Teenage decorators and my wife

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Big Tits

A few summers back I was decorating our living room. It was a hot day and I went outside with a cup of tea. Whilst outside I got talking over the fence with my neighbours son Tom and his mate Pete who were both 16. Upon hearing I was struggling on my own Tom and Pete offered to help.

They helped with the painting all afternoon and late afternoon when my wife Kate (38) returned from shopping she was surprised to find the two lads helping.

She sat down with a drink and talked with us. I noticed that she could hardly look away from Tom’s toned young body.

Eventually she asked what time I would like dinner and asked the boys if they like to join us. Tom’s mum was away on holiday so why not!

The lads popped home for a quick shower and returned in time for tea. The boys chatted and laughed with us and I couldn’t help but notice that my wife kept flirting with the lads.

After the meal Kate excused herself saying she wanted a bath before bed and disappeared upstairs leaving us to watch a bit of TV.

When she returned she was wearing a long red dress, red high heels and a curious smile.

She asked me whether I had paid the boys for their efforts. I stuttered a no at which point she simply said leave it to me and lift the dress over her head revealing that she was wearing nothing Demetevler Escort but stocking and suspenders underneath.

The lads could not look away, scanning up and down from her perfect 34B breasts, toned stomach, shaven pussy and long slender legs topped off with red high heels.

She walked slowly over to the settee and sat between the lads. You could cut the erotic atmosphere with a knife.

Kate sat back and opened her legs revealing her wet pussy lips. “Well are you interested in payment or not?” she demanded taking one hand from each lad, placing one on her inside thigh and the other on her breast.

The lads didn’t need asking twice. Tom lent over to Kate and began French kissing her whilst working his hand up her inner thigh.

Pete was plucking and licking her now erect nipples.

I could only look on in disbelief as my wife encouraged these two lads to ravage her body.

Kate let out a sharp gasp as Tom worked, one, two then three fingers deep into her soaking wet pussy. As he worked his fingers in and out she raised her hips to meet his thrusting fingers.

Kate looked at me dead in the eye, winked and then removing Tom’s fingers knelt in front of his now raise crotch. She slowly unzipped his flies whilst looking him Dikmen Escort in the face to gauge his reaction and then released his rock hard cock. She lowered her head and licked his cock from the base to the tip before taking it deep into her mouth.

Meanwhile Pete was becoming aroused and had removed his trousers to wank at the sight of his mate getting a blowjob from this middle aged redhead.

Before long Tom was no longer able to hold back and Kate began to gag as Tom came in mouth.

With that Tom relaxed on the settee as Kate turned her attention to Pete. With Tom’s spunk dribbling from the corner of her mouth Kate began giving Pete a slobbery blowjob.

Tom began to moan and thrash as Kate worked his cock faster in and out of her mouth.

Suddenly Kate stood and facing away from Pete she lowered her pussy onto Pete’s cock. “Oh, baby your cock is so hard I want you to fuck me with all your might”.

Pete didn’t need asking twice and began humping Kate like there was no tomorrow. Pete moaned louder and louder before going red in the face and then slumping back on his seat.

Kate stood and as she did so I could see sperm dripping from red pussy all over the floor and settee.

Kate stood in front of Tom and inserted her fingers Elvankent Escort deep into her pussy and began masturbating. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing my usually shy and reserved wife acting like a slut in front of this barely legal boy. Well it was certainly having the desired effect, as he watched Tom’s flaccid cock grew and grew until it was fully erect again.

With that Kate laid back on settee and opened her legs. “Well I’m ready if you are you” she beckoned him. Tom knelt in front of Kate’s opening and gradually slid his young cock into her vagina, gasping as he did so. Kate lay with her eyes closed savoring every moment as Tom slid in and out of her body.

Their motion grew ever faster and before long Kate was shouting at Tom to “Fuck me hard, fill my pussy with your rock hard cock, fill me with your juices, give me a baby” and no end of other encouragements.

Before long Tom stopped in his tracks as he ejaculated his hot sperm deep into my wife’s womb. When Tom withdrew I could see the spunk from both lads pouring from her deep red pussy.

Both lads looked like cats who’d had the cream. My wife’s idea of payment certainly met with the full approval. We sat talking, my wife still naked apart from the stocking and suspenders and both lads confided that until that evening they had both been virgins.

After the lads had my wife walked into the kitchen and stood naked against the wall as I fucked her from behind, caressing her breasts and marveling at the lads cum dribbling over my balls and cock.

We are hoping for a repeat performance at some stage.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32