The Alum Pt. 03 – Flying with Friends

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Xavier had flown first class before but Salome’s private jet was more like a flying penthouse suite in Vegas. After they had all finished breakfast at the hotel they immediately left for the airport. But instead of heading to the main terminal the limo took them on a private road leading to Salome’s company’s private airstrip. The plane was much bigger than a private jet but not as big as a commercial airliner. Upon entering Xavier walked into what looked like a professional board room. Which it was. Salome did a lot of travel which meant she had to work and run her company from the air. Walking through the first room into the next was a complete change. The second room was filled with a large sectional sofa. Each end with built in reclining seating all of which faced an 80 inch flat screen tv. The next room was the galley. It was better equipped than the kitchen he had at home. Then there was the bedroom. The entire room, except for a small walkway on one side leading to the bathroom, was one giant bed. Plush. Lots of pillows. Sheets that looked like they were made from the most expensive Egyptian cotton. The bathroom was a slightly smaller version of the one in the hotel. A giant walk in glass tiled shower stall.

“I’ve stayed in less fancy five star hotels. Hard to believe this is a plane.” Xavier said as Salome gave him the tour.

Natalia, Riley and Iris immediately removed all their clothes as they entered the bedroom. Wrapped themselves upon one another into a heap of beautiful naked flesh and promptly went to sleep. Xavier began to imagine how he would insert himself into the pile of flesh when his thoughts and growing dick were interrupted by Salome’s voice and her hand brushing his growing cock in his pants.

“Plenty of time to sleep with the ladies later. It’s a 12hr flight to Cadiz. Let me introduce you to our flight crew.” She led him by the hand to to the cockpit. Just when Xavier didn’t think it could get any better.

“Xavier this is our captain Karma Suresh and her co-pilot and navigator Raven Redcloud.”

Seated in front of Xavier were two more stunning women. Both wore crisp white military shirts and tight fitting knee length navy blue skirts. Each had their long dark hair pulled back in a tight military bun. But that is where the similarities ended. Karma, had honey golden skin evidence of her South Asian Indian heritage. Her hazel eyes seemed to have answers to the universe. She was about five foot seven, thin but athletic with b size cup tits that were pressed tightly into her white top. Raven had a deep brown copper complexion evidence of her Native American background. Later he would find out she was Lakota. Her jet black eyes mesmerized Xavier. While Karma was slender and more delicate Raven was almost six feet tall and built like a professional track athlete. The only part that didn’t match her athletic body were her almost D size tits. The buttons on her blouse did an amazing job keeping them contained.

“Welcome aboard Professor Scarboro. I hope to make this long flight as pleasant as possible. Please let me know if there is anything Raven or I can do to help.” Karma’s slight British and Indian accent evidence of her education at elite British universities.

“Anything at all. Anything.” Raven added. Her dark eyes never leaving Xavier’s.

“Please call me Xavier. You are both most generous. Thank you.”

“Come Xavier, let’s leave them to their work. There will be time to get more acquainted once we are airborne.”

Salome led Xavier back to the rear of the plane to meet the chef. Salome introduced Xavier to Katrin Odinsdottir their personal chef from Iceland. She was every bit the nordic goddess. A true daughter of Odin. Long flowing blonde hair. Iceberg blue eyes. She was about five foot eight, muscular with C cup tits. Xavier was not about to complain that all of Salome’s team were the most beautiful women he had ever seen.

“I’m sure you are wondering why you of all people are on this flight.” Salome interrupting his thoughts again as if she could read his mind.

“Actually I am.”

They had returned to the living room area and reclined on the sofas as the plane took flight. As the plane ascended into the sky Salome explained to Xavier her plan. She wanted to build schools and provide training for young impoverished people. She wanted him to give talks on the impact increased educational opportunities created for entire communities. He would speak to local leaders and business owners. And she would triple his normal salary. And cover all his expenses.

“I feel like I’m the one taking advantage here.” Xavier replied.

“I only ask one thing. Loyalty. Complete loyalty. With it comes access to all the pussy and ass that is on this plane.” Salome said this to a stunned Xavier while she stood and removed all of her clothing. Standing naked before him Xavier could only nod in silent etimesgut escort compliance.

