Teasing Him over the Edge

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It was the peak moment, the moment they both lived for. His penis almost unbearably hard, stretching up vertically right in front of Teri’s little nose with its tiny nostrils, the huge purple head fascinating her with its colossal size, its straining, shiny, bursting excitement. The awe and pure naked lust in her wide-spaced eyes.

Barely able to control his voice, he said, Say it again, Teri.

Oh God yes, she whispered. Make me say it.

Say what you said on the dance floor.

It’s so fucking huge. I said I could feel it pressing against me.

Not that. Say it, Teri.

I said… I said I…

Go on.

I said I want you to… to…

Say it.

Bring yourself off in my face.

Say it.

I want you to bring yourself off in my face.

Talk, baby. Say it all. Describe it, Teri.

I want to watch it as you stroke right to the very edge. I want you to watch it, to watch your penis as you stroke it to the very edge. We’ll both watch.

What else will I be watching?

My mouth.

And what else?

My nose.

Is that what you like, baby?

Yes, she whispered.

She glanced at him, then quickly back at his huge cockhead.

Is that your favorite, Teri

Yes, she nodded. Yes. Yes. Make me say it.

What’s your favorite kind of sex, Teri?

Like this.

Say it.

When you cum in my face.

Keep saying it.

Right in my face.

Tell me what you like.

When you stroke to the very edge. Right in my face.

Keep on talking, Teri.

When your cock gets so incredibly stiff, pointing straight up, straining and twitching.

Go on, baby. Do you like what happens next? What’s about to happen.

Yes. I love it.

Tell me.

I love it when it shoots off in my face. I love it when you’re about to shoot.

Like this, now.


They both gazed, breathless, panting, at the throbbing, straining, gigantic penis, at its purple head about to burst.

They wanted it to last forever.

It’s going to be a huge one, Teri.

I know. Your balls, they’re huge.

Bigger than usual?


This is the best for me, Teri baby. You know that, don’t you.

Yes, bursa escort Teri whispered.

Say it.

I know you like this best.

Better than anything.


What do I like about it, Teri?

You like seeing your cock really really stiff, really stiff and huge…


He nodded for her to go on.

She swallowed.

Say it, Teri.

And…and you like to see it like that in front of my face, so that…

So that what, Teri?

She knew how he loved for her to tease him like this. She knew it made him harder and harder, and made the orgasm huge.

So that you know that… that…

That what, Teri?

That when you cum…

Go on, Teri.

Oh God I love the way you repeat my name.

That when I cum, what?

That when you come it’s going to go…

Go where, baby?

All over my pretty face.

You like that, don’t you, Teri.


She gazed up at him, her eyes hot.

Do you love it, Teri?

Yes. I love it. I love…

Say it, baby.

I love the feel of it on my face. I love the smell of it on my face. I love the taste of it.

You know I love you for liking it so much.

Yes, Teri whispered.

It was how they had met. Through an internet ad that made plain what he wanted. And what she wanted. Just oral. Just facials. Over and over. It was his fetish and her fetish too.

He said:

That’s what I want from you.


How often?

Every time. Every time and as often as you can, every day.

They had said this to each other the very first time. And every time since that first time, when they amazed each other by the quantity of semen her teasing coaxed from his balls.

How often is that, baby?

She glanced up at him. Six or seven times? She whispered.

Seven was their record. But they both knew they could go for many more.

He could feel himself about to slip over the edge. His legs were trembling, and his voice was barely in control.

Go on talking. I’m going to cum any second.

She knew this was it. It was about to happen. Time to bring him over the edge.

Please cum, please cum bursa escort bayan on my face, on my pretty pretty face.

Yes, he croaked, your pretty…

…pretty face, she finished it for him. That’s what it’s for, my pretty face.

For… for…

She knew it was time for her to take over the words.

For your hot…thick…white…cum. All my prettiness…is for your spunk.

Go…on…going to stroke…

In my face, baby.

They could barely speak now, choking with excitement.

It was like this every time.

Ever since the first time.

Her overwhelming prettiness. His gigantic straining cock. The purple head, shiny, huge, about to burst. Her awe. Her lust. Her shining, fascinated eyes. Her tiny nose. Her wet, big, soft, open, panting lips.

Stroke yourself off…in my face…

He stared at her, speechless with excitement.

Bring yourself off. Please. This is the best. Watching you spurt. Waiting for it to spurt. Watching the head. The beautiful, beautiful head.

Do you…Like the head?

I love it, I love the color of it. I live for it. Stroke in my face!

Slowly, cautiously, he began to stroke. They both knew what was coming, any instant now.

They were both breathless, watching the exquisite ritual, as he softly stroked the immense shaft in front of her heavenly face, when its perfect skin, huge mouth and tiny nose.

They both knew it would be aimed at her mouth, so perfectly formed, so big it was no use for anything but oral sex, and her nose, where she welcomed huge violent gouts of semen in her nostrils, the great thick ropes of white hot cum that boiled from his enormous balls.

Any…was all he could manage.

Moment now, baby… She knew the script.


Yes! Any moment now.

His voice gone now as he watched his giant penis enter the throes of bliss, against her lovely, willing face.

His legs shook.

She moaned, a bitch in heat, knowing this was it.

Cum on my face! Cum in my face, cum on my face, cum in my face, cum on my face, cum in my face, cum in my face, cum in my face, Teri’s gorgeous lips repeated again and again.

Over it he escort bursa roared…I’m COMING!!

He watched with crazy intentness as Teri carefully lowered her tiny nose towards the opening lips at the tip of the huge purple head of his throbbing penis.

AGGGHHHH!! he screamed in excruciating ecstasy as the first thick, hot, massive jet left his cockhead.

It would have gone clean over the girl’s head and come down on her back off Teri hadn’t placed her nose in the way of the steaming hot semen.

The sperm rocketed into her tiny nostrils and cane bubbling out of her pretty mouth.

Her lover yelled again in frenzied pleasure and pain as the even bigger second load fired high into the air, with Teri watching in panting, sweaty awe as it left the swollen cockhead to rise two feet into the air before splattering back down onto her exquisite features.

AAGGHHHH!! he yelled again as the third load battered hard against her pretty mouth. This was his favorite, and she knew it, pursuing her pretty lips into an outrageous pout right in front of his charging semen-blast.

The fourth load repeated the mouth shot against half-open lips, smearing them with cream. Her pretty mouth was his obsession, she knew, and she let the two huge blasts of semen cling to her mouth.

Now Teri was allowed to gasp out her own ecstasy again as he pumped a third successive load onto her lips.

“Oh God yes come on my face, oh God yes drown me, drown me, drown me, I love it, I love the smell of it, I love the feel of it I love the taste of it, cum all over me, all over my face!!”

The sixth and seventh loads went spraying up the right hand side of her sweet nose, the second splashing the left.

He was still roaring the pain and bliss as each mighty load burst from his cockhead and they watched in eager ecstasy. Her pretty drenched face…his huge erupting cock…

Teri was now allowed to tenderly hold her lover’s balls, squeezing gently to add to the size of his final bursts. The first one, the eighth, coated the special erotic place between her pretty nose and cum- soaked mouth. The remainder went wherever there was a patch of perfect porcelain skin left clear of semen.

At last he was done, both Teri and her lover groaning with pleasure now, moaning, and cooing as he studied his latest masterpiece, before letting her run to the mirror to glory in the fabulous, obscene sight of it on her sweet face, as he got out the camera.

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