bravado.

Amethyst breathed heavily through her nose and bit into the gag, a disgusted expression on her face. It wasn’t that Lucien was not attractive, he was a handsome man in his own right, but he was cruel. She hated Lucien and he knew it, and he purposely tormented her just for fun. Lucien let go of her hair and stepped away “you kids have fun now, make sure there’s enough of her left for me on Monday!” he laughed obnoxiously as he shut the limo door.

Erebus scowled and snapped “just remember who’s slave she is, and who pays your ridiculous salary! After this retreat, you know she will need a few days to recover.” his eyes glaring at his associate. He kept her as his slave, but he was not unreasonable or without compassion.

Lucien got an exasperated look “you go too easy on her you know. Recovery time, hah! if she were mine, her holes would be filled 24/7 she’d be lucky to get fucking sleep! She’s a fuck slave for shit sake—- ”
Amethyst flinched as Lucien raised his voice and inched closer to her master. Erebus circled his arm around her and pulled her to his chest protectively, at the same time glaring at Lucien, snapping and cutting the man off in mid sentence.

“Enough! Damn it Lucien, I don’t need her upset right before she goes in there! I know how to handle my property. Just be grateful you get to touch her at all. You are dismissed for the weekend, now go do…whatever it is you do here. If I need you, I’ll call, oh, and see to our luggage” he said with a wave of his hand.

Erebus stepped back from Amethyst and put his fingers under her chin to tilt her face to look at him. She had a worried and frightened look on her face and he kissed her on the forehead. “I know you’ll make me proud my love” as he brushed her hair back from her shoulders, making sure her breasts are fully exposed, then spun her around and checked the arm binder straps and double checked to make sure she looked perfect. Erebus ignored Lucien’s disgruntled muttering, something about shoving the luggage up that bitch’s shit pipe, as he walked back to the driver’s side and climbed in, spinning the limo’s tires unnecessarily as he took off for the parking area.

Amethyst jumped at the noise but Erebus calmly took her leash and started walking toward the enormous entryway. “It’s time Amethyst, they’ve been waiting a long time for this.” She nodded bravely and followed her master, her feet clicking along the flagstones in her impossibly high heels.

This was her first official Council retreat, and many of the members would be seeing her for the first time. They had heard a lot about her, how beautiful she was, her love and devotion to her master, and her absolute submission, and they were going to put her to the test this weekend. A new slave this special in the council ranks brought them all together so everyone could inspect and enjoy the offering.

{Erebus was a long time council member and sought after slave trainer, but he never kept a slave of his own until he met Amethyst. He found her at a brothel in Singapore where she had been a sex slave for a few months and knew he had found something special. She was a rare gem, naturally submissive and stunningly beautiful. She had been taken by one of the men that worked there when he posed as an art dealer in New York on a scouting mission for fresh slave flesh. That man, James, broke her easily and turned her into a writhing sex slave.

For Erebus, it was lust at first sight, and he knew he wanted her to keep as his own, at least for a while, to train, use and exploit. He started spending all the time he could with her, even taking her to his own house by private helicopter. There was something about her and she grew on him, and he was disturbed at all these new emotions that were surfacing. He did not know he was even capable of love until he looked into her eyes as she was so helplessly bound in slave crate one evening just before he was about to send her back to the brothel. She let it slip that she had feelings for him, and he flew into a rage, shaking and hitting the crate. “DO YOU THINK I COULD EVER CARE ABOUT YOU!” he screamed at her and she cowered in the crate sobbing. He almost sent her away because he didn’t like not being in control of his emotions, or even feeling any for that matter. He wanted to yank her out of the crate and whip her mercilessly for making him feel. He opened the door with every intention to do so, an angry determined look on his face, but when she looked up at him, her red tear streaked face glistening in the light of the fire, her eyes sad and fearful, yet loving, he melted. He slammed the door shut, kicked the side of the crate, and walked into the other room and called the pilot to have her sent back. She sobbed as she was carried out in the crate, thinking she would never see him again.

Erebus stood with clenched fists as the transport crew carried her out, fighting the urge to tell them to leave her, she wouldn’t be going back there, now or ever. When she was gone, Erebus sat down and just stared at the fire with unseeing eyes for several hours, then got on the phone again and made some more calls. Before the sun set the next day, she belonged to him. He bought her from the Cartel, a group that owns the brothel for an undisclosed sum of money, but rumors are that it was substantial, almost unheard of for a slave.

Erebus spent the past few months training her to his methods. The training was very hard on her and she endured a lot of pain at his hand, but she also experienced the deepest love she had ever known. He would often tell her “I love the way you endure for me, my beauty.” It drew them closer together, and they were very much in love. Because he loved her, he had to make sure he was not too permissive and that she always knew her place as a sex slave. That was one reason he let Lucien have his way with her, just to keep things in perspective, and remind both of them that she was his slave and not his girlfriend. He found a way to balance his love and his ownership and they were both quite happy together.}

As he walked her to the door, he was beaming with pride, Emek Escort and couldn’t wait to show the Council membership his beautiful Amethyst. One last time he faced her, ran his hands down her body, grazing her already glistening pussy to make sure she was wet and ready. She whimpered and wiggled her hips, not disappointing him, his fingers coming back soaked. He took a cloth from his suit pocket and wiped his hand “yes, very nice, they will be pleased.” as he took one last look, gave her one last tender kiss on the cheek, the last bit of tenderness she would feel for a few days, and rang the bell. The bell was just a formality, for everyone knew they were there, but out of respect, they left it to the master to present his slave when he was ready.

Almost on cue, the door opened and they were greeted with a welcome smile from the mansion owner, a man named Karl, who was practically falling over himself with excitement. Karl was in his 40s and about the same height as her master. Karl, a consummate salesman ran one of the largest slave auction operations in the world, he was the hub of the Council for the most part.

“Erebus!” he boomed into the air, as he ushered them into the entryway, reaching out and enthusiastically shaking her master’s hand but his eyes were fixed on the trembling slave standing to the right.

Karl whistled his appreciation for the sight before him, shaking his head in disbelief. “I heard she was beautiful, but DAAMMMMNNN, you lucky bastard! Where did you find this angel? She is the most gorgeous fucktoy I have ever seen! May I?” and Karl extended his hand toward Amethyst.

Erebus smiled at all the praise “Of course my friend. I found her in Singapore, and she is a wonderful sex slave, I am very fortunate.” and reached his hand up her back and curled it into her hair, his forearm pressing against her bound arms to keep her still for Karl’s inspection.

