Teach Her Just Like You Taught Me

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“She was very cute,” you say, nuzzling your head under my arm, tracing small circles across my bare chest as your voice trails off.

“What?” I laugh nervously, not sure if I’m walking into a trap.

“She was. It’s okay you admit it, I watched you eyeing her all night,” you say in a matter-of-fact tone.

“I mean, she was fine,” I reply, giving another little nervous laugh.

“You have a type, sweetie,” you laugh, shaking your head. “And that girl looked like you made her in a lab, just for you.”

“Oh, yeah? What’s my type?”

“Short, dark hair, cute butt, big eyes,” you rattle off quickly, “and that look in her eye that makes you think she’d be fun to throw around.”

“That’s you. You’re just describing you,” I laugh, running my fingers up and down her back, playing with her bra strap where it crests over her shoulder.

“I mean, yeah, I’m fun as fuck to throw around,” you say, smiling up at me. “But watching you stare at her tonight, you looked like you had a few plans for her too,” you snuggle in closer, playfully pinching my nipple as you continue walking your fingers back and forth across my chest.

“That girl couldn’t hold a candle to you, baby. You’re the only person I have plans for,” I say, grabbing a handful of your hair, giving it a quick little pull while my other hand gently runs down the side of your neck.

“Oh, obviously,” you laugh. “I have about ten years on that little slut.” You reach down, grabbing the base of my cock, already half-hard, giving a long, slow stroke up the shaft, causing the head to swell as you talk. “I do things with this dick she could only dream of.”

I’ve never heard you talk like this. In fact, I’m still pretty sure this is a trap, just trying to get me to admit I spent the night undressing that woman with my eyes. But hearing those words come from your mouth, hearing you call her a slut while stroking my cock, it takes everything I have not to immediately pin your down on the bed and savagely fuck the hell out of you, making you scream those words over and over.

Fuck. Now I’m hard as I’ve ever been, your hand still wrapped around the base of my cock. You look down at it, pushing deeper into the base, making it stand at attention, almost on display. You let out a soft moan, “looks like someone is enjoying this…” you say, letting the brief moment of silence stretch into seconds, all the while gripping my cock. I feel it jump in your hand, and I moan involuntarily, interrupting ataşehir escort the silence.

“Are you thinking about her tits in that sweater, or that ass in her little pleated skirt?” You whisper.

I hear myself give another quick moan, completely betraying the innocent facade I had been trying to put up. “They’re kind of a package deal,” I joked, trying to break the tension as I felt my heart start to race.

“Yes, yes they are,” you say, not taking your eyes off my cock. “And such a fun little package. Imagine all the things you could teach her.”

“Ha! I’m pretty sure anyone dressed like her already knows what she’s doing.”

“Oh, baby,” you say, looking up at me with those sweet eyes of yours, running your fingers up to the tip of my cock. “A girl doesn’t wear a skirt like that because she knows what she’s doing,” you pause briefly between each word, quickly circling your thumb, feeling the precum coat the swollen head of my cock. “She wears a skirt like that because she wants a man with strong hands and a big dick to teach her what she’s supposed to do.”

I close my eyes, throw my head back, breathing heavily, completely giving in. “That’s what you want, baby? You want to watch me fuck that woman?”

“No, sweetie. Of course, I don’t want to watch you fuck that woman,” I open my eyes and look down at you, confused. “I want to watch you fuck that girl. I want to watch you fuck her, and teach that girl everything you know. I want to watch you make her a woman.”

“Jesus fucking christ,” I whisper, throwing my head back again, thrusting my hips off the bed, trying to fuck the hand wrapped around me. You resist, tightening your grip, sliding your fingers down to the base again, pumping up and down in small, deliberate strokes. The head of my cock feels like it’s going to pop, a drop of precum falls from the tip, landing just below my stomach. You take your hand off my cock, and in one motion you wipe up the drop with your finger and bring it to my lips, inviting me to lick it clean.

“What would you teach her, baby?” You ask the tip of your finger still between my lips.

“Well, I think I’d start with that,” I smile, pulling my mouth away from your finger, savoring the taste of cum still lingering on my tongue.

“That’s an easy one,” you say, running your fingers down my body, wrapping them around my cock again. “Do you think she could take all of this down that pretty little throat of hers?” kadıköy escort bayan You sit up a bit, sliding down my body until your mouth is inches from my cock.

