The Admirable Crichton Pt. 01

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Double Penetration

Just to confuse everyone who has started reading Love Thy Neighbour, here is the first instalment of a story I started and published elsewhere a year ago and have rewritten to conform to Literotica’s guidelines.

To confuse you even more there is a third story bubbling around that will have its’ first instalment out soon.

Comments and feedback are always welcome even if it tells me to finish one story first before going on to the next!

PS its fiction, nobody is real.



“This is breaking news on WNN … We are getting reports that Nadia Sheremtova and her two children have been found safe and well on an island in the South Pacific, 7 months after their luxury catamaran, Singular, was reported missing. Let’s go over to our reporter, Michelle Lai, in Fiji for an update. Michelle, what can you tell us?”

“Thanks, Rick. We have received a report that the actress and model, Nadia Sheremtova, and her twin children, Chloe and Lance together with two other, so far unidentified, members of the crew were spotted on an island between Samoa and Fiji by a passing yacht who made contact and raised the alarm once they discovered who they were. The high-tech catamaran, Singular, disappeared without trace 7 months ago on a voyage from Samoa to Tonga with 7 people on board, Ms. Sheremtova and her two children and a crew of 4 under skipper, Bill Crichton.

“The Singular’s GPS transponder and other automatic satellite communication devices lost contact 2 days into the 500 mile journey and a massive search and rescue operation was mounted immediately despite there being no distress call. Some debris that could possibly have come from Singular was found but it would now appear that the search was in the wrong place as the survivors were found over 500 miles away.

“Russian born, Ms Sheremtova, one of the most famous models and actresses on the planet and considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world, had taken the voyage to de-stress and avoid media intrusion after commencing divorce proceedings against her husband the British billionaire media mogul, Carson Trip,. The divorce was publicly acrimonious and Ms Sheremtova had alleged rape, cruelty and unreasonable behaviour. Mr. Trip counter-sued with accusations of infidelity citing a hitherto unseen internet sex video which some experts believe to have been digitally altered. Mr. Trip, who stands to lose a significant portion of his fortune in the settlement, has subsequently got the divorce proceedings thrown out on the basis that his wife was dead. It would appear that they will be back on soon!

“Local maritime authorities are in the process of picking up the survivors and we will know more of what happened once this has been completed. However, the amount of interest and intrigue surrounding the divorce, the disappearance and subsequent reappearance is only going to get stronger.

“Rick, back to you in the studio.”

Chapter 1

7 months earlier.

The luxury 60ft catamaran eased gently away from the pontoon with the jet thrusters making light work of the wind trying to blow it back against the harbour wall. What a wonderful thing technology was, mused Bill Crichton, skipper of the Singular, one of the most advanced sailing vessels in the world. Although, thought Bill as he edged the massive twin hulled boat out into the channel, with the pace of development for the Americas Cup boats it was almost like F1 car racing and this boat would be seen as archaic in a few years, maybe even months.

Singular was one of only a few boats in the world using airfoils instead of soft sails giving it high performance and the ability to set and manage the trim of the boat by computer from the cockpit. Despite the complexity it was very easy to sail but the few skippers around the world with experience of these boats were not going to admit to that as they didn’t want the mystique to be blown away. Especially not Bill Crichton, an unreformed but functioning alcoholic!

Drinking and sailing could be a recipe for disaster and his recent career was littered with near misses and bent boats and he had even once run aground on an ebbing tide. The latter was a definite no-no and a public humiliation as he was out there for several hours for the entire world to see as he waited for the tide to return. He was fortunate to have this gig and he knew it but did wonder how it had happened so quickly. His normal jobs were much more prosaic as he was a ‘skipper for hire’ ferrying boats from one port to another and given his reputation, the quality of boat was normally significantly lower than Singular. Fortunately for him he was the only skipper with airfoil experience within 2 hours flying time of Samoa, when the regular skipper was mugged and beaten up very badly just when the owner’s wife wanted to use the boat.

