Tess Was All Girl Ch. 07

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Tess has been absent from this writer’s mind for a while. Requests for her return have been heard but Tess has, as many of you know, a mind of her own. She has just now chosen to return and share a few of her latest escapades. I hope you enjoy them and take them for what they are, adult erotic imagination, nothing more.

“No coeds were harmed in the writing of this story.”

When Tess returned from the bathroom, the two girls were laying on Claire’s bed, snuggled together. Claire was Kissing Annie’s cheek and the fingers of Annie’s left hand was stroking back and forth along Claire’s thigh. The aroma of sex hung in the air of the small dorm room like the fog of a New Orleans spring morning. You could touch it, almost taste it.

Two days earlier:

It was Wednesday and both Tess and Claire had a day free of classes. The two set at an outside table of “The Bean Bag”, a favored morning hangout for students. The day was warm and there was a gentle breeze left over from last night’s thunderstorm. Tess sipped a black coffee and watched Claire absentmindedly fiddle with a plastic stirrer as she looked past the other coffee drinkers and toward the street. Tess followed her gaze. Near the corner of the building’s brick wall, a tall girl leaned against it, a book clutched to her chest. She had long auburn hair, straight and pulled back into a pony. Her slender legs were clearly visible below the hem of tan shorts and a blue tee was fitted nicely across her small breasts. She was smiling as she talked to a woman Tess recognized; the woman’s assistant councilor at the university.

“Nice.” Tess whispered jarring Claire from her thoughts.

“What?” She looked at Tess.

“The girl you’re admiring.” Tess nodded that direction. “Nice.” She repeated.

“Who?” Claire acted confused but she was blushing.

“So we going to do that, are we?” Tess said. She patted Claire’s knee beneath the table. “You think she’s attractive, right?”

“Tess, I.” Claire paused.

“Sweetie, there is no crime in admiring someone.” Tess smiled at her. “Especially someone that looks like her.”

Claire looked down at the table. “Sorry.” She offered.

“Don’t be.” Tess ran her hand along Claire’s leg, resting it against her jean covered crotch, Claire’s leg twitched. She had not gotten used to Tess touching her so intimately in public.

As the two talked, Tess watched as the girl and the woman parted company and the girl headed back toward the outside seating area. The closer she came, the cuter she appeared to Tess.

Tess’s toe slowly pushed an empty chair into the isle just as the girl was passing. The girl paused. “Thought you might be looking for a seat.” Tess smiled at her. She waved casually across the patio. “Sort of crowded.”

The girl looked around. “Yea.” She smiled. “It is.”

As she sat down, Tess said. “This is Claire.” She nodded sideways. “And I’m Tess.”

“Annie.” She replied as she looked back and forth at both girls and a grin slowly appeared on her face. “So why did you offer me a chair?” She asked.

Tess looked at Claire. “Well, this one was ignoring me completely and watching you so intently that I thought this might be the only way I could be part of the, well, whatever this is.”

The girl was blushing. She looked at Claire. “I don’t understand.” But she was smiling.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Tess said.

Claire inhaled deeply. “Tess, please.”

“Yes, yes, I think maybe this girl has a fondness for tall pretty brunettes.” Tess said.

“So it’s true?” Annie whispered.

“Aw crap.” Claire blurted and quickly covered her mouth.

Tess just grinned.

“Well, it’s not like it’s some sort of secret.” Annie said. “I mean more than one person has said that you two are, or might be, an item, maybe?”

Tess smiled. “Well, if that’s true, it’s obviously not a platonic one.” She smiled at Annie and squeezed Claire’s leg again. “Not saying it is, mind you.” Tess added. “I just hate gossip. Don’t you?”

“Anyway.” Tess stood and looked at Claire. “I need to hit the books. You two have a nice visit.”

Claire started to object when Tess leaned down and kissed her on the cheek. She turned her head without straightening and winked at Annie. “If I was you, I would buy this one a cappuccino before someone else does.” Tess strolled toward the street imagining the conversation that might follow.

Two hours later:

When the door to the dorm room opened, Claire appeared in the form of a sheepish grin. She came in and closed the door to find Tess in her bed reading a magazine and wearing a baggy tee and boxer shorts. Her knees were drawn up providing a resting place for the mag. “So?” Tess said and waited.

But Claire came in and sat on her bed and smiled. “I think she might be gay.”

“Well, sorry to disappoint.” Tess said.

“Aw.” Claire pouted. “Hey, how would you know?”

“Gay-Dar Sweetie.” Tess smiled at her. “Never fails.”

