Texted Masturbation

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Alison Brie

“I have been getting off twice daily for about a week. I moaned loudly for you tonight.”

The text message was sent. I have been thinking of him more and more lately — my long distance lover.

A small smile crosses my face as I read his text back and I relive the masturbation in texts for him.

It was a game we played. Nothing concrete but fantasies, voices over the phones, electronic bits flying, temporary relief, and perhaps in the end, a broken heart.

My fingers, which are still scented of my cum, fly across the keyboard in an attempt to portray the desire he arises in me while fantasizing he is just as turned on and masturbating to my tale.

My flesh felt on fire with lust as my mind raced, thinking of our shared past. My nipples hardened and my cunt was starting to get wet. I pushed my hand through my hair and began to search for batteries. My vibrator would need some.

Loading my toy with batteries, I take the time to admire it, this escort mecidiyeköy one I’ve had for years. It was about six inches long, clear, with delicious bumps along it for both pleasures on the clit and deep inside of me. Taking it with me, I set it on the bed and took my clothes off slowly. In my mind’s eye, I saw my perky 36C breasts, my nipples instantly harden to my desire and to the cold. I gave them both a pinch before taking off the rest of my clothes. Getting under the blanket, I pulled my toy close and turned it on.

Its vibrating head slithered down my torso, igniting a small moan from me. I lick my toy before paying more attention to my nipples. They are fully hardened now, soft pink, and jutting out no less than inch. The wet vibrator encircled one nipple while my hand pinched and pulled the other one.

My cunt was getting wetter and wetter, begging for me to touch it. I imagined his hands pulling one of my nipples while his mouth goes bayan escort down on the other. His tongue plays tag and his teeth grazes, soliciting a loud moan from me. In my fantasy, my slit was rubbing on his thigh begging for attention while in reality, my hips buckled in jealousy.

My vibrator trailed down my stomach as my fantasy lover took small bites towards my clit, driving me mad. I wanted a release, he wanted to tease. My long legs are spread wide, my hips twitching as I felt his touch getting closer to my wet slit. My hand slid down from one of my knees and curved around my ass while my other guided my toy, my lover, towards my hardened clit.

The vibrator’s touch sent a jolt as it caressed me. Squeezing my ass, my distant lover takes my clit in his mouth and begins to suck gentle and hard, using his teeth to drive me insane. His tongue darted in between the folds of my lips and found their way into my hole, lapping up the juices. His fingers entered bayrampaşa escort bayan briefly and as the vibrator slides out, his mouth rejoined my clit.

I texted back to him. “The tease and the hard. Oh my.”

He made no mention of his own pleasure but speaks to me in his whisper, telling me all the things he loves doing to me as his mouth continued to assault my sensitive clit.

My breath came in heavy sighs as I whisper his name — make me cum. The vibrator obeyed by continuing circling my hard clit, slamming into my hole as I imagined his fingers were doing to me. My skin danced and my stomach clenched as I felt the orgasm approaching. My lover inserted three fingers and curved them, using his palm to set the guide in order to slam into me harder and harder. The bed shook and my cries for him became louder until I started to cum. I moaned a low loud moan, something more feral than I have heard in a long while. My clit pulsated while my cum was flowing out onto my toy, his hands. I laid there in the dark with my toy close to my heart and sighed, wishing he was there really.

I received a new text from him. “Just close your eyes and smile.”

My response — “Mmm, I bet it doesn’t compare to the real thing.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32