He had been briefly introduced to his passengers as they had come aboard in the late afternoon amid a flurry of paparazzi. They izmir escort bayan were currently below in their cabins whilst they left port not wishing to give the photographers any more opportunity. A small motor vessel containing some photographers was shadowing them all the way out to sea but would soon turn back as the light was fading and the pacific swells would discourage those with a delicate constitution.

Bill’s thoughts were interrupted by a nudge to his arm and a quiet voice.

“Dad, here’s your tea.”

He turned to look at his daughter, Tanya, tall, beautiful and lithe, dressed in cut off shorts and a bikini top as she held out the battered mug. He looked enquiringly at her as he took it.

“No, there’s nothing in it. You promised you wouldn’t!”

“Yes, I did sweetheart. I don’t want to fuck this gig up do I? This could be the kick start my career needs. But it won’t be easy to …”

His voice tailed away as he thought of the ramifications of staying sober for the two weeks allotted to the voyage. His daughter squeezed his arm.

“I’ll help, Dad, but I’ll try not to nag. I know how hard it has been for you since Mum died but you won’t find her in the bottom of a bottle. … Oh god, I said I wouldn’t nag and I’ve started already!”

Bill’s downward spiral had started when his wife had been killed in a car crash 5 years previously, ironically the fault of a drunk driver, when Bill was away skippering a yacht in a round-the-world race. He had contemplated giving up the sea and becoming a full-time dad but Tanya had insisted he continue to do what he loved. Fortunately, the insurance payout was enough to pay for Tanya to attend an exclusive boarding school at home in the UK so Bill continued to ply his trade around the world’s oceans. She would join him for most of the school holidays and had become a proficient sailor herself as she helped crew whichever boat he was on at the time. She noticed the progressive change in her father each time she met him as he slipped further into the comfort of alcohol. He was still a good looking man with a towering physical presence at well over 6 foot and 220lbs of muscle with skin burnished by the sun and wind and his part-Caribbean ancestry. Physically he appeared to be doing ok but she knew that he was depressed and some of his mental faculties were being eroded by drink.

Tanya, looked around at the boat and silently prayed that he didn’t fuck it up as he hadn’t done so badly for a lad from a London council estate who left school at 16 with very little in the way of qualifications. She would help him all she could whilst she was with him but would be heading back to the UK to start university in 8 weeks so what happened after that was up to him.

Crichton looked at Tanya and tried, unsuccessfully, not to stare at her body, the delightful swell of her breasts contained in the string bikini and the curve of her arse in the tight cut-offs. He couldn’t get over how much she had changed physically since he had seen her 6 months ago at Christmas, she had filled out in all the right places and was now a truly stunning girl with dark, almond shaped eyes and a café-au-lait complexion, a result of his and her white mother’s genes with the whole greater than the sum of the parts.

Tanya felt him gazing at her and noticed that he was checking her out like most men would, not in a fatherly way at all! Her nipples involuntarily hardened at the thought of her dad finding her attractive.

“Dad, you’re staring and there’s a course change coming up!” Her voice interrupted his reverie and he looked guiltily away.

“Sorry, you should put your uniform polo shirt on, you’re distracting like that” he replied and then wondered why he’d said it. It was true but he shouldn’t be perving on his own daughter!

“I’m your daughter you lecherous git, not some back alley hooker you go to when I’m back in the UK!” she laughed back at him.

He looked at her, startled, and began to protest.

“I have been with no-one since your mother died let alone a hooker. Anyway, you are my daughter that gives me some right to appreciate how you’ve grown up into a beautiful woman. Now put your shirt on as we don’t want Ms. Sheremtova to feel like second best!”

“As if!” she laughed, but was secretly pleased that he had said it. She also wondered why her nipples had hardened as he had looked at her that way and said she was a distraction. However, if it brought him out of his depression she would have to flash him more often. She decided to move the conversation back to the passengers.

“What do you think of her? I thought she looked absolutely stunning and the two kids look just like her. They’ll both have members of the opposite sex drooling over them as they get older. Maybe some of the same sex as well!”

Crichton reflected for a moment.

