Teasing Tormenting Teens

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Title: Teasing Tormenting Teens Author: Phoenix Arrow Part: Chapter 1 of 1 Keywords: panties, female legs, desire, humiliation Redistribution: yes, with limitations (see below) Short Summary: A mother goes through an eroticly frustrating van ride to the mall with a bunch of teasing tormenting teenage girls
Please, if you are under the age of 18, don’t read this material. Just wait a few years and you’ll be all good and legal for this kind of stuff. Now for the rest of you, Enjoy!

Phoenix Arrow

I honked the horn to hurry her up. That girl really does take too long to pamper herself. As if no boys at the mall will look at her if she’s not perfect. Every hair in its place, make-up well applied, skirt showing all leg…mmmm those legs….

SNAP OUT OF IT! I cant let this happen again. Its not right. She’s my daughter and I’m her mother. Enough with the longing looks already before she freaks out!

DeeDee, my daughter, finally comes sprinting out of the house. A vision of pure teenage beauty. I try closing my eyes so I wont ogle, but its of no use. She’s a sexy teenager like all the rest, enough said! Hoping into the mini van at my side she stares my way with a big pink bubble blowing from her chewing gum. I look at her crossly and she pops it at me with all attitude. Why do I keep turning away in defeat when she does that? Gosh I’m so…

Off we go, on to friend number one. We sit together in silence as I drive, no chance she’d ever offer anything positive to say to me. I contemplate saying something about that short skirt. I mean it leaves NOTHING to the imagination. I should know, as I can’t stop my eyes from drifting to them. I just can’t help it, they’re so pretty sitting there all crossed and everything. It’s no fair to make me sit next to her like this! How am I supposed to keep my eyes on the road?

I quickly dart my face back to the street when she turns to look at me. I don’t know what I’d do if she ever caught me staring at her legs. I mean I am NOT a pervert or something, but she’d still freak!

Despite driving to her friend Jess’s house a hundred times, she still insists on telling me were to turn and where to stop. I’m not dumb you know! But I let her direct me anyways, that snapping bubble gum too much to resist.

Finally we arrive in front of the house and I offer to go get Jess for her, anything to get away from my gorgeous teen before I go crazy. But I get two words in before she reaches over and honks my horn, her long light brown hair just inches below my nose. I inhale and close my eyes at the girly fresh scent of it. Mmmmm so nice. I squeeze my thighs together to quench my itchy cunt.

I open my eyes in time to see the giggling, waving friend bouncing out the house moments later, long blonde hair flowing in the wind. OH GOSH…she’s wearing short shorts. Sooooo beautiful that girl. What legs! Tan and athletic and lickable all over! Just like I love! Is she even wearing a bra beneath that tight shirt? The pert boobs bouncing for my gazing eyes tell me exactly what I want to know. I keep my thighs squeezed till she gets into the car, these girls are too much…

Jess hops in behind us and off we go to friend number two. The two girls are busy chattering a million miles a second as I stick my eyes to the road. I REFUSE to look in the rear view mirror. I just cant let myself get worked up like the last time…

Ohhhhh…dam it! Why did I look? Mmmmm she’s crossed her legs as well. I so love when they do that. So perfect, so adorable…STOP IT! Look straight ahead! I am a mother and an adult! I WILL NOT ogle like a perv at my daughter and her friends, no matter how much their bratty, teenage charms woe me…

I turn on the radio, desperate to keep out their voices from seducing my mind. Each hussy tone, each arrogant phrase demanding my attention. My baby flashes me an angry stare and pops a bubble my way. I turn the volume down like a good mommy.

I have to focus. I can do this. I simply wont look in the rear view mirror, wont listen to their voices, and wont look over at my daughter’s firm soft thighs…DARN IT!


“Yes I know to turn here darling. I know there’s a stop sign. I am not driving too slowly. Ok baby I’ll drive faster…” I really need to have a talk with this girl. She needs to learn to treat me with respect. I am not an airhead mommy. I CAN drive a car with out her help. I need to learn to show her who’s in charge once in awhile. In the meantime, its soooo much easier to just say, “Yes baby, I’m sorry, you are right!”

We pull into the driveway and she again honks the horn to giggles and waves. “Please don’t look gorgeous, please don’t look gorgeous” I chant in my mind, hoping I didn’t have a third teen hoty to ogle over.