“How can you be sure?” Claire asked.

“Something alanya escort tells me this may be a little too important to you.” Tess patted the bed beside her. “Come here.”

Claire stood and moved to the side of Tess’s bed and, raising one leg, she slid upon the bed next to Tess. She lay on her back, her head on Tess’s shoulder. Tess leaned forward and when their lips met, she kissed her lover softly and tenderly. The kiss went on for some time, slurping and lapping with their tongues playing together. Claire had begun to writhe under Tess. When Tess’s fingers traced over Claire’s abdomen and lifted her tee, Claire’s knees drew up and her legs widened. Tess let her hand roam over Claire’s tummy and down over her jean covered mound. “Take them off.” She whispered.

Claire worked quickly to unzip her jeans while still keeping their lips together. She kissed and wiggled her ass and pushed at her too tight jeans until they were down to her ankles and she kicked them away.

The sound of coins falling from a pocket onto the floor made her giggle. But Tess pushed her tongue deep into Claire’s mouth and Claire sucked at it and she forgot all about coins and jeans and waited for the next sensations to come. The one where Tess would pull her panties from her body and when Tess would tell her how she planned to take her. She never knew, could never guess and always amazed at Tess’s imagination.

Sometimes Claire would lay awake in the dark after a love session wondering who Tess had been with when she first made love a certain way, who the lucky girl might have been. Wondering if Tess still saw that girl. Tess took Claire’s arm and pulled her forward and rolled her onto her stomach. “Raise up.” She whispered.

Claire lifted her hips. “More.” Tess said.

Claire pulled her knees a bit forward and her ass rose a few inches. “A bit more my love.” Tess said and she ran her hand over Claire’s back. “I want to fuck you from behind.” Claire drew her knees under her until Tess was satisfied. She brought herself to her knees and moved behind Claire. Now both hands could roam over Claire’s slender back and shoulders. Tess pushed the tee up until it was wadded at her armpits. She pulled it up and over Claire’s head leaving it there entangled in arms and hair.

Now Tess’s attention went to Claire’s bottom. She thumbed the top of her panties and jerked them over Claire’s ass, leaving them wadded at her thighs. Tess leaned in against the newly exposed, soft firm ass. She pressed herself against it letting her already stiff cock wedge into her crack. Claire moaned and slowly moved herself against Tess’s sex.

“Is this what you want my love?” Tess’s voice had turned low, almost guttural. “Tell me.”

“Please.” Was all Claire said.

“I will.” Tess said. “But tell me what you want.”

“Fuck me.” Claire said. “Fuck me.” Claire was rubbing against Tess’s cock, trying to somehow free it from the cover of the boxers Tess wore.

“More.” Tess said. “Tell me more.” But she was already pulling the boxers down. When the thick cock sprang free, it slapped against Claire’s pussy.

“In me.” Claire said. “Put it in me please.” She was panting at the very thought of being fucked once again by this girl, boy, woman, lover, rapist, roommate. She no longer cared. She craved being fucked, being used, being wanted by Tess. Her Tess. Her lover.

When the fat head spread Claire, Tess pushed herself into her girl, Claire’s instant orgasm hit her like a sledge. Her stomach knotted and her heart was beating rapidly. She humped herself onto the cock as she felt it sink deeper into her cunt. She was opened wide and she gripped the invader as Tess took her.

“That’s my girl.” Tess said. Tess leaned forward. “You think little Annie can make you feel this good?”

Claire tried to speak, tried to say “never”. But Tess slammed her length into Claire and all Claire could do was moan and pant and grunt as her orgasm rolled on. Her ass was vibrating and she was cuming, running down both legs and she was helpless as Tess continued to have her, to fuck her, to use her.

It was another ten minutes that Tess fucked her but as far as Claire knew it could have been an hour or a minute. She was in heaven and Tess was the one who always took her there. She would let Tess do as she wished and she would be pleasured. It was then that, without notice, Tess pulled herself free and rolled over onto her back beside Claire. “Finish me.” She said.

Claire turned, lowered herself at Tess’s middle, grasped the still ridged cock and brought it to her lips. She wet her own lips, opened as wide as she could and lowered her mouth over the now pungent cock head. She slurped and licked and forced herself down onto the shaft. She felt the knob press against the back of her throat. As Tess’s fingers ran through her hair and her hands grasp the back of Claire’s head, she took a deep breath. Claire knew what to do.