“Did you see her eyes? Cold as ice and dead to the soul. Yes, the kids look good but can they survive their upbringing? escort izmir Privileged childhood normally leads to disaster.” He observed before continuing in a lighter vein.

“So if they attract both sexes are you going for the boy or girl?” his laughter drained away as he saw Tanya’s blush erupting.

“Sorry, sweetheart, bad joke but it wouldn’t bother me if you played for the opposition … You don’t do you …?”

By now, he too was blushing furiously but he kept talking, trying to fill the space.

“Sorry … open mouth … insert foot …”

Tanya started to giggle at his discomfort.

“No, Dad, I don’t play for the other side. I’m very much on your side.”

She looked up at his eyes so he could see the love in them and hugged him, resting her head on his chest before releasing him, reached up and kissed him on the cheek.

“Love you, Dad.”

She went below to get changed wondering why she had added the comment about being on his side with the statement about her own sexuality. As she went down into the main stateroom below the cockpit area she saw the other two crew members, Mitch Cadell and Tony Fitch on their way up on deck. She shuddered inwardly as she passed them feeling very uncomfortable as they had done nothing but letch at her and make inappropriate comments since they had arrived on board with the passengers. They were part of the regular crew and had made it clear that they were less than happy about the quality of the new skipper with several snide comments passed about hoping they didn’t run aground and unfunny jokes about avoiding jetty walls. Her father’s reputation had preceded him but he had done his best to let the comments wash over him without reacting.


Nadia Sheremtova stood in her small but opulent cabin clad only in a satin robe looking at herself in the full length mirror wondering what on earth she was doing. When her publicist and lawyer had suggested getting away somewhere really remote for a few days to avoid the worst of the publicity surrounding the divorce she had no idea that they meant this remote! Given the circumstances they had not managed to get approval from her husband’s lawyers to use his 250ft luxury motor yacht currently in the Caribbean. In some respects that was not a bad thing as it would have been a paparazzi magnet and far too accessible from land by helicopter. The Singular had been the best option and surprisingly, Carson had agreed to it after a few days.

She’d never been on a yacht before apart from one scene in her first film where she had played the part of a drug runner’s girlfriend. It hadn’t been much of a part she mused, just wear a bikini and look sexy! Much like the young crew member, Tanya, she had been introduced to as they arrived on board. She looked good enough to eat and the thought of diving between those beautiful legs and tasting her pussy made Nadia’s own pussy spasm and her clit hardened. She opened the robe and let her right hand drop to cup her mons and she lazily circled her extended clit feeling her pussy moisten at the thought of Tanya’s dark head between her own pale thighs. Ooh, this voyage could be just what she needed, some girl-on-girl action as a contrast to the pain of her most recent relationship with a man. What a cruel, perverted bastard he had turned out to be and she thought back to the last time she had seen him.

She had been away filming in Spain but because of various production problems the producers had sent the cast home 2 days early and she had decided to surprise Carson by arriving unannounced at their Malibu mansion. The limo had dropped her off as it was getting dark and she had let herself into the house and called out to announce her presence but got no reply. Guessing it must be the maid’s night off she dropped her stuff in the hall and was about to go upstairs when she heard a voice coming from Carson’s study so moved down the corridor towards the partially open door. As she got closer the angry tone and content of his words made her pause and listen.

“Now, kids, one of you or maybe both of you are responsible for breaking the vase, Ming dynasty by the way so not cheap shit which is easily replaced, and won’t own up to it. I find that unacceptable behaviour and if your mother was here she would agree with me. What she might not agree with is the punishment I’m going to mete out until one of you admits to it.”

Nadia pushed the door open slightly wider and gasped in shock as she saw her 18-year old twins, Chloe and Lance, each leaning forward over the back of an armchair with their hands tied behind their backs, their feet bound and a gag across their mouths. To make it worse they were both naked from the waist down and Carson was idly flicking their bare bums with a riding crop. She pushed the door open with a crash.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing to my children?”

Carson turned at the intrusion and his widened in shock as he realised who it izmir escort was but recovered his poise quickly.

