Teacher’s Pet Pt. 01

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Continuing the stories of my sexual education and adventures.

My senior year in high school I had a pretty hot history teacher. Judy was in her 1st year of teaching after graduating from college and was 22-23 years old. Judy had shoulder length black hair, was 5’6″, probably 130 pounds, great legs and ass, slim with smallish tits. She had been somewhat flirty and joking around during the school year.

As we neared graduation, I quietly asked her one day if I could see her sometime during the summer.

Touching my arm, she smiled and said, “If you can find me.”

I nodded and walked away smiling. My mother was also a teacher in the district. When I got home I found her staff listing and got Judy’s address and phone number. She lived in an apartment in the bigger city that my hometown was a suburb of.

About three weeks after graduation I drove by her apartment one Saturday. My intention was to check it out, but as i walked by the pool Judy was laying out with some other women. Judy was wearing a black bikini and had her hair pulled back in a ponytail. She saw me walking up to the fence, I could tell she was surprised to see me. Judy moved to the fence as I stepped up to it.

“How did you find me?”

“It’s a secret.”

She smiled, I could feel her looking me over even though I could not see her eyes through her sunglasses.

“Meet me at the gate”, she said.

Judy went back to where she had been sitting as I moved to the gate. She spoke with the other women who all turned to look at me. Grabbing her things, she moved to the gate.

“Follow me,” she said as she moved through the gate. She led me around the complex to her apartment and I followed watching her bikini clad ass. Stepping into the cool darkness of her apartment she dropped her things by the door.

Turning to me she asked again, “How did you find me?”

“You are in the directory.”

She stared at me thinking for a moment, “Is one of your parents in the district?”


Judy thought for another minute,”This could be very dangerous.”

“I understand, this is between you and me.”

I could tell she was conflicted and was thinking about it. After a minute she asked, “Do you want a beer?”

“Yes.” My heart was beating fast and I felt my cock twitching, she was going to let me stay.

She got two beers from the kitchen and moved to the couch. I followed and sat on one end of the couch, she was on the other. We talked for about what we were doing for the summer, where I was going to school, and what I was doing that evening. Noticing my beer was empty she got up and retrieved me another one. As she walked to the kitchen she mentioned that her roommate was gone for the weekend.

Returning to the couch she sat right next to me, our legs touching. I could feel the heat of her body and the smell of her suntan lotion. She placed her hand on my thigh, her fingers hot against my skin. Leaning in she began kissing me. My cock got instantly hard as only a 18 year old cock can. She moved her hand up my body, brushing over my cock in my gym shorts as she moved to my chest.

Reaching around her I untied the strings holding the top to her bikini. Breaking away from the Kartal escort kiss, her top fell away exposing her tits. Leaning back in she began to kiss me again and I began to grab and squeeze her tits.

Pulling away Judy stood up, “Slow down and enjoy it.”

She then reached down and pulled my shorts to my ankles exposing my 7″ cock. Reaching out she grabbed my cock.

“Very nice, I can’t wait to play with this.”

I was speechless and was just staring at her hand gripping my cock. She pushed me back to laying on the couch and sank to her knees next to the couch. She was slowly stroking my cock, looking into my eyes and smiling.

Soon precum was leaking from my cock. She smeared it over the head of my cock rubbing and tweaking it as she moved her hand around my cock. Leaning in, she slowly took me into her mouth. She slowly slid down my cock until her nose was touching my groin. I could feel my cock being squeezed by her throat. Judy then began moving her mouth up and down my cock. I had gotten blow jobs before, but this was so amazing, her mouth acting like a pussy and my entire cock disappearing into it.

I started to feel like I was getting ready to cum and began to push my cock into her mouth. Her hand pushed down on my thigh and she looked up at me.

“You can fuck my face later, sit back and relax for now.”

She slowly stroked my cock staring at it as she did. Moving her mouth back to my cock she began to suck and stroke it at the same time. She was moving faster on my cock. Sensing I was cumming, she removed her hand and took all of me in her mouth. My cock twitched and the first shot went straight down her throat. As I continued cumming she pulled up slightly on my cock and my cum filled her mouth. When I finished pumping her mouth full, she pulled up from my cock, looked at me showing the cum in her mouth and then swallowed.

I was laying there stunned. Just about all of the girls who had ever sucked my cock had not let me cum in their mouth or spit my first blast out. Cumming in her throat and mouth and watching her swallow it was amazing. Only only one other girl had swallowed me like that.

Judy looked at me, “Now you are ready to fuck, let’s take a shower.”

She stood up and moved toward the bedroom untying her bikini bottoms and letting them fall to the floor. I got up off the couch shedding my shoes, shirt and stepping out of my shorts following her to the bedroom watching her naked ass move.

Moving into the bathroom she stepped into the shower and turned the water on. I had never taken a shower with anyone else and had not really been totally naked with a woman. Most of my experience had been hasty, quick encounters that were usually not totally naked and were not in the light. Judy saw me looking at her in the shower.

“Join me,” she said.

I nodded and stepped into the shower with her. Judy stepped into the stream of water letting it roll over her naked body. After a minute she stepped out of the stream and slid her naked, wet body against me as she slid by me squeezing my balls. I then stepped into the stream of water wetting my body.

