Texas Holiday

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Authors Note: This is my Thirtieth story. I owe the ideas, inspiration and motivation to write this story all to a reader and friend of mine “Jason” I also owe thanks to LadyCibelle and rkm10 for their help with the editing! And now, on with the story…I hope you enjoy it and please remember to vote and that all feedback is greatly appreciated!


Jason had sent me feedback to my very first audio posting here on Literotica back in May. Since then we’d been emailing back and forth and quickly discovered we had a great deal in common and both felt a mounting interest in the other.

We also soon began discussing our sexual fantasies, even writing very involved and explicit fantasies back and forth about the two of us. Though, with me in Canada and him in the USA we both resigned ourselves to the assumption that we would never be able to discover if we were as good together in the flesh as we were in our fantasies. Until the day I mentioned to him my plans of a trip down to Texas in November to visit an old high school friend of mine who now lived there.

Then the ideas started to form in both our minds. All the ‘what if’s’ suddenly became more realistic. Finally one day I came out with it. In an email to him just two weeks before my flight to Texas I suggested it:

“I was thinking that it’s not that expensive or that long a ride to take the Greyhound from Texas to Louisiana. After all, I’ve booked a full six business days off of work which gives me a full 8 days in Texas and I’m sure Annie and I will be sick of each other by then. A little 2 or 3 day road trip too and from Louisiana might be fun. I could come in mid-afternoon, we could meet for lunch or dinner and wander around, you could show me the sights. I could stay in a hotel room and head back to Texas the next day. What do you think?”

I checked my email every possible chance I got for over a day I was so eager and at the same time anxious about his response. Finally, almost a day and a half later his response came:

“I think that sounds like a great idea! Though I’d have to seriously consider where we could eat seeing as how I’d want to show you a good Louisiana time and I know how much you dislike food with flavour. Let me know exactly when you think you’ll be down here and I’ll make sure I’ve got nothing else planned for that time so I can spend as much of the time you’re here as I can with you. Who knows, if things go well I might finally be able to see just how good of a kisser you really are.”

I couldn’t hold back the smile that burst from my lips and didn’t fade for days. Our emails soon became full of ideas and plans about where we would go, what we would see and, of course, all of the possible sexual scenarios we might find ourselves in. Though I was always careful to remind him that if something did or did not happen between us sexually it was okay with me, that I held no expectations that something would or wouldn’t happen and I didn’t want him to feel any pressure one way or the other.

Finally I was on the Greyhound to Louisiana after visiting with Annie and her new husband for five and a half days. I’d booked my tickets so that I would arrive in Louisiana in the evening and wouldn’t have to leave till the following evening; we’d then have just over 24 hours together.

The bus was supposed to arrive around seven in the evening and the plan was for me to go to the hotel, check in, get ready and Jason would pick me up there around eight and take me out for dinner. Then we’d meet for breakfast the following morning and spend the day together until I left town around ten the next evening.

It was just past five and I was just a couple short hours away from my stop when my imagination got the best of me. I’d been trying really hard not to think of all the ‘what if’s’ about this little excursion for days. I didn’t want to get my hopes up that something more than just friends having lunch and visiting would happen so I had done my best to force all sexual thoughts from my mind. But as I leaned back in the seat I couldn’t stop the image of Jason and I curled up in a hotel bed together.

We’d both admitted that one of the hardest things for both of us about being single was sleeping alone and in almost all of the sexual fantasies we’d shared with each other they had ended with us falling asleep in each others arms. The image made me sigh and feel the ache in my heart I felt every night as I laid in bed alone.

‘Don’t even think about it! No expectations!’ I reminded myself, but the reminder wasn’t enough. My imagination had spent too many days and nights locked up and now it was breaking free.

Suddenly images of the two of us kissing, feeling the weight of his body on top of mine as he pushed his cock deep inside me, feeling his hands on my hips as he shoved himself harder and faster into my body…all of these lewd and thrilling images ran through my mind and suddenly I was pulling my blanket over myself and moving my escort ataşehir hand down to my jeans. I unzipped them and slipped my hand inside my jeans and panties to find my pussy already hot and wet.

