Thank You For All That You Do Ch. 02

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As my lips wrapped around Mark’s cock I couldn’t help but laugh inside. As I slowly went up and down his entirety his facial expression was priceless. I got pleasure from pleasing him. After the last time, I realized he knew what was going on. I could only hold onto the words “Thank you for all that you do” and then the wink. So how was I now knelt down in front of him bringing him to one of his many orgasms of the night?

It happened about three days ago. Mark had confronted me about the way I was acting around him. He said I seemed very flustered at every conversation we had. All I could say was I have a lot of things on my mind…unintentionally emphasizing “things”. At the same time I glanced south and gazed for all of two seconds before I caught it and walked away. I could feel his eyes watching me. SUCCESS. Now as the day progressed things were different. Like a high school crush we had those awkward moments where he grazed my hand or had to position himself around me to get the right shot. I felt my knees buckle at times and my pussy getting wetter and wetter.

Since beer was becoming a regular thing at the end of a shooting week, once we finished, we all grabbed a cold one and sat back for a while. Everybody smokes at the set so it only takes one to start the conga line out the door. I believe we were on our third or fourth beverage when that line began. Mark and I, being the only ones that do not smoke, began to talk about how well I worked the set today and how good of a shot he got. Then like it was all planned out he brought up my flustered behavior again. Slowly asking if he intimidated me or if I felt like he was being to bossy.(laugh) I had to tell him everything. When I finished I stirred up the courage to look him in the eye and to my surprise he was smiling. It was like he just wanted me to tell him something escort ataşehir he already knew. After sitting in silence for about 5 minutes everybody came in and we continued to have a good time. With my mind racing I slipped out of the room and went out back to gather my thoughts. I literally felt as if I was going to be sick. (click) I spun around at the sound of the door closing behind me and there was Mark.

Immediately with out any words he grabbed me and pushed me against the wall. His tongue invaded my mouth and his hands invaded my body. Slowly moving everywhere. Before I new it Mark had my nipple in his mouth and about three fingers in my pussy. I began grinding against his hand bucking back and forth. Mark was slowly kissing down my neck hitting every spot that I have tried my hardest to hide. I began to cum on his hand losing all control of my body. My knees became weaker and weaker. I asked him to stop but he just kept going. Each orgasm getting stronger and stronger. He removed his hand from my pussy and went back to kissing me. My turn. I turned him around and began to undo his pants… then before touching his belt buckle decided to show him this little trick I know. Starting at his top button I slowly unbuttoned his shirt with no hands only teeth. Once I hit his sternum I could feel his full erect penis sticking me in my chest. I continued to move lower and lower until I finally made it to his belt which I continued to undo with no hands. Releasing his penis from his boxers, I licked the little pearl of precum off his tip. Slowly I began to slide my tongue all around the head of his penis and up and down his shaft. His breathing became heavier and heavier each time my lips hit the base of his penis. He was holding my hair and helping with the motion. He began face fucking me just like in my dream. I felt kadıköy escort a sensation down the back of my throat and his body went limp. As I swallowed I could feel it making its way down to my stomach. I gently licked him clean and buttoned him all back up. With a quick kiss on the cheek I walked to the front and made my way inside.

About an hour later we wrapped up our little weekly wrap party and began making our way to our vehicles. In the parking lot Mark asked if I would be okay to drive home since I had been drinking. (honestly he was worse than me) I responded “yes”. Like before he insisted that I ride home with him and leave my car in the parking lot. So instead of fighting with him I just got into the passenger seat. When we made our way onto the freeway which was barren at this time I decided that I was going to make this ride more interesting. I asked Mark what he thought of the early part of the evening and his response was, ” I will tell you later”.

As I laid my head against the window I could feel the last of my drinks hitting me. Everything began moving slowly. I blinked and it felt like an eternity before I opened my eyes. Then I felt his hand making its way towards my leg. He pulled my knee to the left and slowly felt up my thigh. I let out a moan and then he stopped. He put his hand back on the wheel and continued to drive. We pulled into some apartments and he helped me out of the car seeing as I couldn’t do it myself. By the time we made it up the stairs I was completely gone. Leaned up against him for support we went up three flights of stairs and finally through the door.

He sat me on the couch and said he would be right back. Minutes later he walked back in the room and handed me a button up shirt. I giggled as I asked if he had a pair of boxers I could “borrow” since I don’t believe maltepe escort bayan in panties. He paused and smiled and walked back out of the room. When he left I stripped out of my clothes and got into his shirt. With my legs curled up next to me I laid my head against the armrest. I woke up to Mark carrying me to his bed. When he laid me down he moved in and began to kiss me. Then he leaned back, laughed again and decided to tell me that I buttoned up my shirt the wrong way. He began unbuttoning it. The shirt never was buttoned back up. He began kissing me on all the little spots on my neck he found earlier. I pulled him closer until his body was like a blanket on me. The warmth alone made me go crazy. My hand slid to my pussy where I began to finger myself. Mark sat in the chair on the other side of the room and watched. I began thinking of our time together from earlier and shortly began bucking wildly.

Once again Mark blanketed me and slowly stuck his penis in my already cumming pussy. That same feeling like before. Nothing turns me on greater than that first thrust. Slamming against my pussy Mark made sure I took every inch of his penis. At the same time he began playing with my clit. I made a mess of his sheets but that didn’t stop us. He turned me over and began again. Pulling my hair he asked me why did I do that. I replied that it was his fault. He slammed against me as hard as possible and stuck his penis deeper and deeper. I began to come. With his pelvic bone slamming against my ass cheeks he annihilated my pussy for the next two hours. Mark tensed up and let another load go inside of me. We glistened in the light from all of the sweat on our bodies, I laid my head on his chest. I could hear Mark’s heart beating a mile a minute. I was still having convulsions. I decided to take a shower.

The only way to get off the bed was to go over Mark. I straddled him for a minute and kissed him. After pointing me in the right direction I climbed off of him wrapped only in a blanket. As I made my way through the bathroom door he simply said, “Seriously, Thank you for all that you do.”

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