The Amazing Ethel

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I know parts of this story are going to sound fantasmical, but I swear to whatever God you happen to believe in that everything described herein is true. Trust me, I wouldn’t be lying to you. Not in here. And certainly not in writing.

* * * * *

It was a dark and stormy night. We sat in the dark blue bucket seats of her white Explorer watching the rain drops, big fat puddles from heaven, splash and splatter in the school parking lot. The Parent Teacher Organization meeting we both knew to be tonight, apparently was not tonight. That, or someone deliberately gave us the wrong date, place and time so we could later chalk up this chance moment as fate.

Either way, until the rain and lightning let up, there was no way I was getting out of her car and dashing across the flooded parking lot to my royal blue Explorer. Not now. And besides, I was actually enjoying these few moments with her. The soft glow of the LCD on the dashboard radio provided the only light for our eyes to focus on, if you didn’t count the jagged bolts of lightning bouncing around on top of the hill above the school. Early Bee Gees harmonized softly in the background as we easily talked about nothing and everything.

I had known Ethel for a little over three years now. We’d met when her daughter played on the T-ball team I coached with her husband. He was an assistant with me that year, but it became clear early on that Ethel was the coach in the family. That, or she just took a bigger interest teaching and goofing around with the kids than he did. Our kids started first grade together later that summer and it seemed that whenever I volunteered for a school or kids sports event, there was Ethel, right there beside me. I teased my wife that Ethel was stalking me, that she wanted me, and given half a chance she’d take me take me for her own. My wife would quickly follow with, “Go for it. If you want a woman like her, have at it.”

I will say she was not really my kind of woman, at least not physically. She was a bit overweight, no doubt in part from birthing four kids. Round, soft upper arms squeezed out of the sleeves of a shirt she’d owned for a while now. Her breasts strained at the cotton fabric, clearly outlining the support structures of her sturdy bra. She was a plain and simple small town girl, not unpleasant looking, but a tad portly.

The reddish complexion around her cheeks wasn’t necessarily unattractive, I’ll say, and it suited her personality as a housemom comfortable in her self-assigned role. Her dark hair was cut in a traditional, sensible, and unexciting Mom-cut. Her eyes were pretty though. A muddy brown that appeared darker in the failing light of the early evening thunderstorm. And the shy, quiet smile that frequently creased her lips as we talked hinted at a hidden sensuality I’d not noticed in our three years of friendship.

We talked long after the storm subsided. The steamed windows of the Explorer wrapped us in a humid, foggy cocoon where we shared stories of our lives and dreams. To passersby, I’m sure it appeared that something more than conversation was going on in that lone vehicle parked in the empty school lot.

And conversation is all it was. Until I kissed her. I don’t know why I did it. It just seemed right at the time. The darkness outside, the soft harmonies, the relaxed conversation, the dark eyes staring back at me in a long moment of silence. So, yeah, I kissed her. Her lips were soft and full, her mouth warm and wet, her tongue searching and probing. We kissed in her white soccer-mom family wagon like teenagers on a Friday night date.

Eventually, my hands found the round pillows of her chest, squeezing them through her bra. I searched the outsides of her shirt for erect nipples, but could feel only the firm industrial padding of her generic Wal-Mart bra. Slipping my hands up under her shirt and over her round belly, her mouth opened with a small gasp as my fingers slid under the bra’s sturdy wire frame. Finally locating her fat, firm nipples, I gave them a gentle tweak.

She had found my growing penis in the meantime. Her fingers first traced the outline of my cock, then teased their way up inside the hem of my shorts, eventually settling around the base of my balls. She ran her red painted fingernails along the base of cock, cupping my warm, fuzzy ball sac. My shaft hardened as Ethel’s fingers climbed the ridges and rills to the tender summit.

There was something different about the way she touched me, something I couldn’t define. A tingling, or tickling, or tempting quality that I don’t remember ever feeling with other women. It was almost unnatural, yet incredibly enticing. Reconciling this feeling as understandable in this moment stolen from our spouses, I opened my eyes. Her dark eyes stared back at me in the dwindling evening light. Her eyes looked darker now, almost coal black.

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” she whispered.

“I know,” I said, squeezing the soft fleshy mound of breast in my hand. “Do you want to stop?”

“No. Yes. No. Kartal Escort I don’t know. But not here. Not now.”

“Why not?”

“I want this, I think, but you don’t understand. If I don’t stop now…well… Just not here. Trust me.”

