The Abrams Health Institute Ch. 02

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Both Marilyn and Robert couldn’t believe how relieved they felt after their first visit to the Abrams Health Institute. Both were unable to contain their smiles during the car ride home. They felt as if a great weight had been lifted.

Once inside the front door, Marilyn turned to her son and said, “Thank you so much for coming with me to the institute, sweetheart. I think the doctor really helped us. Don’t you?”

“Oh definitely mom,” He quickly replied. His mind still overcome with how exciting and erotic the visit to the institute was. “So, when can we go back?” His enthusiasm was difficult to hide.

“We made an appointment for the 20th. That’s two weeks from now.” Marilyn also sensed her son’s excitement and was happy with the success of the treatment. She too could not forget how sexually exciting it was to witness her son masturbating while being coached and encouraged by Dr. Abrams. Images of her son’s erect penis and his ejaculation were fresh in her mind.

“Why don’t you go and get cleaned up,” she requested, “I’m going to take a shower too then get dinner ready. Ok honey?”

Once in her bedroom, Marilyn quickly began removing her clothes down to her bra and panties, entered her master bathroom and turned on the shower. Just as she began to pull down her panties, she noticed how damp they were from the day’s excitement. Once naked, she began to shower.

As the warmth of the water began to relax her, Marilyn soaped her body. Her hands lingering slowly over her C-cup breasts, cupping them in her hands, pausing at her nipples, feeling them harden under her fingers. As she recalled the images of her son Robert stroking his penis, her hands moved down slowly towards her vagina. Marilyn couldn’t stop rubbing herself, the feelings of intense sexual excitement that had built up during the day had to be released. Just as she saw Robert’s orgasm, she needed one as well.

Marilyn couldn’t remember the last time she masturbated. She too did not want anyone to know she what she was doing, least of all Robert. Her sexual releases came few and far between. She had often thought of buying herself some toys, wondering what it would be like to hold a dildo or experience a vibrator, but couldn’t overcome her shyness to purchase one.

Instead, Marilyn used her hands, and tonight, they would be all she needed. Her hands now buried between her thighs, massaging her clitoris, exploring her inner lips, a loud moan escaped as her orgasm approached. “Ohhhhh, Robert!” Yukarıdudullu Escort she yelled as she climaxed.

“Oh no,” she paused. Marilyn wasn’t sure what she had just said, or how loud she said it. She just had the most intense orgasm she could remember and then called out her son’s name in ecstasy. Quickly, she stepped out of the shower and dried, getting herself ready to prepare dinner for the both of them.

Meanwhile, Robert had stepped into the hallway bathroom and readied the shower. Once naked, he paused to admire himself in the mirror, feeling a new sense of pride and excitement having just come from the most incredible experience. Thinking of the recent events, his penis quickly grew. His hands moved down towards it, eager to stroke it again but he decided, “No, not yet.” He wanted to wait. Hoping, maybe, he might be able to enjoy it later with his mother, remembering what Dr. Abrams had asked. Robert jumped in the shower, hurrying to get ready for dinner.

His penis remained engorged and at full erection while he soaped his body. Again and again he just couldn’t resist fondling his genitals, giving them extra attention, giving his penis several strokes. Ultimately, he could not resist continuing to pleasure himself. Even with his monumental orgasm earlier in the day, he was overwhelmingly aroused.

Robert’s strokes became faster and faster as he gripped himself more firmly. He head of his penis, darkening in color, signaled his soon to be release. “Uh, uh, ummmph…” he moaned as he spurted his semen against the shower wall. The volume was nearly equal to his earlier ejaculation at the Institute. Each spurt decreasing in power, Robert continued to stroke himself, squeezing his penis and milking the last drops of cum.

Although relieved, Robert couldn’t help but think how much more exciting it would have been if his mother could have seen him. If only she was at the bathroom door, observing him, encouraging him, cheering him on. No, that would have to wait. “One step at a time,” he thought to himself. He finished showering and prepared for dinner with his mother.

During dinner, Marilyn and Robert happily chatted over small things, like food, Robert’s school, and his car, which seemed to remain in a permanent state of disrepair. Both of them were still unable to speak directly about the events earlier in the day. After some time, it was Robert who broke the silence, much to Marilyn’s relief.

“Mom, Yukarıdudullu Escort Bayan do you remember what Dr. Abrams said at the end, just before we left?” he asked.

