Teach Me Ch. 02

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Tonight was atypical Friday night got Dawn, popcorn, wine and a streaming movie. She found her self a lone quite often, and she was torn as to how she felt about this fact. No one enjoys being lonely, but she also “liked” being alone because that way, no one can disappoint or hurt you. BY and large, Dawn was a happy person, but she suffered from a profound loneliness. She was constantly torn by her feelings and how she struggled with “all of it”. Part of the reason she chooses to teach, is because she could be surrounded by people to alleviate some of her loneliness, and would not be judged for her “life style”.

Wrapped in a blanket, she was ensconced in her couch wearing a tank top and “boy shorts”. This night, she really wasn’t paying attention to what was on the screen, her mind wandered to a place it seemed to be quite often as of late; Autumn. She found the young woman “interesting” and very sexy, but lusting after a teenager, even if she were of legal age was just “wrong”. Even so, she could not deny how she reacted-physically and emotionally when the young woman was close to her.

“What the hell am I going to-“

A knock at the her door startled her. She looked at her phone. “10:30?! What the hell?” Another knock got her off her couch. She paused her movie and hurried to the door. Taken aback by the person she saw through the peep hole, she unlocked the door and pulled it open.

“Autumn, what are you doing here?”

“Can I come in?”

“I’m not sure that’s a good idea. Students should not be inside a teacher’s home.” She explained.

“Please.” Her eyes pleaded the woman. “I promise I’ll behave. I just need to talk to you for a minute.” She begged.

“Fine.” She gave in, “Come in.” Dawn stepped aside and let the girl in.

“I’m really sorry for bothering you so late.” Autumn said as Dawn closed the door.

“It’s okay, please,” She gestured to the living room, “Come in.”

Dawn returned to her spot on the couch, secretly hoping Autumn would sit with her, but the girl chose a chair at the end of the couch.

“So, what is this all about? What are you doing out so late at night… alone?” Dawn inquired.

“I wanted to apologize for today. I was being childish and I feel really dumb about it.” Autumn explained.

“Honestly, it’s fine.” Dawn replied, “You didn’t have to come over here at this time of night to do this.”

“I know I know.” Autumn sighed.

“We both know this is a… complicated situation.”

“So you DO feel something too?!” Autumn questioned excitedly.

“I think you know the answer to that.” Dawn replied flatly.

“Maybe, but I NEED to hear it from you.”

“Autumn.” Dawn shook her head, the girl rose and approached the teacher and knelt in front of her. She set her hands on Dawn’s knee.

“Just tell me you feel something and I’ll go.” Autumn declared.

“It’s no that simple.”

“Please.” she begged.

“Autumn…” Dawn patted the couch next to her. The girl scurried up and sat next to her. “I understand you’re ‘of age’ , but the student-teacher relationship is a ‘no-no’.

“But… why?”

“I suppose people would assume it would be a distraction and favoritism could be an issue.” Dawn deduced.

“That’s dumb!” Autumn replied, “We’re both adults, we can be mature about this.”

“WE understand that, but that’s just not the way things are.”

“I don’t like it.” Autumn pouted.

“Autumn, I know you want something between us, but it just can’t happen.”

Autumn slid closer to Dawn, her large chest pressed against the teacher’s arm and leaned close. “It’s the only thing I ever wanted.” She purred and kissed Dawn on the cheek. Dawn turned away.

“Autumn please.”

“That’s want I want to do… please you.”

Dawn shuttered, “Please don’t say that.”

“Why? It’s true.”

“I understand that, but when you’re close to me and you say things like that,” She swallowed hard. “You make things very difficult.”

“So, you DO want me?!”


Dawn turned toward Autumn and took her hands in hers. “This cannot happen.”


“No, I am so sorry, but I can’t risk my job. I love my career, but if we become intimate, it complicates a great many things, and I could lose it all.” She explained.

“No one has to know!”

“I’m sorry, I can’t risk it. No matter how secretive we could be, someone will find out, and then…”


“No, I am so very sorry.”

“Please.” Autumn pleaded with her.

“Autumn, I think you-“

“Wait.” Autumn interrupted her, “Don’t send me away. Just let me please you, then I’ll go and never bother you again.”

Dawn sighed and mustered a smile. “As much as I think I’d enjoy that, I just can’t.”

“I…” It finally began to sink in. Autumn would never get to have the object of her lust. Tears began to fill the young girl’s eyes.

“Autumn, I am sorry, I-“

“No!” She stood and stared at Dawn, tears streaming down her face. “I get it, I’ll leave!”

“Autumn, wait.” Dawn called as the girl raced sarıyer escort to the door. Dawn followed her, but she jumped off the porch and vanished around the corner. Dawn could hear her whimper and felt horrible.

