Tara Likes Panties Ch. 03

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“Tara, since you like the smell of our panties so much, I have a challenge for you. We’re going to blindfold you. Then, using only your nose, you’re going to sniff each of our panties and you have to tell us who is who. If you are right on all three, then we’ll let you cum tonight. If not, well, we’ll have to come up with a new punishment for you.”

Inside I thought “piece of cake!” I was so used to sniffing her panties, I could find Vicki’s sweet pussy from across the room, and Lisa, well, she had that hint of perfume on hers, and Julie’s was a very strong feminine smell. It wouldn’t be much of a challenge, but it sure would be fun!

I forced a worried look on my face and said “OK, I’l try…”

“First”, said Julie, “I think we need to get more in the mood. Tara, stand up and give us a little sexy dance”.

I got up and stood in front of Vicki’s bed. All I had on was the knee-high sox, the pleated skirt and white blouse. My friends were sitting next to each other on the bed, their backs against the wall looking at me expectantly. I started dancing as seductively as I could. I’d never done this before in front of anyone, although it really wasn’t much different than doing a gymnastic routine in a competition, it was still just performing before an audience. But doing gymnastics never got me so hot and bothered! As I moved I could feel the skirt rubbing on my red, sore cheeks. My nipples were hard as rocks and my pussy was dripping wet! I raised my arms over my head, moved my hips from side to side, closed my eyes and bathed in their attention.

As I danced I looked at my friends. Vicki was on my left. She had removed her jeans and her blouse was open revealing her green bra. She had on matching green cotton panties. Her hand was in her panties and she was moving her fingers slowly in time with my movements. She had a light smile on her face as she watched my swaying hips.

Julie was in the middle. She had removed all her clothes save her light-blue boy short panties. She had one hand on her left breast pulling and twisting her nipple while her other hand lightly caressed her pussy outside her panties. She had a shit-eating grin on her face and was thoroughly enjoying herself.

Lisa was on the right. She was still wearing her long dress and pantyhose. She had pulled the dress up and had her knees up to her chest. She was hugging her knees while she watched me. escort bayan Between her thighs, through the pantyhose I could see she had on dark panties. Lisa almost looked like she was in shock. She was looking intently at my body but not my face.

I continued to dance, periodically lifting my skirt to give the girls a peek at my bottom or at my pussy. I unbuttoned my blouse slowly and began to touch my breasts as I twirled. I moved closer to the bed, turned around and bent over, exposing myself completely to my friends. Then I reached between my legs and ran my finger all along my pussy and lightly inside, getting it wet. I stood up and turned around and looked into each of their faces as I licked my finger clean.

Julie reached over slowly and placed her right hand on Vicki’s thigh and started caressing it slowly. At the same time she moved her left hand over to Lisa and started unbuttoning the front of Lisa’s dress. All the while watching me dance.

I slowly started removing the remaining articles of clothing, starting with the sox and blouse. Julie was now rubbing Vicki’s pussy on the outside of her panties and had her hand down Lisa’s front pushing Lisa’s legs apart while rubbing her hose-covered legs.

I was really getting turned on and wondered how far this would go when Julie said “OK Tara, time for the blindfold.” She jumped off the bed and went and got a scarf from my drawer. She had me kneel in front of the bed and put the blindfold on me.

There I was, on my knees in front of Vicki’s bed wearing nothing but my skirt and a blindfold. I heard whispering coming from the girls accompanied by giggles and movement on the bed. Finally Julie’s voice was in my ear, “OK Tara, put your hands behind your back and lean forward. Tell us who you smell.”

I leaned forward and could feel the warm thighs close to the sides of my face. I could smell the familiar scent strongly now and leaned forward more. I was visibly shaking I was so excited! I was actually between the legs of one of my friends! I inhaled deeply. This was going to be easy, this was obviously Julie’s panties, the strong odor was unmistakable. But then I noticed something else, the familiar smell of Vicki was also there. I was confused, scared, I didn’t know what punishment they had in store for me if I was wrong! I breathed in again, deeply. Both! I could smell both of them! Then it hit me. Vicki was wearing bursa vip escort Julie’s dirty panties! I sat back on my bottom and, leaning my head to one side, said, “Do you want me to tell you whose panties they are or who is wearing them?”

