Tasty Siblings

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The date had been a total waste of time! John had started to get ready at five to look perfect for Louise, the girl he had always wanted to date and to whom he finally had the guts to talk to and ask out. She had said yes and he was happy, almost ecstatic, not to say surprised that a such a hot girl as Louise would go out with him.

So he’d gotten ready and drove to her place and picked her up and they went to a nice restaurant and all she could talk about was her. Yes, she was pretty, even gorgeous, but her head was more empty than a dried-up well. That was a big turnoff for John who had always favored brains over looks. Well, 60-40, because let’s be honest, looks did count too.

So Louise talked and talked and John tuned her out and focused on his crab cakes which weren’t bad at all. After dinner, they went to a bar to have a drink and she kept talking about herself. He could notice other men looking at his date with envy in their eyes and he felt a little proud but also quite disappointed. There he finally was with a beautiful girl in a bar and he was actually bored! As he pretended to listen to her, he glanced at her thighs which were smooth, long and beautiful and then her knees and her calves and finally her perfectly shaped ankles. John pictured himself grabbing those ankles, wrapping them behind his back and penetrating Louise with all his might. He suddenly felt his dick harden in his pants and he forced himself to think of something else…

Soon enough, the date was over and John drove Louise to her place. She coyly asked if he wanted to come up for a night-cap and almost gasped in shock when he said he was tired. She got out of the car and slammed the door a bit too abruptly before John drove off without waiting another minute.

He opened the front door and sighed. He wasn’t expecting sex on a first date, but he had lusted after Louise for quite a while and now it would never happen. Oh, well. Shit happens, right? He poured himself a glass of water and heard the TV from the family room. He walked there and saw his sister Devon watching some lame program. She was lying down on the couch but sat up when she saw her brother.

“Hey, how was the date?”

“A total bust. A moron.”

Devon smiled and shrugged.

“They can’t all be like me,” she joked as he smiled and sat next to her, more or less paying attention to the program.

They were silent for a while. Yenişehir Escort John kept thinking of Louise’s looks and was already thinking of going to his room to masturbate to her.

Devon was watching the movie when she saw movement in the general area of her brother’s crotch. She glanced at it and noticed he had a hard-on! The movie showing wasn’t hot, so what caused her little brother to be turned on like this? She tried not to stare, but it was hard not to. She hadn’t imagined that her brother was so big! It must have been a good eight inches. Quite honorable. She tried to look back at the TV screen, but that big hard bulge on her brother was too much for her. Suddenly, she noticed her brother finally realized he had hard-on and smiled when he tried to hide it, obviously hoping his sister hadn’t seen it.

He looked at her. She was watching the movie. So she probably hadn’t noticed anything. Good. He wanted to get up and go to his room, but as long as he had a hard-on, there was no way he was gonna stand up. He tried to think of other things, like his upcoming finals or that his car needed a wash or anything else. But he just had Louise’s legs on his mind. He looked down at the floor, trying to clear his mind. But he noticed Devon’s ankles which were also quite beautiful. His gaze went up her legs and he had never realized they were so perfect looking. Thin but muscular, smooth and long. He could see the muscles in her thigh as her legs were crossed and he started to breathe faster. If only it was Louise instead of Devon next to him. Or if only she wasn’t his sister…

Devon heard him gulp and she chanced a glance. The hard-on was still there and she smiled again. She quickly looked up and noticed he was staring at her thigh, so much so that he wasn’t even noticing her looking at him. She felt her heartbeat accelerate and felt her face get warm…. She was turned on! She loved that her kid brother was staring at her legs, which she knew looked good. She shifted in her seat and uncrossed her legs, extending them in front of them, inventing an excuse to do so:

“My legs are killing me today…”

She started rubbing her legs, slowly, from her ankles to her thighs and she could swear she heard John gasp.

John couldn’t believe it. Here was his older sister, and he wanted her. Badly. He wanted to lick and kiss those legs. He wanted…

“You Yenişehir Escort Bayan like my legs?”

He quickly shifted his eyes back to the screen and pretended he hadn’t heard her. He had forgotten all about his hard-on which was still bulging.

