Terri’s Acute Angles

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How an adult college student earned a passing grade


Damn! Damn! Damn! Terri thought as she hurried down the corridor towards his the faculty offices. I knew that this class was going to be hard, why did I take it? I could have taken music appreciation but no, not miss I love math; not me; I had to take a math class. Now my scholarship is flying out the window because I wanted to show off!

Well, maybe this isn’t as bad as I think. It might not be my about grades,. The note simply said, “Come to my office to discuss your progress.” That could mean anything right?

In her heart she and the pit of her now churning stomach knew better. She wasn’t doing well with the work and she hadn’t asked for help though he had noted that opportunity a couple of times on her papers. This was to be the ass chewing she deserved for her laziness.

Wait a minute – she slowed her pace – maybe an ass chewing (or something less painful like a little dick sucking) could be arranged instead of a failing grade. She thought he smiled at her a little differently than he did everyone else. Of course that could have been her projecting her feelings on him.

Since the beginning she liked the way he ran the class and even though he was strict with his assignments she got the impression he was fair and kind. He carried himself in a confident way that said he knew what was going on all the time. Could be seduced? Quickly she ducked into the ladies room to take a last minute inventory.

The mirror reflected a body to be proud of, curvaceous and well proportioned with a tight ass and large breasts. She brushed her hair and fixed her pale pink lipstick, rearranged her white blouse and plaid skirt, then turned sideways to check out her profile.

Chest out – show off the twins – she thought. Her ass and legs looked great too. The skirt hugged her trim waist, draped teasingly across her butt and sopped about three inches above the knee. Her white stockings accentuated her long well toned legs and shapely calves.

She paused again recognizing the choice of what she now recognized as a classic schoolgirl outfit might have been a subconscious nod to this idea to begin with. Her usual school clothes were jeans and a comfortable blouse. Heck she was even wearing her black Mary Janes instead of white anklets and sneakers.

“Yep, I look good”, she said out loud. “But do I look good enough and not like a slut? Too late now Terri, onward and upward… or downward; might as well go all the way.”

Reaching under her skirt she slipped her tiny panties off, shivering as the cool air made her warm shaved pussy tingle. As she put the panties into her book-bag she noticed that they were a little damp in anticipation of her mission to seduce and smiled. Stepping back from the mirror she raised her skirt and she slowly reached down to stroke her bare pussy.

“I’m wet already,” she said to softly. “All he’ll have to do is look at me and my legs will fly open.” No! No! Control yourself she thought, you want to control him not the other way around.

Dropping her skirt she reached for her bag. Glancing in the mirror she saw the full outline of her tits under the lace blouse and stopped. She stood straight and unbuttoned the blouse first one button then two. What the hell she thought, in for a penny in for a pound. With that she removed her silk blouse and slipped out of her bra and exposed her firm 36 Cs to the air. Immediately her nipples hardened. She unconsciously fingered them.

“This is as fine a pair of tits as he’s likely to see,” she whispered. Her pussy was now actually dripping onto her thighs. The thought of this illicit fuck combined with her own nakedness set her fantasies into high gear. She dawdled a bit before putting her blouse back on then stuffed the bra into the book-bag with the forsaken panty.

“Well,” she thought giggling, “great tits, great ass, great legs, an already wet pussy and this outfit really ought to help me pass. Hell even if he doesn’t go for it I’ll get a nice wild fuck out of this.”

She fought to calm herself down. Taking a deep breath she whispered, “This is as ready as I get. If he doesn’t want this package he’s gay or impotent.” Then book-bag in hand she headed towards the office.


The academic day was nearly over but Ted remained at his desk grading papers and getting ready for tomorrow’s class. He liked teaching adult classes far more than the teens he usually herded and his math course was no exception. The students were all there to actually learn and that was rewarding in itself. He was however dreading the five o’clock meeting with Terri.

Although intelligent and with a math background, she was obviously out of her depth in the class but had never asked for help. Still there was something about her. Maybe it was her willingness to return to school and not get old. Maybe it was her smile. Or he thought allowing himself escort ataşehir a small smile, maybe it was those great tits, long legs and that tight little ass. Whatever it was he had taken a liking to her on the first day.

