The Adventures of Little Debbie Ch. 02

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Giant Toy

This story is the second part of a series written for a sexy lady who is the star. The ideas are her fantasies and ideas or experiences. As this is a fictional world safesex is not always mentioned.

A couple of weeks had passed since Debbie had been confronted by her boss, Dave, after he had found the secret way in which she had sealed a lucrative contract. He had discovered she had given the client a blowjob and the result was she had shown Dave her oral technique and he had stated “I think this is the start of a very close working relationship.”

She had managed to keep her job; together with the secret of her extra-relationship activities from her partner. In the time which had passed her relationship with Dave had not altered no-one had passed comment on how they were interacting so Debbie was becoming more and more relaxed.

As she moved between her screen functions she noted she had a new email in her inbox. She opened and noticed the email was to her from Dave and as she opened it she saw it was a one to one message.


I have some work planned for this Saturday. I need to move a number boxes of papers and undertake some internal clearing and tidying. In order to work off some of your recent negative points I thought it best to enlist your help.

As the work is mostly manual you will probably want to dress down. I will open up at 9.30.


Debbie typed a quick reply confirming she would be there. She sat back in the chair and looked at the email unsure exactly how much to read into it. After a brief pause she considered in all likelihood she was initially being given menial work as a punishment but then again as she and Dave would be in the office building alone…


Arriving at the building a little after 9.30 on Saturday morning Debbie parked her car and looked in the rear-view mirror. Her partner was not amused she was having to work on a weekend and had left the house before her so he had not seen the fact she had applied her make up as she would normally have done even though she was dressed in a t-shirt, jogging trousers and trainers. She looked into the mirror and checked that the makeup accentuated her sexy pale blue eyes.

Once in the building she found Dave who told her what they needed to do. They spent most of the morning moving papers and documents which were no longer required ready for destruction and disposal. They concentrated on the task in hand and the chatted about work, the papers they found as well as life in general.

Dave checked his watch and looked at Debbie. “Have you bought lunch?” He asked.

“No, thought I might pop out if this was an all day thing. Alternatively, I would grab something on the way home.” She responded.

“Fancy pizza? My treat. I will call out, get pizza and colas.” He suggested and Debbie agreed.

When the delivery arrived Dave went and got it. He suggested they could eat in his office as this was closer to the area they were working in then the rest area. They ate their food quickly and quietly and Debbie sensed there was definitely some tension in the air. She finished her food and gathered up the cardboard pizza box off of the desk.

“So am I starting to make good for my bad behaviour?” She asked.

Dave blushed “Yes. Marc did not lie.”

“Did he not? I guess you enjoyed the blow job and tit wank!”

“Yes, it was incredible.”

“Were you looking for an excuse?” Debbie asked.

“Sorry..” Dave said.

“It’s okay Dave. I have seen you looking at maltepe escort me. Most guys love these babies!” Debbie said cupping her boobies and giggling her t-shirt.

“As we are all alone, no doubt to a degree contrived by you, you naughty boy!” Debbie said wiggling her finger at him. “It would be a wasted opportunity for a bit of fun if we just moved crap and ate pizza.” Debbie said laughing.

With that Debbie took his hand and led him to his chair. She sat him down and walked behind him. Her hands moved round his torso and then she rubbed and gripped his shoulders from behind. Moving forward she leant towards him and whispered into his ear. “Stay seated and enjoy!” She moved the chair so it was located next to the desk. “Now don’t speak or move, if you do we stop ok!”

“Ok.” He agreed.

Debbie walked slowly away and turned to face Dave. She moved her hands down the base of the t-shirt crossing her arms in front of her. Lifting her arms slowly she pulled the baggy fabric over her head so she was stood in her joggers and a black lacy bra. Her 34DD breasts rose and fell as her breathing was starting to increase in rapidity because as she was beginning to get aroused. She reached down, untied her laces, and removed the trainers together with her ankle socks.