“I will take that as a yes. Now undress and get that beautiful black cock over here and please me until I tell you to stop.” The strength in her voice hypnotized Xavier. He obeyed willingly. He stood up, removed all his clothes and knelt before Salome and buried his face in her pussy and ate from her as if she were the fountain of everlasting life. She swung one leg over his shoulder to give him better access and he obliged by plunging his tongue as deep into her cunt as possible. With one hand he spread her ass cheeks and with the other he penetrated her ass hole with his fingers. Salome gripped his head tightly and ground her cunt onto his face. Her moans of pleasure letting Xavier know he was fulfilling the wishes of his mistress. At that moment Xavier committed himself to her and to her pleasure. All he would do he would do for her. Her gushing nectar of pussy juice into his mouth was more than enough compensation. After a few minutes of furious tongue licking and finger fucking her ass Salome came all over Xavier’s face. He was drenched. Her wetness dripping from his face onto his chest. Her aroma filled his senses. He could smell nothing else. He cared about nothing else. Only her. He meant to devour her. Salome could see it in his eyes. She had already transformed him. She walked over to the sofa and got on all fours with her ass directed at Xavier.

“Mount me! Fuck me! Bury that black dick in my pussy!” She commanded.

Without words and swifter than she expected Xavier crossed the room and had his cock buried to the hilt. Both of his legs were positioned in front of hers which gave him maximum depth. He grabbed her hair with one hand and her shoulder with the other so he could pull her back onto him as he thrust forward with his raging hard dick. Xavier began fucking Salome with a passion he had never known. A passion Salome had never experienced before. Something had awakened in Xavier. Something more primal than he thought possible. His intense fucking began to transform Salome. She went from dominant to his equal. She urged him on. Begged him to fuck her harder. Faster. And he obeyed. Not because she controlled him but because he only wanted to please her. Give her the most anyone could give to another person. Their mutual transformation brought them to a realization that this carnal entanglement was more than physical. It was deeper. Emotional. Subconscious.

“Yes fuck me Xavier! Give me your seed!” She pleaded.

“I will give you all of me!! Shit!! I’m cumming!”

Xavier unleashed what seemed like a Niagara Falls amount of cum into Salome’s waiting pussy. It was so much it spilled back out and dripped down her thighs while his dick was still deep in her cunt. They both stayed there as if frozen. Trying to make sense of what was arguably the most erotic moment of their lives.

“Yummy! Cum for me!” Squealed Natalia from beneath them.

She had slid underneath them and was licking the cum dripping down Salome’s legs. Slurping it up before it hit the floor. Xavier felt hands on his ass. He turned to see Riley behind him and he turned and kissed her deeply. Iris positioned herself spread eagle in front of Salome for her to devour her pussy with her tongue. Riley slid a finger into Xavier’s ass and his dick immediately responded. Twitching and regrowing inside Salome’s cum soaked cunt. It resulted in more cum forced out of her pussy for Natalia to slurp up. Xavier responded to the finger in his ass by matching its rhythmic motion with his cock in Salome’s pussy. Once again her moans of pleasure let him know he was doing well even though her moans were muffled because her face was smashed into Iris’ cunt.

Natalia repositioned herself so she was laying flat underneath Salome with her head still under her pussy. Salome laid down flat on top of Natalia and commenced to eat her out. Xavier got on all fours which allowed Riley to spread his ass wider and plunge her tongue deeper into him. She went back and forth between rimming his ass with her tongue, tongue fucking his ass and licking down to his balls on which she sucked. Iris, not to be left out, went into a raised crab position that placed her pussy at mouth level for Xavier to devour. He eagerly ate her dripping wet cunt. She rubbed herself all over his face. Her wetness dripping down between them and forming a pool of sweet goodness on Salome’s back. Xavier made a quick mental note to slurp that up later. Natalia managed to lay in the right spot that allowed her to not only suck Salome’s clit but lick Xavier’s shaft and balls each time he thrust deep into Salome’s cunt. With his cock in Salome, Riley’s a tongue or finger in his ass or sucking his balls, Natalia turning Salome’s cunt into a wet juicy mess and Iris’ cunt smeared all etlik escort over his face made Xavier lose all track of himself. This is what it meant to be a sexual being. What he was meant to be. Nothing else mattered. Only pleasure. Pleasuring these women. Getting pleasured. Every part of his body and senses were committed to it. He wanted nothing more. He wanted all of his days to be this. He let himself drift into the moment completely.