Amethyst whimpered as her master tightened his grip on her hair and Karl’s fingers traced the line of her breasts on the sides, then underneath, causing her to shudder. He gave a few experimental tugs on the chain hanging between the nipple clamps and watched her face carefully for her pain response. Amethyst furrowed her brow, winced and let out some helpless muffled whimpers from behind the ball gag.

“Yes, great pain response. Those nipples looked they’d be sensitive, I was right. Remarkable, just remarkable! Her skin is so smooth!” Karl exclaimed as he ran his hands over her restrained body, testing the curve of her hips and ass, then crouched down to part her labia as Erebus kicked her feet apart. Of course none of her master’s manhandling was really necessary, for she was well trained and knew what to do, but it was all for show.

Karl’s index finger reached out and flicked, then tugged on the ring piercing her clit, sending surges of electrical energy through her, and she writhed against her master, who held her firmly. Karl looked up, intently watching her face, and he was rewarded with a wince from the delightful red headed toy.

Karl flicked the clit ring a few more times just for fun and commented to Erebus “nice job with the piercing, I love how it pushes the hood back. Mmm, that little nub looks so delicious'” and Karl leaned his face in to twirl his tongue around her clit a few times. Amethyst lets out the most adorable series of whimpers imaginable. Karl pulls back and smiles at Erebus “Sweeter than a peach! She is too cute, they’re gonna love her.”

Karl took two fingers and inserted them inside her, a delighted look spreading across his face “how do you keep her so tight! Wow, that is incredible! And she’s so responsive!”

Karl can’t resist finger fucking her for a bit while his other hand probed her puckered asshole, rimming her and then pushing his index finger inside, wiggling it around briefly. Amethyst moaned and writhed at the treatment, her tongue already flicking at the ball gag in her mouth. Her master kept his tight hold on her hair firmly with one hand, the other holding tightly around her throat, again for show, and to get her warmed up and ready for a long night of use. Not everyone would be so gentle as her master and Karl.

Erebus smiled at Karl’s remarks and shrugged “she’s just naturally tight, no matter how much I fuck her, it’s tight every time. ”

Karl shook his head and kept fingering, wiggling his fingers around and moving his hand back and forth in an arc. “You lucky BASTARD!” he says good naturedly and abruptly pulls his fingers out, stood up and held his arm out straight and said in a commanding voice without looking to the slave that had been waiting unseen in the shadows “clean them.” The slave walked forward and started sucking Amethyst’s juices off Karl’s fingers, flicking her tongue around and taking care to clean in between.

Erebus looked the girl over, quite beautiful with blonde hair and a great body, but nowhere near the caliber of his Amethyst. He offers “Very nice specimen you have there as well.”

Karl shrugs “oh her, I have so many, it’s hard to keep track. I have trainers and keepers for that.” and pulls his fingers away from the obviously hurt girl, his words stinging, knowing she was not special like the redhead getting all the attention.

Karl pulled the girl by the collar to him and read the tag dangling down, much like one would see on a dog, and tells the girl “Ah yes, number 124, I remember now, I fucked your ass just last Tuesday. I’m done with you for now, go service the main hall slut,” and gave her a sharp spank as she hurried away, squealing “yes master!” but taking a second to shoot a glare at Amethyst, who could only blink helplessly at the girl.

Amethyst was used to it, most other slaves hated her because of her beauty, or all the attention she received, and the fact that her master loved her. Love was a rare thing from a master, and every girl desired to be loved by her master, and sadly, most were just treated as objects and toys. Amethyst was very special indeed.

Karl patted Erebus on the back heartily, redundantly telling him what a lucky bastard he was. “I bet she’s worth every penny you paid for her! How much did you pay for her, just out of curiosity?” Karl probed, mentally working out the numbers in his own head, wishing he had her for sale at his next slave auction. There were dollar signs in his eyes as he dreamed of the money he could make from just that one sale.

Erebus smiled and released his hold on her hair and throat, standing Amethyst upright, adjusting the collar and leash, sweeping her crimson tresses back into place as he glanced over at Karl “Ah, that’s confidential my friend. The terms of that deal will never be disclosed, but I will verify that she is worth every penny, and then some.” Amethyst stood with her submissive eyes downcast like she had been trained while the men discussed her attributes.

Karl started with “Any chance of..” and Erebus cut him off before he can get the words out. “Absolutely not, Amethyst is not for sale. That’s not why I brought her so let’s just stick to the topic at hand, shall we?”

Erebus recovered from his protective glare and smiled again at Karl, who nodded his reply “I can respect that. If I had a piece of ass this fine, I wouldn’t want to part with it either! I’ll..I mean we, will make a mint off the photo and video sales anyhow. Now, the other members are waiting in the main hall. May I address her with some instructions?” Karl respectfully asked Erebus.

Even though it was Karl’s house, Amethyst belonged to Erebus, and it was good form to ask the master before speaking to his slave. Erebus nodded “Of course, she is at your disposal.”

Karl turned to face Amethyst, who still had her eyes turned obediently to the floor. Karl snapped his fingers, “Look at me slut” he said with a very different voice than he used speaking to an equal. Gone was the friendly tone, this voice had authority and a total disregard for her as a person. Amethyst immediately turned her emerald eyes to look at Karl’s face.

Karl spoke, telling her what she needed to do. “When your master leads you in the room, follow him right to the center under the light and kneel, spread your knees nice and wide, let everyone see that sopping cunt. You will be announced and then everyone will want to inspect you. I expect you to hold still and keep your position, understand slut?!” Amethyst nodded quickly in response.

Karl continued “Good girl. When your master unbinds you, get your ass up on that table. I don’t want to see any hesitation, just lay down and keep quiet. You may not speak unless someone asks you a direct question or you are saying yes sir, yes madam, got it?”

Amethyst looked up at him in petrified obedience and nodded repeatedly. Karl looked satisfied that he got his point across “Good slut. I expect you to be cooperative with my crew, they are professionals and if they tell you to look at the camera, you better fucking do it. Now as long as you do as you’re told, and make sure everyone is well pleased, we won’t have any problems.” Then he took two fingers, held them at her eye level and motioned toward the ground, signaling he was done talking to her directly and she was to resume her normal carriage. Amethyst nodded and looked back down at the hardwood floor.

Karl then addressed Erebus again, his tone changing back to the friendly host “Are you ready my friend? She really is an obedient toy isn’t she?” asking Erebus if he was ready to bring his slave into the main hall full of ravenously sadistic men and women who were going to subject her to unspeakable acts for their amusement.