“I’m not sure, honey. You mean about the next appointment?” Marilyn said, trying to conceal her true thoughts. Of course she knew what he meant.

“No, um… about the um, other thing. You know, about doing that exercise again?” Robert asked, desperately trying to overcome his shyness and remain focused on the clinical nature of the exercise, rather than his more lustful thoughts. “Dr. Abrams said we should do it again, but here… you know, at home. Do you remember?”

“Oh of course, sweetie. I remember now.” Marilyn added, feeling relief that she didn’t have to initiate the discussion. “Yes, Dr. Abrams said it would be good for us to do that again, and to talk about it. Do you mind talking about it with me honey?

“No,” he replied, “I think it feels good to talk about it with you. I don’t think I’m embarrassed anymore.”

“That’s wonderful to hear Robert,” Marilyn sighed in relief. “I’m sorry I haven’t been more open with you before about… you know, the birds and the bees. I guessed you’d just kind of figure it out on your own.”

“I think I would have been too embarrassed to talk about that stuff with you,” Robert admitted. “But now… after going to the institute… I just feel so much better.”

“Well, now that we can be more open about this, I want you to know that it’s ok for you to masturbate whenever you need to. I understand that you need relief and you don’t have to hide it anymore. I totally fine with it. I know that you’ve been doing that for a while, judging from the number of tissues you leave in your waste basket,” Marilyn grinned.

“Oh, sorry about that mom,” he replied.

“Hush now, no apologies,” she scolded. “Remember, we can be totally open about this now, ok?”

“Yeah mom.”

“So Robert, I guess I want to ask you… um, … what kinds of things do you usually masturbate to? You know, what turns you on?” she asked.

“Well, um… I guess I’ve always liked reading stories on the internet,” he said.

“What kinds of stories, honey? Erotic stories?”

“Yeah. Stories that usually have a young man and an older woman,” he confessed.

“Really? Well, I guess that does explain the video you were watching when I walked in on you. Doesn’t it?” Marilyn remembered quite vividly the scene Escort Yukarıdudullu of an older, mature woman, dressed as a schoolteacher, on her knees, actively sucking on the penis of a young male student.

“Um, yeah. I remember,” he quietly admitted.

“So you also enjoy these videos as well? Just like the stories?” as she continued her questions.

“Yeah. I guess after I read some of the stories, I like to look for videos that remind me of them.”

“And then you masturbate to them?”


Marilyn could feel herself getting more aroused after each probing question. She was not expecting Robert to be so forthcoming with his answers, but she was thoroughly enjoying this new openness. Each question brought her closer to her understanding her son. And with each new question, Robert felt more at ease and more comfortable revealing his thoughts. Thoughts that he held secret and private, he was able now to express them with his mother.

Robert loved the way his mother cared. She wasn’t angry at all. She was instead supportive and nurturing. She had a gentle way of asking these very private questions and made him feel safe. And Marilyn knew that he needed that. She wanted to be helpful and supportive. She wanted to reassure him that everything was alright. And thanks to the Abrams Institute, she had the confidence to do it.

“Well Robert,” she finally added, “I think it’s time we went to bed. Let’s talk more about this tomorrow. Ok honey?”

“Yeah. Thanks mom!” he said. “And if you want, um… maybe we can do that thing, um… you know… that Dr. Abrams said. You know, together? If you want?”

Robert found it difficult to get the words out. He wanted so desperately to masturbate again with his mother watching. His penis was hard and straining against his pants at the thought.

“Oh, you mean watch you again?” she asked him. Of course she knew exactly what he meant.


“Yes, honey. You’re right, Dr. Abrams did want us to repeat the exercise,” she responded. “Let’s try it tomorrow night. And if you want, I can try and find something on the internet for you to, … you know… to help you. How does that sound?”

Robert couldn’t believe his ears. Not only would he be able to masturbate again with his mother watching, but she would find something for him to get aroused and show him. She would be looking for porn, just for him! He was in heaven.

“Wow mom, that sounds great” he exclaimed. “I can’t wait!”

Marilyn found it difficult to contain her excitement. She thought how wonderful it would be to see Robert masturbating again, but this time, she would get to choose his masturbation material. The possibilities seemed endless. She couldn’t wait to begin her search. Tomorrow night would be another night to remember.

To be continued…

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