“Clever girl!” said Julie. “Now get up”.

I got up and Julie slowly laid me on my back on my bed. I could feel her climb on top of me, she squeezed my breasts and then I could feel her tongue as she licked and took a quick suck on my nipple.. Wow! It felt so good! Then she scooted up and I could feel her legs on either side of my face. She slowly lowered her crotch to my blindfolded face and lightly started brushing her panties against my nose and lips. I lifted up and kissed and started to lick the panties as she moved them over my face. Mine! She was wearing my panties! She lowered herself and I really got to lick and suck on them. I could feel her getting wetter and wetter. I was in heaven!

Then I heard Lisa’s voice say “Shit, I have got to try this, I need to know what she tastes like!” and suddenly I felt the front of my skirt lift up and Lisa’s lips were kissing my pussy. Oh the feelings! I couldn’t believe it, it felt so good. Julie stood up and turned around so she faced my feet and sat back down on my face. She started really grinding her panty-covered pussy into my face and I just let her ride. My face was soaked, I could hardly breathe and my pussy was on fire. Lisa was licking my lips, lightly pulling on my pussy hair with her teeth and darting her tongue inside me. I spread my legs wide to give her full access and she started really pushing her tongue in and out of me. Finally, she found my clit and started licking and sucking on it. I exploded in ecstasy, cumming all over her face just as Julie fell across my body cumming against my face.

Julie rolled off of me as I removed the blindfold. I looked up to see Lisa taking off her dress and rolling the pantyhose down her legs. She stood there in just her pretty panties and looked over at Vicki who was still sitting on her bed watching us. Lisa reached out her hand, taking Vicki’s in hers and pulled her to her feet. Lisa pulled Vicki close and kissed her passionately. I watched, mesmerized as Lisa and Vicki kissed, their tongues fighting with each other and their hands groping each other’s breasts and bodies. I realized that Vicki could probably bursa elit escort taste me on Lisa’s lips.

Lisa laid down on Vick’s bed pulling Vicki down with her. She looked in Vicki’s eyes and whispered “Go down on me Vicki, I want to feel your tongue inside me”. Vicky looked hesitant but slowly started kissing down Lisa’s body. She stopped for a long time on Lisa’s breasts, kneading them with her hands and licking and sucking on her nipples. Finally she started kissing down Lisa’s pretty tummy and reached the top of her panties. She sat up slightly and took the sides of the panties and slowly pulled them off of Lisa’s body. Lisa lifted her bottom off the bed to make it easier. Vicki took the panties and, smiling, tossed them to me. Lisa had beautiful pussy hair, straight, not curly and in a lovely triangle. They watched as I lifted Lisa’s panties to my face, breathing in Lisa’s lovely perfumed scent. Then Vicki turned back and began to kiss and taste Lisa.

As Vicki drove Lisa crazy with her tongue, I got down on the floor behind Vicki and started to play with her panty-covered bottom. She had wonderful large cheeks and I started lightly spanking her and rubbing my face across the satiny material. As I pulled down her panties she wiggled her butt and I could see her pretty dark reddish pussy hair peeking from between her legs. I reached out and started to feel her from behind. As I did, she spread her legs apart and I got my first real closeup view of her. I spread her cheeks apart and looked into her little brown wrinkly bud. I swear it winked at me! I lightly brushed her hole with my finger and then down to her wet pussy. I got my finger wet and then moved it back up and covered her little butt hole in her pussy juices. I leaned in and lightly licked with the flat of my tongue from her pussy up and across her tiny asshole. She flinched, but pushed back against my tongue. She tasted so good and I felt so naughty! I ran my tongue over and around the rim of her asshole, making her squirm. I continued licking, moving lower to lap her flowing juices as my nose pushed against her asshole until she finally came, pushing back against my face.

Looking up I saw across Vicki’s back and over Lisa that Julie had gotten on the bed and was now sitting on Lisa’s face! Now it was a full-blown girl-orgy and we were driving each other crazy. I got up and said, “Hey, let’s push the beds together so we have more room”. We pushed the beds together and, giggling, we all got on the bed and hugged each other, then kissed.

That night was the first of many nights the four of us shared together. It continued through that first year at college and, for some of us, beyond.

-The End

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