Iris was the first to cum. Xavier’s tongue was magic and never got tired. While balancing on one arm she grabbed his head and rammed her pussy into his face while her cunt convulsed and squirted hot honey like cum all over him and Salome below. She collapsed back onto the sofa in a quivering sweaty lump of flesh. Absentmindedly rubbing her tits and pussy watching the rest of the group. Natalia was second. Apparently Salome was no amateur at eating pussy. Natalia happened to have one of Xavier’s balls in her mouth when she came and it felt like she would suck it right out of the sack. Xavier could barely withstand it. Iris realizing that no one was paying attention to Riley got up and squatted behind her and reached around and began rubbing her clit furiously while pinching her nipples with her free hand. Salome came third. The return of Natalia to her clit and Xavier’s hard as rock cock sent her over the edge pouring hot thick cum onto Natalia’s face. She fell off of Xavier’s cock freeing it for Natalia to suck like a newborn calf.

With Iris working her magic on Riley’s clit her increased arousal resulted in an increase of intensity on Xavier. She spread him wide and licked and penetrated his ass and squeezed his balls. Xavier grunted, groaned and bucked unleashing a gushing stream down Natalia’s throat. She sucked him dry not letting one drop of cum go to waste. Xavier collapsed next to Salome and remembered Iris’ pool of cum on her back and helped himself to it. Riley and Iris repositioned on the sofa with Riley on her back. Her legs spread eagle held from behind by Natalia. Iris commenced to plunge her fingers into Riley’s cunt and ass while sucking on her clit. Xavier and Salome cuddled and watched the trio. Riley spurted cum from her pussy like a geyser soaking Iris. Natalia let go of her legs and the three collapsed on the sofa next to Xavier and Salome completely spent. All five drifted off into a deep sleep.

Xavier awoke from his slumber not sure what time it was or how far into their 12 hour flight they were. All he knew was that he was famished. He gently extracted himself from the entanglement of naked flesh trying not to wake any of the ladies and headed to the galley. And there was Katrin as if she expected him. Wearing nothing but an apron that barely covered her tits and stopped at the waist exposing her shaven Icelandic cunt. Save for a small blonde tuft of hair decorating her belly just above her pussy. She was holding a glass bowl of ripe strawberries.

“You look ravenous Xavier. Would you like something to eat?” She said sultrily slipping a strawberry into her mouth but letting some of the red juice dribble down her chin onto her breasts that were peeking out the top of her apron.

“Yes I would. And afterwards I will have some of those strawberries.” He replied. His eyes roaming all over her body. He was already beginning to consume her and she knew it.

“Well. No need to have one without the other.” She replied.

Katrin turned her back to him and bent at the waist keeping her legs straight but with her feet pressed against the sides of the very narrow galley. Her ass and pussy lips begging Xavier to devour them. She placed the bowl of strawberries on the floor in front of her. With one hand she braced herself. With the other she grabbed a handful of strawberries and crushed them over her ass letting the mashed pulp drip down her ass crack and over her puffy pussy lips and down her inner thigh. She then reached for two whole strawberries but did not crush them but instead pressed one into her winking butt hole and the other into her cunt. She placed her hand on the ground and looked at Xavier from behind her dangling tits. She did not need to say another word. Xavier knew lunch was served!

Xavier dropped down between her legs. His hands running up and down her thighs ultimately stopping at her ass cheeks. Spreading her ivory white bum apart Xavier positioned his whole mouth over her butt hole forming a tight seal and sucked in deeply. He succeeded in freeing the neatly placed strawberry from Katrin’s ass. Rather than immediately heading to her pussy he lingered to rim her butt hole cleaning all the strawberry residue. If there was a better way to eat strawberries he could not think of it. Sliding his tongue into her asshole and rimming the inside edges Xavier succeeded in cleaning her out.

“Oh Mr. Xavier your tongue is my new eve gelen escort best friend!!” Katrin purred. Her legs trembling slightly but she held them straight and firm.

