Tayli and Grandpa Don Connect

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“You gonna cum on grandpa’s cock?” Don fucked his granddaughter mercilessly, their bodies connecting and the sound of their skin slapping filling the otherwise silent nature surrounding them.

Don’s big, thick balls slapping against her young clit as he took his granddaughter from behind in the grove. They’d had to sneak away so his wife wouldn’t catch them. Along with the old biddies who came out to the farm every Sunday morning to play bridge and drink coffee whilst gossiping.

“Mmm oh grandpa. Yesyesyesyes, YES! Fuck me! You’re gonna make me cum all over that big, fat cock again! Oh god grandpa!” Tayli moaned probably a little too loudly as her pussy juiced and drooled, crying out as her orgasm built faster.

Tayli was newly eighteen and her grandfather’s body, even at sixty-five, was working magic. He was in good shape for being his age, a farmer’s body with very little fat and sinewy muscle lining his arms and abdomen. His stamina was beyond most his age and as he fucked her, Tayli came apart, whimpering, gasping, and throwing her ass back at him to fuck him back as he plowed her cunt.

“Oh shit yes. Such a good little girl for grandpa aren’t you?” He gritted out through clenched teeth as he fucked her tight cunt into oblivion, her juices drenching them both and her cream clinging to his thick staff.

Tayli gripped the weeping willow tree she was bent over at as his fucking became more insistent. Don was using long, even strokes. Her pussy creamy and loud as it swallowed the thick, long cock over and over again. Their breathing was labored. Her coos and whimpers got louder as did her pussy and her grandfather hammered away at her juicy center as if there would be no tomorrow.

“Mmm grandpa. You feel so good inside me,” she said in a whisper as she looked back at him, his face dripping in sweat in the heat of the summer morning.

Tayli was cumming again and as her pussy gushed around them, soaking them both, her grandfather slammed his cock hard and fast into her before his hips jerked, he fisted a hand in her hair.

“Oh fuck yeah. Oh Tayli Baby. Oh sweetheart, yes. Cum all over grandpa’s cock. Mmm baby! Again!” He snarled out as he fisted a hand in her hair at the roots and pounded away as his own orgasm approached quickly. “Cum on grandpa’s cock again and he’ll give you a nice big load. You want that? Hmm?”

“Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Oh fuck yes you’re gonna make me squirt all fucking over that fat fucking dick again! YESSS! Oh grandpa!” She hissed and cried out as her pussy exploded causing them both to cry out as her cunt squeezed down hard on Don’s fat prick as she came.

“Oh shit. Oh yes grandpa’s little whore. Yes take that thick load!” He bellowed the last sentence out as he hammered her cunt before slamming his jerky hips before unleashing a thick, gooey load of his seed deep inside his granddaughter’s tight, eighteen year old cunt. “Mm oh yes Tayli. Such a tight little pussy.”

Don’s cock wasn’t going soft as his jerking hips calmed and slowed to a stop. He bedded himself deep but knew neither of them could hold this position much longer. He slipped regrettably from her warm sheath making them both moan in disapproval before she stood and righted herself. Tayli turned on shaking legs and the two made out before he slapped her ass and pulled away to speak.

“You’re still hard, grandpa,” she said first while stroking his thick, long tool.

“You wanna ride it? Huh?” He spoke gruffly as he knelt and kissed her neck to her jaw and back to devouring her lips.

“Mmm yes please,” she said when he finally pulled away with an audible smack of their lips.

Minutes later he led her to the hay loft where he sat on a folding chair he kept upstairs in the loft for breaks. Tayli wasted no time. She lifted her dress – her panties were discarded somewhere back in the grove – straddled her grandfather and sank down on his thick meat he was so graciously aiming for her. Her tight quim was filled to the brim in no time causing them both to moan and gasp as he bottomed out within her.

“Mmm fuck YES grandpa. eryaman anal yapan escort That fat cock feels so good deep inside me. You fill me so. Fucking. Full.” She whispered seductively as she began to ride him slowly and gently. “Mmm oh yes. Such a dirty old man. You love your granddaughter’s little, tight pussy don’t you?”

He was still so hard. Tayli couldn’t believe it. A man his age. Even her boyfriend couldn’t go more than once a day. But Grandpa Don couldn’t get enough. She began to bounce harder and faster, her pussy milking his cock thoroughly. Her moans and coos gentle as he hissed and gripped her hips tightly.

“I love your pussy, Tayli. Mmm that’s right. Ride grandpa’s big cock. Oh shit,” he said in a wavering voice. “Such a good little girl. Oh baby girl. You gonna cum on grandpa’s cock again? That’s it. Let go.”

And Tayli did. All over him, drenching them both as she did so. Nearly crying out but they were now closer to the house so she had to stifle her screams by kissing her grandfather hard and deep so he could swallow her noises. Don’s hands were so tight on her hips he’d leave bruises and he helped her bounce even harder and faster.

Don lifted her off him and bent her over a stack of hay, laying down a denim jacket he kept in the loft for cold days so Tayli wouldn’t get all scratched up. He didn’t waste any time before he found her juicy hole and slipped his 10.5, thick inches of man meat into her to the balls. Both moaned and Tayli bit her lip as Don settled into a slow, steady rhythm.

