The Abandoned Son Ch. 01

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All characters are over 18+


A little after one in the morning anyone would be annoyed by the noisy doorbell as Damien was at that second. Yet that paled to what awaited to greet him as he opened the door. The flood of emotions that bombarded his mind as he looked upon the woman he hadn’t seen in twenty year’s. Narrowing his eye’s as lightening flashed unrelenting hatred had won out as the rain hammered the roof.

“Uncle explain why you’re on my doorstep with her,” Damien said with a venom laced growl.

“Damien if you let us in I’ll explain it all,” Maison said, knowing how dangerous the situation was quickly becoming. “Please for me,” he whispered as he leaned towards the door. “They need your help Damien,” Maison said, hoping that his nephew would hear him out.

“That’s obvious Uncle,” Damien said, eyeing her bruised and battered face. “Still that doesn’t explain why you thought it wise to show her where I live.”

“Damien you remember what dad always told you,” Maison said noticing the tick in his nephews right cheek. “No matter how much you dislike them, they are still your family and family helps family.”

“Fine,” Damien sighed inching open his door. “You know how much I hate it when you pull out papa. Take your shoes off,” he said, eyeing his estranged family. “You know your way to the living room, I’ll meet you there,” Damien said, drifting off to his room to retrieve a shirt. He had no wish for them to see thing’s any more than they already have.

“Maison what happened to my son,” Martha asked as her twin daughter’s took their place on the couch. The multitude of scar’s that covered his body rocked her to her core, that rage she saw in his eye’s was the same as always.

“Didn’t know you had one Martha,” Maison said, looking up to the second floor.

“You gave up that claim when you abandoned me,” Damien said as his shirt slid down his chest hiding his scar’s from view. “Leaving me alone with that woman, and papa when he was drinking. All so you can have those,” he pointed between her two daughter’s. “So obviously she has been beaten on so the question is why do you think I will help,” Damien said, sinking into his recliner.

“Because you’re the only one that the other’s don’t know where you live other than me and Charlotte that is,” Maison said resting his hand on his sister’s knee. “Plus we can’t have him sitting outside my home threatening my family any longer.”

“I see,” Damien muttered while he cared nothing for the rest of his estranged family. His uncle and aunt felt more like a mother and father than anything else. This was the only reason he had even considered hearing him out. Yet if they were under threat from whom, he could only assume her future ex husband. Then Damien would help only his uncle, he could care less what happened to her. “Are they alright,” Damien asked they were the only one’s he felt any attachment to.

“Yea just shaken up a little,” Maison said his shoulders sagging glad that at least this hurdle was cleared. He knew getting into his house would be the biggest challenge. However he knew his nephew as much as he would allow, Maison knew not to press him about his year’s in the military. Especially after the drunken night when he finally told him how forty percent of body became covered in gruesome scar’s.

“And how long do I need to hide them,” Damien said, not bothering look at the woman across him.

“I don’t appreciate being talked about as if I’m not here,” Martha said, peering at her son through her swelling eye’s. She knew it be day’s before her black eye’s would disappear. Her spilt lip throbbed painfully as she scowled at him, wondering how she was going to live with him. There was no mistaking the rage she saw when he answered the door of his manor. She was surprised when his handsome face filled the crack in the door. For twenty year’s she had regretted leaving him behind with her mother. Yet as she looked around the lavished manor wondering how he could have been so fortunate to afford such a place.

“Oh I’m not the one asking the bane of your existence for help,” Damien said, his gaze cutting her to the bone at her gasp. “Be thankful that he was the one to ask instead of you!” Her hand covered her mouth to contain her shock that he had overheard her and her mother’s conversation those many year’s ago. A conversation fueled by her own hatred of the man that raped her when she was twelve.

“Josh,” Martha began to say as his cheek began to twitch.

“My name,” he said, his nail’s dragging along the fabric of the armrest. “Is Damien Richards the boy you knew as Joshua Whitman died twenty year’s ago.” How he hated to be reminded of that name, a name of a boy that no longer existed within him.

“It should only be a few month’s Damien,” Maison said, cutting in as much as he loved his nephew his stubbornness was very aggravating. “Just long enough for the court to bursa escort throw Michael into jail.”