I pulled my hand from under her shirt, and took her hands in mine. I looked at her dark eyes, shining in the yellow glow of the school parking lot light towers.

“Ok,” she said,” You and I both know this shouldn’t be happening. And I don’t even know if you want this to go any further. Neither do I for that matter. But here’s an idea.”

“What’s your idea?”

“Let’s give it a couple of days to think on this. On Friday, I’ll call your office at eleven o’clock. If you answer, I’ll tell you where to meet me. If you don’t answer, I’ll know that you don’t want this take this further. If I don’t call, you’ll know I chickened out. God, I don’t even know why I’m even suggesting this.”

We made out silently for a few more minutes before I stepped out of her Explorer. I walked through the puddles to my Explorer, trying to soften the raging erection she’d created in my shorts. What was it about Ethel that pulled me into this fantasy? It was so unlike me, so strange that a woman like her could draw me into something like this. What the hell was I doing?

She smiled back as I waved to her, and she was gone, back home to her husband and four kids. I started the car, adjusted the radio volume, and drove home to my own wife and two kids.

The week moved along slowly, and Friday morning was even slower. Yesterday, I’d all but decided I wouldn’t answer the phone if it rang at eleven. But now, as the hour drew closer, I still wasn’t sure what I’d do. My wife had left early that morning for a meeting out of town. I’d seen Ethel dropping her kids off at the curb as I walked out of the school. I know she saw me, but she didn’t acknowledge me when I waved. This isn’t going to happen, I thought. And it’s probably better for everyone that it doesn’t.

I jumped when the phone rang at 10:57.

“You’re not supposed to answer yet!” I heard a familiar voice say. “I’m just making sure I had the right number!”

“Well, I…,” and she hung up. Odd, I thought. Why didn’t she just stay on the line?

Three minutes later the phone rang again.


“Hi. Does this mean…?”

“I answered didn’t I?”

“I called didn’t I?”

“I’m at the Holidayze Hotel. You know, the new one. Room 144.” It was quiet on the other end of the phone.

“Ok. I’ll be there in half an hour.”

“Bye,” she whispered. And again, she hung up.

I pulled into the motel lot, parking next to the white Explorer with the honor roll bumper stickers pasted on the back. Tossing one more peppermint into my mouth as I locked the car, I turned and walked with false confidence through the lobby and down the hall. The familiar-looking cleaning lady pushing a cart through the hall grinned at me. Damn, I thought, even she knows why I’m here at this time of day.

I knocked. Ethel opened the door slowly and let me in, smiling that shy smile. The room was dark, curtains drawn, two small candles atop the TV flickering shadows across the walls. She pulled me to her.

“I wasn’t sure if you’d actually come,” she said holding me close.

Wrapping my arms around her soft, plump waist, I said, “I wasn’t sure if you’d call, or even if I’d answer. But here we are, aren’t we?”

She leaned her head back and looked up at me. Those same dark eyes I’d seen in my sleep the past three nights searched my eyes. They closed to slits as she stretched up and kissed me. Her tongue darted into my mouth, swirling circles with my own tongue. Our hands became a frenzied dance of exploration and searching. My fingers slid from her breasts to her neck, down her ribs, between her legs, while she massaged my chest, my ass, and my bulging crotch.

I wondered in the back of my mind what I was doing here even as my fingers quickly unwrapped her from her dark blue silk blouse. Underneath lay an obviously new black bra pushing her pillowy boobs higher and highlighting her ample cleavage. New or not, the bra fell quickly before my nimble fingers. Her round mounds spilled forth over her equally round tummy. Large pink aerioles surrounded large, slightly darker pink nipples. Her teeth nibbled at my ear lobes as I squeezed those fat nipples between my thumb and index finger. She breathed deeply when my hand discovered the zipper at the back of her skirt.

Unclasping the hook and sliding the zipper down, her skirt loosened. I pushed it over her wide hips, letting it pile at her feet. A pair of new, too tight black panties barely covered her soft ass. I gently kneaded the fleshy curves of her cheeks and hips. She felt like she was melting, flesh and all, softly into my hands.

Ethel gasped once, then again, when my hands slid inside her panties. Stiff wiry hairs covered her slit. She was slick and steamy already. Her thick thighs surrounded my wrist as my fingers slipped Pendik Escort between her damp folds.

She groaned when my finger pushed into her. She groaned again, when it curled back up to her clit. Still fully clothed myself, I pressed Ethel back against the wall, kissing her deeply, while my finger worked in tight little circles on her clit. One hand squeezing her creamy round cheeks, the other fingering her moisture-laden pussy brought her close to the edge.