“Oh my! Have mercy!”, I moan in my mind at the sight of her. Did I just lick my lips? I wish I could wrap my lips around those amazingly perky breasts as Jill ran out of the house towards us. This one is definitely Onwin NOT wearing a bra. Since when did girls so young start wearing tub tops? It’s just not fair! At least she’s wearing a knee length dress. I don’t think I can survive with any more than two pairs of flashy girly legs in my face. But those calves! How can they be so perfect?

I simply can’t help it. The instant my daughter jumps out of the car to hug her tub top friend I lower my hands between my legs. NO I’m not playing with myself! I simply needed to…um…rearrange the area…ya that’s it. Moist women need to do that to you know!

They get into the van and in mere moments the chitchat erupts all over again. I pull out of the driveway in labored breathing, my brief touch between my legs only making my situation worse. Gosh their voices are soooo erotic. Do they have any clue how it affects me?

Friend number three is a little farther away then the others. No big deal. All I have to do is focus on the road and I’ll be all right. Just ignore those knee weakening, pussy wetting voices of theirs and I’ll be ok. Simply stare straight ahead and don’t look at my daughters crossed white thighs…or her friends long tanned legs…or the other ones cute little calves…! Awwwwe, those perfect little calves, framed so well with those white socks and knees length dress. I so do love girly calves. If I could only kneel down and kiss them, each of them, all over…and lick them….


It’s happening just like last time. I promised myself I’d keep cool. That I wouldn’t salivate as each of them unknowingly seduced me with their very presence. Their trim petite bodies and arrogant ‘always right’ attitudes. Ohhhh yummy. BUT NO! Not this time. I can’t fall apart before them. I can’t embarrass my daughter with my wines and moans. She’ll hate me even worse if she catches me doing this. I can’t have her hating me. I can’t have them all laughing at the horny older mommy slut who couldn’t keep her eyes off them.

My daughter points out where to turn next and I comply. “Yes darling, right away!” Why am I such a pushover for her? Another minute later I’m pulling into Bridget’s driveway. I sit back and await DeeDee’s honking hand on my steering wheel. I have to catch my breath as her body moves up close to mine for the third time, the smell of her sweet perfume intoxicating my senses. Again I close my eyes and slightly lean forward to enjoy it. But sadly she leans back all too quickly.

I reopen my eyes just in time for my jaw to drop and pussy to cream as Bridget hip swayed her way to the front of the van. This girl might as well have been going to the mall naked. Her mini skirt was even shorter than my daughters, coming just below her cute little butt. Her flat midriff completely bare for the warm sun, and what looked like some glorified piece of tape wrapped over her well developed chest was supposed to be her top. Ok ok, it wasn’t tape, but any clothing that manages to show both the top AND bottom part of the breasts might as well be glued on tape! I caught myself half way licking my lips when I saw her mother waving to me from the door. How on earth could she look so cheerful sending out her young teen daughter looking like THAT? The bitch knew full well what visual torment her daughter was about to cause me and she waved with the happiest of smiles. Was that a wink she just gave me? I stupidly wave back!

Another second later Bridget and DeeDee join the rest of the girls in the back of the van, leaving me all alone to fidget and squirm to their intoxicating bratty teen voices. I love the way they act like they own the world. But don’t they?

I pull out of the drive way and finally head off towards the mall. One eye on the road, the other glued bashfully on the rear view mirror at every flashing, tantalizing piece of female flesh I can see. With my daughter off in the back seats, I’m shamefully free to ogle with less risk of being caught. The longer I drive, the more times I have to shake my head to focus on the cars around me. I need to survive this. I can’t fall apart. I can’t fall under their wonderful spell and dream of becoming their mommy slut plaything. I need to get them to the mall, so they can flash their legs, tits, and asses at the boys and girls their own ages. They’re not dressed for getting us older women hot and horny. Though I’m sure they have a clue how wet they make us.

Stop it! I simply can’t let them take over my submissive mind. I am the adult, a mature woman. They’re supposed to look up to me and at times fear me. But why is it soooo hard? I mean listen to them, chatting and being all bratty. They could command me to kiss their sneakers and I’d have no choice but to obey! I need to listen to them. To lean back and let their words flow into my ears, through my spine, and dominate my juicing wet pussy. That’s the natural order of things isn’t it?

