Thank You Daddy Ch. 03

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Realizing Fantasy

Dannie had called to see what I was up to and I called her back. Dad and I had just finished our shower together and I had just finished sucking him off again. That man seems to have an endless supply of sperm for me. Anyway, the thought had come to me that I might be able to make two fantasies come true; one for my dad and one for Dannie.

I knew Danielle had a crush on my dad for years. When we had sleepovers at her or my house, she would ask if I had seen him naked. I giggled and told her she was crazy, but the last two times we were together things got way out of hand.

About two and a half weeks ago, Dannie and I were done studying, sitting in her room and listening to music when her Mom said she had to go out and her Dad was going to be really late. We said it was OK and we were alone. Danielle turned the topic to my Dad and I started teasing her.

“Dannie, I think you have the hots for my Dad. I thing that next time you come over, I’m going to leave you alone with him and let you try to seduce him.” I really started to describe what Dad and I had been doing and Dannie turned bright red. I noticed her breathing get a little faster and I told her acıbadem escort to close her eyes. I started to describe what she thought was a fantasy story, but I knew was really what Dad and I did when I came home from school in the afternoon.

“You are going to open the door, come inside and take off your blouse and bra. Then, walk over behind my Dad and rub your tits against the back of his head. He’ll turn around, and be very surprised to find your beautiful body exposed to him.” I kept going by telling her how he would suck her breasts and drive her crazy.

Danielle asked, “Do you really think it would work? You’ve really got me hot thinking about it. I can’t believe it would actually work.”

She was staring into my eyes when I said, “Close tour eyes! This is your fantasy. Keep quiet and go with it.” I opened her shirt and peeled the fabric away from her tits. I bent down and ran my tongue and lips over her very pointed nipple. I was getting so hot describing all the things my Dad would do, that I couldn’t keep my hand off her. Soon we were kissing, touching and feeling each other all over. We were naked and lost in the sensations akbatı escort of lovemaking only two women could know.

Dannie moaned and said, “Make me come! I need to come!” I pulled he over the top of me in a classic 69. Only my Dad had eaten me out before and he I was driving my tongue deep in the exotic wetness of my best friend. Her hips moving in time to my tongue; thrusting up to offer me the core of her sex for sweet satisfaction..

I felt her tongue imitating my stroke and passage over the labia to he clitoris. The crescendo was building and nothing was going to stop this joy from happening. Dannie came first. I felt her body go rigid and liquid honey from her depths washed my face with nectar. I will never forget that first time of sight, sound, taste and smell. Her long satisfying moan was like a long drawn out note from a bassoon; smooth and with a slight shrill that can give the audience goose bumps.

Dannie inhaled deeply and attacked my pussy with incredible zeal. I was lifted up on the magic carpet of my own orgasm and I growled my satisfaction and fell limp on top of her. It was almost a minute later I rolled aksaray escort off my now best friend and lover and said, “Wow! That was the most incredible orgasm I’ve ever had. Dannie, you are so beautiful and I got so hot telling you what you should do to my Dad. I can’t believe what we just did.”

A tear was rolling down Dannie’s cheek when she said, “Did you really mean what you said? You are going to let me seduce your Dad. When I came, all I could think about was how your Dad’s tongue is going to feel between my legs.” She opened her eyes wide and stuttered, “D.D..Don’t get me wrong, I loved what you did. I never came so hard in my life and I think I want to do it again. But, the thought of your Dad sucking and fucking me is making me shake with anticipation. Do you really think we can make it happen?”

I looked over at Dannie’s clock and said, “We’ve got to clean up and get respectable before my Mom and brother get back.” We grabbed our clothes and headed for the bathroom. Touching and tickling each other all the way. We took a shower together and explored our bodies under the spray. I never knew how good it was to rub your naked and soapy body against another person. I confirmed our plan to give Dannie to my Dad and thought about a guy’s number two fantasy; watching two women making love.

We got through the sleepover knowing we would find secret ways to continue to touch each other in intimate ways and seal our friendship forever. The next sleepover was going to be at Dad’s and my house.

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