Taxi For Two

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On my first trip to New York City–to visit a college buddy whose home was there–I was having trouble hailing a cab. Everybody else just barked, jumped in front of the cab, and hopped in while I stood there trying to politely flag a taxi, dumbfounded. That’s the way you get a cab down South where I’m from.

I finally jumped in the back of a taxi a split second after a woman had hopped in from the other side. She screamed at me like a harpy until I finally got a word in edgewise and asked, in my most Southern gentlemanly manner, where she was going. Turns out she, too, was going to Long Island, so I suggested we split the fare. She changed her attitude in a hurry when she realized that it was in her best interest to go halfsies, as the fare would be astronomical all the way to Great Neck.

She was a very aggressive woman looking to be in her late 20s, about 10 years older than me at the time, and despite her conservative business suit, I could see she had a tight, petite body, with good-sized bulges on her chest, and nice legs. Having a full-featured face and dark eyes, straight, jet-black hair to her shoulders, and an olive complexion, she had a somewhat exotic look.

A New York Jew, she was fascinated with my Southerness. This was the late 1970s and, like so many people then who had never been below the Mason-Dixon line, the only person she was familiar with from the South was Jimmy Carter, then the President. Hearing my accent, she just assumed I was from Georgia. I’m not, but I was going to school in Atlanta at the time, so I just played up the Goyim from Georgia act making my first trip to the Big Apple. She really loosened up and laughed when I quoted the line from Stevie Wonder’s Living for the City, “Skyscrapers and everything!” To be honest, I was intentionally laying on the thick Dixie persona purely for my own entertainment.

Before long, she was touching my arms and legs ever more, getting progressively closer to my crotch. She was tickled with my Southern accent and manners, and I’ll always remember her asking me, in all seriousness, if I knew Jimmy Carter! Like all of us hillbillies hang out together weekends watching stock car racing while downing Moon Pies and RC Cola. I was küçükçekmece escort tempted to tell her Jimmy was my third cousin twice removed, and that we liked to catch a beer buzz while fishing for catfish with his brother Billy, but somehow I restrained myself. Even so, I did ham it up with the cornbread & turnip greens, mint juleps on the veranda, and Sunday-go-to-meetin’ clothes bit.

Having never met a Southerner before, she was positively enthralled with me. Though I was not exactly fighting off her hands on me, I was not reciprocating, either, which just emboldened her that much more. Soon, she made her intentions abundantly clear–planting a huge wet kiss on my lips with plenty of tongue, holding me by the shoulders, and saying, “How’d you like to fuck a JAP (Jewish American Princess) right here in the taxi?”

I’d barely finished saying, “Well, I’d be most apprishative, ma’am,” and she was unbuttoning her suit with one hand and my belt buckle with the other. But for her pearl necklace and earrings and my watch, we got completely naked, right there in the back seat of the Checker Cab! She looked positively amazing: an aerobic-instructor body with super-firm D-cup boobs, dark little nipples, a tiny, tight butt, legs like a ballet dancer’s, and the thickest, blackest bush I’ve ever seen.

She was very aggressive and took complete charge of the sex, and I just played the meek Southern gentleman role that had so attracted her to me in the first place, saying things like, “My, oh, my, darlin’, that does feel right nice,” as she gave excellent head while grinding her crotch on my shin.

Of course, all this did not go unnoticed by our Middle Eastern driver, who tried his best to see the action in the rear-view mirror, which did not work too well, so he kept twisting his head around. When he did, she’d scream, “Watch the fucking road, Mustafa!” before resuming her sucking and fucking. So much for amicable Arab-Jewish relations! He could not really drive too well to begin with, and the rear-seat distraction only made matters worse, as tires screeched, horns blared, and he clipped the occasional curb on turns.

So, here I’d şişli escort met this woman in an argument over a cab, and 20 minutes later, we’re fucking in its back seat! Even to this day, many women later, she remains one of the best pieces of ass I ever had. She was so forward and knew just what she wanted. I pretty much just sat there in the middle of the back seat while she performed her sexual mastery. At one point, she was nearly upside down, hands grasping my knees with her thighs around my head, crotch grinding vigorously on my face as I licked and sucked and nibbled her very dark clit and labia. She tasted like licorice! Even though it was a strenuous position for her, she maintained it for quite some time, cumming several times, and every time she did, nearly smothering me when she clamped her thighs around my head! All the while, my cock felt so damn good nestled between her bobbling boobs, so firm and perky you might think they were enhanced, but they were 100% genuine.

She got back down in the floorboard and sucked me again for a while before mounting me, alternately shoving those magnificent mammaries in my face and French-kissing me. She’d start fucking real slow, then gradually pick up the speed and depth until she came but suddenly stop when I was on the brink of blowing. She’d stay perfectly still for a minute or so, then do it all over again. We went through several of those wonderful though increasingly frustrating for me cycles until she dismounted and went back to her oral work.

I curled her hair over her ears so I could watch, hung on to those big, firm titties with both hands, but otherwise remained still as she went to cocktown. The only thing she said during the whole sexual episode, other than periodically barking at the driver when he tried to gawk, was, “Go ahead, cum in my mouth, and don’t spill a drop.” Not one to resist authority, I did just that, and she just kept sucking and swallowing and sucking and swallowing, making it an incredibly intense and prolonged orgasm. When she finally removed her mouth, there was not even a small drop of sperm left to leak out. I’m no expert on Judaism, but I supposed it was kosher şirinevler escort thing!

By that point, we were in Great Neck, and she quite obviously knew the area very well, saying she lived just up the road, and directing the driver to my buddy’s parents’ address. She had a funny look on her face when he pulled into their drive and told him to stop the car right there, a good ways from the house. I suspected she knew the family, but I didn’t pursue it. In saying goodbye, and just for fun, I told her my name was Jefferson Davis Robert Edward Lee Beaureguard and that I was “much obliged for her kind and generous hospitality.” Getting in the last laugh, she said her name was Rahab, “you know, like the Old Testament whore.” Touché!

Both still naked, she gave me a wonderful goodbye kiss while I got my last squeeze of her tits and ass and a finger-poke in the puss, then we wriggled back into our clothes. She began to put makeup back on, barked orders to the driver, and off they went. Oh, and she did not forget to get my half of the taxi fare before I got out!

Naturally, I could not wait to tell my buddy about what happened, so, joined by his older sister, he poured us all cold Stolis around the kitchen table, and I recounted the tale. Ironically, his sister was even more interested in my description of “Rahab” than he, asking numerous questions about the way she looked and so forth. Well, I finished the story, and they both got a huge charge out of it.

When she finally gathered her composure, she explained, “I know her. We went to high school together—in the same grade—and her real name is Rebecca. Since she’s Jewish like us, I knew her pretty well, but we were never close friends. The reason your story is so hilarious is that she is known as a total and complete cock tease. She was one of the best-looking girls in school and would act really sexy and give guys the come-one, but she did not give up the goods—first base and that was it. I know because I dated some of the guys who’d wasted their time with her. We still go to Temple together, and she still has the same reputation. Now we find out she practically sexually attacked you, a complete stranger, in a taxicab! Maybe she’s been doing that all along!”

Apparently, she had, for judging from her aggressiveness and sexual prowess, “Rahab” had seduced no telling how many men. She wanted the reputation as a virgin so didn’t consort with any men she knew, but she was a horny little JAP and satisfied her sexual appetite with strangers like me.

And they say New York is not a friendly city!!!

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