I never bothered to check if anyone around me might notice; I just leaned back in my seat and began rubbing my clit frantically. Random images of Jason and I kissing and fucking, me on my hands and knees; sucking and licking his cock, him kneeling before me; licking and fingering my pussy.

I had held myself back for too long and it took just a couple moments for my finger on my clit and the images rushing through my mind to bring to me a raging orgasm.

My body stiffened, my eyes squeezed shut and I was biting my lip so hard I thought for a second I would taste blood; all in an attempt to keep my orgasm silent and unnoticed by the others on the bus. I pull my hand from my panties and lifted the finger to my lips, sucking my warm pussy juice off as I slowly drifted off to sleep.

I woke up when I feel the bus slow to a stop. Opening my eyes I saw the other passengers getting off and realized we’d arrived at my stop.

Frantically I reached under the blanket and zipped up my jeans and quickly gathered my things and got off the bus.

As I was trying in vain to juggle my blanket, hoodie, duffle bag and purse while digging out the piece of paper from my pocket which had the directions to the hotel on it, I heard a male voice behind me ask, “Need any help with that Kat?”

I turned around and felt the shock showing on my face when I saw Jason standing behind me with a huge smile. “I was just trying to get my directions to the hotel. You weren’t supposed to meet me till after I’d checked into the hotel and had a shower!” I accused as I put down all my bags and moved forward to hug him.

Jason hugged me back tightly, “It’s nice to see you too!” he said with a sarcastic tone in his voice.

“It’s very nice to see you, that’s not what I meant. You just caught me off guard and meeting a person for the first time after a twenty hour bus ride is not the best way to give a good first impression!” I said jokingly.

Still hugging me tightly Jason replied, “I thought I’d surprise you. And I thought you could use a little help finding the hotel and carrying all your stuff.”

I pulled my face back, looked into his brown eyes and said, “Well then you’d better let go of me and we’d better get a move on.”

Jason had helped me choose a hotel just a block away from they Greyhound station so I could walk there once I arrived. Now we walked together talking about my visit with Annie and the bus ride here.

I checked in at the front desk and was given my room key. Jason offered to help me upstairs with my bags. We made pleasant and unimportant small talk in the elevator and down the hall, but the entire time my mind kept flashing images of my lips against his and his hands all over my body.

I unlocked the door and stepped inside. It was a basic hotel room with the prerequisite queen sized bed with a nightstand on either side, a dresser with a TV on top, a small table with a coffee maker and a small loveseat.

“You can just put the bag down on the bed Jason.” I said as I closed the door behind us. I watched him move to the bed and put the bag down and heard myself sigh.

Jason heard it too and turned to look at me, “You okay?” He asked; his voice somehow softer in the dim and silent room than it had been outside.

I smiled at him half-heartedly, “I’m fine, just a little tired from the ride. I really do need a shower though if you don’t mind.”

Jason nodded, “Of course. You find whatever you need in your bag, I’ll just make sure they gave you fresh towels,” and then he walked past me into the bathroom.

I closed my eyes tight and reminded myself of my ‘no expectations’ rule, but standing in a hotel room with a man who I’d been discussing my sexual fantasies with for almost six months made having no expectations a little difficult.

I forced myself to focus on the task at hand and pulled out my toiletries bag. I moved towards the bathroom and just as I was about to walk through the door Jason came out. He smiled at me and walked past, his body ever so lightly brushing against mine as he moved.

My throat went dry as I felt my body throb in response to that ever so light touch. “There are plenty of fresh towels so you should be fine. I guess I’ll head down to the lobby and wait for you there.”

Jason was moving towards the door and something inside me was screaming for him not to go. “You can wait up here if you want, I won’t be long,” I said with only a small hint of the nervousness and insecurity I was feeling reflected in my voice.

Jason froze for a second as his hand extended to the door, “Are you sure?” he asked with his back still to me. I couldn’t see his face so I couldn’t read his reaction to what I’d said and his voice gave me nothing.

I hesitated for a second and then took kadıköy escort the risk, “Sure. You know I’m a no frills kinda’ girl, it doesn’t take me more than fifteen or twenty minutes to shower and get ready to go out. Plus up here you can watch TV, what are you going to do in the lobby?”

