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I remember on the train that morning had felt like the longest journey of my life. The train journey to see my beautiful, blonde, 5,6, ex-girlfriend Zoe while my girlfriend was at home.

Texting Zoe all the way there, every moment as I approached my stop, making sure she wasn’t going to leave me outside her house, which is the reason she is now my ex and also the fact, she still claims she is straight.

She replied every time and I felt my heart get higher and higher into my throat with every step I took closer to her. I got a taxi just to make time go a little quicker to see her.

Finally, I approached her house. Standing outside in the pouring rain, while I call her telling her to let me in. Her parents were away and her brother was out. So in I went, soaked from head to toe. I kick off my high top shoes and make my way upstairs where she grabs me a towel to dry myself off.

I sit on her bed and I could feel my heart pounding, faster and faster. We laid there with an awkward silence for a good 10 minutes as this was the first time we had been reunited since a heated argument between her and my current girlfriend Grace.

She then offered me a glass of wine to chill the mood and I was driving so I knew I could kick back and relax. So with the wine flowing so was the conversation. Her hand find’s her way to my thigh, out of sheer shock I carry on speaking pretending I haven’t notice the soft hand sliding up my leg.

With things getting comfortable and her just sitting in black 3/4 length legging’s and a tight long sleeved white top that you could clearly see her black silk bra through. She begins to lean over my lap.

With our lips just inches apart, I cannot bring myself to do what my body oh so wanted me to. Trying to change the subject, I reach for my phone “oh, Grace is trying to get hold..” before I could even finish what I was about to say, I found myself kissing the one girl I had wanted back for so long.

Her hand grabbing my hair and moving me to where she wanted me, I felt like I had no power, which was the bit I loved the most.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me..” says Zoe with a cheeky little grin on her face, showing her beautiful white teeth and her diamond smile that could make anyone’s heart beat three times faster.

Zoe had one of those sexy, Do I want you things. Acting like nothings happened she leaps up walking through the door pulling down her white top before stopping, looking back with a cheeky wink and saying “Well..what are you waiting for..?”

I get up to follow her down through the empty how, to find myself on the kitchen side with Zoe whispering into my ear “things are getting a bit heated upstairs, just going to cool myself down with something..want escort anything?” then sliding her tongue lightly up my neck. The only thing at this point in time I could reply was a grunt that sounded kind of like “no”.

We made our way back up the stairs and back into the bedroom. Every now and then a little pinch on my ass.

Just as I’m about to make my way back to the bed, I feel a tug on the back of my tight little vest top throwing me up against her wardrobe doors. With a stubborn “off” when pointing to my top. I did as she said I was intrigued to what was to happen next.

With her hands placed on my shoulders, they Hbegan to slowly slide down, along with her kissing my breasts. I find myself with her hands round my wrist and pinning me to the wardrobe that I was in no position to be in charge in anyway.

“Right, you listen to me and you listen to me good you little bitch, these are my rules. You do what I say when I say. Got it?”

“U-u-uhh ok-ay” I finally manage to mumble to words.

“Firstly, You shall call me by Mistress and Mistress only. Secondly, You shall now be referred to as Slave, or bitch. You shall also, never, NEVER chat back to me or disobey me or there will be serious consequences. I want you to wear what I tell you to wear which shall not be a lot.” She demanded these orders and the more serious she got the more I could feel myself getting turned on. I was certain that my pussy was getting so wet, that I’d be soaked through and my nipples were so hard that they almost hurt with anticipation. I wanted her again, and I couldn’t wait to her juices in my mouth.

Next thing I knew I was being thrown on the bed. I felt weak and powerless and this was such a turn on. She walked towards the bed, her thighs were beautiful, her figure was in its prime as she walked towards be in only her black silk bra and matching pants. The body of the dancer was sensational.

As she walked towards me and I could feel my heart beating faster and my breaths shallower and faster . This girl was driving me crazy. She climbs onto the bed and begins to straddle my hips, she leans forward to kiss me and I wanted to so bad.

She blindfolds me and, give me a sharp slap round the face with “Did I say you could kiss me, slave?”..

After a long pause, she slaps me again and it a louder sterner voice “I said, Did I say you could kiss me, Slave?”

“n-no, Mistress. Please can you, f-forgive me Mistress. I have misbehaved and I should be punished for my actions Mistress.” I say, getting more turned on, and my slit getting wetter.

“Good and you shall be punished for your actions” she says with a stern but sexy voice.

I can now feel her bare nipples against my chest, I bursa eve gelen escort wanted them, I wanted My mistress to feel good. Suddenly I just as I feel a cold metal cuff round my wrist and strapped to the bed. The same with the right hand too.

