The Academy Ch. 03

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*As usual, everyone in this story is 18 or over. I don’t mention this in the actual text because it kind of ruins the school atmosphere.*


Stacy was too busy envisaging the perfect human beings in front of her in various sex positions to hear much of the Jensons’ opening speech, but she was snapped out of her reverie by the sad revelation that no one, not even the twins, would actually be having sex that day. The lesson was, apparently, merely theory. Nevertheless, it took all of Stacy’s will power not to come for the third time that day as they watched countless videos of the teachers fucking over desks and on tables around the school. The videos were supposed to teach Stacy and her fellow students about the most comfortable way to be fucked in the ass, but she couldn’t see the Jensons, let alone the teenagers, concentrating on anything but their own pleasure. ‘I’m never going to survive the morning’ Stacy thought. At that moment, however, the bell rang, and she ran out of the classroom in relief, trying desperately to control herself, only to bump into Ruby who had been rushing to meet her.

“I’m overloaded.” Stacy told her friend. “I never thought I’d say this but if I don’t get a break from this endless sex my pussy’s gonna explode. Either that or I’ll drown in my own cum!”

“It’s OK! You’ve got a boring double period until lunch anyway. Mrs Kourt is going to be doing Drama with you.” Ruby replied laughing.

“What? Normal lessons? I was beginning to think those didn’t even exist ataşehir escort here! What do we do in Drama?”?

“Well, we basically mess around… and sometimes we do a bit of dance too. I think that might be what we’re doing this lesson, cos of the show tomorrow night.” said Trish from behind them.

“Oh yeah, I forgot to ask whether you wanted to do that Stace. Are you up for dancing in the show with me and Trish?”

“Sure, why not! It’s not like I’ve got anything left to be embarrassed about anyway. Might as well show off my awful dancing too!” Trish and Ruby giggled, and started to explain what the show involved as the trio linked arms and walked off.

Chapter 8

Mrs Kourt simply repeated what Stacy’s friends had already told her: as the second-youngest year, they would only have a small part lap-dancing in the show, whilst the older years would be performing various things they had learnt with Mr and Miss Jenson and Miss Dalley. They would be expected to wear one of their formal uniforms, and their own underwear for the occasion, and each student would be assigned one person at high table to lap-dance for. Once the show was over they were free to do whatever they wanted – the hall would essentially turn into the venue for a free-for-all gangbang. The only limit was that no one would be allowed to have non-consensual sex, and that there was to be no pain inflicted on anyone: there were special S&M evening reserved for the people who liked that. At that point, the voice kadıköy escort bayan in Stacy’s mind decided to wake up again ‘Oohh, kinky. I wonder whether Daddy’s into that… or maybe the Jensons?’ Stacy half smiled and half frowned at that wicked thought… ‘That would be interesting to find out, wouldn’t it?’ she thought. ‘Me, tied up with everyone, including my own father, able to do whatever they liked to me?’ Though it aroused her, Stacy pushed the idea to the back of her mind. ‘I can’t do anything like that, let alone with my Dad.’ she said to herself, forcing her mind to concentrate on Mrs Kourt, who was finishing up her little speech. ‘Just concentrate on learning how to lap-dance, damn you!’ She then burst into silent laughter, thinking about what she had just said. ‘Wow, I really am turning into a slut, aren’t I!’. She smiled as she went over to her new friends and started to bump and grind.

As she left the Drama studio for lunch, Stacy noticed a small black camera in the corner of the room. She went over to Trish, and asked her about it.

“Oh yeah, they have those everywhere. It completely removes the risk of thefts, as well as

Meaning that we have free porn available at all times! It all goes onto the big TV in the common room you see.”

“The common room? I have’t seen that yet.”

“Oh it’s two minutes away. We’ll dump our bags there before we go to lunch, OK?”

“Hey guys, what’s this about our bags?” Ruby inquired as she bounced over to them and into escort maltepe the conversation.

“I was just telling Ruby about the TV in the common room. I can’t believe you didn’t show it to her yesterday!”

“Yeah, well I was pretty beat.” Stacy put in.

“Yeah, she was Trish.” Ruby playfully stuck her tongue out at her friend who did the same back. “Whatever, we’ll just go there now. We have to hurry though, the queue for lunch is getting pretty big.”

“You’re so greedy Ruby! We still have ages. Lets take our time showing Stacy round the rest of the school.”

“Wait, there’s more? Oh my god, you guys cannot leave me alone for a single second until I get used to the size of this place.”

“You’ll be fine Stace! Just follow us around for a bit until you get your bearings.”

“As if she could bear to be with anyone else!” Ruby winked and then ran towards the common room. “Come on! We’re gonna be late for lunch.”

Trish rolled her eyes and then grabbed Stacy’s hand. “We had better follow her. She’ll go without us otherwise. I swear, sometimes it seems like Ruby likes food more than she likes sex!”

“As if that was possible.” Ruby said, appearing from behind the door. “I don’t like anything more than I like sex!”

Mr Gallgher walked into the corridor in time to hear Ruby’s last words and said “Well, you should be happy tomorrow then. The show’s gonna have a very special visitor: Our very own new girl’s father!”

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