Teaching DIY

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Teaching DIY
Tracey moved in next door about 6 months ago. She lived on her own, and from our brief conversations, I had learned a little about her.
She was in her 40’s, not thin, but not overweight, had ginger hair cut short, and about 5’6” tall. She worked in a local office, and had moved into next door as a result of her mother passing away. She had spent most of the last 10 years caring for her, but sadly illness took her away. Tracey had decided to make a clean start by moving to a new house, and a new life.

One Friday afternoon, I was cutting the lawn out the front, when Tracey walked by, and started chatting. She explained that she was going to try and decorate her bedroom over the weekend. That it should be interesting, as she had never done it before, but she was willing to have a go.

I casually offered to help, if she got stuck on anything, as I was a bit of an expert. She left saying that she might hold me to that offer.

I didn’t think any more of it, until about the middle of Saturday morning. Tracey knocked on the door, and asked if I wouldn’t mind popping round to explain what she needed to do, and what she needed to buy. So, I went round and went upstairs with her and looked at the bedroom. It had been papered, but she wanted it just painted. I explained what was required, and the stuff she needed. I also offered her the use of my decorating tools, which she accepted.

Later that day, Tracey knocked on the door, and explained that she was having a problem in getting the paper off the walls. I went round with her, and started to show her what to do. She offered me a coffee, and I carried on taking the paper off.

She returned and told me a sit down and watch her work, so that I could give her a few pointers. I sat there chatting away, watching her work. It was then that I started to look at her properly, She was wearing a vest top and some leggings. As she worked, I noticed her boobs bouncing away, and that she was showing quite a bit of cleavage. The more, she bahis siteleri canlı worked, the more her boobs were being exposed. Every now and then, she would stop, and hoist her vest back up over them. Then, she was on her hands and knees taking the paper off the lower part of the wall. Her arse was thrust out, and wiggling away as she worked. It was quite a sight, seeing her tight leggings hugging her arse, and I was sure she was showing a little camel toe. I wondered whether she was wearing panties, and felt myself starting to get aroused. I reached down and adjusted myself, so that my cock was in a comfortable position, and just carried on chatting, and watching her lovely arse.

Eventually, she got up and asked how she was doing. She had her hands on her hips, her boobs were overflowing the top of her vest, and she was showing a very good camel toe. Her leggings had slid right into her slit, and I could clearly see the outline of her pussy. My cock was now getting more and more aroused, and I am sure she took a couple a sneaky glances at my crotch. Anyway, I told her that she had done a very good job, but I needed to go. She apologised for keeping me there for so long, but asked if she could ask again if she was stuck.

Later that day, there was a knock at the door, and there stood Tracey. She apologised, and explained that she was stuck again. I went round, and she explained that a small part of the plaster had come off, and needed to be repaired. I offered to fix it for her and as the stuff was already there, continued to fill the plaster damage. She stood by the side of me, arms folded under her boobs, pushing them up so that she revealed a lovely bulging pair of boobs. I kept looking up, and then saw that her nipples were getting hard, and poking right underneath the material of her vest. She must of seen me looking, but didn’t do or say anything. Then, she bent down to take a closer look at what I was doing, and in doing so, the front of her vest slipped canlı bahis down, causing her boobs to nearly fall out. She didn’t bother to put them back, and was leaning over me with her boobs practically hanging out. I think she was quite enjoying teasing me.

I finished what I was doing and Tracey went off to make us a cup of coffee. She came back up, and I sat on some steps, and thought that if she could tease me, then I could tease her. So, I sat there with legs apart, trousers tight across my crotch, revealing the outline of my semi erect cock. As we chatted, I noticed her looking at my bulge. Tracey sat down on a chair a little way infront of me, and leaned forward, resting her elbows on her knees. Once again, her boobs started to spill out over the neckline of her vest, and her nipples clearly outlined underneath. Then, she sat up, and slid her arse forward on the seat, which in effect, pulled her leggings up her slit, giving me a good show of outline of her pussy. As we chatted, she was opening and closing her legs, which made the material over her crotch tighten, and go deeper into her pussy. By now, my cock was quite hard, and clearly visible under my trousers, but we just sat there chatting, teasing each other. After a short while, I could see a slight damp patch appear in the crotch of her leggings.

Tracey then said that she could see my problem, and that she just loved to tease me. That it turned her on, and whether we could carry on, but no sex, just teasing. Who was I to refuse.
She then reached down and dangled her hand over her crotch, and occasionally, let her fingers slide over her slit. The more she done so, the larger the wet patch got.

By now, my cock was straining under my trousers, and naturally, my hand went down to my bulge, and let my thumb and forefinger slowly run up and down the outline of my cock. It didn’t take long for a wet patch to appear on my trousers, where my cock was getting wet with excitement.

Tracey looked on intently, bahis siteleri and now had started rubbing herself harder, until she must of climaxed, and she went rigid and then shuddered. The front of her leggings were soaked with her cum.
She then told me to sort my problem out, and asked whether I would rub myself infront of her. She pulled the front of her vest down, and let her lovely breasts fall out. Her nipples were poking right out, and looked hard as bullets. She then said she would give me some encouragement, but we couldn’t tough each other, just watch. Tracey then slid her leggings down, to reveal her pussy. It was clean shaven, shiny and wet with her juices. She opened her legs again, and to my astonishment, showed me quite large pussy lips, all swollen and moist. She let her hand slide between her legs, and parted those lovely lips, and started to slowly finger herself. A little at a time, sliding her fingers deeper and deeper.

I couldn’t hold on any longer, so undone my trousers, and pulled them down with my shorts, letting my hard cock spring out. It was then that Tracey gasped, as I keep myself shaved down there. Completely smooth, and I could see Tracey lick her lips, and she was now frantically finger fucking herself.

I wrapped my hand around my cock, and slowly rubbed it up and down my hard cock, pulling the skin tight on each downward stroke. My clear juice dribbled out the slit of my knob, which I rubbed into the entire length of my cock making it very slippery. Soon, I couldn’t hold on any longer and my cock tensed, and my cum squirted out over the floor. With each spasm, a squirt of cum shot out.
Tracey was now leaning back, and shoving her fingers deep inside herself, and suddenly went rigid and climaxed herself. I could clearly see her thick cream oozing out over her fingers.

We sat there for a little while, our rubbing getting slower and slower, until eventually, Tracey said thank you. She sat there exposing her lovely wet pussy, and her large swollen labia poking out. She told me that she hadn’t seen a cock for about 3 years, and really enjoyed the experience. Then finished the conversation by saying that she was looking forward to more adventures, and learning how to enjoy herself again.

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