Judy soaped a wash cloth and pulling me back from the water, began Kurtköy Escort to wash my back. Moving down my body she moved her hands over my ass and down my legs. Lingering by my ass, she washed in the crack of my ass and teased the back of my balls. Holding my hips she turned me to face her. She began washing my chest and arms. Working down my body, she skipped past my cock and knelt down to wash my legs. Moving up the inside of my thighs she began to wash my balls and cock. My cock was springing back to life as she stroked and washed it.

Releasing my cock, she put more soap on the wash cloth and handed it to me.

Now, clean me off.”

Nodding I took the wash cloth from her. I began washing her chest and arms, lingering on her tits, massaging and squeezing them. Turning her around, I washed her back and moved down cupping her ass and sliding my hand down her ass crack over her asshole and touching the back of her pussy. I then slid down to wash her legs, brushing up against her pussy as I washed her upper thighs. Finally I moved back in front of her to wash her pussy, her legs moving open to give my hand room to move around.

Judy shuddered as my finger touched the front of her pussy. Dropping the wash cloth, I began to rub my finger across her entire pussy and she began to push against me. Feeling how wet she was I slid my finger into her and began to rub inside her pussy. Judy continued to rub against my hand and pulled me closer so our bodies were touching, my now rigid cock pressing against her stomach. After a bit of fingering her and our bodies rubbing together she grabbed my cock pushing it down toward her pussy.

“Move your hand,” she said.

Holding my cock, she began to rub it against her pussy lips. Putting her other arm around my neck to steady herself, she got up on her tip toes and slid the tip of my cock into her. After a minute or so of that she pulled my cock from her and stepped back.

“Get rinsed off and let’s get in bed.”

I nodded my enthusiastic agreement and we finished rinsing the soap from our bodies. Stepping out of the shower she threw me a towel. I dried off quickly and finished as she dropped her towel and headed for the bedroom.

Cock straining, I followed her to the bed. She laid on the bed pulling her legs up and opening her knees.

Pointing to the end of the bed she said, “Stand down there.”

I moved to the end of the bed and was staring straight at her pussy. Looking at me she reached down and pulled her pussy open revealing her wet pink inner lips. She began to move one finger around her pussy.

“Have you ever eaten a pussy?”, she asked, still staring at me.

“No but I have tasted it from my fingers.”

“Come up here, I want you to lick me.”

Crawling up on the bed I moved my head to her pussy. I looked at it for a few seconds, my first time really up close with one, amazed by it. It looked soft and was glistening with her juices. Not exactly sure what to do, I tentatively reached in and licked it, pulling my head back after I did.

“That’s a start. Now get in there and lick all around it.”

I looked up her body at her, nodded, and moved back in. Began to lick all around Maltepe Escort her pussy as she held it open. She tasted sweet and seemed to be enjoying it.

“Lick it from the bottom to the top and suck lightly at the top.”

She was teaching me how to eat pussy. My cock was throbbing, it was a good thing she had already made me cum or I might have shot on the bed right there.

I am licking her pussy, moving around, sucking where she tells me. Her hips are moving around. She pulls her hands back, one moving to push two fingers into her pussy, the other on my head to push me down on her. Judy is now humping my face and her fingers. I hear her breath becoming faster as her fingers pump in and out of her pussy. Suddenly her body stiffened, her fingers pulled away from her pussy and she pushed herself onto my mouth.

“Suck my pussy,” she almost yelled as she held my head in place. I was sucking her pussy as hard as I could. Her body was shaking and she was breathing hard. After a minute, she relaxed and released my head from her grip.

I had seen my first woman orgasm and it had been utterly amazing to watch. My face was covered in pussy juice, my cock rock hard and dripping precum. Pulling my head up I could see Judy looking at me with a totally content look on her face.

She looked down at me. “I want you to fuck me now. Stick your dick in me, pound my pussy and cum in me.”

I did not need to be told twice. As I sat up she pulled her legs up in the air fully exposing her pussy. Moving up on my knees I moved my cock to her pussy and stuck the head of it into her. Looking down I saw my cock actually in a pussy for the first time. It was such a turn-on to see it sticking in her like that. It is still one of my favorite things to see. She was so wet from just having her orgasm. Grabbing her legs, I pushed my cock forward until all 7″ of it was buried in her. We both let out contented sighs and I began to slide my cock in and out of her pussy.

“Yes, fuck me, fuck me faster. You like fucking your teacher?”

“Oh god yes. Your pussy is so wet, hot and tight.”

I picked up speed fucking her faster. She was grunting every time I drove all the way into her. I really needed to cum in her and drove my full strokes into her as hard as I could. My cum raced through my cock as I pushed as deep as I could into her and started to cum.

“Oh fuck I’m cumming,” was all I could say.

Judy wrapped her legs around me pulling me as deep as possible as I filled her pussy with cum. This was probably my first real fuck and the feeling was overwhelming. As my cock stopped pulsing/twitching, I slowly laid on her as she unwrapped her legs from me. My cock slowly softened and slid out of her in a slimy mess of our cum mixed together. Panting and still catching my breath I rolled off of her onto the bed.

“That was incredible,” I said softly.

“Yes it was. You are going to be a good pussy eater and your cock is just right for me. I cannot wait to show you more,” she said.

She moved to rest her head on my chest and I held her in my arms. We laid like that for a couple of minutes when she moved her head down my body towards my cock.

“I love the taste of my pussy on a dick that has just cum in me,” she said as she licked the head of mine.

She licked and sucked my cock and balls clean and then moved up to kiss me. I could taste her mixed with me on her lips.

Judy snuggled back next to me and we both drifted off to sleep.

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