With another quick slap around the top of my right thigh, she disappears off. “Mistress, may I have permission to speak” not even seconds later a sharp “NO! You are trying to disobey me aren’t you, AREN’T YOU” she was getting sexier as she got angrier but I didn’t want to disobey.

The blindfold was finally removed to find Zoe stood with nothing but stocking’s and a pair of black pretty much see-through lace panties & a whip in her hand.

“Oh Mistress, Please let me please you” I was begging as I wanted to taste her juices to bad and I could smell her sex from wear I was laying. She climbed onto the bed removed my hand-cuffs and places the whip in my mouth to stop me from speaking.

“You shall not be given anything you shall demand or wish for even if it’s for the pleasure of myself until you have me taught a lesson.” She starred at me with her piercing eyes and I done anything she said. “Get on all fours now you little bit, I’m going to slave you to the point you do not want to live anymore!”

I did what she said with no hesitation. I got on all fours and as she took the whip from my mouth she told me my orders “You shall take your punishment as it comes, You shall learn you lesson and if you do not, then you shall be punished and not let near what you what, bitch” I knew she knew what I wanted and I knew she wanted it too. I could see she was getting turned on by the fact I was helpless and Hers.

“You shall get 10 whips”

She started to whip me, the pain was overpowering and made my knee’s quiver but I had to take my punishment. After the third or forth one. I felt myself wanting to be spanked, I wanted her to punish me for being so bad. I let out an “ahh” as I was getting so wet I needed her, I was itching for her.


I could tell my Mistress was getting turned on my this. After the ten were over, I wanted more, I wanted to be punished because I knew she enjoyed it too.

“Mistress I have not learnt, I’m apologising as your slut. Please”

“You have not learnt..ey?” I heard from a quietly coy voice from behind me. I could feel her finger slide from my clit to my anus. “Oh your so wet, you want me, don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress, I-i-do..” I wanted her so badly as she continued to slide her finger up and down slowly.

“Turn the fuck over now you little slut, you have learnt you lesson, disobey me again and that will seem like a holiday görükle escort to what I will summon you with” She says in a calm but serious voice after removing my handcuffs.

She grabs my blonde shoulder length hair and brings me to her face as she’s standing leaning on her dresser table. She leans in for a kiss bringing her soft, lips closer to mine as she pulls away suddenly and pushes my body down to her heavenly area that I oh so wanted.

I started my tonguing her clitoris with short quick bursts of flicking. She tasted so much better than I remembered. I slid my tongue down her wet wet slit, where I stuck my tongue suddenly in her moist hole.

“Mistress, please may I finger fuck your beautiful, sensuous pussy.” I begged.

“Uhhhh, fuck me you little slut!” She could barely stand anymore, she pushed me onto the bed and mounted my face. Her juices were flowing all over my face, I loved it. She was so close to hitting her peak. I could see it in her eyes. I could feel it in her cunt. I slid my finger down from her clit, to her wet hole. Sliding it in slowing but gradually picking up speed..with her screaming with pleasure I slide another finger in.


I Started pounding my fingers into her pussy, finally she lets off a massive scream of beautifulness. Her cum dripping all over my face.

Slumped over me, with every muscle in her body twitching and shaking, she praised me “You have done well, slave. You will be rewarded for you obeying my rules and being my good little bitch. How do you wish you be, when I fuck you tight little wet cunt?!”

..”Mistress, You are in charge and I would be happy to carry on with pleasuring you” even though my clit was pulsating, driving me crazy, wanting her to bend me over a fuck my brains out. She was in charge.

“I have something, shut your eyes and Do Not open them until I say..”

“Yes Mistress” I reply with curiosity and impatience.

A few minutes later, I can hear her moving closer and closer. Just the feeling of her coming near me was making me close to cumming, I was desperate, But I knew I needed her permission.

Suddenly, like someone had let a firework off in my stomach I could feel my clit pulsating, my nipples becoming erect to the point of insanity.Her soft wet tongue stroke my pussy. I wanted her more than anything at that moment in time.

Her head between my legs, she spits on my cunt. Then “Slut, open your eyes.”

I open my eyes to find her on her knee’s between my legs with a strap-on dildo ready for my cunt to be pounded. I couldn’t think of anything I wanted more than that at the moment in time.

She held the tip, she wanted me to watch every moment and she was going as slowly as she could. She started rubbing it tip gently round and up and down around my pussy. Before sliding it in harder and harder, faster. She sat me on her lap with the 7 inch pink cock was in me. Pounding my every sensation..

To be continued..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32