It wouldn’t be so bad. Getting on my knees and kissing theirs? It wouldn’t be so wrong of me. So what if I’m an adult Onwin Giriş woman lowering herself to doing such wonderful things to my daughter and her teenage friends? Who says I have to be the one in charge? Why can’t it be them? Gosh please let it be them!

But what would the other mothers think of me? Wouldn’t they understand my need? My desire to crawl around at their majestic haughty commands? I know I cant be the only slut mommy out there!

Suddenly I swerve the van, avoiding a braking car in front of us, instantly shattering my foggy shameful dreams and getting an ear full from my condemning daughter.

Oh yes please yell at me baby. Yell at your whimpering sniveling mommy and order her to kiss all your pretty pink toenails. Ohhhh…

Then I see it! In the rear view mirror. The pink cotton panties between the lean white thighs. I don’t even know whose panties they are. My eyes unwilling to tear away long enough for the chance of seeing its owner’s face. Its the most perfect image my eyes have ever seen. White teen thighs framing pink teen panties. Gosh so wonderful! I continue to stare, barely taking a blink of an eye to check the road. Saliva collects in my mouth as I studying what I see. In another moment I can clearly make out two succulent lips pressing against the soft material.

I’m squeezing my thighs like crazy watching my treasure. Its inviting me, calling me to come to it. What’s stopping me from turning around and lunging my tongue between those fantastic teen legs? Why not pull the mini van to the side of the road and worship this beauty’s sex?

A honk from another car alerts me to the weaving I’m doing on the road. I can’t continue like this. I can’t keep driving sanely while this craving dessert is so tantalizingly close.

I look back in the mirror, desperately searching for the open legs, but its gone. I can’t find it. I whimper desperately but its no use, who ever it was has moved. I look up and scan the faces. Who was it? Who was the sweat heart I was sneaking a taboo peak? Which of her gorgeous, perfect friends was it? OR….was it…MY OWN DAUGHTER???

I clinch my fist and curse for allowing myself to possibly fall in love with my own daughter’s cotton covered crotch. This is so wrong. All of it. Whether it’s her cotton panties or her friend’s I was still watching these young girls with horrible lust. So so very wrong! And what if it was my daughter’s pink panties that I was drooling over? How could I think that way about my own daughter? I mean dreaming of running my fingers up and down her legs, and bowing down to her power over me is one thing. But actually shoving my tongue deep into her deserving sex was totally another low all together!

Still… Would it be so bad? I mean to actually…kneel down there and… If I already wish for her and her teen friends to dominate me, wouldn’t her pussy simply be part of that? I mean how else should a daughter dominate her mother than with her own dripping wet tight cunt? Shouldn’t horny submissive mommies do that for their daughters? Worship her pussy? Yes! That’s how it should be. And maybe if I lick extra good, she can let me…lick her friends to?

My pussy suddenly spasms in a mini untouched orgasm, and I uncontrollably moan aloud. I thrust a hand to my mouth and listen to the dead silence behind me. Did they actually hear me? Did I just totally give away my panty wetting thoughts? Surely I must have, since they remain silent. What are they thinking? What will they say?

Another agonizing ten seconds passes until I hear the conversation pick up again. But this time, its with definite laughter and giggles. Are they talking about me?

Please no. They mustn’t suspect. A simple moan cant be an indication of my lust for their nubile young bodies. They can’t know this female adult wishes to get on her knees before them and thank them for being so arrogant and perfect. I’m a good mommy.

I try in vain to ignore them. To show that I am not a pervert. To erase any of their nonsense suspicions, if they exist. I know I’m getting paranoid, but I cant take any chances.

Suddenly there’s movement of something on my right. Its a pair of sandals. One of the girls has placed her firm legs on the armrest beside me. They’re just inches from me. Imagine, perfect teenage white legs right next to you!!! Kissable manicured toes wiggling in their sandals! My heart pounds from the excitement of doubled arousal.

Whose legs are they? Why did they put them there? To tease me?

Nonsense. Girls this young don’t think that way. These girls may be brats, but they couldn’t possibly know how to pull the strings of a mature woman by flashing well placed legs. But then again…

Who am I kidding? I can’t resist sneaking close up peaks of these legs even if I tried. I might as well ‘attempt’ do the best I can at NOT looking obvious. Carefully I turn my head and stare long fully at those wiggling suck able toes. If I couldn’t only lift one of those feet up to my hungry Onwin Güncel Giriş mouth and suck on each and every one of them.