Xavier proceeded ever so slowly down her ass cheeks to her waiting pussy. The strawberry protruding just enough for him to grip with his teeth easy enough but that’s not what Xavier wanted. With his tongue he pushed the strawberry all the way into her cunt until it disappeared completely. He then commenced to lick and suck her pussy lips. The mix of smells of her musk with the fruity aroma of the strawberries were an intoxicating combination. Xavier slid a finger into her now empty but hole and slowly finger fucked her as he moved in to focus on Katrin’s clit.

“Oh my god yes eat me! Fuck my ass. Please don’t stop. Devour me!” She begged him.

Katrin was finding it harder to maintain her position. She wanted to drop to her knees and let him mount her and fuck her into oblivion but she knew this man had other plans and she would succumb to any and all his wishes and desires. She felt the heat in her loins growing. She felt the butterflies in her stomach churning. She knew she was going to cum and she didn’t want to resist it. Xavier’s mouth working on her clit and his finger in her ass continued to build the increasing tingling in her whole body. Then as if she had been shocked with electricity her whole body tensed and then exploded in wave after wave of radiating and pulsating currents through her whole body. The inside of her vagina convulsed and then contracted from the most intense orgasm of her life.

“Oh shit I’m cumming!!” She squealed and then groaned.

That was what Xavier was waiting for. He placed his mouth completely over her vagina. Spreading her pussy lips apart so he could form a tight seal. And just as Katrin’s whole body convulsed he inhaled like a vacuum and was rewarded with the strawberry he had pushed in earlier. Now it was completely covered in her thick pussy nectar. No strawberry had ever tasted better. Katrin was overwhelmed by the sensation of the strawberry exploding from her cunt like a bullet. She could hear him sucking and then chewing on the strawberry. She wished he would share it with her. Maybe next time. This was definitely not a one time thing. Smack!! Her thoughts were interrupted by a slap on her ass. Smack! The slight stinging sensation reverberating into her freshly orgasmed pussy sent tingles up her spine.

“HARDER!” She hissed at him.


Each slap brought Katrin closer to orgasm yet again.

“HARDER GODDAMNIT!” She commanded. “MAKE ME CUM!!”

Xavier obeyed. She had become a true viking warrior. Xavier slapped her now red as a strawberry ass a few more times and Katrin’s pussy exploded and gushed more sweet honey. She collapsed and rolled over onto her back spreading her legs wide she welcomed him into her.

“Please fuck me now Xavier.” The warrior now replaced by a princess.

Xavier lay on top of Katrin embraced her with a deep kiss and plunged his cock deep into her hot wet pussy. He fucked her slowly and deeply. He wanted to feel every inch of her on his dick. All the way in he went until their hip bones ground against one another. Almost all the way out he would retract his cock until only the mushroom shaped head and its ridges were at the entrance of her pussy. And then deep he would plunge again filling her up. She grunted and groaned with each thrust. Over and over Xavier fucked her.

“Fuck… Me…Fuck…Me…Fuck…Me…Fuck…Me!!” She chanted as she held him tight. Not ever wanting to let go. Not ever wanting this fuck to end.

Xavier fucked Katrin like this for what seemed like an hour. He lost track of how many times she came while he penetrated her. But he was only human and even he needed to cum. The heat in his groin was at the point of no return. Katrin had lost all sense of care and time. All she knew was that this perfect black man with a perfect black cock made her feel more human and more animal at the same time. But she wanted to feel his seed inside of her.

“Cum for me my dearest! Please fill me up with your seed.” She held his face in her hands. She wanted to see him and wanted to be seen by him when he came. Her piercing blue eyes, her soft hands on his face, her legs wrapped around him and her pussy convulsing around his cock pushed Xavier to explode shot after shot of cum into Katrin. She opened herself up as wide as she could to take in all that he gave her. The warmth of his cum radiating into her belly. She had never felt so complete and so content.

Xavier collapsed on top of her and they lay there for a few minutes. Slowly Xavier pulled out of her pussy. He reached behind her on the floor for the bowl of fruit. Stood up and reached out a hand to Katrin and led her to the bedroom where they lay down together feeding each other strawberries until they were full and then promptly fell asleep.

A little while later Xavier awoke to the voice of Karma over the intercom letting them know they would be landing in 30 minutes. Xavier couldn’t believe that in a 12 hour flight he didn’t make time for Karma and Raven. Well there would be the return flight home…

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