Looking at Dave he was silent and motionless but there was a visible lump in his lap which made Debbie smile. She winked at him and turned to face away from him. Her short 5 foot frame was stood with legs akimbo and she turned her head to watch Dave. She placed a thumb in each side of the waistband of her jogging trousers and very slowly she moved the cotton lower until she had cleared the waist band of her underwear. Moving her legs slowly together Debbie leaned forward and her suppleness allowed her to move her neck around so she could see Dave’s reaction as she slowly pulled her trousers down to expose her round arse which was bare and the black g-string was pulled tightly into the crevice between her cheeks. Her skinned was tanned and there were no white or light patches.

Turning to face Dave she pulled her hand to her face and kissing her palm she then seductively blew Dave a kiss and giggled as he shuffled in his seat. She sensed his growing penis was causing him to be tormented as she moved around the room.

She approached him “Remember no sound and certainly no movement from you!”

Kneeling in front of Dave she moved her hands to the front of his jeans. Her fingers sought out the tip of his zip and she slowly inched the zip down. The silence of the room was disturbed by the soft metallic clicks as each of the metal teeth was released as she lowered the zip. Moving her hands up she unclipped the button of his waistband and pulled the denim apart to expose his Calvin Klein boxer shorts. Skilfully she manipulated the jeans and eased them down until they were lowered down his legs before falling in a crumpled heap of material at his feet.

The white stretchy fabric of his boxers showed the prominent outline of his almost fully erect penis. His chest rose and fell as he tried to keep his excitement in check. Debbie moved her hands up under the material of his shirt and she used her wrists and forearms to lift the fabric. Dave tensed as if to move and help.

“Uh ha, no movement Dave or you will spoil it!” Debbie warned him. Her fingers moved through the light hairs on his muscular torso and chest. She lifted the shirt and removed it from over his head and she leaned forward and licked pendik escort on his right nipple. It started to harden and she then lightly nibbled and nipped him. He sucked in a breath and did everything he could to limit his flinch.

“Good boy Dave. That deserves a reward.” Debbie said as she stood up. She moved her hands behind her back and removed her black bra and threw it onto her discarded joggers. Debbie stood before him with her 34DD breasts swaying as she moved her hands moved own her curvy sides and she stood with her hands on her hips. She walked towards Dave and placed her left foot on the desk next to him so he had her thong covered pussy in front of his face. By now his cock was solid and was straining against the white material.

Debbie glanced down and saw her light pink nipples starting to stiffen and she gently tweaked them between her fingertips. The skin hardened and contracted and her nipples now jutted out from her pendulous breasts. She could feel her pussy begin to tingle and she sensed the moisture was starting to flow. She reached down and eased a finger under the waistband of her thong and the tip of her finger snaked over the bare flesh f her freshly shaved pubis and she gasped as her digit slid over her clitoral hood. He legs almost buckled as the warm feeling spread from the touch and then she delved through her labia and felt the wetness at the opening of her pussy.

She dropped her leg and walked away from Dave and when she reached her clothes she stepped out of her thon and turned to face Dave.

“Do you like my body?” She asked. Dave did not speak but nodded.

“Undress!” She said firmly and without reply Dave took off his shoes, stood up and flicking his legs he discarded the jeans. As he moved Debbie could see his erection prominently shown through the material and at the head of his cock was a small dark circle where his pre-cum had escaped and seeped into the shorts.

“Take them off, don’t touch it and sit down!” Debbie demanded.

Dave did exactly as he was told and once he was seated Debbie walked towards him but before reaching him she moved to the side and then she climbed up onto her bosses desk. She kneeled on all fours facing him and then moved forwards slowly with a cat like pose. She could feel her ample breasts swaying from side to side.

Debbie remembered how she felt sat at this desk when she felt she was going to lose her job but now she felt in control of her boss. She looked at him sat naked but with a solid hard cock with every so often twitched with his pulse.

“Mmmm he looks like he needs attention? Ever been deep throated?” She asked.

