Tangled Sheets

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Tangled sheets. They twist around her form, pulling tight the promises drifting in her mind, binding her to her bed in ways she never would have imagined and yet never would have divulged the desire.

Black silk wraps around her ankle, yielding her slender tarsus from any movement. The succulent shine of silk gleams in the darkness, portraying the vista of black oil grasping every inch of flesh it can manage to cling to.

The sinister sheet confines both legs once they are skimmed together, velvety flesh caressing against its equivalent. The spiraling effect twists around both calves and behind her knees, slithering across her thighs and beneath the curve of her ass.

A succulent breath is sucked in harshly, black satin flourishing from between the apex of her thighs finally skimming against the pulsing juncture between her legs, much as his hand would if it were cupping her throbbing cunt.

The emptive cloth is pulled tightly between her nether lips, lean fingers sprawling across her sex to press into her and fill the pulsing void.

Dipping beneath her ass the fluid movement of the sheet gently urges her to turn in her sleep. Or where his hands once again guiding her during her slumber?

Auburn locks cascade across her cheek, quietly sucked against her lips with the breath that’s taken, the softness influencing her to fully execute a moan that would make him groan in tandem. The silk stalks across her hip, a whisper of decadence painted across the canvas of reckless insatiability. Obsidian lashes flutter with the movement of her eyes beneath heavily laden kağıthane escort lids. Silk crawls across her stomach on the verge of covering the distance it takes to reach the other side of her stretching form.

Every muscle is pulled tight and captured within the secular bonds. The silk had begun its arduous journey the moment she had pulled the first deep breath of slumber.

Winding its way down her body until the true masquerade of tangling limbs within its grip could begin. She dreams the dreams of one lost in a world of decadent debauchery.

It is quite impossible to refuse the building emotions that arch her hips from the bed in tune with the sheet curling around her ribs and streaming toward her heaving breasts.

Pinning her shoulders back she gasps with the trail of sinful silk across one tight nipple, encasing her breast with another dark greedy grasp.

His hands are upon her, guiding her in the intricate dance of bondage. Turning her upper body she groans beautifully with the seizing of silk winding over her shoulder changing its course to take the slightest breath from her when it claims her throat in its formative hold.

Masculine lips trace the outline of silk, darkening the deep midnight aura with the moisture from his mouth. His breath filters through the fabric to feed her mounting desire with the fiery contact.

She tries to cast the sheet aside, her body had grown heated beneath the rise of passion. Writhing against herself, she is unaware that the final tendril of sin is curling sarıyer escort down her arm to tightly embrace her wrist, seemingly tied against itself in an intricate knot of ideal dissolution.

Furrowing her brow she tosses her head from side to side and curls her hands into fists of frustration. The hand that had been free is now contained in a grasp much tighter than the sheet that’s done his bidding deep into the hours of darkness. His lips wander where they wish, taking her flesh at his discretion.

The nape of her neck receives a bite that conditions her to groan and cry out with a crescendo of willful yearning. Oh how she craves to be able to use her hands, to graze her thigh against his hip and thrust her salacious flesh against him to prove her devotion.

A labored breath thrusts her upper body up as much as possible. She searches for the broad spance of his torso to ease her unrequited pain.

“Cock tease….” he murmurs against her ear before nipping at the tender place that has been marked as his. The words make her shudder and launch a protest, desperately begging him not to torture her any longer.

Aaah but the bonds prove worthy of one such as herself, the truth shines in devious eyes full of the surmounting repartee of torment. Her wrist is released in the next instant followed by terse words, “Don’t move.”

She shakes her head at him, gasping with the heat of his cock suddenly pressed against her stomach as he hovers over her bound form. “Perhaps I’ll take your mouth and fill it sefaköy escort to the brim since that’s what dirty little cock teases deserve.”

Her breasts are pressed together as he rides his hips in close enough to encase his cock with them. He takes a moment to let her feel the throbbing of his shaft against her flesh while strong hands grope her. The silk covering one breast merely adds to his pleasure with the first thrust forward.

A stifling hiss rushes past his lips as the tip of his cock shoves her chin up so he can leave the syrupy gift of precum to glisten upon her skin.

His thrust continues until his cock has pushed her lower lip into her mouth and crushed it against her teeth. He releases her breasts to grasp the headboard and ease back enough to allow the plush tissue to slide back out of her mouth in time for his cock to fully take her with an insistent plunge.

She has no time to take a breath or ready herself. The choking sounds of her throat being compromised are followed by the sensual sound of her crying out and begging for more, giving him the opportunity to pull back and drive forward again to feed the savage hunger that’s rising within.

“Mine….” He growls while forcing his cock in harder and faster, losing the grip he’s had on the headboard to grip auburn locks on either side of her head. “You’re mine to use as I see fit and don’t you fucking forget it.”

She wakes with a start, the impending orgasm already ripping through her body with just the remnants of her dream provoking her mind. Arching up she rides the thriving pleasure until it ebbs into an insistent throb that lets her know she’s been ravaged in her dreams.

Then she tries to move, to raise a hand to brush the stray curling locks from her brow…..and she cannot. She’s tangled among her sheets in the most provocative manner. A slight smirk creases her lips when she murmurs more to him then herself, “Come for me….”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32