“I want you now,” she grunted in my ear.

“Soon,” I said. “Soon, but not quite yet.”

“Don’t tease me too long. I won’t be able to control what happens,” she teased.

I kissed her deeply sending my tongue deeper into her mouth. With a swirling finger and a swirling tongue, Ethel was soon overcome with sensation. She came with a shudder, pressing her crotch down on the hand trapped between her thighs. She bit my lower lip, not hard, but firmly, trying to stifle the scream that welled up inside her. The cry was muffled, but it’s source obvious as her body jerked in my hands. She came with a rush of fluids that soaked my fingers and palm. I smiled and kissed her softly this time, letting her catch her breath.

“I’m so embarrassed,” she said.


“I didn’t want to come that quick.”

“That’s supposed to be the guy’s line,” I joked.

“And I wasn’t sure if you’d like what you saw. I’m not the most attractive woman you know, you know?”

“Would you like to see how attractive I think you are?” I asked.

Guiding her over to the king-sized bed, I leaned her back and sat her down on the edge of the bed. I pulled my shirt over my head and kicked off my shoes. I slowly unbuttoned the top of my jeans and tugged at the zipper. Ethel reached for me, but I stopped her.

“Just watch,” I said. “Look before you touch.”

I pulled my jeans off, though not as romantically as I’d hoped, stumbling and jumping out of the last leg, nearly falling on the floor. I regained my composure and slipped my boxers off, my cock pointing straight at her lips.

“Now you can touch if you like.”

Ethel reached out and took my long and hard cock gently in her hand. Her fingers expertly measured its length and thickness and hardness. Not saying a word, she leaned forward and took the pink head between her lips. I could feel her tongue circling the tip inside her full cheeks. Her mouth was so warm and wet. I could imagine my cockhead enjoying the same fleshy tightness that my tongue had experienced just moments earlier.

Her mouth slipped expertly up and down the shaft, her fingers teasing the underside of my balls. My cock, so sensitive, and so excitable felt close. Too close.

“Lay back, hon. I need to be inside you.”

Ethel released her love kiss on my cock and slid back on the bed until her head rested on the edge of the pillows. I crawled up between her legs, admiring the soft creaminess of her thick thighs. She’d shaved her legs all the way up to their apex leaving only a small oval of black wiry fuzz surrounding her puffy lips. I lifted her thighs, pulling them apart. The wetness between her legs glistened in the shadowed candlelight. She bit her lower lip as my hard rod probed the entrance to the waiting hole.

I pressed forward, slipping my cock inch by inch deeper into her sweet box. She was so tight and soft and wet inside. Every inch of my cock was immediately enveloped in her warm flesh, no portion left untouched. I’d never been with a larger woman before, but now I relished the sensation of her soft meaty folds completely engulfing my cock.

Ethel pulled on my hips, silently tugging me deeper into her pussy. I was only too eager to comply by now. I pushed myself as far in as I could push. Sliding back until I nearly slipped out, I plunged in again mixing my pubic hairs with hers. Slowly increasing the speed and motion, we were soon fucking wildly on the bed. Compared to the reserved, routine sex I was so used to by now, I imaged myself as a young porn star, slamming and banging myself furiously into this hot, round woman. She grabbed the edge of the headboard, holding on while her body rippled with each thrust of my cock. I closed my eyes and listened to Ethel’s moans. I could feel my legs and balls slapping on her thighs. I was close. So close.

Ok, now here is where it starts to get a bit weird. Up to now this had been a wonderfully romantic, sensual and illicit foray with another man’s wife. But the events of the next few minutes took off in a totally different direction. Again, I tell you nothing but the God’s honest truth. I swear!

“I’m going to come,” I warned her. Then I opened my eyes.

Ethel lay there, eyes closed, legs spread wide, lost in the feeling of wanton, hungry sex…and holding the wall-mounted headboard high above her like an Olympic weightlifter completing a clean and jerk move. I instantly stopped my pumping and reached over to keep it from crashing down on top of her head. Her eyes opened and she looked up. Realizing what Göztepe Escort had happened she started laughing.

“Guess I got a bit carried away, huh?” she giggled.