“No.” He replied.

Debbie rolled around on the desk until she was laid naked on the desk. Her breasts parted moving slightly to the sides. She gripped the desk side and pulled her body towards Dave until she felt her head ease slowly over the edge of the desk. She stopped and leaned her head back and opened her mouth wide.

Dave needed no further invite as he turned and his penis bobbed closer to Debbie’s face and the head swished past her cheek and she felt a hot drop of precum hit the side of her nose. Dave leant forward and the head of his circumcised penis penetrate her lips. Debbie’s tongue licked the top of his shaft as his cock filled her mouth. Deeper he pushed as his head moved effortlessly into Debbie’s throat. She sucked air in before clamping her lips around his shaft she sucked on him as he withdrew from her throat slowly. She gasped air kaynarca escort once more before he leant forward quicker this time fully fucking her face so his hairy balls tickled her nose and were dangling right before her eyes.

She reached her hands up and closed her fingers around his balls as he slide back and forth quickly. After a moment of doing this Debbie pushed her palms against his thighs. He eased back and his hard cock popped out of Debbie’s mouth.

She gasped for breath and looked up at him. “Fuck me?” She asked.

Dave moved around the table and he gently pulled her calves to bring Debbie fully onto the table. He climbed onto the desk and his cock was swaying like a missile as she looked down. His fingers felt her pussy and he noted how wet se was. He moved the head of his penis until the head touched the wetness of her opening. She felt the large head push against the muscles of her vagina and he thrust his hips slowly forward until his penis was fully entered into her. His hands reached under and gripped Debbie’s arse and he started to thrust back and forward. He leaned his groin down so his pelvis was grinding on her pubis and the rubbing was driving her clitoris wild. She was rubbing as much as he was as she started to cum. Her hands gripped her nipples and she was twisting and tweaking her nipples as an orgasm tore through her body.

“OH MY GOD!!!” She screamed as she threw her body towards him. “Quick pull out and I will finish you off!”

He pulled his penis from her and she cupped her breasts pushing both fleshy mounds together. As he moved up the table she saw his hard penis covered in her vaginal juices. He pushed his cock into her cleavage and she pushed from each side. Dave moved backwards and forwards with increasing urgency. Looking up at Dave’s face she saw his features crumple and the head of his penis pushed forward and a jet of white sperm flew from him. It struck her on the side of her face as she turned her head to avoid the stream hitting her eyes. As Dave pulled his cock back Debbie could feel a pool of spunk collecting in her cleavage and smearing her chest.

Dave fell forward spent on top of her and they lay as two sweaty bodies on the desk top. For the first time Dave kissed Debbie and she responded by kissing and embracing him as the lay together recovering their breath. Debbie used her fingers to reached down and scoop up the semen. She moved her fingers up to her mouth and let the fluid drop onto her lips and waiting tongue.

She looked at Dave and grinned. “Fucked many of us ‘workers’ over your boss’s desk?”

“Only my missus. That was when the company started, many moons ago. Before you as it was nowhere near as good as that.”

Debbie moved as she swung her body round. “Let’s go and shower!” She said and grabbed Dave’s hand. She felt the semen dripping and sliding down her body. She walked Dave naked to the rest area where the seldom used shower was.

They passed through the general office. “If my colleagues could see me know!” She said and kissed Dave.

Once they reached the shower they climbed in and the water cleansed both the bodies. Turning the water off they got out of the booth. Debbie used a towel to dry herself and she felt Dave easing her to the wooden changing bench. He laid her down and the part her thighs. His tongue flicked across her large outer labia lips. She was driven wild by his oral attention before he concentrated on her hood and made her cum. As she orgasmed once more he inserted his fingers into her tight pussy.

As Debbie calmed down they kissed. “We must stop tiger as we have work to do and you and I had better not get any dirtier or our partners will get suspicious. Don’t worry though as I think it is safe to say we both want this to continue!” Debbie said smiling up at him.

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