Target Audience Pt. 03

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part 1:

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I was studying late on campus one evening when my cell phone rang. It was Negar calling from a dance bar just off campus that was popular with students, and from her voice I could tell she must have been drinking.

“Jake, can you rescue me? Please? I need a ride home.”

“Sure, fifteen minutes?”

“OK, but hurry please.”

I had been meeting Anna regularly at her sister’s apartment for nearly a month now and Negar and I chatted regularly, as she had continued to be my taxi service. She had never called me though, and I wondered if she was in some kind of trouble.

I packed up my work and walked to the car. It took only a few minutes to drive the few blocks to the bar but the lot was so full I had to park on a side street. I paid the cover and entered the noise and commotion inside. It was so packed I called Negar again to find out where she was sitting, and finally found her at a table being hit on by a gaggle of fairly drunk guys.

She was sharply dressed, and with her hair done up and her stylish makeup she looked like a fashion model. No wonder she had attracted a fan club, especially showing up unescorted.

“Jake!” She stood up a little unsteadily and threw her arms around me whispering loudly in my ear “Dance with me, pleeease!”

I could see the looks of surprise and disappointment on the surrounding faces at seeing some nondescript guy walk in and sweep their lovely target out to the dance floor without even uttering a single pick-up line.

I took her hand and towed her amongst the tables toward the dance floor, leaving her fan club without a chance to say goodbye.

There was a slow number starting up as we cleared the last table and she wrapped her arms around me and laid her head on my shoulder as we began to dance.

“Oh Jake, I’m so glad you came! I was worried you wouldn’t. Hold me close please, I want them to see us. I told them my boyfriend was coming but they didn’t believe me.”

I happily obliged. She was a good partner, despite her inebriated state, and was wearing some very sexy fragrance. Her body felt warm and soft against mine and we drifted around the floor until the slow number died away and something with a much faster beat started up.

“Why don’t you come finish my drink, then we can go.” she offered as we made our way back to the table.

The fan club had apparently left for other pastures and we were left to ourselves. Most of a substantial margarita was sitting at her spot and I sipped at it while Negar sat close and chatted about her evening out. She didn’t go out often, and seldom drank, but had decided to do so that evening on a whim. It was ‘Ladies Night’ at the bar and her admirers had brought her several drinks and tried to get her to dance with them. By the time she called me she didn’t feel safe driving and was stuck there. I told her it was foolish for a woman to come alone to such a place unless she was looking for trouble.

“Maybe I was.” was her quip in reply.

“Well, ask me to come the next time you feel the urge to do something silly like this.”

She took my hand and squeezed it.

I finished her drink and we made our way to the bar, she leaning on my arm, and then out into the cool night air. I hummed a bit of the tune we had danced to as we made our way through the dark to my car. As I opened the door for her she put her arms around me and kissed me on the lips, pressing herself hard against me as she did.

“I’m so glad you came Jake.”

I reassured her that I was pleased she had asked and helped her in. Closing her door I made my way to my side, my lips still buzzing from our kiss. I climbed in and turned on some music as we drove.

Something was up, but ataşehir escort the margarita had given me a good buzz and I didn’t care at that point. Negar and I had become close friends over the past month. Partners in conspiracy. And she was beautiful, and sexy, and a good dancer. I was pleased she had called me, and now I was slightly drunk and more than a little turned on.

It was about a thirty minute drive from campus to her apartment. We chatted a little and then she laid her head on my shoulder and we listened to music while I drove in silence. We had stopped at a light when I felt her hand on my thigh. As I drove on she began to rub gently and then to run her fingers up toward my crotch and back down, higher and higher until she located a growing bulge and began to stroke it.

“Negar, you should stop.” I whispered.

She mumbled something unintelligible and her hand squeezed me, causing me to gasp audibly, but the hand remained where it was and soon resumed its motion. As I stopped at the next light she began to work on my belt and zipper, and with a bit more effort managed to work my mostly erect cock free of my shorts.

Any remaining reluctance had already faded, and as her warm hand gripped me I involuntarily thrust my pelvis against it.

She cooed softly, squeezing me and causing my cock to spasm before her hand began gently moving up and down and then her head was down in my lap, bobbing up and down as she sucked.

