Teacher’s Pet Ch. 02

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Paul Baxter laid in bed thinking about his good fortune. Four months ago Lacy Ross had supplanted his wife Jeanne by fucking his brains out while Jeanne watched. Jeanne moved out that day with their son, and within 60 days the divorce was final. Lacy had been living with Paul ever since Jeanne left, and, to Paul’s delight, she still was fucking his brains out almost non-stop.

It was Sunday night and Paul and Lacy had just finished a four-hour fuck-a-thon during which Paul had cum four times. Even after that he was still rock-hard thinking about Lacy’s huge tits and ass. Lacy leaned over Paul, gently stroked his dick and said “Pauly, I know this will be hard, but I want you to promise me that you won’t cum for the next 4 weeks. No fucking, blow jobs or hand jobs. I don’t want you jacking off. At the end of the four weeks I want you so horny and full of cum that you’ll be howling at the moon. I promise you that the wait will be worthwhile because at the end of the four weeks I’ll give you a surprise that you can’t even imagine.”

Paul thought about it for a while and finally said “I’ll go along with it, but I need to cum at least once more tonight so I can start out with empty balls.”

Lacy grabbed his dick and started gently stroking it. She held the base with one hand while she gently circled the head with two fingers on her other hand. Lacy loved giving handjobs so she wasn’t in any hurry to make Paul cum. After about 10 minutes of the gentle touching she started tugging in earnest. Paul groaned.

Lacy said “I love pulling on your big cock. Within three minutes you’re completely my slave.”

“Mmmmm, your hands are magical Fuuuuck…”

She pulled in a steady rhythm with her right hand while tickling his balls with the left. Within minutes Paul was ready to explode. Lacy pulled her hands away and said “Not yet tiger. I haven’t had nearly enough fun yet.”

“Pleeeez, I need to cum. “

She started again, putting both hands on his cock. She taksim escort twisted one way with her left hand and other way with her right. His dick was so big that even with both hands working, there were still a couple of inches sticking out the top. In her sexy little girl voice she said “mmmmm, do you like this? Do you want to explode?”

Paul groaned loudly. “Fuckin’ A. Oh my God, I need to cum.”

Every time He came close to cumming, Lacy would stop and let him calm down. By 30 minutes Paul was constantly moaning and could hardly breathe. “Please let me cum. Let me cum.”

His precum was soaking Lacy’s hands. Finally, after about 45 minutes of torture and eight very close calls, Lacy said, “It’s time to cum.” She leaned over, swallowed his dick and sucked. Paul exploded and Lacy swallowed every drop. She purred “I hope that will hold you for four weeks.

The next four weeks were torture for Paul. As time went by, he got more and more horny and his dick would get hard almost without a reason. Finally, on the 28th day, Lacy said to Paul “You’ve been such a good boy, I’m happy to give you your surprise.” She sent Paul to their bedroom and told him to take his clothes off and get in bed.

Paul did as he was told and sat in bed with a tremendous hardon while he waited for Lacy. Paul couldn’t help but rub his cock in anticipation. He was starting to stroke himself when Lacy came in. To Paul’s surprise, Lacy wasn’t alone. With her was one of the sexiest women he’d ever seen. She had a gorgeous face, blond hair, and the biggest rack he’d ever seen in his life. “I’d like to present my little sister Georgina” Lacy said. I’ve told her about your big dick and sex drive that won’t quit. I’m going to leave you two alone so you can give her a demonstration.” “Georgina, Pauly hasn’t cum for four weeks. He’s stored up about a gallon of cum for you. I want you to fuck him until he’s empty.”

“Will do sis.” topkapı escort In a sexy voice, she said “I hear you’re a boob man, Paul. What do you think of mine?” With that, she quickly pulled her sweater over her head exposing he enormous firm tits.

Paul couldn’t believe tits that big could hang so firmly without a bra. Georgina pulled Paul’s head over and smothered him with her boobs.

When she let go, Paul was so turned on, he couldn’t speak. He was afraid he would cum from excitement so he groaned and pointed to his 9-inch dick. Georgina looked at his cock and shivered. She wanted to really get Paul going, so in a sexy voice she said, “I was going to give you a blowjob, but after seeing your cock I can’t wait to put it in me.” “Lay down on your back so I can ride you until you explode.”

Paul laid down and Georgina squatted over his big dick. She started to come down on his cock, but it was so wide and hard she had to go slowly. She pushed and pushed and his big tool finally popped in. She moaned and said “so big, so big.”

He was barely coherent from lust, but managed to say “you’ve only got the head inside. You’ve got eight inches to go.”

Georgina bit her lip and started to bear down. She managed to get a little more cock inside, and then pulled back. She shuddered, then. slowly worked her way down his pole. After about ten minutes finally felt his balls hit her ass. The pain was exquisite and was quickly replaced by pleasure. “Ohhh. Mmmmm. You’ve got a fine cock.” She started bouncing up and down, with each stroke, going balls deep. She moaned and screamed constantly.

By this time Paul had nearly passed out. He couldn’t get over how tight her cunt was. Every stroke was like fucking a velvet vice. Finally, he said “Let’s switch. I need to pound your pussy NOW!”

Paul was now on top. He started feeding Georgina his cock with power strokes. She loved his length and girth and tüyap escort screamed “so big, so deep, my god!” Paul fucked her like a madman. She started to tighten up and Paul knew she was close. Georgina made a high pitched whine and said “I’m cumming! Oh shit, I’m cumming!”

Paul never slowed down. Georgina’s orgasm continued for about 90 seconds and she had trouble breathing. Paul wasn’t done yet. When Georgina finally caught her breath, Paul told her to get on her knees. Paul positioned himself and pushed his giant cock in her pussy from behind. He pushed in all the way with one stroke and Georgina went wild. She was screaming and moaning. After a few minutes she started building toward a second orgasm. Paul could tell she was close and reached around to rub her clit while he fucked her. Georgina went even crazier and within a minute she was gone. She yelled “Fuck me you big dicked stud. I’m cumming again!!”

Paul didn’t want to cum yet. He had Georgina lay down and got his face between her legs. He thought of himself as an excellent pussy eater and wanted to test the theory. He started licking and nibbling her clit. Georgina started moaning and breathing hard. Paul took his time and really worked over her clit. Her head was flopping back and forth and her arms were flailing. She was having trouble getting enough air. He kept licking her clit. She held her breath, then suddenly screamed through an orgasm. “I’m cumming again!”

He kept licking her clit. Once more she held her breath, then screamed “Again. I’m cumming again!”

He didn’t stop. Again she held her breath and screamed through a monstrous orgasm. “Shit, What are you doing to me?”

Paul changed position and buried his big cock in her pussy in one stroke. He started power fucking her again. Within minutes she started to shake. She screamed and experienced the most powerful orgasm yet. “Oooooooh. Fuuuuuck!”

Paul was in another world and beyond the point of no return. He filled her cunt with a tremendous load of cum and collapsed onto the bed.

They lay side by side catching their breath. Finally, Georgina looked at Paul and said “That was a good start. Lacy told me to drain four weeks of cum from your balls. Are you ready for round 2?”

Paul decided he was the luckiest man on earth to be fucking two slut sisters.

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