I know she’s young and immature, but it breaks my heart that I have to hurt her. I might be her first crush. We can’t be a thing, but I feel for her. If only things were different.

The next morning, Dawn was driving home from the grocery store when she spied a familiar figure walking along the side of the road. She pulled over and rolled down her window.

“Autumn?” She called out not really sure why she stopped and what she hoped to accomplish.

“M-Miss Campbell?” She peered into the window, “Hey!” She waved.

“Everything okay?” Dawn asked.

“Yeah…” She paused, “No.”

Dawn unlocked the door, “Get in and talk to me.” She said with a sweet smile. Autumn climbed in and fastened her seat belt. As the SUV pulled away from the curb, Dawn turned off the radio.

“I appreciate the ride.” Autumn stated, “But what about last night? I didn’t figure you’d want to talk to me at all.”

“Let’s put that behind us.” Dawn smiled.


“So, tell me what’s going on? I’m all ears.”

“Well, I had a huge fight with my mom.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. If I can ask, what was your fight about?”

“Well, I told her about possibly joining your art class and she screamed at me. She said art classes are a waste of time.”

“Waste of-!?”

“I find her ‘concern’ ironic.”

“Why is that?” Dawn tried to calm down.

“Well, I grew up in a commune with a bunch of hippies…artists among them.”

“Oh! Interesting.”

“I guess.”

“Tell me, how it’s a waste of time? What was her logic?!”

Autumn put a comforting hand on Dawn’s and stroked it with her thumb. “My mom just wants more for me than she has. She doesn’t see the arts or music as important to my future.”

Dawn glanced down at Autumn’s hand on her and slowly rotated it over. Thier fingers interlaced. It felt…right Dawn thought and swallowed hard.

“I suppose I understand where she is coming from, given her situation and life choices, but I’ve made a career, several careers from the arts.”

“I know, but you’re really talented. I think they see me trying to take one of your classes as me slacking off going into my senior year.” She explained.

“Remember what I told you…”

“I know I know… passion os more important that talent.”

“Exactly!” She unconsciously raised her hand that held Autumn’s and kissed the young lady’s hand.

Did I just do that?!

They both paused and sat in silence for a few moments, then Dawn spoke again. “I-I’m sorry Autumn. I don’t mean to confuse things.” She tried to pull her hand away, but Autumn held fast.

“Please don’t be.” She raised their hands and kissed Dawn sweetly. “I will wait as long as it takes. I know what you said last night, and I understand. I’ll wait til I graduate or even longer.” Her emotion was obvious.

“That’s very sweet, but-“

“No but, months, years, I can wait. What I am beginning to feel, I can’t understand, but I need to know for certain.”

“Autumn.” She once again tried to pull her hand away, but Autumn refused to let go. “I just think this whole thing might be a bad idea.”

Dawn pulled into her garage and turned off the car. She sat quietly for a moment, then mustered a smile and turned to Autumn. “I need to get my food in the house, will you help me?”

“Of course!” Autumn happily agreed.

After everything was in a put away, the women sat on the couch sipping tea.

“Can I ask your advice on something?” Autumn finally piped up.


“Okay, so… I was thinking about a friend I had a falling out with and I was wondering if I should reach out and … mend fences?”

“Well, tell me, what was your falling out about?” Dawn asked.

“To be honest, I’m a little confused about all that.” Autumn began, “We had an…encounter and for some reason, she just stopped talking to me. I tried to find out why, but she just kept pushing me away, so I stopped.”

“An… encounter?” Dawn swallowed.

“Well, yeah.” Autumn took a drink, “We were having a sleepover and made out, even… ‘fooled around’ a little.” Autumn explained.

“I-I see.” Dawn thought for a moment, “Well, it’s possible she was caught up in the moment, and regrets it. How long ago was this?”

“Like, two years or so.”

“That’s been quite awhile, if you still desire for her to be in your life, maybe it’s time to reach out again.” Dawn suggested.

“Really? Is it that simple?”

“I think so.” Dawn replied. “Sometimes the easiest answer is the right one. It’s a little like Occam’s Razor.”


“Never mind.” Dawn chuckled to herself. “If having her in your life is important, I think you should.”

Autumn sat quietly for a few minutes.

“What’s the matter?” Dawn inquired after she emptied her cup.

“I sefaköy escort don’t know, I just…worry.”


“I mean, maybe she’s upset about…”

“Upset?” Dawn pried, “You mean, about the physical interaction?”

“Yeah, maybe she regrets it, maybe she’s concerned if people found out about her sexuality she might be shunned and she’s afraid to be open.”