“Ooo grandpa…” Tayli’s voice trailed off as Don fucked her slowly, gently, her pussy loud and gooey-sounding as he did so. “Oh my fucking god. Mm oh yes Grandpa Don.”

Don continued to fuck Tayli nice and slow, steady. He kept his pace even. His thick member glistening with his granddaughter’s cream and juices as he fucked her the way he wanted to. He kept her moaning, cooing, and gasping. His balls heavy with more desire.

“Oh yes. Oh yes. Oh yes. Yes, yes, yes. Oh I’m gonna cum again, grandpa!” She cried out as she fucked back at him her pussy releasing and pulling him deeper as she came hard, her juices streaming down the insides of her thighs. “Oh grandpa yes! Oh god yes! Fuck me with that long, thick cock! Oh!”

He fucked her harder now. Faster now. His stamina for an older man was out of this world and his wife oftentimes couldn’t keep up though she was about eight years younger than he. Don fucked his granddaugther mercilessly taking more pleasure than he should have in the act. They both knew it was wrong and somehow that made them want it more and more.

“Oh yes little girl. You like grandpa’s big cock?” He gritted out as he railed her from behind, holding her by her elbows as her chest rested against the jacket draped over the stack of square bales. “Oh yeah. You want another load from grandpa?”

“Oh yes! Give it to me, grandpa! Oh god. Oh my god. Oh fuck. I’m cumming again!” She gushed this time and then Don was pounding her to his own completion moaning and growling out; hammering her cunt into oblivion.

“Oh shit yes take that fucking load you little whore! Grandpa’s little whore aren’t you? Oh yes, take grandpa’s load! Oh god such a good little whore! Grandpa’s good little whore!” He bellowed out in a gritty, dark voice as he came whitewashing her insides with a thick, monstrous load of seed yet again. “Oh fuck yes.”

“Mmm yes. Grandpa’s good little whore.” She said around a dark, seductive smile, breathless and gasping for air.


“No, Tayli Renee. Your grandmother could wake up and catch us.” He whispered but Tayli wasn’t having his protests.

She bent over the granite countertop in her grandparent’s kitchen and her grandfather couldn’t help it. She was in her pajamas – a small tank top and even smaller cotton panties. He didn’t have to take any clothes off. He just swiped her panties to the side, pulled his cock through the opening in his boxers, lined the bulbous, thick head of his straining prick up with her already dripping snatch, and slid home.

“Oh cebeci escort god Grandpa.” She smiled and cooed quietly as he began a nice steady rhythm in and out of her juicy snatch. “Oh yes, take that pussy. Mmm yes. Oh yes.” She gasped when he began to fuck her harder and faster.

“You can’t even go a few hours? You need this cock inside you?” He gritted out through clenched teeth as he pounded her steadily and hard.

“Oh yes. Such a little whore for that cock, grandpa. Mmm oh yes. Oh god you feel so fucking good.” Her breathing was labored and her orgasm steadily approaching as he railed her juicy snatch

“Yes, yes, yes. Cum on my cock, Tayli. Cum on grandpa’s big cock. Oh yeah, little girl.” Tayli came quietly, her juices trailing down her thighs.

“Oh Grandpa Don. You feel so good. Oh yes pound that pussy. Fuck me so good. Oh shit. Make me cum again. And then give me that thick load of cum. Deep inside my juicy, tight pussy.” Tayli whispered as she whimpered and her thighs shook.

“Oh shit are you ready for another load, Tayli? Huh? You want another thick load from grandpa?” He spoke through gritted teeth as he hammered her cunt into yet another orgasm.

“Yes. Cum deep inside me. Oh yes I need that cum. All of it.” Tayli whimpered as a small yet powerful orgasm exploded her pussy and her juices ran like a waterfall down her thighs.

“Oh fuck yes here it comes. Take grandpa’s load like the good little whore you are!” He whispered savagely as he gripped her slender hips roughly. He grunted as his hips jerked, he hammered her cunt even harder. Then he shot forward hard as he buried himself deep and blew his load, whitewashing her insides yet again. Both breathing heavily and smiling, basking in their post-orgasmic waves.


“Jesus, Tayli. It’s Christmas morning!” Don’s voice was hushed as he was startled by the sound of the shower curtain pulling back quickly and saw his granddaughter and her perfect teenage body slip into the steaming shower behind him.

“I want to give you your present first, Grandpa,” she said sweetly in a dark way as she reached around and grasped his cock in her hand, stroking his semi-hard shaft gently as she used her other hand to pull and knead at his heavy balls gently.

Tayli got to the floor of the shower and Don slowly turned, his mostly-hard cock directed straight at her luscious lips. She slipped the head into her mouth and brought him as far back in her throat as she could. Tayli was still stroking the thick shaft as she massaged his balls. Saliva dripped from her mouth as she gagged and then sucked his head gently, swirling her tongue around it simultaneously.

“Oh god, Tayli.” His voice was hushed and strained as she began to bob her head once again. “That’s right suck grandpa’s cock.”

