Ten Peckered Toad

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Ten Peckered Toad

Like the old saying goes what’s hornier than a ten peckered toad. Well I know. It’s a two peckered boy. Me!

That’s right I’m a freak of nature. I was born with two complete penises but only two testicles. My two cocks are not side by side but one is under the other. The lower one is the same length as the top one when it is hard but it is slightly smaller in diameter. Until I was a teenager I just didn’t know any better. Then one day in school another boy was checking me out while I was peeing in the urinal. After that I got teased a lot. Finally things settled down.

When I changed schools in the ninth grade things changed again. I became very popular among the girls. I didn’t even know why. For some reason a very popular senior girl asked me out on a date. I couldn’t believe it. Marsha was beautiful and for some reason she wanted me. She came to my house one Saturday afternoon and even came in to meet and greet my parents. Marsha was an immediate success. Mom gave her permission to take me to a chaperoned party and even said that I could stay out until midnight.

Marsha got me in her car and drove off. Before we had even got out of sight Marsha started laughing. It had all been a hoax. Marsha was not taking me to any party she was taking me to her old Girl Scout Camp. It was only used in the summer time when school was not in session and it was abandoned at the moment and all ours.

Marsha was very pretty and very popular in school. She only dated the really popular boys. I couldn’t figure out what she wanted with me. Once we got to the camp Marsha undressed and ran out into the lake. She called to me to join her. I was embarrassed and wouldn’t so Marsha came walking out the water right toward me.

Marsha asked, “Don’t you like me?”

I answered, “Sure! I like you! A lot!”

Marsha said, “Then get undressed and come in the water with me! Haven’t you ever been skinny dipping before?”

I answered, “No! I haven’t!”

Marsha said, “Well as you can plainly see I’m naked so why don’t you get naked and join me!”

I said, “Well I’m kind of embarrassed that’s all!”

Marsha asked, “What do you have to be embarrassed about? A hard-on! I’ve seen them before! Look my nipples are hard and my pussy is wet! That usually means that I’m excited too!”

I Esenyurt Escort said, “Your pussy’s only wet because you were in the water!”

Marsha slipped a finger into her pussy and said, “This isn’t lake water! This is pussy juice! And it tastes delicious too!” With that Marsha put her fingers in her mouth and sucked them clean. She then said, “Come here and try it for yourself!”

I was mesmerized and walked closer to Marsha then slipped two of my fingers up into her pussy, once I located the hole. Her pussy was slimy, like when I cum and not at all like the lake water.

Marsha then asked, “Are you still a virgin?”

I replied, “Yes! I am!”

Marsha asked, “Do you want to stay a virgin or do you want to loose it with me tonight?’

I replied, “I would love to loose it with you tonight!”

Marsha said, “Then get undressed!”

I hesitated a little and then said, “But I have two penises!”

Marsha laughed and said, “I know that! Hell everybody knows that! I have two holes down there for you!”

I smiled and asked, “You have two vaginas?”

Marsha laughed and said, “No silly! But I do have two holes down there that are just perfect for your two cocks! Now get undressed or I’ll undress you!”

So I started to get undressed leaving my underwear to the very end. I had two hard-ons that were very noticeable. Marsha smiled as I lowered my underwear and they finally popped free.

Marsha fell to her knees in front of me and grabbed my ass forcing my crotch into her face. She went crazy sucking on both of my cocks. I was rock hard before she started and even harder afterwards.

Marsha then lay back in the sand pulling me to her. She had her knees up to her chest and had spread them wide with both of her hands on both of my cocks. With a little effort Marsha managed to align both of my cocks with both of her holes. Then Marsha told me to push and I did. Both of my heads slipped just inside her two holes. She loved it and begged me to push them in further. She was right it did feel good. I had never felt that good before. I pushed and pushed harder until I was all the way in her with both of my cocks. Marsha was right it was a perfect fit. She said that she had never felt that full before and just let me fuck her. She was certainly no virgin Escort Bayan and she knew that I was just too excited to last very long. So I pumped into her two holes at the same time. This was much better that trying to jerk off one cock at a time. I tried to jerk them both off at the same time once but it didn’t work very well. However fucking Marsha like this was perfect. I cum and filled her love tunnel and her poop chute at the very same time. It was wonderful.

Marsha talked me into skinny-dipping after that. She waited patiently for me to get hard again. This time she got what she wanted, my cocks in her holes and me in no hurry to finish quickly. It was great fucking into her for that long. I gave her a few orgasms before I cum in her ass but it took me a couple of minutes longer to cum in her pussy. I really enjoyed myself.

We managed to make love for a third time before Marsha had to take me home. I had the time of my life and I think Marsha did too.

All day Sunday I could only think about more sex with Marsha. I thought that she was my girlfriend now that we had had sex together. I could hardly wait until I saw her in school Monday morning.

When I did see Marsha in the hall I shouted to her and ran over to her. She was with a few of her girlfriends. Marsha introduced me to them and said, “This is Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.” I must have looked very confused because the girls started to laugh. Marsha then explained that I would get to fuck the one girl that night, the next girl the following the night and so on. Marsha said that she had a list of at least twenty girls that wanted to have sex with me so far. She said that I was the most popular boy in school right then.

I was now popular and every girl in school seemed to know who I was. They called me by name as we passed in the hall. Some of the girls asked me for a date and were told by other girls that they had go through Marsha if they wanted to date me. I felt kind of funny about that but Marsha had already introduced me to three girls that wanted me to fuck them. I felt like a piece of meat but a very expensive piece of meat at that.

By the following Monday I had fucked nine more girls giving me ten notches in my headboard. I got to fuck a different girl every school night and two girls on Saturday and Sunday.

Every istanbul Escort boy in school congratulated me and wished that they had two cocks too. I was no longer the laughing stock of the school. I was the hero! I was to be envied!

Then I was called into the Principle’s office. I hadn’t even done anything. Luckily Marsha got to me first and explained that the Principle was a woman and that she was next on my list. Okay!

Marsha walked me into her office and introduced me to the Principle. Then she left locking the door on her way out.

The Principle said, “We don’t have much time right now but after lunch we will have more time! Now drop your pants and fuck me! Marsha said that you were very good! You’d better be!”

I watched as the High School Principle raised her skirt, dropped her panties, and leaned back onto her desk for me. I entered her two holes and fucked her for all I was worth. I had learned to control my cocks much better in the previous week. I used them both but I let the one in her ass cum first and then I worked on the one in her cunt. She was very satisfied when I finally cum in her and pulled my cocks out.

As I put my cocks away and fastened my pants the Principle said, “You’re going to do very well in this school! Very well indeed! See you right after lunch!”

The End
Ten Peckered Toad

Thoughts from the author:

A reader for my story ‘Twat’ had a very good comment and I wish to thank him or her. Perhaps I should NOT turn off the comments as I normally do. Constructive criticisms could improve my writing. I can usually tell from the number of readers and the rating that I receive though. Obviously the higher of both is best.

I am not sure how accurate comments really are though. I have found that only one person in 113 readers will vote on my stories. With other authors that allow comments I have found that sometimes only one reader in 2,000 will leave a comment. It is the extreme minority speaking on behalf of the vast majority.

As to voting I have found that readers like to be lead. If they read a story rated at five they are not likely to give it a ten even if they truly believe that it deserves a ten. Low rated stories usually stay that way and high rated stories usually stay that way too.

I am very sorry about getting on my soapbox and giving you a speech. I sincerely apologize! Although you CAN criticize me now! I really am looking forward to hearing from you all!

The End
Ten Peckered Toad

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