With a gentle pressure, Tess guided her further onto her cock. She felt artvin escort it ease into the tightness of the girl’s throat, she felt her cock twitch, and she grunted and began to deliver the sweet nectar Claire had come to love. Claire swallowed and grunted and Tess held her firm, pumping stream after stream of cum into the girl’s mouth. Tess had a way of knowing what her limits were and when one last rope of seed surged for her cock head, Tess eased her grip on Claire and let the girl pull free where she gasped for air. Sperm ran from the corner of her mouth and she coughed.

Tess lay there and watched as Claire recovered. She looked up at Tess, smiled and then grasped the softening member and stroked it. A bead of cum appeared at the tip, she brought her mouth down and sucked it into her mouth. She stroked a few more times and another bead oozed forth she stuck out her tongue and licked at it. She smiled at Tess and then her tongue disappeared into her mouth, she swallowed. And then Claire proceeded to start at Tess’s balls and to lick her clean right to the head of the now flaccid rod.

Two days later, Friday:

Tess was at her computer when Claire came in. She came up behind Tess and ran her hands over her shoulders and down the front of her. She cupped Tess’s small breasts and kissed her neck.

“Careful.” Tess said. “I may not be in the mood but I could get that way pretty easy.”

“Promises.” Claire teased.

Tess stopped typing long enough to say. “Go get undressed.”

Claire Giggled but when Tess just set there she became concerned. “Really?” She asked.

Tess raised her right hand and pointed over her shoulder.

“Fine.” Claire said. She turned toward her bed. “Not very romantic though.”

Tess didn’t look up but said. “I’m going to give you romantic in a few minutes.”

Claire pulled her tee over her head and stepped out of her sneakers. After she had tossed her bra, she unzipped her shorts and worked them over her hips. She stood there at the side of her bed and waited.

“Panties.” Tess said.

“Wow.” Claire said. “Super hearing.”

“I’m going to show you what’s super.” Tess stood and came over to Claire just as Claire was tossing her panties onto the floor. She ran her hand under Claire’s chin and lifted her face. Tess lowered her mouth to Claire’s and kissed her.

A soft knock came at the door. “Crap.” Claire said and reached for her clothes.

“Just wait, I’ll get rid of them.” Tess said and moved toward the door.

“But?” Claire said.

Tess turned and put a finger to her lips and mouthed ‘quiet’.

Claire stood nervously as Tess opened the door. She heard whispering and then was shocked as Tess opened the door further and stepped out of the way. Claire was even more surprised when Annie entered the room. She was speechless as Tess closed and locked the door and walked toward Claire. She took Annie’s hand as she passed and the two came to stand in front of Claire.

Tess leaned in and kissed Claire. She held Annie’s hand out and placed it into Claire’s. “She is here for you.” Tess waited and eventually a smile grew on Claire’s face.

Claire looked directly to Annie for the first time. She looked even more beautiful than she remembered.

Annie was wearing white shorts and a yellow tee with sneakers. She smiled at Claire. “I feel a bit overdressed.”

Claire looked at Tess just as she was setting down on her desk chair. “Sorry sweetie, I’m just here to watch.”

Claire shrugged her shoulders. “Fine.” As she ran her hands over Annie’s shoulders, a sense of some unknown power came over her. “Fine” She said again. Her left hand found her own crotch and she rubbed herself between her legs. Her right hand cupped Annie’s breast and trailed down her side to her waist. She leaned forward and her fingers found Annie’s ass cheek. As Claire squeezed it, Annie looked up and they kissed. A long kiss. A kiss of two strangers meeting for a fling, for a short time of passion, for sex.

“I want to watch you undress.” Claire said and she pulled free, went to her bed and climbed up, settling back against the headboard.

Annie had already kicked off her shoes and was unzipping her shorts, working them over her hips. She leaned in, raised a foot and freed it and then the other. She straightened and tossed the shorts. She pulled her tee over her head, shook her hair reasonably back into place and dropped it.

Claire was amazed at the girl’s body. It was perfect, flawless, desirable and she was about to enjoy it.

Annie thumbed her panties and rolled them over her hips. She straightened, worked her knees back and forth and her panties hit the floor.

Stunning was all Tess was thinking.

A craving was what Claire was feeling. Annie looked at Claire and then came to the bedside, raised a knee and lifted herself up onto the bed. She lifted Claire’s near leg and slid between them. As she began caressing her abdomen and running her fingers between Claire’s legs, burdur escort Claire scooted down prone on the bed. “I’m going to enjoy this.” Annie said. “Fucking you.” She lowered her mouth and kissed Claire on her tummy. “Making you cum.” She whispered. Her thumb rubbed across Claire’s clit. “I want to hear you moan from my tongue.”