As class went on and she started to fall behind he had hoped she would ask him for help. He would have gladly tutored her through the class a meeting like this wouldn’t have happened. But that was all in the past and she would be here soon.

Opening her record and he went over the details once more. Good grades in all of her classes except this one and on a transitional scholarship program that required at least C in all classes and a B average to keep it open. A quick glance indicated that failing his class would cost her the money that was keeping her in school. That would be a shame he thought, she has potential. And, he thought to himself, she’s damned cute.

He tried to quickly put that thought out of his head. It was career suicide to get involved with a student, even an adult student. Yet his dick was getting hard just thinking about her. He had nearly regained his composure when she knocked at the door.

“Come,” trying to use his best professional demeanor.

The door opened and Terri swept into the office. Her skirt swinging gently as she turned to close the door. She stood in front of his desk with her book-bag on one arm and obviously a bit nervous. Her blouse was open at the top but tucked tightly into the waistband so that her breasts were easily visible underneath it. As she shifted her weight they swayed gently. No bra he thought to himself, and they still look great. His revere was broken as she spoke.

“You wanted to see me sir?”

“Yes I did.” Feeling the need to gain his composure he paused, “I’ll be with you in a minute, just have a seat.”

Terri turned and stepped over to the nearby sofa and put her book-bag on one seat before turning again to sit down. Ted pretended to look over her records again while trying to get the thought of her tits out of his head. But she wasn’t helping.

A quick glance over the top of the folder and he thought he could see a bare pussy under her short skirt as it lifted slightly when she turned. I must be wrong, he told himself. Surely she is wearing panties. He was wondering how he could carry on the counseling with such a distraction. He also wondered if he could get a better look at her pussy and confirm its nakedness; all very confusing and distracting.

As she sat of the sofa, Terri was wondering what was next. First it was hurry up and get here now, wait. What the hell is he playing at? She shifted uncomfortably on the sofa. She had been ready to seduce him or at least try but how would she go about it, especially if he kept her clear across the room? Was he nervous? It was hard for her to tell since she was very nervous.

She squirmed a bit as felt her pussy getting wetter at the though of seducing her professor.

What if he turned her down? She would lose her scholarship and be embarrassed.

Maybe she shouldn’t have started this thing. Well I haven’t really. I mean all I did was take off my underwear. Does he know I’m naked underneath?

Did I just see him glance at my pussy? I’m probably imagining things. Damn why can’t we start? About that time he closed the folder and she looked directly at him.

“Well Terri, you know your grades haven’t been very good this term. Frankly you are failing the course. I hate to say it but I’m not sure what we can do about it at this late date.”

She knew it of course but hearing it out loud made her sigh, it seemed to knock the wind out of her. She forgot momentarily her plan and she slumped back against the sofa.

“I know I haven’t been very good at this work but surely I can do something to improve my grade. I need my scholarship and I am willing to work hard. Extra work, a special project, something!”

She was almost sobbing now but he only half heard her. As she slumped back against the sofa her legs had parted and gave him an unrestricted view of a lovely shaved pussy. He even thought he saw moisture on her thigh and the dark spot of those white stocking said he was probably right. He fought to bring himself back to the business at hand before he replied.

“Look Terri, you’re a good student and I don’t want you to fail. You are in over your head for sure but perhaps there is something I can do, if you are willing to show me you grasping at least the principles of the subject.”

Encouraged Terri sat forward and his view of her pussy was lost but his mind held onto the image. His dick stiffened in response and distracted him from his purpose. I wonder he thought to himself, if she knows what she is doing? I wonder if she is trying to seduce me. Maybe I can be sure if I can get closer to her…

“Grab your books and come over to the desk so we can discuss this more comfortably.”

Terri kadıköy escort grabbed her books, drug a chair up beside him then sat down with the book-bag in her lap. She was close enough that he could smell her scent. It was intoxicating.

“Get you text book out. Let’s talk about last week’s chapter.”

