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After digressing a bit with the Sea Cruise series it’s back to the future relative to my narratives. Meaning I’m fast forwarding about 15 years to the present, which puts yours truly back at the ripe old age of early 60’s. As for this narrative, it recounts more recent events than from the distant past and involves our good friends Bill and Rita. To spare me from introducing both again, I recommend reading the three part “Mature’s First Anal Massage” series if you already haven’t.

As always, comments are welcome as long as they are constructive.


TGIF! More specifically, the last Friday of the month, which is when Bill, Rita and I get together for a very special massage session. Work permitting, my husband Walter often joins us, but today wasn’t going to be one of those days due to a schedule conflict.

I just finished showering when the phone rang. It was Rita. She needed to talk about something and wanted to know if we could meet for coffee at 1:00. Since I planned to be out & about running a few errands I told her one o’clock would be fine.

After she hung up I thought it strange she wanted to meet at 1:00 to talk since we were going to see each other a few hours later at 5:00. It had to be something personal if it couldn’t wait, or she didn’t want to discuss it in front of Bill.

When I arrived at a local coffee shop called the “Electric Percolator” Rita was already seated at a corner table. We both greeted each other with a big warm hug and kiss. Not an air kiss or a peck on the cheek, but a big “muah”. The one thing we weren’t shy about was our fondness for each other.

Rodger, one of the regular baristas, asked if we wanted our usual…a double cappuccino. We said yes and off he went to make them.

Rodger also happens to be Rita’s brother-in-law. Married to her one and only sister Teresa. Teresa is a year older than Rita, but if you didn’t know better you’d think they were twins. Both are the same height (5′ 5″), same build and facial features, same red hair and green eyes, and both are loaded with freckles. The only noticeable difference, Teresa is a lot bigger busted. 38 to 40 C would be my guess to Rita’s 36 C.

Both Rodger and Teresa are retired school teachers. Roger has worked as a barista ever since to keep busy and to help supplement their pension income until social security kicks in.

Roger is a good looking man about six feet in height. He’s in good shape from a regular bike riding routine and I would guess weighs between 190 to 200 pounds. A little thin in the hair department, but not quite bald. Plus he’s a big flirt. At least he always is with Rita and I.

Just when I was about to ask Rita what was so important it couldn’t wait until later Rodger brought our cappuccinos and a couple of biscotti. After he placed them in front of us he said “enjoy” before leaving. Then we noticed his artistic handy work. In Rita’s cup the froth was shaped like a vagina while in mine the froth looked like a penis, testicles included.

We both laughed. “Seems Rodger is in a frisky mood today. We’ll need to give him a bigger tip than usual for being so creative.”

“Speaking of Rodger, he has something to do with why I wanted to meet for coffee. To discuss a small problem I have with my sister, and to ask a favor.”

“You know I’d do anything for you Rita. Consider it done.”

“I know you would. But please hear me out first since you might have second thoughts after you do.”

“I’m all ears.”

“Kind of a long story, but I’ll keep it brief as possible and to the point since I have an appointment with a client at 2:30. Plus I’ll be paraphrasing Teresa.”

“Recently when Bill and Rodger went bowling Teresa spent the evening with me. Something she often does while Bill and Rodger are off together. We decided to watch an old movie on Netflix. “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice”. I don’t know if you remember it, but it was quite controversial for a movie in it’s day.”

“Yes I do, and if I remember right the story line had to do with wife swapping.”

“Yes it did.”

“After we consumed a bottle of wine and started a second one Teresa asked a very personal question.”

“Before I go on, please understand while Teresa and I are very close, the one thing we hardly discuss, or ever talk about, is our sex lives. Never have to any degree, even when younger.”

“Sounds like my sister and I. We’re very close too, talk to each other nearly daily, but rarely if ever do we discuss sex.”

“Maybe it was from too much wine, along with the movie’s subject matter, but she asked if Bill and I ever swapped partners or had sex with another couple. Caught me completely by surprise.”

“Since I didn’t want to lie, or know how to respond otherwise, I answered her by asking a question. Why do you ask?”

“Just curious.”