Jason turned around and faced me then, a smile twitching at the corners of his mouth, “Okay then. Go have your shower, I’ll wait.”

I turned the shower onto a nice cool setting and luxuriated in feeling the grime of travel washed off my body. I tried very hard not to think about the man in the next room while I lathered my body with the softly vanilla scented body wash. I’d shaved my legs and pussy the day I’d left Annie’s on the off chance something did happen and now my freshly shaved pussy was aching after that long hug and every so slight brushing of bodies.

I wrapped the towel around my dripping hair and began to towel off my body when I realized I’d completely forgotten to bring in clean clothes. All of my clean clothes were in my bag which was sitting on the bed in the next room where Jason was waiting for me.

I wrapped the standard hotel robe around myself and opened the door. Jason was lying on the bed and he looked over when I opened the door.

I felt his eyes on me, and blushed slightly as I moved towards my duffle bag, “You know, I don’t think they’ll let you in a restaurant dressed like that,” he joked as I began unzipping my bag.

“Very funny. I just forgot to bring clean clothes in with me is all. Besides, I thought it was ‘no shirt, no shoes no service’ so as long as I put on a pair of shoes they’d be hard pressed to decline me since this towel covers a lot more than what some women wear out in public on a regular basis,” I replied, while I glanced up from the bag. I couldn’t help but notice the bulge in his pants. ‘No, it’s nothing, it’s my imagination and wishful thinking’ I admonished myself, once again trying to focus on pulling out the clothes I’d planned to wear.

“True enough, though I think the towel is more suggestive than trashy clothes. I think they’d be hard pressed to do more than just decline you service,” he said with a mischievous tone. I glanced up and saw that he was looking right down the top of the towel which exposed a great deal of cleavage.

‘He’s turned on by cleavage, not me. The bulge was my imagination. Get it together!’ I once again admonished myself before saying, “I doubt they’d be any more hard pressed if I walked in wearing a towel than if I walked in dressed like a nun.”

“Well they might not be…but I know I would be,” Jason said and this time I heard something more than just teasing in his voice. I felt the slight blush creep up my cheeks and felt it thrill down my body.

I bit my lower lip as I felt my body react to the implications of what he said. I kept my eyes focused on my clothing making sure I’d grabbed everything and moved to turn around.

I’d been so focused on controlling my reactions and thoughts, I hadn’t noticed Jason move until I felt his hand grab my wrist and keep me from walking away.

“Before you go in there and get ready I want to ask you something,” Jason said, his voice devoid of the humour it had previously held and now sounding very serious.

I turned to face him and worked very hard to try and keep my face blank, not to show the rush of sensations I was feeling throughout my body at the unbidden hope that he would close the gap between us and kiss me.

“I…I know you said no expectations. Maybe you have no expectations and I’ve tried to not…but when you were in the shower I…I had…expectations. I don’t want us to chit chat and visit and you go back to Texas tomorrow.”

I finally raised my eyes to meet his and said in a voice that came out sounding somehow small and breathy, “What do you want?”

He hesitated, mouth half open as if he was about to say something, but no words came out. I felt his hands on my wrists begin to rub my forearms, “I want…I want a lot of things…but I don’t want anything if you don’t want it too. What do you want?”

His hands were still softly rubbing my wrists and forearms, making it hard for me to think clearly. He said he’d had expectations while I’d been in the shower…perhaps it wasn’t just wishful thinking that made me see a bulge in his pants when I’d come out of the washroom. That look in his eyes, I knew that look, I’d seen that look in the faces of men before and knew in that moment that he wouldn’t pull away if I were to make a move.

I dropped my clothes into the duffle bag and raised my hand to his face. I touched his check softly and moved forward until our lips were just a breath away from each other, “I want a lot of things too,” I said, my voice slightly deeper than it had been just moments before. I pressed my lips against his and for a moment it was just a tender press of lips before we both pushed against each other and the kiss became intensely passionate.

I lost maltepe escort bayan myself in his kisses until I felt his hand at the small of my back trying to pull me closer. I reached down with one hand and yanked the duffle bag off the bed before I crawled up onto the bed and knelt before him, our kiss unbroken.