“Fine,” Damien sighed, knowing he had to put off taking on certain job’s while they were there. “Three rules of my house,” he said, holding up three finger’s. “One my room and my office is off limit’s. Two clean up after yourselves, three stay out of my way. If you can do that then I’m sure we can go back to ignoring each other once you’re out of my house,” Damien said, rising from his seat. “Come along I’ll show you where you can sleep,” he said hearing them file in behind him.

“These two rooms you two can use,” Damien said, stopping at the first door to his left as he led them down the hall. Opening the door, ushering them in showing them the connecting bathroom. “The only room left unused is the one up stair’s,” he said leaving his half sister’s behind.

“What about that room across the hall from them,” Martha asked as Damien started to ascend the stair’s to the second floor.

“That’s my gym,” Damien said before his uncle got his attention.

“Well I’m heading home now,” Maison said, looking between his sister and nephew. Wondering how long it would be before they were at each other’s throats. He knew Damien would keep his word until he wasn’t needed any longer than he was, sure Martha would be back at his place. As much as he loved his sister what she did to her own son, he just couldn’t look at her in the same light anymore. “You sure you don’t mind us coming over next Sunday do you?”

“What ruin my cousin’s birthday hardly,” Damien said waving him off. “Though I wonder why have it here with only us around,” he said offhandedly.

“How would I know,” Maison said, shrugging his shoulders. “The mind of an eighteen year old woman is hard to fathom.” Yet he knew of her crush on his nephew like any good parent would. Maison just hoped he would let his daughter down gently, or would he have to accept that Damien would always play a part in their life’s. Pondering that thought as the door closed behind him eager to be home in his warm bed.

“This will be where you’re staying,” Damien said opening the door. Martha’s eye’s went wide when she saw it was bigger than her own bedroom complete with it’s own private restroom. So in awe of the spaciousness, and imposing room, she failed to notice that she stood alone. Only turning in time to see his door closing behind his back. Sighing silently placing her thing’s at the door before heading down to check on her daughter’s.

“Amber, Lynn,” Martha said, knocking softly on the door before sticking her head inside. “Are you all alright?”

“Yea just a little shaken,” Lynn said as their mother stood by the door. Out of the corner of her eye seeing her sister rolling down her shelves to hide the bruises her father had given her. “Mom what are we going to do,” she asked, her fear evident of the man that tormented their life’s.

“I don’t know Lynn,” Martha said, walking over to the dresser. Hanging her head deep in contemplation on what their next move would be. “For now we are safe,” she said, biting her lip, wondering if that was true.

“Why didn’t you tell us we had a brother,” Amber asked her glasses slipping down the bridge of her nose.

“Your father wanted nothing to do with him when we were dating, and I am also to blame. You most understand when I first meet your father something very bad had happened to me. Something that led to the birth of your brother, my parent’s wouldn’t allow me to get an abortion. So I carried him to term giving birth to Josh a few week’s before my thirteenth birthday. When I turned 18 your father and I had been dating for a year and when he asked to marry me I said yes. Then he told me to leave Josh behind with my mother, which at the time I was all too happy to do. Then you were born two year’s later and a whole new chapter started and I slowly put Josh out of my mind.”

“So let’s try to keep out of his way,” Martha said smiling at her children. “If something happens, you come to me, I’m the one he has a right to be angry with,” she said moving towards the door. “Now get to bed, I’ll see you in the morning.”

A week had passed uneventfully for Martha and her kid’s enjoying the splendor of her son’s home. Who was avoiding them like the plague only catching glimpses of him out the corner of her eye as he moved around his house. Martha had taken a few day’s off for her body to recover before heading back to work. At first she was hesitant about leaving her kids alone with her son given the anger she saw on that night. Yet as Maison dropped her off in front of his house tentatively entering his home. Blowing out a breath when her girl’s were safe and sound watching TV in his living room. That was until on Tuesday afternoon her abusive husband showed up at her place of employment. How her heart soared when her boss and the security guard tossed him out. However he paced outside her office building waiting for her to exit. bursa escort bayan

“Josh,” catching herself as he answered his phone. “Sorry, Damien I was wondering if you could come and pick me up.”