Then after a short pause…”Actually I’m more than curious. Been a fantasy of mine for a while. Rodger too, but maybe more so with yours truly. We talk about it often. Bycasino Usually when having sex, which unfortunately isn’t as much as it use to be. But it seems every time we do I fantasize about having two cocks. And Rodger fantasizes about watching me get fucked by someone else, or sucking another man’s cock.”

“I know, you’re probably shocked hearing that coming from me, but I needed to talk to someone to about it. With us being the same age I was wondering if you and/or Bill have at least the same fantasies.”

“By then we had finished two bottles of wine and opened a third. As a result I was pretty tipsy and admitted that Bill and I did have, and still have sex with other couples. But no need to worry Lacey, I didn’t share with who.”

“I’m thankful you didn’t, but I wouldn’t expect you would. At least without asking first. So what happened next?”

“Without going into a lot of details I shared some of our experiences together and how it all began. Needless to say she was breathless after hearing about our sex sessions. Couldn’t say enough about how fortunate we were and how envious she was.”

“Then she shocked me a second time and asked if her and Rodger could join us once. Or at least swap with just Bill and I.”

“Needless to say I was flabbergasted and didn’t know how to respond. That’s when I thought of you. And Walter of course. After she assured me she was serious I told her I would give it some thought, but no promises. Plus I was hoping the next day when she was sober and realized what we talked about, and what she proposed, she’d have second thoughts and call to apologize. Just the opposite happened. She called alright, but to remind me she was waiting for an answer. Which she hoped would be in the affirmative since she was so excited about the possibility of fulfilling her fantasy.”

“I’m sure you already figured out what kind of favor I need, but before we discuss it there’s one thing you should know.”

“What’s that?”

“According to Teresa, Rodger has a small penis. Five inches at best and not very fat. Hence the reason she fantasizes about having sex with another couple. That way she can experience a bigger cock. Plus it probably explains why Rodger might not be quite as keen on it as her. An ego thing is my guess. Not wanting to feel inadequate because of his penis.”

“Size is not a problem, you know that. It’s not important how big his dick is versus how well he can perform, and how well he performs other things.”

“It’s pretty obvious you wouldn’t have shared this with me unless you were going to ask if Walter and I wouldn’t mind having a get together with the four of you.”

“I wouldn’t ask, except I love my sister dearly and hate the thoughts of her fantasizing about something I can help with. But I’m hesitant about her and Roger with just Bill and I. I’d be afraid it might be awkward between two sisters and it being her first time. Could make for an uncomfortable situation and possibly ruin what should be an enjoyable experience. I figure with a third couple involved things won’t be as awkward. Plus, the more the merrier is always my motto.”

“All kidding aside, I couldn’t imagine two better people than you and Walter to be part of her first time. Especially after how special our first time was.”

“I have to admit I’ve always found Rodger attractive, still do even now knowing he isn’t very well endowed. As for Walter, I doubt he’d have any objection. Besides, he loves you and Bill dearly and wouldn’t think twice about helping in anyway he can when asked. The only question I have is what about Bill, and more importantly Teresa and Rodger?”

“As for Bill, no problem there. He’d love the opportunity to fuck Teresa. He’s often fantasized about us having a threesome with her. In regard to Teresa and Rodger, I’ll have to get back to you since she doesn’t know what I have in mind. More importantly with who. Plus I’m guessing she hasn’t said anything to Rodger yet about talking to me.”

“I don’t know about you Rita, but there are a thousand things racing through my mind right now. I’m pretty sure Teresa and Rodger will jump at the chance if they’ve been fantasizing about it as long as she claims. At least I’m thinking Rodger for sure from the way he always flirts. He seems quite infatuated with us. Unless it’s an act, which I doubt. Actually I’d be disappointed if he didn’t. As for Walter, I’m not going to say anything until you get back to me. Besides I doubt very much he would object. How could he since he’s crazy about you and there would be essentially two of you since you and Teresa look so much alike and have similar personalities. He’d probably think he died and went to Heaven if and when the time comes.”

Rita laughed then said she had to go. The last thing she wanted was to be late for a scheduled appointment with a customer.

Once again we hugged and kissed before she promised to get back to me right after she talked with Teresa. Then she left…leaving me with the check.