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“Do you remember when you taught me?” You ask, in between soft, sweet kisses on the head of my cock. “I never thought I’d be able to do it. Do you remember that night? Grabbing the back of my head and forcing it all the way in? I remember my fucking nose touching your stomach, opening my eyes…realizing I finally did it. Do you remember, baby? You made me feel like such a dirty girl.”

“Of course I remember,” I whisper, collecting your hair in my hands, twisting it around my fingers until I had a tight grip on the back of your head. “Can you show me, baby? Can you show me how good I taught you?”

“I don’t know, baby,” you say playfully, bobbing your mouth up and down on the swollen head of my cock in between words.

“I know you can do it, baby girl,” I reply, tightening my grip on your hair.

“Will you help me, baby? Will you help me take it all?”

“Of course I will, I’ll show you every step of the way,” I say, pushing your head down until I hit the back of your mouth. “That’s good, baby. But that’s not all of it. Are you ready to take it all?”

I watch you try to smile and nod, gagging a little. “MmmHmm.”

“Good girl,” I growl, firmly pushing your mouth down onto my cock, feeling that familiar sensation as it slides all the way down your throat. You gag again, your body lurching upwards, but I hold your head firmly in place, fingers still wrapped around your hair, gripping the back of your head. I hold you there for several seconds, whispering, “Good girl, that’s a good girl. Just relax, baby. Just relax and let it happen. Good girl.”

I finally release my grip on your hair, watching my cock slide out of your throat as you sit up. You catch your breath as you wipe spit from your chin before leaning in to kiss me, shoving your tongue into my mouth. “Yes,” you say, pulling back and looking me in the eye, “I think she would like that lesson very much.”

“What do you want to learn next?” I ask, sitting up, pushing you back onto the bed.

You throw your hands above your head, smiling up at me. “I want you to teach her how to cum, baby. Teach her how to cum, just like you taught me how to cum.”

I cocked my head to the side, breaking character for just a moment. “I’m sure she knows how to cum, sweetie. escort maltepe I didn’t teach you that…”

“No, baby. I’m sure she’s had orgasms before, but she needs someone to teach her how to cum. Just like you taught me,” you say, running your fingers through my hair a couple times before pushing me down towards your skimpy black thong, already soaking wet. I look up at you and lock eyes, your fingers still running slowly through my hair, your entire body begging me to touch you. Without looking away, I pull your panties to the side, licking from bottom to top, tasting every inch of you. The tip of my tongue gets to your clit and I feel your fingers tighten around my hair, pulling me towards you, burying my face in your perfect pussy, never breaking eye contact. You keep a tight grip on my hair, staring down at me, your hips grinding up and down my face while you describe all the things you want to watch me do.

“I want to watch you teach that little slut how to cum, baby. She doesn’t know what she’s missing yet, she needs someone to show her. Can you show her, baby?” I push one finger inside you while you continue to ride my face. I flick your g-spot, just a quick flutter, and smile from between your legs. “Yes, baby. That’s it, sweetie. She’s so fucking ready for you, she just needs someone to teach her how. I want to watch you teach her, baby. I want to watch you teach her how to swallow your cock, how to beg for your cum like a good little whore. Like your little whore. Just like I am, baby. I want to watch you teach her how to be just like me.”

I push another finger inside you, curling my fingers up and down, up and down, over and over again. My other hand is just below your belly button, pushing down until I feel the fingers of my other hand inside you while you buck your hips up and down on my tongue. I feel you tighten around my fingers, feel your juices run all the way down my neck. You have two hands gripping my hair now, looking down at me nodding your head, completely and totally in your own world. “Teach that little slut how to cum, baby. Make her a woman. Make her your whore,” I hear you scream as you cum, your pussy tightening, almost forcing my fingers out of you. Your cum spills onto my chin, down my neck, soaking the bed below.

You fall back onto the bed, shaking, one hand on your forehead, completely out of breath. Before you can recover you feel me grab both ankles, lifting your legs into the air, spreading them wide open. I look down at you and flash a dirty smile at you. I grip the base of my cock, holding it an inch from your hole. “Baby, I still have things to teach you,” I say, running the head of my cock down your pussy from your clit to your ass.

(to be continued…maybe)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32