“What happened to Maison?” Martha could hear the rustling of his sheet’s she had wondered if he had taken to the night to avoid them as much as possible.

“He had to take Charlotte to the doctors,” Martha said wondering how much he was cursing up a storm in his room.

“Fine text me the address and I’ll be there in the hour,” Damien said ending their call.

The stainless steel elevator doors opened with a ding as the cab reached the six floor of her office building. Martha rose from her seat at the sound of the noise, peering over the wall of her small cubical. Her eye’s taking in the man her son had grown into. His raven hair tied back in a tight ponytail, two single strand’s of hair drawing her eye’s to his dark hazel eye’s. His black leather jacket fitted snugly to his body, allowing all to view the taut t-shirt that did little to hide his hard earn muscle’s with every sway of his saunter. Martha couldn’t believe how she found herself attracted to her own son. It had been month’s since she had allowed her husband to touch her. After he had raised a hand to her children that was it, she could take the abuse Michael had levied on her. However once he raised his hand to Amber something just came over her attacking Michael like a demon possessed.

Martha’s eye’s narrowed as Shannon the office slut approached her son. Her pencil snapped in two as her anger flared as she watched that woman flirting with her son. Always touching him, leaning her body in allowing him to feel the softness of her body. Then she saw that dazzling smile of his how she wanted that smile directed at her not the whore that had her paws all over her son. Martha bit down her chuckle when she saw the scowl form on Shannon’s face before pointing in her direction. Ducking below her cubical wall before Damien could turn around.

“You ready,” Damien said in a monotone voice as he stood at the entrance to her cubical.

“One second,” Martha said, appearing to put the finishing touches on a report. All the while trying not to succumb to the fragrant cologne that drifted off his freshly washed body. “Sorry for the wait,” she said, grabbing her jacket off the back of her chair. Smiling wickedly at Shannon as they headed towards the elevator knowing that he was going home with her. “Thanks for coming,” Martha said as the door’s closed them in within that steel cab.

“Uh huh,” Damien muttered wishing for the floor numbers to pass quicker.

“I really mean it Josh,” Martha heard his forced sigh. “Damien sorry it’s just I will always remember you as my Joshua.”

“I stopped being that a very long time ago Martha.”

“Please son I know how much I have hurt you, you must understand why I had to leave,” Martha said touching his arm lightly feeling his muscle’s tense up.

“Oh I understand why,” Damien said, trying to control his anger. “It was beaten into me everyday with papa’s belt why do you think I left when I did. Or did they not inform you of my departure from their house,” he said, his mind taking him back to that day. The day that would take him far, far away from his so called family. “Then again, I doubt you would have cared what happened to me.”

“How can you say that!” Martha said turning Damien around so he could look at her.

“You remember these word’s and I quote, “He’s a grown man he made his choice he’ll have to accept the consequences.” You can imagine my surprise when the nurse in Germany actually called you,” Damien said shaking his head. “Hell even uncle called me to check up on my rehabilitation yet not a peep out of you until a week ago. Then again I think that suited us just fine probably will be again once you’re gone.” Martha played back that night when a strange woman had called to inform her about her son. Of course she knew when he had left her mother’s house, her mother had called her to inform that she had just signed a release form for Josh to join the military. Then she heard nothing about her son until that international phone call. Yet then why had she said those word’s that night was that when he had gotten those scar’s. “So don’t test me Martha my tolerance for you is as thin as it is,” Damien said exiting the cab of the elevator.

“I’m here now Damien,” Martha said, catching up to her son. “Can we not work to repair our relationship,” she said, stopping in her track’s as she caught sight of Michael. Damien looked back, he knew that look all too well, the look of fear in his mother’s eye’s.

“Relax this is why you called me,” Damien said, placing her on his right side to keep her out her husband’s reach. “Whatever you do don’t speak I’ll deal with him you head to the car,” he said, pointing out his black modified mustang mark one as they moved through the door’s. Damien could escort bursa feel the man’s rage burning against his skin as he stalked towards them.

“You bitch where are my kid’s,” Michael sneered in disgust.

“Somewhere safe,” Damien countered. “Somewhere out of reach of an abusive prick,” he said, placing himself between Martha and Michael.