Erebus nodded “yes, her obedience is beyond reproach. Before we go, did you relay my limitations to the guests? I don’t want her damaged.”

Karl pulled a list out of his inside jacket pocket and mumbled while reading it, mainly to himself, nodding “yes, I believe I covered these, and they are printed in the program, but it will mean more coming from you, so when you announce her, just remind them once more so no one gets carried away in the heat of the moment.”

Erebus nods “fair enough, come on Amethyst, you’re about to become a legend.” and walked, tugging on her leash. She was so frightened she couldn’t move her feet at first and almost stumbled forward, then shuffled to catch up.

Karl walked along side them, talking to Erebus “now tonight, they are so excited to see her, they will just want to fuck her for the most part, but tomorrow, after they have gotten the initial fuck out of their systems, it’s playtime” he said, rubbing his hands together with a huge grin.

Erebus smiled “I would expect so, she is so much fun to play with, it would be a shame to keep this all to myself,” his hand absently trailed down her hip and rubbed her ass as they walked.

The hall seemed to go on forever for Amethyst, getting longer with each step, like a dream sequence in a movie where everything is going in slow motion. She could hear muffled talking of a sizeable sounding crowd and she grew more apprehensive with each step. She was helpless to stop what was about to happen; her body did not belong to her anymore.

They finally reached the huge wooden double doors leading to what could only be the main hall. Karl calmly said “just one moment” and ducked inside without opening the door all the way, just enough room for him to slip through, and not enough for anyone to see out and catch an early glimpse of the main attraction. Amethyst heard Karl’s booming voice “Everyone, take your seats! She’s right outside!” and Amethyst heard a hush come over the room and chairs being moved, the sound of people scampering in a hurry.

Once everyone was seated, Karl built up the excitement. “You’ve heard about her…you may have seen a video of her…but here she is…in the flesh! The luscious fucktoyyyyyyy Amethyst! ” Karl sounded like an announcer on a game show as he worked the crowd. There were whistles and cheering from the guests.

Erebus said softly “hear that my love? That’s all for you. These people came from all over the world and paid an outrageous amount of money just to use your body. Don’t ever forget how special you are.” Amethyst flashed him a worried yet obedient look and nodded.

Suddenly, the doors flew open and Erebus wasted no time striding confidently in with an air of pride of ownership. Amethyst was overwhelmed at the number of people in the room but willed her feet to move so she didn’t embarrass her master at this critical moment, when all eyes were on them. She heard several gasps and “oh my…” from one side of the room, a couple of “WOW!” scattered around and one very enthusiastic “Now that’s a fucking slave right there!”

Amethyst was so tempted to look around and take in the amphitheater style room, but kept her eyes trained down to the floor, this one a nice black and white marble. Erebus stopped in the center of the stage, in this case, a circular section of the floor that was surrounded by the seating. The leather seats were staged stadium style, with not a bad seat in the house. Karl prided himself on making sure everyone left satisfied and these little details were the backbone of his success.

Amethyst’s head was swimming with sensory overload, the bright lights, all the people that she almost didn’t notice that her master had stopped and she gave a little jump and immediately knelt down by his side, sliding her knees as far apart as she could get them. There were some chuckles from the crowd as they saw her almost slip up, but most of the people found it endearing.

Karl stepped to the other side of her and started a brief speech. “Thank you all for being here tonight. Kneeling before you is one of the finest pieces of slave flesh I have ever come across. I’ve done a thorough inspection, and let me tell you, you won’t be disappointed! Note if you will her smooth skin, firm pierced breasts and pay special attention to how wet her pussy is. Only a true sex slave would be excited about what is going to happen to her tonight! I know you are all anxious to get inside this beauty, but first, some housekeeping issues. As you can see from your programs, we have a fun and exciting weekend in store. I just want to go over the schedule while we are all in the same place.”

A few impatient sighs were heard throughout the mini amphitheater. Karl spoke up once more “alright, everyone settle down, you’ll get to use her soon. As you can all see from your itineraries, tonight she will be bound to the table for fucking. Now tomorrow, you will all be assigned to groups of ten for free choice play in the dungeon. Your group numbers will be under your breakfast plates. Each group will get an hour with her starting at 8 am.”

There was a collective groan at the early hour, and Karl nodded. “I know it’s early, but there is so much to do to her that we had to schedule events all day just to pack it all in. And make sure YOU pack it all in as this will may be your last chance to get to fuck her.”

“We should wrap the dungeon play up by 1pm and then I will need to sequester her for my staff appreciation gangbang. They work hard all year training these toys for you and they deserve a special treat. Let’s give a round of applause to my wonderful staff!”

Karl waves his arms around the room, clapping and smiling at some of the trainers that were off duty that had come to see the show. The show was also being simulcast to the kennels and outbuildings for the staff that was working so they wouldn’t miss anything.

“During the gangbang, there will be a series of very informative workshops in the east wing. This year, we have a series on slave selection, how to know you are getting a good deal, what to look for in a slave and hidden pitfalls to avoid. And for you do it yourselfers that find buying a slave too easy, we have stalking and takedown techniques, how to cover your tracks and leave a trail of false evidence to throw the authorities off while you make a clean disappearance with your new toy. The last workshop is called ‘so now what: how to train and break your new slave.’ My acquisition team is out as we speak and there will be a batch of fresh toys to work on, it promises to be a popular workshop, so get there early as seats fill fast.”

Karl continues “Amethyst will be given a break after my staff has a run at her, she’ll need it” He laughs obnoxiously and shares some knowing glances at the trainers. “During dinner though, she will be on suspension display so make sure you do your portrait sitting to commemorate the weekend. During the portrait session, there will be a raffle and one lucky winner will get TWO HOURS to do whatever you want with her! Whew, too bad I can’t enter! Tickets are $100,000 each, buy 10, get two free, and they will go fast.”

“One last announcement before you dig in: We have a very special treat for you on Sunday to end the retreat on a high note. Erebus himself will be gracing us with a special torture techniques workshop right here. He is one of the most talented men I have seen and even you veterans could learn a thing or two, and for you new inductees, it’s a definite don’t miss event. Make sure your special requests are in the comment boxes by Saturday at midnight so he can prepare and bring the necessary tools. ”

“Now, I know you’re all anxious to try her out, but before we get started, I wanted to make sure everyone got their envelopes. If you didn’t, just raise your hand and one of the house slaves will bring you one.” Karl looked around at the room, not seeing any hands raised, he nods and smiles “Good. Now go ahead and open them.”

