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The day couldn’t have possibly been worse: after two job interviews and promising feedback, I had been told over the phone that the position was given to another candidate.

I was in shock as I hung up the phone, keeping my professional cool by saying ‘Oh ok’ loud and clear as if it was all fine with me. But inside I felt so disappointed that I had to sit down and shake my head after I hung up. I had been so close, I thought, so close… one of the two finalists…

It had been a job I really wanted: closer to home, a lot more pay, everything I wanted… and the worst of it was that I hadn’t done anything wrong. I knew I had been good at promoting myself and my strengths. The other person had just had a tad more experience…

Still shaking my head every now and then, I opened a bottle of wine and sat in front of my computer, trying to find something to occupy my time with. I didn’t care what it was – I just wanted to think of anything but this job I did not get.

And that’s when I heard the knock on the front door. And right there and then I was annoyed. Looking at the time on the computer screen, I saw that it was 10pm. Who had the nerve to bother me at this time? But then again, I could not ask for any better victim of my down-in-the-dumps-mood. Bring it on, I thought, as I made my way to the front door.

It had been raining, finally, after weeks of dryness. It was foggy and the air smelled of fresh grass and Spring. Who cares, I thought, as I opened the door.

Did I mention the day couldn’t have been worse. Well, forget that, because what stood there in front of my house was none other than the one man I did not want to see. Seeing him was the point on the i, the wrong icing on a messed up cake, the final bad episode to an already screwed up day.

I took a deep breath. ‘What do you want, Paul?’ I said, or rather, I snarled, not caring about what or how I was saying it whatsoever. I looked at the watch on my arm. ‘It is past 10pm. What in the world is so important that it can’t wait until tomorrow?’

My question had been only rhetorical in nature. I knew Paul well enough to know that he had a damn good reason to knock on my door this late in the evening. He was a pretty straight-forward kind of guy: being a builder and having his own company, he got up with the birds and went to bed before anybody else. And he was conservative as hell, non-talkative, and he kept to himself, wanting everybody to mind his own business and leave him alone. All that wrapped in a cute package of a 35 year old body of 6 feet and strong muscles – it drove me Şerifali Escort crazy.

Needless to say he was not interested in the least. He avoided me, to tell the truth, and I hated myself for being attracted to him no matter how obvious it was that he was totally emotionally unavailable and unfit for a relationship. I hadn’t had a man in almost two years and all I wanted was fuck him. But hell, he wasn’t interest in that, either.

So what did he want, then?

I stared at him standing in front of me, one step down, exactly at my own height now. He was gorgeous, dressed in jeans and a buttoned shirt. My perfect victim. Fists burried in the pockets of my jeans, I stood there, determined to not make the first move, at least not now, even though I always did.

‘You left a message on my machine the other day.’ he said finally, in a kind of shaky voice. But maybe that was just my imagination. He couldn’t possibly be unsure of himself. No, he couldn’t be, I wouldn’t let him. I needed a fearless person I could let my anger out on without feeling bad about it.

Yes, I had left a message on his machine, thanking him for fulfilling his last agreement on the house we had made half a year ago upon me signing the contract. He had been a total jerk two weeks prior to my phone call, listing all the favors he thought he had ever done for me within the last half year when I called him on the outstanding agreement.

‘What about it?’ I said, still determined to make him do all the work in this conversation. The hell with all my communication and mediation skills. I wasn’t on the job now.

‘I just want to say I don’t mind talking to you.’ he said, finally looking me in the eye.

‘Oh yeah?’ I said, trying to beat the devilish smile that krept onto my face. I knew he was trying. I knew right there and then he had been thinking about me for the last three days. And I loved to see him squirm.

‘How come you haven’t been working the last two Saturdays since our little arguement?’ This was an understatement. In fact, I had been driving away crying after he had recounted every little incident in our professional ‘relations’ where he had been nice to me.

‘That did not have anything to do with you,’ he said, looking somewhat shocked at my way of adding one and one.

‘Right!’ I said, laughing sarcastically. ‘The way I see it, you don’t want to talk to me because I take time away from your precious work.’ I paused. ‘And then you think I’m an ungrateful bitch anyway.’

‘I don’t think that about you!’ he assured me, but I had gone too far to turn İstanbul Escort back. ‘Yeah, right,’ I said, walking back up the stairs. To me, this conversation was over. ‘You just avoid me whenever you can!’