Don’s breathing and voice were strained. His balls churned. He began to fuck back at her face just slightly and then he felt it. His balls and cock stiffened. And then he was pressing his cock as far into her throat as she’d allow as he came hard, grunting and trying to hold back as much noise as possible as he dumped a huge load down his granddaughter’s throat.

Tayli cleaned him up but managed to keep him concrete-like hard before she stood, kissed his cheek, and was about to exit the shower. But Don grabbed her arm, swung her around, bent her over, aimed and sank his still concrete-like shaft into his granddaughter’s tight little quim. Causing Tayli to gasp and smile as she pressed back at him.

“I knew you couldn’t resist my little pussy, grandpa. Mmm yes. Are you gonna fuck me or tease me? Be a man.” She looked back at him with innocent eyes as the hot water cascaded down on them both.

“Little fucking whore. Take it.” He gritted our as he began to fuck her mercilessly. “You love this cock don’t you?”

“Mmm yes. I love your big, fat prick buried deep inside me. Mmm oh grandpa fuck me. Fuck me like you mean it. Oh shit yes. Harder!” Don wrapped a hand around her mouth and began to rail her.

They were quick. She came minutes in and he came pursaklar escort seconds behind her. They cleaned up quickly and she snuck back to her room to put on her Christmas dress, no panties and then she went downstairs as if nothing happened. Her grandfathers load pooling on her thighs in a sticky mess as the two of them sat through dinner, presents, and the annual Christmas movie knowing more would come later.


Tayli lay on her back in front of the fireplace. The Christmas tree casting her beautiful body in a beautiful, colorful glow as the fire crackled. Her grandfather was on his stomach between her legs eating her pussy out like it was his last meal. His cum had all drooled from her vagina and she’d stowed away to clean her thighs and labia up when everyone went to bed.

“Mmm oh yes.” Tayli gasped when he plugged her hole with two fingers and began to stimulate her g-spot, sucking air between her teeth as his tongue expertly flicked her clit.

Her pussy was juicy and loud as her orgasm built. Tayli’s back arched and she bit her lip against the moans and coos threatening to escape her lips. Her hands fisted in the thick, fleece blanket as her juices pooled below her collecting in the blanket’s fibers. Tayli came hard and suddenly, slapping a hand over her own mouth as screams and cries of orgasmic bliss threatened to spill from her swollen lips.

Don wasted no time kissing up her body. His ready cock brushed her thigh causing goosebumps to rise over her flesh. Tayli pulled him in for a deep kiss as she reached down, fisting his heavy cock in her small hand. She jacked him slowly, precum coating her palm as she did so.

“Are you ready?” Don whispered against her lips.

But Tayli didn’t even answer him. She gripped his cock tighter, aimed the head at her wet and ready hole, and Don sank forward slowly. He sank home in no time, his balls resting against her ass.

“Mmm. Such a big. Fat. Cock, Grandpa Don. Oh you stretch me so well. So good. So long. Goddamnit I love your cock, grandpa.” She whispered her words as he started to fuck her nice and slow but steadily, his balls heavy with cum slapping ever so gently against her ass.

“Oh shit, Tayli. Such a thigh little snatch. So wet. So creamy. Listen to how wet you are.” Don kissed her gently and then stood on his knees.

Don pressed her knees wide and back. Tayli fisted her own tits in her hands as her grandfather picked up the pace and began to fuck her faster. His balls slapping harder and louder against her. The bedrooms were in the back of the house and upstairs. The chances of them being caught weren’t zero but they were pretty slim.

“Oh Grandpa Don. Oh I’m gonna cum. You’re gonna make me cum all over your cock. Please. Harder.” Tayli spoke gently and then whimpered when Don began to hammer her juicy snatch.

“Oh shit cum for me. Cum for grandpa.” Don spoke through gritted teeth in a darkly calm voice.

“Oh my god.” Tayli came hard, her pussy gushing and creaming.

Don pulled out as she squirted and creamed, then flipped her onto her knees and hands. He didn’t waste any time finding her creamy hole, slipping deeply back into her. Then he was railing her from behind. Tayli was on the verge of yet another orgasm and she could tell her grandfather wasn’t far behind her.

“Are you gonna fill me full of another load of your cum, Grandpa Don? Oh yes, give it to me.” She cooed and whimpered as she brought a hand below her to rub her swollen, tired clit. “Oh yes. Mmm I’m gonna cum again.”

It was one of those nights. Her last orgasm hadn’t even subsided yet and Tayli’s next orgasm hit her. Her grandfather’s hammering hips went harder, his grunts nearly too loud. His movements became jerky and she felt his cock expand and begin to convulse.

“Take grandpa’s cum, sweetheart. Fuck. Oh my god.” Don pumped her pussy a few more times before he shakily pulled out, patted her ass, and helped her clean herself and their spot of copulation up.

To Be Continued…

**Side note – it is not common for me to put oral sex scenes in my writing. I am a very ‘to-the-point’ writer. Not to mention, oral isn’t a huge turn on for me as I personally never get anything out of it.

I am very sorry for any errors I did not (or do not catch in future pieces). I am currently looking for an editor who can do 5-7 stories a week.

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