There was a sound of ripping paper and shuffling and Karl explained what they were looking at. “Ok, this is how it’s going to work. In order to keep things orderly since there are so many of you, you will see either an M, P, or A on your card, followed by a number. The M if for her mouth, the P for her pussy and the A for her ass, and the number is the order you will get to use that hole. I will expect orderly lines and be considerate and don’t rush the person in front of you, you will all get a turn at her soon enough, and don’t worry, you will a chance to get to the other holes on Saturday. On the same token, don’t unnecessarily prolong your climax so everyone gets their turn in a timely fashion. Feel free to trade cards if you wish, but for tonight, each person is limited to one turn and one hole. My slaves, on the other hand, are at your complete disposal, so use them as you wish. Oh, and please clean up after yourself, you wouldn’t want to use a messy orifice, and neither will the person behind you. When you are done, just summon a house slave to clean her for the next guest. “

Around the room, there were several very beautiful women kneeling with bowls of water and towels to clean the bound Amethyst. These girls would also service the Eryaman Escort people waiting for their turn if they were called. Among the slaves kneeling all over the room included the girl that had cleaned Karl’s fingers in the entryway. She had a cruel look of satisfaction on her face as she watched Amethyst kneeling so helplessly bound and would revel in her debasement tonight.

The members had not started using the slaves yet, wanting to focus their attention on Amethyst, but soon enough, the calls for slaves would ring out and girls would rush over and do what was required. A lot of the men liked to have their cocks sucked while they watched the featured slave being used until it was their turn. Karl had a wide variety of harem slaves assigned to the main hall for the show, all great stock, but not as high quality of the bound girl kneeling before the crowd.

The lesser quality more expendable girls were assigned to the driver and bodyguard lounge, where the rules were lax. Karl did not even bother to have some of the more average looking girls trained. These girls were taken fresh off the street and just turned loose into a crowd of dangerous men with thin moral standards for a trial by fire. Lucien was probably to the hilt in some poor girl’s ass by now, or satisfying his lust for branding slave flesh. It was one of his favorite past times and he indulged whenever he could. Some of the girls bore multiple brands from him alone, and just the scream often made him cum. Erebus of course would never allow Amethyst’s flawless skin to be branded, although Lucien asked about it all the time.

There was a lot of murmuring among the crowd, some excited shouts “Yes, first to plow that sweet ass!” and “Hallelujah, she’s gonna choke on this cock first. Don’t worry everyone, I’ll make sure to leave a little bit for you.” The Reverend Jimmy Dwayne McAllister, a high profile televangelist who bilked the faithful out of their money every week on TV, teased in good humor. Now, out in society, these men were the picture of class and decorum, but get them in a room with a helpless sex slave and they became crude animals.

A loud round of applause broke out with a lot of screaming and whistling. Karl put his hands up calmly to quiet the crowd. “First though, her master has a few words and wants to lay down the ground rules for her use.” Karl waved his arms toward Erebus and stepped aside.

Erebus looked around the room, reached his left hand down to curl into her hair as a symbol of his ownership and said with a confident voice that projected “First I want to start by saying what an honor it is for this opportunity to share my slave tonight. She is very valuable to me and in order to keep her that way, I have some hard limits that must not be crossed. First, there will be no body modification. As you will see, I have already modified her body to my liking ” and he leaned over and flicked first the right, then left nipple ring, then leaning over more, gave her clit ring a good tug.

Amethyst squirmed and moaned through the gag, eliciting laughter from the group. “Aww, she’s adorable” one woman gushed, “so sweet.” There were many affirmations to that effect from various people around the room.

Erebus stood back up and continued “next, you will not defile her beauty with any of your bodily functions, with the exception of your cum of course. You may pull her hair but take care not to pull it out. Feel free to inflict whatever pain to her that amuses you, but take care not to do any permanent damage. Lastly, if she displeases you in any way, bring it to my attention and I will discipline her accordingly. I have worked very hard to train her and don’t want to confuse her with methods that aren’t my own. Oh, and she can cum at will, I see no purpose for withholding her pleasure, it delivers better results. I think that’s it, are there any questions?” and he looked out into the crowd expectantly.

Someone shouted from the back “can we fuck her now?” arousing laughter from the crowd. Erebus nodded with a smile. “All right, let me get her out of these restraints and on the table and we can begin.” Erebus snapped his fingers and Amethyst stood up, having some difficulty since she didn’t have the use of her arms. She turned her back to her master and he unhooked the ball gag strap and pulled the large rubber ball that had long since lost its minty taste out of her wide stretched mouth.

She groaned in pain as she shut her mouth , moving her lower jaw around, and whispered a soft “thank you master.” Then he first loosened the arm binder straps and slid the apparatus down her arms which were held so cruelly behind her back, elbows touching. He massaged her shoulders a bit and to help her restore feeling. Her master whispered in her ear “Tonight will be very hard on you my love, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. I’ll be right nearby to keep you safe.”

Amethyst whimpered at the thought, a very small “yes master” escaped her lips, still not looking around the room, only seeing the forms in her peripheral vision. Erebus finally reached up and unclamped the nipple clamps that had dug in and nested into her areolas, leaving angry red dots circling her nipple. Her nipples had gone numb, but there was a rush of blood, which brought pain once the clamps were released and she did her best not to cry as the tears welled up in her eyes.

Erebus knew what her reaction would be, and he said to her “it’s ok, go ahead and cry now, you’re doing great.” and watched as the first tears escaped from her bottom eyelids to streak her cheeks black with mascara lines. Cheers and clapping erupted from the crowd as Amethyst stood there, the object of their cruel joke, humiliated and feeling very small.

Erebus pulled on the leash and led her to a dais in the main stage area and she walked up the few steps to what they call “the table.” It was really more of a platform that was custom made for strapping down slaves for occasions such as this.

Even the most well trained slave often cracked and started to resist with this volume of people, so the Council learned that it was best to immobilize them so every guest had a good experience. There was nothing worse than it being your turn and getting an uncooperative slave, or even worse than that, a biter. The table was built in the form of the vitruvian man in the most spread eagle position, with straps at various intervals. The head rest section was adjustable to various angles to accommodate the use of her mouth to the guest’s personal taste.

Remembering Karl’s warning, Amethyst sat back on the section where her ass would hang over once she was strapped in and laid herself down, placing her legs in the curved leg channels, and then her arms out wide to her sides in the arm channels, a terrified look on her face.