After Bycasino giriş paying the bill I ran some errands. When done I still had an hour or so to kill before meeting up with Bill and Rita at the massage parlor where they work. Since I did I decided to visit our one and only local “adult” lingerie shoppe for some new under garments.

After browsing for a while nothing caught my eye nor did I see anything that was different. Everything seemed to be in the standard black, red or white colors. Then I noticed tucked away in a corner on an isolated rack bright yellow matching bras and panties. Perfect I thought as far as something out of the ordinary. Plus the bra had very sheer cups. About as see-through as you could get. I tried one of the bras and surprisingly it had excellent support in spite of the sheer cup material. As for the panty, the best way to describe it is a sheer g-string. Not much to it, and it wouldn’t leave much to the imagination. Fortunately there were also a few matching thong style panties. Needless to say I bought one of each along with a bra.

When done it was time to meet Bill and Rita. Both are a professional and licensed masseur and masseuse respectively, or simply “massage therapist” as they prefer to call themselves. They work out of a local massage parlor called “Paula’s Healing Hands”.

As for my regular masseuse, it’s Paula, the owner who was first recommended to me by my dear friend Lois. When I first started going to Paula she was working at a hair salon where she plied her trade in a back room. Then she decided to open her own business and relocated to a strip mall where she rented some retail space. Over time business boomed so she added two other massage therapist and a receptionist. That’s where Bill and Rita come in, and it’s where they first met.

Paula is an attractive woman in her mid 60’s. She’s been a masseuse for years, and is very good at what she does. She’s been giving me massages for over 15 years. And in spite of my friendship and relationship with Bill and Rita, I would never stop using her for my regular weekly massage. All except on the last Friday of the month.

That’s when the special massage session with Bill and Rita, and sometimes Walter, happens. With Paula’s permission it takes place after hours when everyone has left for the day, including Paula. A little after five o’clock to be exact.

I’m sure Paula has an idea what might take place during our monthly after hours massage session, but she has never asked or questioned it. Actually she is very kind in letting us use the facility after hours.

As with any good massage parlor, one of the rooms is set-up with two massage tables. Now-a-days many couples like to get a massage together…side by side at the same time.

As with any massage room it has very low lighting by design. The available light is a combination of indirect and scented candles. The room also has a sound system with soothing music playing at a low volume. Between the low lighting, scented candles and music it makes for a very relaxing atmosphere. The intent is to put you in an entirely different world and mood for as long as the massage takes.

When I arrived at 5:10 Rita met me at the front door. After we hugged and kissed she made sure the door was locked and the closed sign displayed before we headed back to the massage room where Bill was. When he saw I was alone he asked about Walter, who I explained couldn’t make it because of work.

“Then I guess you get the full treatment.”

“I guess I do, and I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to it.”

While Bill and Rita often give massages together for other couples it’s always strictly on the up & up. No hanky panky of any kind, although they have been propositioned or asked more than once. Especially Rita while massaging a single customer…and not necessarily always by men. When they do they simply decline. They can never be sure the local authorities or the state licensing board aren’t trying to entrap them. In Rita’s case, if a customer continues to ask for more than a massage she will ask them to leave and never to return.

Both Bill and Rita were wearing robes. As for yours truly, I quickly undressed and got on one of the tables on my stomach with my face in the special hole that is part of any massage table. Once I was Bill and Rita removed their robes and were now naked as I was. Then the fun began.

In case you’re wondering, a massage by two people is a lot different than by only one person. It takes a little getting use to. At first I wasn’t sure I liked two pair of hands massaging me versus one, but after the second or third time I was liking it way more than expected.

As always I like my backside done first. Once I was comfortable on my stomach with my legs slightly spread Bill and Rita started with my feet. One foot each of course, after which they slowly worked their way up to my calves and thighs. If I was going to pic one or two areas I like Bycasino deneme bonusu massaged best it would be the back of my legs and bum. Especially my thighs and bum.

Wasn’t long before Bill and Rita were working their magic and I became totally relaxed. When both were concentrating on the inside of my thighs my feeling of contentment was replaced by a sensual feeling. Hard not to with two expert pair of hands rubbing the inside of your thighs within a cunt hair of your vagina, but not actually touching it.