Terri moved to comply. Leaning the book bag forward she opened the top and reached inside for her book. As she did this Ted could see down the stop of her open blouse; her tits swayed a bit and her erect nipples were long and firm and inviting.

Nervously Terri pulled out the text. As she did so the bra came out with it and fell on his lap. She started to reach for it but stopped realizing she was only inches from his dick. Looking down he picked up the bra and suddenly he was sure she wanted to fuck.

“You dropped this,” he said half smiling, “Nice size, soft, silky and obviously well made. You know a bra is a classic piece of geometric design. Perhaps this is an omen of a way we can improve your grades.”

He was sitting there holding the bra and she realized that in spite of his reputation as a hard ass, she was going to fuck him. She didn’t care if it improved her grade or not. She was wet, horny and she wanted him; that was enough.

She smiled and her nervousness vanished, “Perhaps you’re right.”

He heard her voice soften; an unspoken deal had just been made. He started to give her the bra then put it close to his face and inhaled. It smelled sweet like he imagined her tits would taste. He sighed, “smells nice; like you.”

She took the bra and blushed, “Th-thank you.” Her voice was almost a whisper.

He moved behind her he reached over her shoulders and slid his hands over her blouse to take a firm tit in each hand. Lifting and squeezing them gently he continued to speak.

“You see Terri the bra is a traditional cantilever designed to hold lovely creations like these comfortably.”

He was lifting her breast and squeezing it gently. Her nipples hardened and Terri leaned back into the chair and looked up smiling. She unbuttoned her blouse and he slid it down off of her shoulders exposing both breasts completely.

“Yes I am beginning to see. Tell me more… please.”

He ran his fingers from the top of her shoulders down over the erect nipples.

“The angle from the top of your should down to here,” he said “then back underneath to here,” tracing a line under her tits, “form a triangle. That structure is held up by the supporting material which runs all the way around your breasts and back.” His hands scribed an oval around under her firm orbs. He lifted gently and she stood in response.

Terri turned towards him and pushed the chair out of the way. His hands slid around to her back pulling her towards him. They kissed softly as her naked breasts pressed against his chest.

“So you see,” he said gasping, “a firm geometric principle is outlined by these great tits. Can you think of anything else that might illustrate a geometric principle?”

Terri smiled. “Let me see. Suppose that I create a perpendicular line between your navel and your knee.”

Slowly she knelt in front of him releasing his belt and pulling down his pants and shorts to reveal a stiff and prominent dick.

“Hmm, looks like you’ve already created one of those. Let me see if I can determine its length.”

Taking his cock in her mouth she slowly enveloped his hardness. Lost in the lust of the moment Terri continued to work on his tool bringing him closer and closer to an orgasm; but he wasn’t ready for their meeting to end yet.

Gently taking her by the shoulders he pulled her almost grudgingly off of his rod and back to a standing position where he could kiss her once more.

“Can you show you another example of that most basic geometric shape the triangle?”

Giggling she reach into her book-bag and pullout her tiny white panty. Holding them just in front of his face where he could smell her scent, she replied, “Here is a small inverted triangle, I wear something like this daily, well, most days anyway. Let me show you where this little triangle is worn over another hot little triangle.”

She jumped up on the desk and turned so that she sat facing his chair. Pulling her skirt up, she exposed her slick, wet, shaved slit.

“Very good Terri, “he said sitting down in his chair, “Let me describe a series of triangles in that area for you.”

Leaning forward he began to outline her bare pubic mound with his tongue, stopping to kiss and nip it every now and then. He worked his tongue all around her pink opening coming close to but consciously avoiding her clit. His teasing made her twitch, trying to make his tongue meet that erect little nub. Her ass wiggled frantically as she unsuccessfully tried to make her clit contact his lips. Her moans told him not to wait any longer. Gently he took her erect maltepe escort bayan nub between his lips alternately licking and sucking it.

Terri’s body shook as an orgasm overtook her. Her legs clamped his head against her pussy as she rode his tongue. Ted kept licking and sucking her as a second and a third set of tremors passed through her body.