Karl came up to assist Erebus with the straps and they tightened them all, on her wrists, forearms, biceps, ankles, calves, thighs, waist, her chest just below the breasts and then above them to keep her torso still, and lastly, for good measure, a strap placed firmly over her throat, just above the collar to keep her immobilized and eliminate any struggling nonsense. Her ass hung off the platform to give full access to both holes in that region, and all the guests had to do was step in between her wide spread thighs and enjoy themselves. Erebus unclipped her leash, took the head rest and released it so her head hung over the side of the table so the guests could fuck her mouth.

He lovingly traced her jaw line, whispering “make me proud my love” then turned to the crowd “She’s ready!” And there was applause and flashes from cameras. Of course there was a professional photographer that had been snapping photos the entire time, especially getting close-ups of her face. People paid top dollar for those tear streaked face photos. Karl would make extra cash selling souvenir photos of the guests posing with Amethyst, each buried in their respective holes. Each guest would get a commemorative DVD of the event sent to them, and then Karl would of course sell that on the underground circuit as well.

The first people walked up to the dais. Erebus spoke to the two men that were about to try to get in between her legs at the same time. “Who’s got the pussy card?” A tall lanky man smiled and handed it to him, with a clear P1 on it. Erebus nodded his verification and told the lucky man “you go first Senator, let’s get her pussy warmed up first, that will prepare her ass for you, Jack. ” as he pointed to the other man, the captain of Australia’s rugby team. “Oh, and this goes for all of you Ass card holders!” Erebus raised his voice to get everyone’s attention. The room quiets down and he says firmly “Please use lube on her ass, I don’t want her torn. Ok, everyone have fun!” and he stepped back to let the men start.

Amethyst sees a set of legs walking toward her face and then a dangling cock is held before her. The Reverend, who she can’t see clearly through her watery eyes says obnoxiously “I know you know what to do with this, slut, now open!” Amethyst says a soft “yes sir” and opened her mouth wide, her tongue darting out to meet the cock, flicking it along the tip as the man between her legs rubs his cock head along her slit. The man at her mouth gets a delighted smile as her expert tongue caresses his shaft and says to Erebus “Son, she is amazing! You’ve done a fine job with her. If I ever get a slave, I’ll send her to you for training, that’s for damn sure!”

Erebus smiles “why thank you Reverend, I’ll look forward to that. It has been a while since I’ve trained one for someone else. ” then smiles down on his precious Amethyst, so dutifully sucking cock and about to be filled by the man between her legs, who was a well respected Senator from some southern state.

Amethyst moaned loudly around the cock sliding in and out of her mouth as the Senator finally stopped rubbing and shoved his way inside her tight wet hole, letting out a surprised cry of delight, to no one in particular “Holy shit this bitch is tight! Ohhhh man, I’ve never fucked such a tight hole in my life!”

Then the man turns to Erebus, never slowing down his thrusting “do you ever rent her out for private parties? My hunting buddies would love to get a crack at this!”

Erebus again smiled politely “I do like to use her quite often myself, but it’s not out of the question if the price is right.”

The Senator smiled and turned his attention back to the girl bound before him, leaning over to slap her tits around as his thrusts slowed. The man giggled like a schoolboy as her breasts jiggled around between the restraints. He wanted to thoroughly enjoy this fuck. Amethyst let out some startled cries as she felt the stinging on her breasts.

Reverend Jimmy sneered “less complaining and more sucking!”and rammed his cock into her throat causing her to gag as her body tried to expel the intruder, but of course she couldn’t do anything but make a lot of noise. People started cat calling and clapping when the gagging started and more mascara lines started to run, this time down her forehead and into her hair since her head was hanging upside down over the edge of the table.

The man in her mouth had a sadistic smile on his face as she made the gagging and choking noises. Erebus said calmly to him “make sure you let her breathe too Reverend. She won’t be of any use if she passes out,” and he lovingly rubbed her flat stomach and the hip closest to him while sipping on the drink brought to him earlier by one of the house slaves.

“Yeah yeah, I know son, but it’s just so much fun!.” and held his cock in just a bit more until her face turned really red then pulled all the way out.

A rush of her saliva spilled out onto her face and she gasped for air and started to cough, her face in obvious distress. There were more cheers and clapping from the crowd and the Senator in her pussy was so turned on by the gagging and gasping that he blew his load right then and there, his eyes closing and a look of sheer ecstasy on his face, a battle cry erupting from his mouth.

Jack, the rugby star from Australia, who had been waiting patiently for her ass unzipped his pants and stroked his hard cock expectantly.

The Senator collapsed on top of her torso for a moment, breathing heavily, then pushed himself up, gave her nipple rings an appreciative tug and flashed Erebus a very grateful grin. “Thank you for that, it was the highlight of my year, really. The wife doesn’t put out like she used to. I’ll make sure some of that stimulus package comes directly to you, whew! What a night!”

Erebus smiled and said “my pleasure Senator, no trouble at all.”

Then Senator stepped to the side, called for a slave to clean him and a girl rushes up to suck the cum and juices off his cock, while another slave moved in and squirts water from a fancy spray bottle directly into her hole to flush the cum out. Cleanliness was very important at these retreats, and Amethyst would be kept just as fresh for the last guest as the first, with the exception of her face, the makeup would stay smeared as part of her debasement.

The girl moved out of the way after she took some lube from the industrial sized pump next to the table and slathered it on Amethyst’s exposed ass. The girl turned to the waiting man and said “your hole is ready sir” and hurried back down the stairs to kneel until she was summoned again. Jack smiled at Erebus “how about that Mate, she called me sir! I can get used to this!”

While all this was going on, the Reverend at her head continued to torment her with deep thrusts that he held until she was red in the face, then he would pull out and slap, then spit in her face and open mouth.

Erebus looked on but remained unconcerned and sipped his drink, a relaxed air about him. He never treated her this harshly, but he felt it was necessary for her to experience this from time to time as part of her ongoing training. If something ever were to happen to him, he had it in his will to set her free, but he feared Lucien would track her down, and Erebus wanted her prepared for this kind of treatment.

He replied to Jack “yes, it is quite nice isn’t it? How’s the season going so far?”

Jack smiled as he crouched down to pry apart Amethyst’s ass cheeks to get a good look at her puckered asshole, speaking to, but not looking at Erebus. “Oh, wells can be expected with me mate Wally out from his bum knee. We ‘old our own.” Jack said with a shrug while he probed his index finger inside the tight hole, all shiny and slippery from the lube.