“If I can ask, is she a student at Morris-Daye?”

“Yeah…” She paused, “It’s Stephanie Lewis.”

“That name sounds familiar, I think…OH! She’s in my philosophy class.”

“She is?”

“Yes, third period.”

“Never pegged her to be into that stuff.”

“That stuff,” Dawn frowned. “Helps expand ones mind and to look at things in a different way.”

“I don’t mean to offend you.” Autumn apologized.

“Why don’t I get the two of you in my class room together so you could talk?”

“I don’t-“

“I can sort of ‘moderate’ and keep things civil and moving.” Dawn offered.

“I suppose that could work.”

“Great! You have one more day of detention on Monday, I’ll have her come in after school.”

Autumn smiled and nervously nodded in agreement.

The two women continued to chat about life and school. Dawn was impressed with how deep and complicated Autumn actually was. Dawn spoke of her family, friends, insecurities and concerns. She even began to tear up when she opened up about her deeply entrenched loneliness.

“I mean, I have friends, but I feel so alone, even with a group of my ‘closest’ friends. I get a sorta ‘out of body experience’ in a crowd.” Autumn explained.

“I-m so sorry,” Dawn sniffed, “I completely understand that feeling. Except I honestly don’t have many true friends. I spend most evenings and weekends with a glass of wine and my cats.”

“I spend my nights listening to music and doing extra school work or writing.”

“Writing? You’re a writer?” Dawn asked excitedly.

“Well, I try.” Autumn sheepishly replied.

“I would love to read some of your work sometime.”

“Oh, okay.” She replied, “I’m really not very good.”

“I know you’re an excellent student, I am sure your writing is quite good.” Dawn encouraged her.


“No maybe.

She frowned at the girl, “If you truly want something, put your all into it and focus in it. Practice, write every day. You can do anything you put your mind to,”

“That’s not true.” Autumn replied bluntly.

“Oh? How so?”

“Well…” She set her glass down and inched a little closer to Dawn and set her hand on the older woman’s knee. “I want you, but I can’t have you.”

Dawn turned to face Autumn and put her hands on Autumn’s hands. “I-I’m truly sorry.” She paused, searching for the right words. “If you were…”

Autumn hung on her every word.

“At a different school, it MIGHT be possible, but-“

“Might?” Autumn hurtfully questioned.

“Yes, I mean, you are still very young-“

“But legal!” Autumn added, “Age doesn’t mean shit if we both want it.” She insisted.

“I know, I know…but-“

“But nothing!” Autumn slid up against Dawn and looked into her eyes. “Please, I promise it’ll be so good and you’ll love it.”

“I have no doubt.”

“It’ll be sooo good!” Autumn’s voice was a whisper, a seductive, lust-filled whisper.

Dawn bit her lip and nodded affirmatively. She tried to speak, but before anything could come out, her lips were halted by Autumn’s lips. At first Dawn withdrew, but the look on Autumn’s face and after just one taste, she knew she wanted more. She took the girl’s face in her hands and gently pulled her in.

“Autumn, if we do this, it can ONLY happen here.”

“Uh huh.” She replied, hungry for more.

“No, listen to me.” She said sternly. Autumn turned her focus on Dawn’s words. “I can’t risk my career, we need to be very careful. Teacher and student outside this house.”

“Of course!” Autumn lunged at Dawn and kissed her. The older woman pushed her gently back a moment.”You need to understand that IF you take my class, I will treat you like the rest of my students. I won’t show you any favortism and you HAVE to do the work…in class and on time.”

“Miss Campbell… Dawn. I understand. I will be your best student.” She smiled, “I will be a good girl for you.”

“We’ll see.” She smirked.

Dawn pulled Autumn toward her. She took in the young girl’s beauty in for a moment. Autumn’s eyes glistened as she looked into Dawn’s eyes. Their lips pressed together again. Tentatively at first, but within moments the passion and lust became overwhelming. The two beautiful women began to devour one another. Autumn tugged at Dawn’s tank top while Dawn went for the girl’s shorts. Dawn smirked as Autumn tossed it aside and leaned down to kiss the older woman between her breasts. Dawn ran her fingers through Autumn’s hair while she lavished attention on Dawn’s chest.

Dawn assisted Autumn out of her tee shirt and almost drooled at the site of the young woman’s breasts şerifali escort barely contained under a black lace bra.

“Black lace? You knew this was going to happen.”

“No, but I can hope.” She replied and scooped up her heavy breasts in her hands and played with them.

“Wow…” Dawn muttered.

“You like them?” Autumn asked seductively. Dawn nodded like an enthralled child. Autumn giggled as she reached back and unhooked her bra.