The sensation was amazing. Gave me gooses bumps and it got my internal juices flowing. Just as I was beginning to get wet they both stopped massaging my thighs. Much to my disappointment.

Bill moved to do my upper back and shoulders while Rita concentrated on my lower back and bum. But before Rita did she spread my legs even more, which exposed my asshole as I felt a rush of air make contact with it.

Bill first worked each shoulder and my upper arms one at a time before doing my upper back. Rita did my lower back first then each bum cheek. Unless you’ve had your buttocks professionally massaged it’s hard to describe how good it can feel, of which both Paula and Rita do it superbly. Rita more so as she seems to do it more lovingly. Unlike Paula, she also makes sure my bumhole gets plenty of attention. Between the warm massage oil and her soft hands the feeling is incredible as she rubs it. Plus as a finishing touch she always inserts a finger to gently massage my anal orifice, which gets my juices flowing even more. It feels so good, I sometimes find myself raising my ass slightly and if she does it long enough I’ve even had a mild orgasm.

But not this time.

After Bill and Rita finished with my backside it was time to roll over. Once comfortable on my back with a small pillow under my head and another under my calves they once again started with my feet. They slowly worked from my feet up my legs to my thighs. Again they would massage them within a whisper of my vagina, but never touching it.

Once my legs were done, Bill moved behind my head to do my shoulders and chest while Rita concentrated on my abdomen and mons pubris. As for my breast, the minute Bill started to massage them Rita began doing my lower abdomen and pubic mound. Plus Bill didn’t do one breast at a time, but both at once. As he did it didn’t take long for my nipples to get aroused. Stiff as the tip of my little finger and nearly as big. Which once they were he gently pulled and tweaked them.

In the meantime Rita was expertly massaging my pubic mound, but avoided any contact with my clitoris. Eventually between Bill massaging my breasts and nipples and Rita my pubic area it got my vaginal fluids flowing big time. So much so it was oozing from my cunt and down to my bumhole. After a while, and hard as I tried, it was impossible to keep from squirming somewhat and even moaning slightly.

“God, you two are in top form today. While I hate to say it, I’m kind of glad Walter couldn’t make it.”

“Glad you’re enjoying yourself Lacey. And while I can’t speak for Rita, I’m sure she would agree were enjoying it as much as you. For sure in my case. Now if you don’t mind, while Rita continues to massage you I’d like to take advantage of your pretty feet.”

“I’m not sure what you have in mind Bill, but be my guest.”

“Just relax and you’ll soon find out.”

With that said he moved to the opposite end of the massage table. He removed the pillow from under my calves and brought my legs together. With my head slightly raised on the pillow I could see him take some massage oil and apply it to his already erect cock. Seems massaging my breast had more than an “enjoyable” effect on him. Once he was satisfied it was fully lubed and as hard as it would get he asked me to scoot down until my feet were extended beyond the end of the table. When they were he held them together with both hands so they were touching only at the ball and heel. As a result it created an opening at my arches. Very convenient I thought as I could easily surmise what was next.

Which he did by sliding his cock in the opening. It was a perfect fit. Snug, but not too tight. Plus my feet were at just the right height for him.

Ever so slowly he began to fuck my feet while he continued to hold them together. Which from my vantage point made for an awesome sight as his cock slid in & out between them.

“Where did you ever learn to do that Bill?”

“Truth be known, this is the first time I’ve done it. I’ve thought about it often, but never attempted it. Glad I did. It’s almost equivalent to masturbating, but feels a whole lot better. Not forgetting the sight of your lovely feet wrapped around my cock.”

It was feeling pretty nice for me too. As I’ve mention before, my feet are one of my erogenous zones and I always enjoy them being played with as part of foreplay. While I’ve fondled a cock or two with them, and performed a foot job occasionally, albeit not very well, this was the first time they were being literally fucked. And very nicely I might add.

No way did it feel as good as getting fucked anally or vaginally, but I was getting pretty turned on by it. More so visually as it was quite stimulating watching someone fuck my feet the way Bill was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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