The Reverend finally and graciously announced “I suppose I’ve had enough fun, I’ll let someone else take their turn.”

Erebus replied “but you didn’t get to cum yet Reverend, feel free to stay until you do.”

But the man just smiled “it’s ok son, I’ve got my sights set on that cute brunette over there, I’ll cum in her ass and enjoy the rest of the show. Thank you, she is a fine specimen.” and shook Erebus’s hand as he stepped back and walked over to the kneeling brunette and took her by the hair and started walking to his seat, ignoring her cries as she struggled to keep up with him.

Jack put his two cents in “don’t blame you on the ass mate! It’s the only way to fly!” as he worked two fingers inside her tight winking asshole, complimenting Erebus “this is the tightest Sheila I’ve ever seen! Can’t wait to see her stretched around my meat!”

Amethyst took advantage of the brief respite to catch her breath before the next cock was shoved unceremoniously in her open mouth. Her lipstick was smeared around her mouth like a circus clown and her eye shadow and mascara had long since run, streaking her beautiful face.

The photographer was getting on her nerves with the constant clicks and flashes but there was nothing she could do about it because she had to focus on flicking her tongue and breathing. The photographer said “look at the camera whore, the paying customers want to see those pretty eyes!” Amethyst complied, giving a forlorn glance at the lens as he snapped a flurry of shots, calling out “Yes, perfect!” and stepping out of the way to let the next guest in.

The next man, a three star general in the US Army walked up, handed the M2 card to Erebus and shoved his hard cock unceremoniously into her wide open mouth. He thrusts and then announces “the President thinks I’m on a diplomatic mission, hah! Peace talks! I’m getting peace all right, a piece of this fucktoy!”

Jack peeked at the General from between Amethyst’s wide spread thighs as he continued his exploration of her ass “I’ll drink to that mate!”

Amethyst moaned softly at the new stimulation as the man’s cool fingers probed in and out, causing her throat to vibrate and the General in her mouth to sigh contentedly. The General jokingly said to Jack “whatever you’re doing man, keep it up!” Both men shared a hearty chuckle and gave each other a juvenile high five.

Erebus addressed Jack with a tone of concern “just please start her out slow so she doesn’t get too sore, she needs to last all weekend.” Jack smiled and nodded “Good point mate, I’ll do ‘er right, have ‘er beggin’ for more, don’t you worry ’bout a thing.” and continued with his work, up to three fingers now, rotating his wrist to get her asshole nice and receptive, rubbing her clit with the thumb of the other hand.

Jack said softly to Amethyst “that’s it baby, I know that feels nice.” And the fact of the matter was it did, and she sucked the cock in her mouth very enthusiastically, running her tongue all over the shaft and squealing with delight.

Being a sex slave wasn’t all bad, and even with all the pain, there was pleasure that was more than she could have ever hoped for in her wildest dreams. There were random comments from the crowd such as “look how much she likes it, she’s such a good slave.” and “wow, so receptive!”

Jack pulled fingers out and marveled as her asshole gaped open then pulsated as it closed back down. Then he pressed the lube pump down one more time to reapply the cool gel and rub it around before he placed the head of his cock against the pulsating pucker, pressing in ever so slowly as Amethyst let out a rather happy sounding moan around the general’s cock in her mouth.

The general reached out and started rolling her nipples around between his thumb and index finger to add to her excitement and get a better blowjob for himself. His actions were rewarded with more enthusiastic tongue flicking and more vibrating moaning.

Jack had worked his cock all the in until his pelvis was resting against her labia and was holding himself there to let her ass get used to it. Erebus picked up the magic wand vibrator and turned it on, handing to the Jack with “this will make it great for both of you.”

Jack takes the rapidly vibrating head and used Esat Escort his fingers to pry apart her labia and placed the head of it right on her clit, pressing down on the clit ring as he started to pull out to begin his thrusts, a smile on his face. “Wow, I’ve never tried this before, I can feel it too! That’s awesome, thanks mate!”

Amethyst screamed in delight to the amusement of the crowd, who broke into applause once more. The scream must have felt really great around the General’s cock in her mouth because the guy let out a strange cry and his eyes rolled back in his head.

Erebus praised her openly “yes! very nice Amethyst!” and took the flogger on a small table beside him and handed it to the general. “Here, you might have fun with this, I always do!”

The man took it eagerly with gleam in his eye, positioning the flogger right above her breasts and flicking his wrists to apply just the right amount of sting to her nipples, making her squeal around his cock. The man smiled at Erebus, “Oh yessss, that is very nice indeed. These peace talks are going great!”

If Amethyst wasn’t strapped down, she would be jerking and thrashing all around the table. Jack had started a steady rhythm in and out of her ass, building up speed as he held the vibrator firmly in place on her clit. The vibrations radiated all the way around his cock and it was an incredible feeling as her ass squeezed the shaft, pulsating and massaging it. This new sensation was too much for the Jack, who soon came with a loud guttural scream, Amethyst’s screams adding to his. While she was not at climax yet, the sensory overload had brought her very close and she teetered on the edge.

Almost simultaneously, the general’s balls tightened and he shot his load deep in her throat, his own cries mixing in as he threw his head back and held on tight to the hair on each side of her head until he was drained. Amethyst swallowed his seed dutifully, having been trained not to spill a drop no matter what position she was in, or what was being done to her.

Erebus looked on with pride at how wonderful his property was performing. Amethyst was practically shaking with her need for an orgasm, but Jack withdrew his cock and turned off the vibrator because he was done and satisfied. Her body felt like it was going to explode.

Jack couldn’t resist walking around to her head and holding the wand to her mouth “taste yourself sweetheart.” he said tauntingly and Amethyst flicked her tongue around the head of the vibrator obediently while the crowd cheered Jack on. He would normally have her clean his cock but since he was only allowed the use of one hole tonight, this was the next best thing. Jack handed the wand back to Erebus and patted him on the shoulder “a great fuck mate. Can’t wait to see ‘er at the torture demo! Listen, anytime you want to see a game, you let me know, I’ll get you right in the owner’s box, best seats in the house!”

Erebus smiled and politely thanked him, although he had no interest whatsoever in rugby. The cleaning slaves came up and did their job, wiping and rinsing her at both ends and she was ready for more guests soon enough.

A large man with a huge cock wasted no time, handing the P2 card to Erebus and plowing right inside, making her eyes fly open and causing her to cry out in surprise at how large he was. The man taunted “that’s right sweetheart, 11 inches all in your tight cunt!”with a huge grin on his face.

