That Insatiable and Incredible Moment

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Sometimes it is love making, or having sex, but in this case fucking is more appropriate. Wild! Unabashed! No restrictions!

Just two lovers finding release through a raw coupling. All pretence is gone, we are having an emotional and physical connection that very few people get to experience; exhausting and rewarding at the same time. At the end both of us screaming out in pleasure, not caring who hears us as we each have an intense orgasm.

Our bodies are covered in a sweet sweat and we are coming down from our body bliss. I stroke your hair and marvel that such a woman as you exists, one who can read my mind and knows my body instinctively, no words are spoken.

But we are not done, just a look between us and you know I want more; more of your body, your emotions, I want to own you, to possess you as no man ever has. To reach into your mind and reveal the other woman who has been waiting, not the prim and proper secretary who is always looking so great. This is the wild woman who has been waiting for the right man to come along and unlock her bridled passion. The woman for whom there is no taboo, willing to do whatever I ask of her and find a peace and comfort in knowing I am just as accommodating.

I am twisting and pulling your nipples, not in a mean way or sadistic way but in such a way it brings pleasure to the pit of your stomach. Pleasure and pain are intertwined into your mind as I roughly grab your hair and kiss you deeply sucking your tongue into my mouth. I am going to have you again you know that, but you don’t know how. Will it be with your Maltepe Escort mouth, your pussy or your ass? The anticipation is killing you but you can’t wait for me to take control.

I stand and order you to clean my cock of our combined juices. I see a look of love as you begin savouring every drop as if it is the nectar from the gods. Licking and sucking my cock and balls until I am clean and all that is left on me is the spit from your mouth. You have done a good job and I reward you with a smile and a nod.

Pulling you up I have you lay on the boardroom table of my office. I push your legs up to your shoulders exposing your beautiful pussy, still dripping with my cum. I insert two fingers into you and they come out covered in my cum, I don’t ask if you want it I just force my fingers into your mouth and you instinctively suck them wanting more and more of my cum. My eyes are locked into yours and you can see I am now taking charge; a slight fear comes into your eyes and then you relax knowing I would never hurt you.

My cock is hard again from your cleaning and looking at your beautiful pussy. I am going to fuck you on the boardroom table so every time you go by you will see the wet spot we left behind and smell the aroma of our sex. I lean forward putting just the head of my cock into your pussy. Your pussy has to stretch to let me in but it feels so good. I take your hand and put it on my cock so you can feel me as I enter you; your hand is so soft and my cock is so hard. Inch by inch I push until I am buried deep inside you, not moving just Ümraniye Escort enjoying the spasms as you clench and unclench.

I tell you to rub your clit with one hand to pull and play with your nipple with your other hand. You are lost in your own world now the pleasure is so intense. I am slamming into you with all my force each time hitting your hand and in turn your clit. You are moaning loudly now and the look on you face is exquisite. I place my thumb in your mouth and you greedily suck it the feeling of being fucked in your mouth and pussy at the same time comes to mind and your moaning increases.

I stop and gaze down at you, once again covered in sweat from our coupling. You open your eyes with a questioning look. Why did I stop? Did I cum in you? No, it is time to change positions; I tell you to turn over and you are now squishing your breasts on the big boardroom table as I lean over you and whisper into your ear to close your eyes and just enjoy the moment. I can feel you tighten up, am I going to fuck your ass now? Silently you hope so as you want to feel me there, in your forbidden hole.

I tell you to reach back and pull your ass cheeks apart; you tense with anticipation but instead of my cock going in your ass I push my thumb in. The one you were sucking and is still wet enough to slide in. Gently I begin to fuck your ass with my thumb slowly at first, in and out, until you start to relax and enjoy the feeling.

My hard cock is at the entrance to your pussy and I push the head in. My vision is filled with awe as I see my cock going İstanbul Escort in and out of your pussy while you are holding your ass cheeks apart and my thumb is joining in to increase your pleasure. My cock feels so much bigger to you because of my thumb in your ass and the feeling for me is incredible.

The pounding continues until you let out a scream, not a moan but a full scream. My cock feels like it is caught in a vice and my thumb feels like it has been dislocated from the intense pressure. Your orgasm is incredible not once or twice but multiple orgasms that seem to go on forever.

Finally you are exhausted and when I pull out my cock and thumb you collapse to the floor. A soft whimpering is coming from you as you try to compose yourself. I am standing over you and my cock is straining for release. I tell you to suck me until I come in your mouth. You are so spent it is hard for you to even kneel but you want to please me so badly that you reach for my cock. It is slippery and wet from your juices which make it easy for you take my whole cock in your mouth at one thrust, down your throat, your chin hitting my balls.

I scream out in pleasure, no one has ever been able to deep throat me, you are the first.

Faster and faster your head moves until I can no longer hold back. My first shot hits the back of your throat and you swallow it all. I pull out slightly and the next shot is dripping out of the corners of your mouth onto your perky breasts. Quickly you take my cock back into your mouth and my last few shots are swallowed by you.

I collapse back into the big executive chair and you come and sit on my lap. Every part of your body is tingling as you snuggle in to my chest. Our first office encounter has been incredible

Imagine what it will be like as we continue our explorations.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32