I turn quickly back to the road and breath deeply for several seconds. A few seconds is enough right? I can turn my face again without arising too much suspicion???

Would you look at those firm strong calves, one resting over the other. Nothing says teen girl like an athletic pair of calves. Why does nature make them so amazingly sexy? I lick my lips, staring long fully at them before again quickly turn my head back to the road. I wait another moment and take another look. Gosh so heavenly. Whose are they? Are they my daughters? Do I even care?

Checking to make sure I’m not dangerously close to another car, I now move my shifty eyes even higher to her knees. Mmmmmm. How can something as simple and none-sexual as a girl’s knees be sooooo dame HOT??? I mean look at them. I can’t even describe the way they make me feel, other than the immense impulse to kiss them. Girly knees are meant to be kissed right?

Suddenly a round of giggles erupts and in a flash I look back towards the road. Was I staring too long? Did they finally notice my little perverted game? I didn’t really lick my lips watching those knees did I. Please tell me I didn’t! Then what’s all that low whispering? They’ve caught me for sure, I just know it. Whispers and giggles have to mean they caught DeeDee’s horny old cow mommy bathing her lips with her tongue watching a pair of fantastic looking white teen knees! I’ve been caught for sure!

But then why hasn’t this vixen removed her legs from the armrest? Is she teasing me further? Or maybe this is still all in my mind. I don’t dare look in the mirror to check what’s going on back there. I can already imagine the humiliating stares and smirks on their faces if they know my sickness.

And what about those thighs? Those long lean thighs that lay ever so attractively beyond those cute knees. Can I risk looking at them to? Soft, white, flawless teenage thighs demanding my eyes give them the attention they so rightly deserve!

I slowly look back down at the wiggling toes, up to the strong taught calves, around the perfectly blessed knees and directly to the heavenly thighs. But something more heavenly attracts my eyes even further…where those wonderful thighs disappear to…the pink pair of panties…


I dart my face forward faster than the speed of light, my face flushing blood red. I’ve just been caught with my hand in the cookie jar, I just know it!

“Yes honey, w…wwwhat is it?” I squeak out pathetically.

“You’ve just passed the Mall! Aren’t you even paying attention to where you’re going?”

“Oh so sorry baby, I was just…ummm…distracted a bit!” I exhale the biggest relief of my life. I must be a cat with so many lives. DeeDee or the rest of the girls hadn’t discovered my stares after all. Thank goodness!

But before I even finish turning the van back around those wonderful teasing legs retract from my armrest. A sense of disappointment and relief wash over me at the same time. Despite my luck, I wish I could have enjoyed their presence a little while longer, And I didn’t even know whose legs I was enjoying.

I pull into the massive mall parking lot and find a spot close to the main building. One by one the little angels hop out of the side door. One by one those perfect bratty teens make my pussy gush and heart thumb as I gaze long fully at them. Not so much as a thanks or a goodbye. I’m just a chauffeur to them, a mommy chauffeur to teen goddesses.

As the door slides shut I watch them laugh and talk their way towards the building, off to do what teenage girls always do at the mall, shop and check out boys. And what do mommies like me do? They hike up their skirts shove their drenched panties to the side and rub the hell out of their puffy pussies! Enough is enough. A whole car ride of frustration needs a release and that’s exactly what I am doing, just like I did the last time I drove these girls to the mall, and the time before that, and before that….

I close my eyes and flood my mind with visions of all of them, frolicking around in their tiny skirts or shorts, tight shirts, perky breasts bouncing, asses swaying, calf muscles flexing and me on my hands and knees paying homage to each one of them. If life could only be so wonderful.

Suddenly there is a tap on my left window and in a flash my eyes dart open and my skirt pushed down. I look around in a panic and see DeeDee standing right there with a complete lack of expression. My face turns completely white and my eyes grow wide.

For 30 seconds we both stare at each other. How long had she been standing there? It didn’t matter, she knows what I was doing and why I was probably doing it.

Then…the smirk. The smirk only a bratty, know-it-all teenage girl can give to such devastating effect. Reaching under her skirt, I see her lowering something towards the ground. I take short ragged breaths as she bends down, shuffling her feet a moment before picking it up. Life seems frozen as she opens my door and drops it on my lap. She closes the door while I look down and inhale deeply at what I see. I look back at her and that cocky smirk is still there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32