“If you don’t, I’m guessing your dick does…”

John couldn’t believe his ears. He looks at his sister who was smiling at him. Not as a sibling would, but as a lover.

“Wha… What did you say?”

She just smiled some more.

“The evening doesn’t have to be a total bust, Johnny…”

He saw her arm, her beautiful tanned arm and her shapely wrist, move toward his crotch. He felt her fingers on his fly, slowly unzipping it.

“Devon, what… what are you…?”

“Come on… no harm done, okay?”

Soon enough he felt her warm fingers on his prick, taking it out of his boxers.

“My oh my… I think it’s drooling!”

Devon could feel the warm pre-cum on her fingers, which she rubbed on her brother’s dick, lubricating it. John moaned, but still couldn’t believe it.

“Dev’, you’re my sister!”

“So it’s wrong. It’s not my fault if you like the way I look… and if I like the way you look. It’ll be our secret.”

She wrapped her fingers around John’s dick and started to pump it. She saw John shake with pleasure and soon enough his head was tilted back and his hips were fucking her wrist.

“Shit… This feels so good…”

Devon smiled and looked at her brother’s cock going up and down in her wrist. She loved the feel of it, so thick, warm and pulsating with lust. She started going a bit faster, making sure she rubbed the underside of it.

“Come on, Johnny, cum in my hand…”

“Yeah… Oh, yeah….”

His hips starting moving faster and she knew he was close. She lowered herself and grabbed the tip of his cock in her mouth and started licking and sucking it as her hand kept pumping it. John almost screamed in surprise. It felt so good. Her mouth was warm and wet and her tongue knew what to do, it kept licking the tip, sucking down the pre-cum.

“Yes, shit, yes!”

Devon felt the familiar spasms in her brother thighs and indeed, a second later, she felt the cum explode out of his dick, straight in her mouth. She started sucking and pumped her hand faster, making the cum rush out of him and down her throat. She sucked and sucked, Escort Yenişehir not wanting to lose a drop of it. And then it was over.

She sat back up and looked at her brother. His chest was rapidly moving, and he was smiling.

“Shit, sis… that was amazing. You did this before, haven’t you?”

“Well… yeah. But no one tasted as good as you.”

“Yeah? What about you? I’m curious… what do you taste like?”

Before she could answer, John’s hand was between her legs.

“No panties, huh?”

She smiled and opened her legs up, inviting him in.

John could feel her sister’s wetness on his palm and he loved how it felt. Her pussy felt smooth and shaved and he just had to taste it. He got down on his knees and smiled at his sister. He caressed her thighs, loving how smooth and firm they felt and he moved his hands down to her knees and her calves. He finally wrapped his hands around her ankles and put her legs on his shoulders.

“Eat my pussy, little brother, lemme cum on your face.”

He licked his lips and shoved his head under her skirt. It felt warm and moist down there. He stuck his tongue out and started to lick her clit, slowly circling it with the tip of his tongue. Devon immediately started to moan. Her hands where on his back, caressing him. He kept licking her clit and with two fingers, he slowly penetrated her. She moaned louder and moved her hips, welcoming him.

“Fuck me with your fingers!”

He started sliding his wet fingers in and out of her pussy while he licked and gently sucked her swollen clit. Her hips started moving faster against his face and her hands were grabbing his shoulders, trying to shove his face even closer than it was. The fingers started going in and out faster and faster, her pussy juice flowing down his hand and some on his chin. He licked her clit in sync’ with the finger fucking and she started to pant.

“Fuck me, Johnny! Oh, yes, oooh! Johnny, yes! Ooooh, hmmmm, yeah… Eat me, Johnny! Eat your big sister, eat your… aaah!”

She grabbed his hair and pulled herself even closer to his face, grinding her pussy on him, loving how his fingers slid in and out of her. Suddenly her legs shook and she came, screaming. As her orgasm hit her, John kept sucking her pussy and shoved his fingers deep inside her, causing a second wave of orgasm. She closed her legs tight against her brother’s ears and he loved the feel of her smooth thighs around him.

Then it was over, they were both basking in the intimate feeling couples share after love-making. But they were addicted, they already both craved to feel each other” cum juices again and they were thinking of how lovely it would be to try the 69. But it would have to wait…

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