I felt his hands at the knot in the belt of the towel and suddenly I was naked before him. My hands searched for his shirt and tugged it free of his pants. I broke free of the kiss and pulled the shirt over his head and threw it to the floor before pulling his lips back to mine again.

My hands roamed over his back while his hands cupped my ass and pulled me closer to him. I pulled my tongue from his mouth and began sucking on his tongue as if it were his cock, making him moan and pull me tighter to him.

Then he pulled back from the kiss and began placing light kisses along my neck and shoulder before he moved down and took one of my breasts in his hand, lifting my eager nipple to his mouth.

While he suckled at my breasts I moved my hands to his belt and pulled it free before unzipping his jeans and pushing them and his boxer briefs down to his knees. Finally I did what I’d been imaging for months; I wrapped my fingers around his cock. Feeling the heat and hardness of it brought a moan from my lips. The moan got Jason’s attention and he pulled his lips from my tits and he began kissing me again.

I felt his hands putting slight pressure on my shoulders, silently telling me to lie down. I pulled my lips from his and pushed the towel off the bed and lay down while Jason kicked off the remains of his clothes and knelt between my legs.

I looked up his body and smiled. Jason bent down and kissed me tenderly as his fingers moved up my thigh to my now very hot and very wet pussy.

I felt his fingertips trace along my puffy pussy lips and heard a small moan come from him when his fingers felt the warmth and wetness his kisses and touches had created.

He pulled back from the kiss and raised his hand from my pussy up to his face as looked down at me with something close to awe in his face, “You’re so wet!” he exclaimed.

I smiled up at him as I put my hand around his neck, “I told you, it doesn’t take much to get me wet and ready,” and then I pulled his mouth back down to mine as I arched my body up against his, feeling his cock hard and ready for me.

Jason deepened the kiss when he felt my wet pussy press against his cock. When I started rubbing my pussy back and forth against his cock he moaned deep into my mouth as I sucked on his tongue.

While I was whimpering and moaning into his mouth, Jason was making my body scream out for release as he rubbed his hard cock back and forth across my clit. Finally I couldn’t take it any longer and I pulled away from his kiss, “Please Jason…please I need to cum! I want you inside me!” I pleaded.

Jason gave me a wicked smile and I knew he wouldn’t let me get off that easily, “Not just yet…you will cum…but not because I’m inside you. Not yet. I want to watch you first. I want to watch you rub your clit and cum for me. Will you do that Kat? Will you rub your wet little pussy and cum for me?”

His cock was still ever so slowly rubbing against my throbbing clit. I whimpered and moaned and when I pressed my body up against his, Jason pulled back. He sat on the bed between my legs and I watched as his hand moved to his cock and started stroking it. The sight made my pussy throb with desire and I let out a low moan.

“You like watching me stroke my cock for you?”

I bit my lip and could only moan in response. “Good because I like stroking it for you. Now come on, rub that hot little pussy for me. I want to watch you cum for me.”

“I’m so hot right now it won’t take more than a minute or two for me to cum,” I warned him as I moved my hand down to my pussy and started rubbing my aching clit.

Within seconds of my finger rubbing my clit I was moaning in pleasure and knew it wouldn’t be long till I was cumming. I watched Jason stroke his 6″ long and 2″ thick cock for me; watched the precum start to ooze out of the head as he stroked it harder and faster and heard his own moans mixing with mine and I knew it wouldn’t be long for him either.

“Oh my god Jason! I’m gunna’ cum! I’m gunna cum! God yes! Yes! Yes! I’m cumming!!!!!” I screamed as the first orgasm wracked my body. My head thrown back, my eyes clamped shut and my fingers on my clit kept going because I knew a second orgasm wasn’t far behind.

Just as the first orgasm subsided and I started working up to the second one I opened my eyes and looked at Jason. Now his head was thrown back and he was stroking his cock harder and faster than before. Then I heard him groan loudly and while my finger kept rubbing my clit, I watched and felt as he spurted his hot cum all over my hand and my pussy.

The sensation of his cum on my aching pussy sent me over the edge again and I screamed loud and wordless as the second orgasm pulsed through my body.

When the orgasm passed, I opened my eyes and saw Jason lying down beside me watching my finger draw slow and lazy circles around my clit, rubbing his warm cum into my skin and using it as lubrication for my clit.

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