“Ah, Nadia my dear, I’m just about to dispense some overdue discipline on these uncontrollable children of yours. You won’t do it so I feel that I should.”

The two teenagers started to scream through their gags and tried to stand up but Carson pushed them back down. Nadia screamed at him to stop and stormed towards him and started slapping him but he ducked and slapped her hard across the face so that her head rang and she slumped to the floor, semi-conscious. She was vaguely aware of him man-handling her and as her mind regained clarity she realised that she was bent over the long couch with her hands tied behind her back in a similar position to the twins but without a gag. Her long white-blonde hair fell around her and she could not see what he was doing or Chloe or Lance but she could hear them sobbing.

“Look, Carson, let me up and we can talk about this.”

“No, sorry Nadia, the time for talking passed a long time ago. We don’t agree on simple things like discipline so I need to take charge and discipline you all.”

“If you think you are going to beat me or the kids with a riding crop you might just as well ring your lawyer now and tell him to get ready for the biggest divorce case the world has seen.”

“Yes, I thought that might be the case so I decided that I may as well go out with a bang, so to speak! Our marriage has been a bit of a sham although we have both benefited from it publicity wise but we’ve not really enjoyed mutual harmony in the bedroom so to speak.”

“Yes, mainly because you seem to think that bondage is normal behaviour and …”

Carson cut her off before she could continue.

“And you are as cold as ice! A blow-up doll would give more response than you do. No wonder your first husband said famously that you give so much in your acting that you have nothing left for your family.”

“That’s not true; I love my children and have given them everything they could possibly want.”

“Except your company!” shouted Carson. “You have been away for their birthday for the last two years and given that you only have one day a year between two kids it shouldn’t be that difficult to arrange. You’re the star, make sure it is in your contract you cold, heartless bitch.”

The barbs hit home and Nadia started to sob silently and Carson continued.

“So, where were we? Ah yes, I’m going to punish you and spare the children and I’ll get some enjoyment from it but for you it will be nothing more than a pain in the arse!” his laughter was mocking and slightly hysterical.

“Actually, I think the kids should see this up close and personal so to speak.”

Nadia could feel movement on the sofa and realised that the twins had been positioned either side of her but she could just see their legs on the cushions so realised they were facing the other way with their heads over the back.

“Now hold still I’ve got a sharp knife here and I wouldn’t want to damage your next photo opportunity.”

She went rigid as she felt the cold metal of the knife blade inserted into the waistband of her leather trousers between her buttocks and then a sharp jerk and the seam gave way. His hands pulled the cut flaps of the trousers further apart and down her legs to her ankles.

“I guess that’s about $1000 of trousers gone but I’m sure you can afford some more. I can’t be arsed to remove your boots so we’ll just have to go like this, although that $150 thong will have to go.”

With one swift movement of the knife the string between her buttocks was severed. She wondered what her punishment was going to be but assumed that he wasn’t going to hurt her as he had the opportunity with the knife

“Even at the age of 42 you still do have the most glorious arse, I can see why the red-carpet shots are of you walking away from the cameras. Now this is going to be a bit cold so don’t flinch as it will make it easier for you in the end. He! He! See what I did there kids!”

With that he thrust his middle finger covered with some sort of lubricant through the unsuspecting ring of muscle that was Nadia’s anus. She screamed, her back arched and her head came back and she tried to stand but Carson’s hand in the small of her back pushed her back down again. She started ranting at him.

“No, not there, take it out, that’s disgusting, it hurts, please Carson, stop it.”

He leant forward putting all of his upper body weight on her back twisting his finger in and out through her violated anus and whispered in her ear.

“No, Nadia, I’ve wanted your arse from the moment we first met and I thought by marrying you I would have free access to this glorious body. That’s not turned out quite as I had expected as we’ve had sex 14 times in five years and only once in the last 6 months. See, I have been keeping score. There have been 152 suggestions of sex from me in the last 3 years and none from you. A one-sided relationship wouldn’t you say and one that will be used in my divorce claim? Anyway now I’m going to take what’s mine. Oh, and by the way I’ve dosed on Viagra and delay-spray so I’m good to go!”

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