A well dressed woman walked up to the dais, scowling “oh Markus, must you be so crude!” chiding her husband as he plowed the helpless slave. Markus was the count of something or other, some pissant European royalty somewhere. Erebus could give a shit less and didn’t keep track of where people were from. He only associated with these people for what he could get from them, power and money.

The countess giggled and greeted Erebus “Erebus darling, it’s been ages!” and did the rich people hug and double kiss on the cheek thing that looked so silly.

Erebus smiled and greeted her warmly, “Ah, Countess, you look stunning as always. Are you enjoying the show so far?”

The countess had a lust filled look and a wicked grin “oh yes, she really is quite remarkable. Will you be a dear and adjust her head rest so I can sit on that darling face?” The countess held up the M3 card that she had traded an ass card to get, and to be able to use the slave with her husband would be wonderful. The woman was squeezing Amethyst’s nipples as she talked and enjoying the whimpers coming from the bound slave’s mouth.

Erebus smiled and said “with pleasure my lady” and walked around to Amethyst’s head and lifted the headrest back to the level position, locking it into place. He gazed down at his helpless love as her face contorted in response to the large cock hammering inside her. Amethyst’s face was quite the mess with smeared makeup, but it only made her look more beautiful to him. He stroked her cheek lovingly and said “you’re going to eat the Countess now my beauty.” telling her what to expect and then he stepped out of the way, smiling at the Countess “she’s all yours.”

The woman walked around to the head of the table and called out “Karl darling, help me hold my dress up.” and Karl rushed up behind her and his hands moved the dress up exposing her thighs “yes my lady,” he said, sounding like a complete suck up. The countess looked down at Amethyst for a moment and cood “Oh, you are so beautiful little one. Now be a good girl and make me cum.”

Amethyst looked up at her helplessly and whispered “yes my lady” repeating what her master and Karl had said, and adjusted her face to pussy licking, pursing her lips together and curving her tongue as the woman straddled the head support and leaned back against Karl who was holding up her dress, a beautiful sequined evening gown.

Amethyst started to lick the Countess’s smoothly shaved pussy as soon as it was lowered probing her tongue inside. “Erebus, she is so well trained, a real treasure,” The Countess moaned softly, smiling happily at her husband, still plowing away at Amethyst’s well stretched pussy. “Oh Markus, this is divine! This is better than our honeymoon at that slave compound in the Seychelles!”

Markus smiled as he thrusted, answering his wife “you know, I think you’re right, this slut is way tighter than any of the slaves I fucked over that entire month. How does her tongue feel my sweet?” The count asked his wife as he reached out to pull the dress down to expose the Countesses full breasts, running his hands along them as the Countess moaned happily and rested her head back on Karl’s shoulder.

The countess smiled at her husband “this is quite possibly the best slave tongue I have had between my legs.”

The moans start to come from the Countess, faster and her body started to shudder. Karl had to hold the woman up as her body spasmed, breaking into screams, rocking her hips and rubbing her pussy all over Amethyst’s face. The slave kept licking and sucking on the Countess’ clit and drank her juices while the count neared his own climax, driven on by the screams of his wife.

Amethyst exploded in her own orgasm, the Count’s cock slammed relentlessly into her g-spot, her entire body going stiff as she tried to arch off the table. The straps held her in place as she screamed in between licks to the Countess. The Count erupted inside the helpless girl and the crowd went wild with applause at the three way orgasm spectacle. Erebus calmly sipped his drink and his heart swelled with love and pride.

The Count and Countess stepped down from the dais and are tended to by cleaning slaves while they exchanged a passionate kiss and exchange their vows of love. They were a well matched couple with many of the same hobbies, one being their enjoyment of sex slaves. They kept several of their own back at the castle, but the chance to try out the legendary Amethyst was too good to pass up.

Slaves quickly tended to Amethyst, getting her cleaned up for the next guests and more people stepped up to the table. The man at the head said to Erebus as he made a move to come around and adjust the head rest “it’s ok, I can do it.” and quickly unlocked it and she found herself looking at everything upside down again. She opened her mouth as the man’s cock approaches and slides inside, the man at the other end lubing up her ass, not being nearly as gentle or nice as Jack had been.

This went on for several hours, people taking their turns with her, Erebus kept a watchful eye, calling for breaks so she could get some water and he could asses her condition. He also assisted the guests with selecting the best toys to use and adjusting the head rest when necessary.

She became exhausted and Erebus called for a break. He wiped her forehead with a warm wet towel and gave her a sip of water. She looked up at him with glassy eyes and he knew she was very close to slipping into sub space, where slaves often retreated inside themselves to avoid feeling what was happening to them.

He announced “she is very fatigued, I’m afraid I will have to put the dental gag in to keep her mouth open. ” and he reached his hand out, and on cue, a slave placed a metal device in his hand. He took it without thanking the girl, he didn’t give a shit about that girl’s feelings, he didn’t even turn to look at her. He leaned over his slave, his beauty, and whispered “only a few more left my love, this will help, open for me.” and she opened her mouth just enough, all that she was capable of, and he slipped the metal dental gag in between her lips and teeth and squeezed the lever to open it. She groaned as her jaws were once again pried open, her mouth left gaping wide. Erebus once again gently lowered the headrest so his helpless slave can get her face fucked by the last few mouth card holders.

Some of the guests had already retired to their rooms but there was still a sizeable crowd of people that wanted to see the whole show, even though their turn was hours ago. The guests were served lavish meals on silver platters held by slaves as they continued to enjoy the festivities. There were a lot of comments to the effect “she did last a long time, very impressive.”

All around the room, slaves were sucking, being fucked and a set of triplets were forced to eat each other in a daisy chain while a circle of men around them placed bets on which one would cum first.

The last few people took their time, fucking her ass, pussy and mouth respectively. Amethyst was too exhausted to have any kind of a reaction anymore, she had cum countless times and screamed herself hoarse. She was still very much aware of the cocks plowing through her bound body however.

Once the last man was done, Erebus announced a close to the evening. “Thank you for using my slave tonight, this concludes the first activity, I hope you all had a great time. If there are any complaints, please let me know and I will whip her later.” The crowd clapped and yelled out from several areas that she was wonderful, no complaints at all.