Claire reached for Annie, found her arm and tugged.

“Impatient.” Annie said, “Just won’t do.” She pushed Claire’s hand away. Annie leaned in and her lips kissed their way up Claire’s chest, along her neck and her cheek to her mouth. “I am going to fuck you.” She said. “But I want to do it my way, on my own terms. Can I do that Claire?”

She kissed her and Claire just nodded.

Annie kissed her way back down Claire’s body, sucked on her breasts, licked every rib, and tongued her navel, spread kisses over her abdomen. Annie put a hand under each leg and pushed her knees up and apart. She licked along both sides of Claire’s labia and up the back of her thighs.

When Claire began lifting her ass to Annie’s tongue, Annie knew the girl was ready. She moved her mouth over Claire’s pussy and wrapped her lips around it. She began to slowly suck on the girl and ease her tongue onto her vagina. She sucked and wiggled her tongue as deep into her as she could reach.

Claire was humping Annie’s mouth and moaning, almost whimpering. She fucked her ass up off of the bed as the girl continued to suck on her sex. When Annie released her pussy, she moved right to Claire’s engorged clit and her lips took it captive. She sucked down hard and Claire worked her ass in time with the girl’s tongue as it lashed her sensitive bud.

Claire felt the rush as it grew from deep inside her. She clamped her legs around Annie’s head, her feet planted on her back. She arched and shivered and she soaked Annie’s face with her juices. Annie just continued to suck on that precious nub. Claire came hard and she rode it for all she could.

When she finally regained her breathing and she began to focus, Tess was standing beside the bed. She was running her hand over Annie’s back. Claire realized she had Annie’s hair clutched in both hands and she was still holding on tight, the girl’s face pressed firmly to her pussy. She eased her grip and finally released her entirely.

“Fuck.” Claire said.

“My thoughts exactly.” Tess said. She ran her own fingers through Annie’s hair. “You all right?” Tess asked.

Annie just nodded. Tess smiled at Claire. “Not bad for a first time lesbian. Wouldn’t you say?”

Claire looked at her in amazement. “No way.” Claire said.

“It’s the power of suggestion sweetie. I promised Annie that I would introduce her to a very long, very fat cock if she would do you.” Tess smiled again. “Did she earn what I promised?”

Claire giggled. “I think she did.” Claire patted Annie on the head. “Oh love, you are going to love it, I promise.”

Annie raised her head. “You mean you go both ways?”

Claire smiled. “I can tell you that cock has made me cum many times.”

“Enough.” Tess said. She took Annie by the shoulders and pulled her to her knees. “Roll over.” She said to Claire and Claire slowly turned onto her tummy. Tess slid a hand under Claire’s middle and lifted her. She shoved a pillow under her and then pushed her legs apart.

When Tess looked to Annie, she leaned in and kissed her cum covered mouth. “Do my girl again.”

“But I want to fuck now. When is he going to get here?” Annie asked.

“Soon, and I promise it will be worth it. Now make her cum again.” Tess instructed.

Annie looked at Claire’s little firm ass presenting itself to her. Whatever craving she had for fat cock seemed to disappear and her interest in pretty girls was growing minute by minute.

“You alright with this?” Tess asked her.

Annie leaned down and kissed Claire on one cheek and then the other. She turned to Tess, smiled, “Not so bad I guess.”

“Good.” Tess said and went back and sat down.

Annie made her fist long stroke with her tongue starting at Claire’s clit and running it between her labia, over her anus and up her ass crack and it made Claire shiver.

Claire eased her legs further apart and arched her back as Annie’s second swipe sent her tongue into Claire’s vagina and then rim her anus as it passed. Each lick was slow, steady and invaded her very depths. Claire grunted when the tongue was pushed into her vaginal tunnel. She whimpered when Annie licked the inner walls of her sex. She dripped her fluid onto Annie’s tongue in gratitude and Annie savored it.

Annie began to work her tongue around Claire’s anus and pressing it into her very darkest place. Claire humped her ass, inviting the intruder ever deeper and Annie’s tongue obliged. Annie shoved her thumb into her vagina and then added a finger and then two. Her tongue was wedged as deep into the girl’s ass as she could force it.

Claire was again on the brink of eruption. Annie’s fingers fucked her, her tongue violated her rear and Claire wanted desperately to cum on this new lover once more. “Oh, fuck me.” Claire moaned. “Yes.” She said. “Make me cum.” Her ass was bouncing off of the bed, forcing Annie’s head back each time she lifted. “Lick me.” Claire begged. “More.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32