Her warm mouth and soft lips sucked deliciously at me as her hand continued its motion and soon I was having trouble concentrating on driving. Thankfully we were only a few blocks from her apartment by then and I pulled in and parked, shutting off the engine but leaving the music playing.

Negar’s mouth left my cock and found my lips, kissing and sucking at my lips and tongue, and then she was crawling between the seats into the back.

“Jake!” Her voice was a little husky. “Come to me. Please Jake.”

Unable or unwilling to refuse I climbed awkwardly after her, ending up in a heap on top of her. I found her dress was already pulled up to her waist and she raised herself up so I could remove her panties and then spread her legs for me. I managed to get myself positioned after a couple of tries and she groaned and sighed as my cock pressed into her.

She was very wet and I slid all the way in with a single thrust.

As I began to move she wrapped her legs around me and moaned “Fuck me Jake! Fuck me like you fuck Anna!”

We began to move together now with Negar groaning and moaning loudly in pleasure as she used her legs to urge to increase my pace. Soon I was pounding away at her as she writhed beneath me on the seat.

“Jake, wait, help me with my dress.” she gasped after a few minutes. I helped her unzip the back and work her arms out of the straps. “Take my bra off too.” she urged, “I want you to kiss my breasts while we fuck.”

We soon had the bra off and she held my head to her breast while we built up our rhythm again and soon had the car rocking as Negar’s moans began to drown out the music.

“Oh Jake! Oh Jake!! Oh fuck! Oh god your cock feels so fucking good! Oh my! Oh fuck! Cum now Jake! Fuck! Cum now!”

I didn’t really need any encouragement and let loose with a groan, and with a series of hard thrusts flooded Negar’s pussy. She wrapped her legs tight around me and hugged me to her breasts, crying out as her own orgasm washed over her and then slowly subsided.

“Oh Jake! Oh Jake!” she was moaning softly now, still thrusting her pussy gently against me and holding me close.

We lay there on the back seat, listening to the music and holding each other till Negar’s soft voice came “Come up with me Jake. You can spend the night here. I want to sleep next to you.”

I was already kadıköy escort bayan in deep, might as well go all the way over my head and drown I thought.

“OK” I kissed her. “OK, I’d like that.”

I got myself zipped up and buckled before climbing out to turn off the music and retrieve the key while Negar got herself presentable.

I took her arm and we made our way up to her apartment. She let us in and turned on some music in the living room and then had me sit in the kitchen while she made us tea.

“I’ve wanted to do that for weeks now Jake. Anna said she would share you with me but I am too shy and afraid, afraid you would say no, so afraid… If I hadn’t been drunk tonight I wouldn’t have dared. When you danced with me I thought I would faint with desire.”

“So you set me up?”

“No Jake, I just wanted to go out and maybe find some guy to have sex with, but all I could think about was you, and the more I drank the more I wanted you.”

“You watch us having sex don’t you, Anna and I.”

She flushed “Yes, do you mind? It gives me something to dream about at night. But it was driving me crazy too. Listening to you two even when I didn’t watch, and seeing how happy you’ve made Anna. She wants you to get her pregnant you know. She will do the test next week. She is worried it will be negative but I don’t think so. You can see it already, the change in her face.”

I had begun to suspect this but was still a little shocked to hear Negar say it so matter of factly.

“But she is married. Won’t she get in trouble?”

“Well, you have dark hair and eyes so she might get away with it, that is if she could ever get herself to have sex with him to cover herself. But her plan is to leave her husband and stay here. He is going to move the family back to Tehran. She thinks he is going to take a third wife soon and that he will let her go, but I am not so sure. He has plenty of money so several wives are not a burden for him. It’s a sign of status for some people, and with him it’s all about social politics and business alliances.”

“She wants a divorce? Is that possible?”

“Of course possible, but not easy. If he agrees it’s much easier of course. Our father was a government official in the Ministry of Trade, but now that he is dead perhaps she is no longer so important to him. By rights he can keep their child though, and that would be hard, hard for her…”

“If she has a child by an American man, especially one who would marry her, she can get her own green card. Her husband is here on a business visa and he brought her on that.”

“Do you love her Jake?”