Erebus smiled to the crowd and then turned, his expression changing to a scowl to several slaves that were brought into the room by an imposing looking man with a bullwhip attached to his belt. These young men, all in their early 20s had been acquired when they aged out of the juvenile justice system and had nowhere else to go. They were “recruited” with the promise of jobs and free room and board. The men were all very muscular, bare-chested and dressed in loin cloths, each with a large steel collar around their throats. These young men were kept around for the duties that required strength, tending the grounds, as well as for the women guests. Some even had the good fortune of being set free and promoted to a keeper or trainer over time, like the man leading them.

Erebus addressed them sternly “Clean her thoroughly, but do not indulge. She is not for the likes of you, do you understand?” The muttered a collective “yes sir” and the six of them started to unstrap the girl and they lifted her gently, carrying her out of the hall into a bath chamber. Amethyst hung limply, her arms falling toward the floor.

The keeper of this group said to Erebus “don’t worry, they know better. Besides, I’ll drop ’em in a heartbeat if they so much as look at her wrong.” as he tapped a device hooked to his belt. This was a remote that activated the shock collars they wore, a numbered button corresponding to each man.

Erebus smiled a weary grin at the keeper “thanks Gary, I appreciate that. I just don’t want her taken advantage of by those mongrels, you know?”

Gary smiled back at the irony of what Erebus had just put her through and then was worried about a few male slaves. “I fully understand. I’ll have them bring her to your room as soon as she’s all sparkly.”

Karl was overseeing the production crew and working the crowd, making sure everyone was having a good time. He did pause for a few moments to watch the triplet spectacle and of course never missed an opportunity to make a sale.

“These girls just came in last week, and look at them already! My trainers really are some of the best in the industry. We offer slave boarding here too, so tell your friends. I’ll be selling these toys as a set at my next auction ,you won’t want to miss that!”

Erebus nodded his gratitude to Gary and stepped down from the dais, shared a few brief conversations with some guests that approached him, shook hands and graciously accepted compliments, and even walked over to see what was going on with the circle around the daisy chain. He watched for few minutes, but was so exhausted that he excused himself and retired to his room, happy to see that the luggage was there. In spite of Lucien’s faults, he was loyal and well trusted.

Erebus took a quick hot shower and was toweling off his hair when there was a knock at the door. He answered the door with a towel around his waist and found two of the young men, one holding the limp slave cradled gently in his massive arms.

Her body was clean, her hair wet and brushed straight. She smelled like flowers and her face glowed with the freshly washed look. The male slave respectfully did not meet his eyes.

“Your slave sir.”

Erebus scowled, having no respect for a man that was a slave and snapped “put her in bed and get out!”

The young men sullenly hurried to the bed, one pulled down the covers and fluffed the pillow, the one holding her leaned over gently and laid her exhausted body down on the huge bed. She had fallen asleep as the man carried her down the hallway, the rocking motion of his stride so soothing. They stepped back and hurried from the room, not making eye contact with the scowling Erebus.

The door shut and his face softened as he looked down upon his sleeping slave. He finished toweling off and pulled the blankets up to just below her breasts, he wanted to gaze at them for a while. He sat down at the table where his dinner awaited, delivered by serving slaves while he showered. He ate it slowly and watched the rise and fall of her chest as she slept so soundly. In the morning, he would make sure she had a nice breakfast as a reward for her hard work tonight. Tomorrow would be another busy day and she would need her strength.

When Erebus was finished, he covered the tray back up with the silver dome, the cleaning slaves would take care of it in the morning, then he walked quietly over to the bed and stood over his sleeping Amethyst. He lovingly and very gingerly grabbed first her right wrist and then the left, locking them over her head to the slave cuffs already affixed to the headboard. This was not done to prevent escape, that was impossible on this compound, and in any event, he trusted her fully. She was cuffed simply because he loved the way her body looked in chains, and it was a wonderful psychological method to have a slave wake up in chains, to start her out in the right mental frame for the day. In the back of his mind, it was also to prevent theft. He associated with, but did not trust a single one of these people.

Erebus couldn’t sleep. He picked up the phone and called down to the slave kennels. He looked over at his precious Amethyst, but, as tempting as she was, he knew she needed her sleep. Service was fast and within a few minutes there was a knock at the door. Erebus opened the door and looked at the man in the hall for a moment. “Desmond, right?”

“Yeah. And have I got a treat for you!” Desmond turned to a blonde woman standing next to him.

The beautiful blond slave was petite but with large, natural breasts. She stood in the hallway submissively, not daring to look up.

“Excellent. I’m just looking for a quick suck.”

“Take as long as you want. Hey, that was quite a show today, I watched it on the closed circuit!” Desmond peeked around Erebus for a quick in person glimpse of the famous slave. “She’s even better in person. Can’t wait for that gangbang tomorrow! You’re a lucky man my friend.”

Erebus nodded absently and smiled wearily at Desmond as he pulled the petite slave inside and closed the door. The blond saw the sleeping Amethyst and frowned, she didn’t like girl-on-girl.

“Don’t wake her up,” he whispered to the blond. “If you do then you’ll be joining her for the next torture session.”

The slave flinched at the word ‘torture.’ “Yes… yes, sir.”

“Now on your knees and suck.

“Yes, sir.”

The slave obeyed, quickly falling to her knees. She reached out carefully and removed his towel. His cock was rock hard. She slowly leaned in and took the tip into her mouth. He put his hands on her head and pressed her in quickly, forcing her to take his cock deep into her throat. The slave put her hands out, as if she wanted to push him away, but of course she didn’t dare. She let him take control of her head, moving her back and forth as he fucked her mouth.

He moved her head back and forth, almost absently, his eyes on Amethyst, his one true love, sleeping soundly in the bed. He came quickly, and the slave dutifully swallowed his cum. He finally looked down to make sure she had taken it all and then stepped back. He was exhausted and now wanted nothing more than to get into bed.

The slave wiped her mouth with one fast motion and then looked up at him.

“Out,” he ordered.

“Yes, sir.” She stood up and went to the door. Still mindful of his warning she opened it very quietly and stepped into the hall.

Erebus glanced back and saw Desmond still out in the hall. He held tightly to the frightened, blond slave.

“Was she okay?” Desmond asked. “I can get you another one if this slut was trouble.”

“She was fine. I think I just scared her a bit.”

“Ah, good! This one does spook easily. I’m glad to hear that she did as she was told. It’s almost quittin’ time, you know, and I’d would hate to start a punishment session now!” Desmond laughed. The blond slave was horrified.

“No. She was fine.”

“Okay. Have a good night.”

Erebus closed the door. He was once again alone with his Amethyst. He crawled into bed next to her, draping his arm around her, and fell asleep.

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