“And just who the fuck are you,” Michael growled thrusting his face into Damien’s. “Are you fucking that whore!”

“If I am what business is it of yours,” Damien said pushing him back. Damien’s battle reflects kicked in as the man reached into his waistband pulling out a nickel plated .9 mm handgun. In one swift motion headbutting Michael and disarming him, dislodging the clip, pulling back the slide watching the bullet bounce along the sidewalk. “Now,” he said, tossing the gun to the side wondering if the cops had been called. “I would leave now before you get hurt or arrested,” Damien said shrugging his shoulders. Martha gasped, waiting to put herself in front of her son to take the blow she knew was coming, yet as she watched on it happened so fast she couldn’t believe her eye’s. Her son moved like a blur and the next thing she knew was that Michael was on the ground struggling for breath.

“How does it feel little man, that feeling of helplessness,” Damien said towering over the man. “To know I could have killed you yet,” he said, looking up smiling at the surveillance camera’s. “I didn’t you want to know why,” crouching down pointing at what the man failed to see. “Now I wonder if you even thought this plan through. Yet seeing how you pulled out a gun I wonder who will be in jail me or you,” Damien said as police sirens roared in the distance.

“Take your damn hand’s off of me,” Michael shouted as the officers led him to their car.

“Sorry about that,” the female officer said removing the handcuffs from Damien’s wrist. “We had to make sure you were telling us the truth,” she said, handing her partner the copy of the surveillance video.

“Not a problem you’re just doing your job,” Damien said, rubbing his wrist trying not to let his PSD kick in. “It’s not everyday I get handcuffed by a beautiful woman,” he said with a sly smile. “Maybe we could do it again in a more private manner.” Martha huffed as she saw the woman’s cheeks heat looking away wondering why she was getting jealous.

“Damien how did you learn to do that,” Martha asked as they got underway. Yet as the minute’s passed, she knew he wasn’t going to answer her question. Sighing into her chest when she saw the wall forming around him, pondering how she could get around that cold shell of his. “So tell me, do you have a girlfriend,” she asked looking over at him.

“No I don’t,” Damien said, feeling her eye’s on him. Martha fought herself to keep her smile from showing. If he was single then maybe she could get him to see her as a woman since he obviously refuted her as his mother. Looking down at her attire, scowling at the pants suit that wasn’t doing anything to improve her figure.

“Damien you wouldn’t mind taking me shopping Saturday would you,” Martha said, wiggling out of her jacket as the sped down the highway. Undoing the top two button’s of her dress shirt, feeling her b cup breast swell at the thought of his lips tasting her skin. “I just don’t want to return to that house,” she said, her finger’s tracing along the back of his hand.

“Alright,” Damien sighed, moving his hand. Something was weird with her, something that he thought she wouldn’t cross.

“Yay, good,” Martha giggled leaning over. Her arm’s wrapped around his neck, feeling his muscle’s tightening as her lips graced his cheek. Pressing her chest against his arm, allowing him to feel her still firm breast. “I promise you, you won’t forget it,” she said, whispering softly into his ear. The spreading red blotch caught her attention as she looked down his chest. “Joshua your bleeding,” Martha said in a horrified gasp.

“Yes I know where do you think we’re going,” Damien said, pointing at the approaching hospital. He had felt the shrapnel shard pierce his side, Damien had wondered when it would happen seeing how his captor’s had failed to remove the non life threatening ones. He would have taken care of it himself, yet he doubted he could reach it.

“Damien just how on earth did it happen,” Martha asked as she paced the examining room.

“It’s just an old wound that won’t stay in the past,” Damien said ominously.

“But how,” Martha asked, watching as he stripped out of his shirt. Biting her lip as she watched his muscle’s dance beneath his skin. Yet the origin of the angry scar’s held her enthralled she had to know how they came to be. “I know Michael didn’t land a hit on you so why are you bleeding.”

“If you must know it’s shrapnel,” Damien said thinking the matter closed.

“Ah good you disrobed,” the doctor barely looking up from the cart in his hand’s. “So just what is the problem today,” his eye’s running down Damien’s chest. “Obviously we don’t do scar removal here.”

“My scar’s aren’t what you need to be concerned about,” Damien said turning to let the doctor see the bleeding wound.

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