And with a flick of her wrist, she flipped the headboard up and over my head as if it was a 22-ounce little girl’s T–ball bat. It twirled through the air, banging off the opposite wall, a good 15 feet away, and rattled to the floor. I stared wide-eyed at Ethel. Then turned and looked at the headboard. I mean, I know it was just pressboard, but the thing must’ve weighed 30 pounds. Then I looked back at Ethel. Dumbfounded, I stammered, “What the…”.

But she sssshhhed me. “Please don’t mind that. I just get carried away sometimes when it’s good. I don’t know where that comes from. Let’s forget about it. Now, roll over on your back and let’s figure out where we were.”

Not sure what to do, my eyes still as big as soccer balls I’m sure, I rolled over, slipping out of her tight slick hole, my cock still raging hard. Ethel moved around me taking my slickened cock in her hands and stroking it firmly a few times.

“I love what you do to me,” she said. “You feel so good inside me.”

She straddled my hips. I could feel her full weight on top of me. She raised her hips up high and grasped my cock in her fingers. Positioning her slit directly above my boner, she slid back down easily. Ethel bent down and kissed me. Her full breasts pressed into my chest while her tongue slipped between my lips. I could feel her taut nipples press into my own. Her pussy swallowed my cock, impaling itself on my stiff pole.

“Close your eyes,” she whispered. Anxious to climax, I tried to relax. My hands reached up and squeezed her large hanging breasts. Ethel started to rock slowly back and forth on my cock. I could feel her muscles tightening around my shaft each time she lowered herself on to me. She gently grasped my wrists and pinned me to the bed, her body rocking faster and faster on top of me.

“Close your eyes and enjoy this,” Ethel cooed. I did as I was told and shut my eyes. Her pussy got tighter and tighter as I closed in on my climax. Her thighs rose higher and she felt lighter with each surrounding stroke her pussy gave me. She never let go of my wrists and never let up the pace of our fucking.

And still her pussy continued to tighten. The bones and muscles of her pelvis gripped my cock securely, clamping down. It soon felt as if my dick was trapped in a ringed vise and that someone was slowly turning, cranking down, squeezing my hard wood. Amazing, almost painful. I’d never felt vaginal muscles quite like that.

She felt lighter and lighter as I closed in on my own release, the weight of her body vanishing to almost nothing. What an amazing fuck for such a big girl, I thought. The heat and pressure suddenly welled up inside of me. From deep within my balls I could feel my boiling fluids pressuring for their release. My hips thrust upward to meet her every stroke downward.

“Oh god,” I moaned when my first load blasted inside her. My eyes opened to look her with my second spurt. “Holy shit,” I heard myself say when I my third load blasted upward and I saw Ethel grinning down at me. Or was it Ethel? She held my wrists firmly, pinning my orgasming hips to the bed with her own.

“What the…? Jeesus!”

The woman riding my spurting cock was long and tall and lean. Her ass-length, straight black hair fell over a tanned and smooth face as she rocked her pussy on top of my pulsing penis. Large full, tight, firm breasts swayed back and forth, large brown nipples pointing down at me. Her hips, narrow and muscular. Her ass small and tight. Nearly 6 feet tall.

Ethel looked down at me, a devilish grin creasing her sensual pink lips. It was that same sweet smile, but with an erotic twist. Her eyes had turned to coal black in the candlelight.

“Don’t ask questions. Just enjoy this. I told you that things happen to me sometimes when it’s really good. And this is really good.”

I couldn’t take my eyes off her. This was not the same woman I fingerfucked on the wall a few minutes ago. Or was it? Where was my portly housemom? Who was this gorgeous beach volleyball warrior princess? This Penthouse Pet? This everyman’s dream? The voice and eyes and smile were the same. Weren’t they?

My cock jerked and pumped and drained, finally collapsing inside this new sexual creature. I didn’t know what to say. I felt helpless, lustful, exhausted mentally and physically, hungry for more, and too many other things that I couldn’t sort out.

“Make me come one more time. Please?” Ethel cooed softly and sensuously as she crawled up my chest towards my head. Her soaked pussy, dripping with my semen, left a soft trail of come and vaginal fluids on my chest.

She held her pussy tentatively above my mouth. “Let me come again, please? Make me come again for you?”

Lost in confusion and lust and not sure what would happen if I didn’t continue, my tongue instinctively reached up and lapped at her slit. She released her grip on my arms and my hands wrapped around her narrow waist, feeling the taut firm cheeks of her ass. She lowered her slit down on to me and my tongue responded by searching her inner folds. A totally smooth and hairless pussy rubbed across my cheeks and lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32