“Wait.” Dawn said as she leaned toward Autumn’s chest. She placed a gentle, sweet kiss at the top of Autumn’s cleavage. She looked up at the young woman in a barely audible whisper stated “I’ve been waiting for this moment since we met.”


Dawn nodded. Autumn pulled the straps off and held the cups to her breasts. Dawn leaned back, ready to take it all in. But Autumn held still. Dawn tilted her head questioningly.

“Not yet.” Autumn teased.


“I want to watch you get undressed.” She said with a sly smirk.

“Is that right?”

“If you want these…” She held up her breasts, “I need to see you naked.”

“Fine.” Dawn feigned annoyance. She then proceeded to remove her clothing. How am I letting this girl take the lead? What’s wrong with-

“You are so sexy.” Autumn stated as she observed the older woman squirm.

“Now you.” Dawn replied anxiously. Autumn gave a devilish smile and pulled her bra away. Her large round breasts hung on her chest practically begging to be touched, licked, sucked.

“You like?” Autumn giggled.

“I…” Dawn swallowed and launched herself at Autumn’s chest and latched her hungry mouth on the girl’s large, hard nipple. She felt like a young woman again, filled with lust, desire and yearning to explore her sexuality. The young girl threw her head back and groaned as Dawn nibbled on each of her nipples in turn.

“Wow!” Autumn panted, “I-I guess so!”

Dawn pries herself off of the girl’s breast and moved up to her mouth and kissed her.

“I-I’m sorry Autumn, I’ve been wanting this since…”

“It’s okay.” she purred, “I feel the same way. I’ve been craving your touch… taste for so long.”

Dawn chuckled, “So long? We only just met a few days ago.”

“Shut up!” Autumn smirked and tackled Dawn. They kissed intensely, tongues twisting and probing each other. Then, the young woman kissed her way down Dawn’s body. She showed the older woman’s breasts a particular deal of affection. Dawn couldn’t take her eyes off the beautiful young girl sucking her nipples. She stroked the girl’s face, admiring her.

“Y-you’re so beautiful.”

“Thank you.” Autumn blushed. She then slid down further, kissing her way. She settled between Dawn’s legs and kissed her hips and thighs.

“My god that is amazing!”

“It’s about to get better.” Autumn replied. Dawn watched as the girl’s tongue emerged from between her full lips and connected with her love button.

“Oh shit!” Dawn exclaimed as a bolt raced through her body. Autumn hungrily licked Dawn’s love slit like it was her last meal. Autumn took a chance and slid two fingers inside Dawn as she continued to devour her.

“Oh my god! That feels… amazing! Please… don’t stop!” Dawn squealed as her legs began to tremble uncontrollably. Admittedly, it had been quite some time since she had been intimate with anyone other than herself. Now she found herself racing toward an orgasm she knew would be incredible. Autumn sucked insatiably on Dawn’s clit while fucking her with her fingers. The older woman’s hips bucked as she screamed. “I-I’m coming!”

Autumn wrapped her arm around Dawn’s thigh and held on. Soon, the intensity was too much and Dawn tried to push her away, but the girl held fast and continued until Dawn’s eyes rolled back and she bucked again!


Autumn smiled to her self and with drew her fingers ever so slowly.

“Ho-holy shit!” Dawn gasped for air.

“Did I do good?” Autumn asked innocently.

“Are you kidding?!”

“Yep!” She replied as she slid back up to lay on the woman.

“You ARE a brat, aren’t you?” Dawn replied and kissed her.

“Yep!” She replied as she kissed her back. The two women laid together kissing and catching their breath. Dawn looked at the young girl and smiled warmly.

“What?” Autumn asked her.

“You really are a beautiful girl.” Dawn stated.

Autumn blushed and hid her face in Dawn’s chest. The older woman kissed the top of her head. What is this I am feeling? Is it just post coitus bliss? Or something “else”.>/i>

Autumn looked up at her, still red-faced. “Nooo…”

“Autumn, please…” She stroked her face. “Take a compliment.”

“Alright.: She gave the older woman a crooked smile.

“Good girl.” Dawn replied. “You certainly don’t have any problem focusing on somethings.” Dawn winked.

Autumn giggled and rolled off her and gathered her clothes. Once Dawn realized what she was doing she sat up. “Wait, what are you doing?” She watched the girl surprisingly get dressed.

“I have to go.” she replied flatly.

“But… why?” She covered herself with a pillow.

“It’s getting late.”


Autumn approached Dawn and kissed her. “See you on Monday.” She said and hurried for the door.

“Autumn! Wait a minute.” She called out, but the girl was already at the door.

“What the hell?!”

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