As her orgasm began to subside she he greedily licked the desk top and her lips, afraid that he would lose some of that precious juice. She twitched involuntarily as another small orgasm hit her then pulled his head up and kissed him, sharing the juices so recently extracted from her pussy.

“Your turn again,” she giggled.

She stood and he rose with her. Moving the chair away she turned him around and pushed him back to take her place on the desk. He watched as she once again engulfed his tool with her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down making loud slurping noises as her saliva soaked his dick.

Climbing onto the desk she slowly sat down on him, her hot, moist pussy slowly engulfing him to the hilt. Her pussy held him tight and he body seemed fused to his. Looking at them it was impossible to tell where one person stopped and the other started.

“I guess you could call this constructing a perpendicular bisector,” she giggled.

Slowly she began riding him. Up and down, gently, very slowly, she moved, throwing her head back as she enjoyed the feeling. He had a tit in each hand and was once again kneading them as she set up a gentle rhythm on his erect member.

Looking past her he saw her ass reflected in the mirror behind his desk. The site of that terrific ass impaled on his dick made him even hotter. He tried to get a hold of those great cheeks and succeed in spreading them to expose her delicious asshole.

That sight seemed to send him into a higher gear, he began to rise to meet the motion of her ass as she rode him. Faster and faster she moved until she came again, collapsing onto his chest as he felt her pussy contract around his dick. He kissed her passionately.

“Doggy style sweet ass,” he whispered. I have to have a close up look at that wonderful ass as I fuck it.”

Smiling she climbed off of him then leaned over the desk offering him an unrestricted, unashamed view of her butt. Ted couldn’t resist the urge to get on his knees and bury his face in that sweet pussy now filled with the delicious nectar.

Like a kid attacking an ice cream cone as it melts in his hand Ted’s tongue explored her slit from clit to asshole and back again. Her cum tasted like honey as he frantically cleansed her pussy and attempted to suck more juice from it. Every movement of his tongue across her rosebud asshole made her twitch. That turned him on even more.

Without further ceremony he stood and slid his dick all the way into her well-lubed pussy, in one motion impaling her to the hilt. Terri moaned and reached back for his legs as he set up a steady rhythm. He quickened the pace as she urged him on.

“Yes that’s it, fuck me harder! Harder! Deeper! Harder! I want you deep inside of me. Bisect my cunt with that hard cock! Fuck me and don’t stop fucking me. Fuck me hard now!”

He tried hard to comply. His groin slapped hard against her firm ass cheeks as they fucked.

“So…tight… so hot…What an ass,” he panted “I’m going to cum.”.

“No!! Not inside me!” Terri pulled away and turned around. “In my mouth I want your cum in my mouth. I love cum and haven’t had a good load for so long it hurts. Feed me! “

She knelt in front of him and took his rod inside her mouth as his pre-cum dribbled out of the end of his erect tool. Her cheeks collapsed as she worked on him like her favorite extra thick milk shake. He moaned loudly.

Terri pulled back off of his throbbing tool and opened her mouth like a bird at feeding time as an explosion of cum erupted from it directly into her waiting mouth. Greedily she swallowed every drop as a second then a third stream exploded against her face and onto her hair. Once again she took him into her mouth and continued to lick and suck his softening dick until she drained him of every drop of cum and he collapsed into his chair.

Terri straddled his lap and lean forward to kiss him.

He smiled. “Well, that was certainly a displayed knowledge of applied geometry and trigonometry. I suppose that could count as a major project and boost your grade up to a C for the term.”

Smiling she reached down between her legs and wet her fingers with the juice still oozing from her pussy and brought it to her lips to taste it.

“To hell with grades, if I can show you some more acute angles and construct another perpendicular line here [grabbing his limp dick], will you promise to help me keep in practice bisecting every circular entrance?”

“Sure!… What did you have in mind?”

Terri stood, straightened her blouse and smoothed her skirt, “Let’s go to the gym so I can show you some cute, errrrrr acute, angles I can create with my legs. I can put both ankles behind my head ya know?”

Remembering what her ass looked like he smiled. “I can’t wait to see your practical demonstration.”

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