I expected to hear the door close. Instead, I heard him following me into the house, up the stairs, and into the living room. ‘Go home, Paul. I’m in a shitty mood and it’s already past your bedtime!’

Suddenly, I felt his hand on my arm, grabbing me, jerking me around forcefully, leaving me breathless as I stared into his eyes just inches from my face, surprised but without fear despite his force. Was this the rational and detached guy I had known for half a year?

‘You listen to me!’ he said in a deep voice that suddenly made my knees feel weak even though I cursed myself for even feeling it. ‘I do not think you are an ungrateful bitch.’ he said calmly, even though his breathing had changed slightly.

‘You,’ he said, his teeth grinding, and looking for words, ‘you just bring out this stuff in me…’ he was searching for the right words while cupping my chin with his right hand, keeping me from moving away from him. ‘I want to run and still wherever I go I think of you.’

His other hand was on my face, rough fingertips everywhere, my forehead, cheeks, nose… ‘I don’t want this, but you drive me insane.’ His face was closer now, and without warning I felt his lips on my mouth, rough but not forceful, demanding, yet gentle. I could not figure it out, just closed my eyes, lost myself in that sensation, responded to his full bottom lip that teased me relentlessly.

And then his tongue explored my mouth and I touched him, his face, hair, shoulders. My hands moved down his shirt, pulled the ends out of his pants, dipped under his shirt restlessly until they touched bare skin. Yes, I thought, as his tongue played with mine passionately. This is what I wanted all along, six months ago when I first looked at the house with my realtor and saw his beautiful smile. Only now our passion was urgent, out of control, and all-consuming.

There was no time for foreplay, no time for gentle probing and sweet lasting memories. As the kiss deepened, he sank his fingers into my thick blonde hair and pulled me into his body forefully until I could feel the outline of his hard cock against my belly. At that point, my mind went blank. All I wanted was his cock deep inside my pussy. Forget about gently kisses down my body, pussy eating and sweet embraces. All I wanted to feel was his cock inside of me and I couldn’t get there fast enough.

I didn’t Ümraniye Escort take the time to open his shirt buttons slowly. After a few seconds of unsuccessful attempts, I took a hold of his shirt and forced it open, sending buttons flying across the room as I covered his chest with hot and urgent kisses. My pyjama offered nothing but easy access, and I remember nothing but all my nerves concentrating on his cock entering my pussy as I arched my back to meet his thrusts.

I don’t know where we were – probably on the living room floor since we couldn’t possibly have made it to the bedroom without me noticing. It did not matter. All I felt, all I needed was his thick cock inside of me as I wrapped my arms around his neck to pull him down to me while he fucked me nice and hard and steady.

‘I want you Paul!’ I managed to say and was rewarded by his mouth on my left nipple, sucking, licking and biting, not necessarily in that order.

His muscular body felt so good under my hands, and his cock was buried so deep inside of me that it took me only a few minutes to reach my first orgasm. Crying out in a low scream underneath him, I arched my back and pulled his head down onto my erect nipples at the same time, taking in the incredible sensation of a sucking mouth on my tits and a throbbing rock hard cock inside of me.

I could feel he was close and cried out in protest when he pulled out of me completely to kiss down my belly and spread my thighs with his rough and strong hands. Whatever I wanted to say got stuck in my throat as he started to explore my very wet pussy with his tongue.

It was incredible. He circled my clit with the tip of his tongue, dove into my cunt, licked me up and down, and payed just enough attention to my inner lips to make me squirm beneath him. I was on fire. I grabbed his arms to pull him up and on top of me but he resisted, becoming more and more vocal as my pussy got hotter and hotter.

I couldn’t bear it. Moving around on the thick carpet I got a hold of his rock hard cock and turned so that I could take him into my hot mouth as he licked my pussy. Fingering his balls as I sucked him deep into my mouth, I felt my orgasm building when he sucked my clit into his mouth and nibbled on it with his teeth. Slapping his ass in an impulse I had had since the beginning of my frustration with him, he cried out and came into my mouth the same time I lost all control over my body.

Going into convulsions, I screamed his name, letting him take his cock into his hand to squirt more cum over my tits and belly as he held onto my throbbing clit with his tongue. Getting away from his touch was like fighting a tornado, and as I gave in to him, I could not believe how my orgasm continued in its intensity.

It was unbelievable, and when I finally came down from it, I was sweating and panting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32