It was my turn to flush. “Yes, yes I do.”

It was true too, despite my misgivings about the situation. I couldn’t help myself.

“I know she loves you Jake. I have never seen her so happy as when she is with you. She is completely changed. Somehow she decided the first time she saw you. She told me she had met some man who worked in a store she shops at and she was going to marry him. I told her she was crazy, how could she know. But she said he had the most beautiful eyes and when he looked at her, her heart soared to the sky and she knew. I still didn’t believe it, but she was so excited every time she went to your shop. And then you came here.”

Her dark eyes were fixed on me and I blushed again as she rose and poured us more tea.

It was true that my relationship with Anna had been largely non-verbal from the start. In a way I couldn’t explain, even to myself, we had established some special connection from that first day. While I loved sex with her, loved the feel of her body locked together with mine, much of our passion was exchanged without words. Her eyes could pierce me, melting my heart, or driving me wild with desire.

My relationship with Negar escort maltepe was, naturally because of her fluency but also by nature, much more verbal. I loved to tease her and make jokes together with her, and she was able to bring me to a full stop with some pointed comment and then rescue me with her smile, something she clearly enjoyed. Now, having tasted sex with her, our conversation and my emotions had opened a yawning gulf of uncertainty and doubt.

I am sure they both felt a sense of security and comfort in my typical American lack of concern over issues like virginity and divorce, but I found myself unable to share their apparently relaxed attitude about our developing ‘household’.

“But if he won’t agree to a divorce and she is pregnant, then what?”

“I really don’t know. She could have an abortion I suppose, but I think she would commit suicide before doing that. My sister is very smart though, and she believes in her plan. Our parents had money so she doesn’t need his.”

We sat silent for a minute and then Negar rose and came over behind me. She put her hands on my head and caressed my hair and leaned down to kiss me.

“Jake, come watch a movie with me. I want to fall asleep on the couch with you holding me, and then you can carry me to bed and have sex with me again if you want.”

She pulled me up and I held her against me, there

in the kitchen with her head resting against my shoulder, until she took my hand and led me to the couch. She picked out a disk, loaded it into the player, then came and curled up next to me. I put my arm around her and stroked her hair and face and played with her ear as the movie started. I watched for a bit and began to doze myself before rousing and gathering Negar in my arms as gently as I could. She put her arms around my neck as I carried her to the bedroom and laid her down on the bed. I stripped to my shorts before removing her dress.

“Get me naked Jake. I want to be naked in bed with you.” came her whisper as I laid down next to her.

I managed to remove her bra and panties as well as my shorts before drawing the covers up over us and pulling her naked body to me. I found her lips and began kissing her as her hand found my cock. As I began to stiffen under her touch I started kissing my way down to her breasts, sucking on the nipples, licking and biting as they hardened, and then moved down beneath the covers to her soft belly, and then lower to her pubic area. Her legs spread wide for me as I began to explore her there with my tongue, finding her slit and penetrating, licking and sucking with my lips. She began to writhe and moan and buck as I continued, becoming louder and louder until she cried out and clutched and clawed at me as her body shuddered. I was still licking her gently, causing her body to spasm when I hit an especially sensitive spot when she began pulling at me.

“Jake, Jake, fuck me with your cock. On top of me.”

I mounted her and began thrusting slowly, deliberately, enjoying the sensation as I slid in and out, in and out, in and out, my arms wrapped around her, holding her body tightly, kissing her, kissing her, and then increasing the pace, increasing, increasing, until I was pounding away while she clutched and clawed at my back and bucked wildly beneath me and I came and came and came…

We lay there exhausted in the dark, my arm draped across her breasts, feeling her chest rise and fall, breathing softly, my face next to hers, breathing her scent, not saying a word, till both of us passed softly into dreams.

I woke not knowing where I was. As my eyes focused on the room, and the warm body lying next to me stirred, the events of the previous night came flooding back. I was lying naked in bed next to Anna’s sister who was also completely naked, her pussy no doubt still full of my semen. Anna, married Anna, was likely pregnant with my child and wanted to get divorced so she could marry me… God! What was I doing?

The body next to me stirred again and then reached out to me and rolled on top of me and rubbed her pussy against my dick.

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