Tamara In Stockings Ch. 04

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Tamara in Stockings

Chapter Four: Purple Bound

Tamara had Jack bound again. She had ordered him to strip and lie face down on the bed. She sat astride his thighs and pulled his hands behind his back. She bound them tightly with his dressing gown cord to ensure that he couldn’t free himself. Then, after giving him several playful spanks on his arse, she turned him over onto his back. His cock was still hard, it had been in this state since he had returned home from work almost an hour ago.

Tamara, home from her residential course, and still smelling of Alena, had dressed provocatively in order to tease the fuck out of Jack. She had forbidden him to touch her whilst she tantalised him with hints and allusions as to what she and Alena had done to each other during their steamy, sensual encounter. As she sat on a sofa with her legs crossed, dangling a high heeled shoe from her stockinged right foot, Jack had reached such a state of arousal that he had offered to be completely compliant in bed if she would just tell him all of the details of her two day affair.

Now, up in the bedroom, Tamara’s dominatrix persona took charge.

“You asked for this Jack, you’re completely at my mercy and you’ll do whatever I tell you.”

“I can’t do much trussed up like this.”

“I don’t need your opinion.”

Tamara pulled a scarf out of a drawer and used it as a gag to silence Jack. She became highly aroused as she did this. Her pussy moistening at the feeling of complete control over her big, strong, naked, and now completely vulnerable man.

Lying fully clothed next to a naked bound man, his cock hard, exposed and at her mercy, enhanced the feeling of sexual power that filled her mind and her vagina. She lightly fondled the base of his cock so that he didn’t come too soon. This tormented him further and confirmed his helplessness as she well knew.

“Do you know what I’m going to do with you big boy?” she breathed hotly into his ear.

“I’m going to strip down to my underwear in front of you, then I’m going to sit astride you, put my hands inside my panties and bring myself whilst staring into your submissive, desperate eyes.”

“Then I’m going to take off the gag and shove my wet cunt into your face whilst you give me a good licking. When I’m satisfied that you know your place and you promise to be my faithful slut, I’ll fuck you until you beg for mercy.”

“If you do anything to displease me, I will tie your feet together and leave you here while I go into town to find a big cock to satisfy me.”

Jack loved Tamara’s new found kinkiness, he enjoyed feeling completely under her control. They hadn’t discussed whether playful domination and submission was something that they wanted to get into but here they were.

Tamara was as good as her word, she teased Jack in exactly the way she had described then rode on his cock and released his pent up desire all over her cunt walls. It was still early in the evening. Jack, now released from his bindings, went down stairs to put a ready meal in the oven and came back up to bed with a bottle of pinot and two glasses.

They talked about the nature of their ‘agreement’ and confirmed their complete trust for each other. They were both enjoying Tamara’s sexual escapades and wanted to carry on exploring ‘new possibilities.’

Jack asked Tamara how she would describe her sexuality, she thought for a moment:

“Okay, this is how it feels, I’ve always loved looking at attractive, fuckable men. I’m learning how to arouse them and get them to do my bidding. Now that I’m becoming sexually confident I want to pursue and fuck more men but I’m not a complete slut so I’ll stick to our agreement that I only do it with your knowledge and for as long as we both get a thrill out of it.”

“With women it’s been a sudden awakening. Well sort of, I realise now that I’ve always been a little ‘curious’ but I’m finding more and more that I’m turned on by intelligent, attractive women; I fantasise often about getting my hand up their skirts

“I suppose if you asked me to put a label on it, I would say now that I’m emerging as bi-sexual.”

“And what about Lieutenant Davenport, where does she fit in to this equation?”

Tamara thought for a moment.

“She doesn’t really, the memory of that woman still unnerves me. She took me by force but, to be honest, I fucking loved the feeling of being overpowered by her. She told me that I was her bitch and she meant it. If I run into her again I just know that I’d submit to her. I wank off to fantasies of her more than anyone, even you. She showed me how sexually powerful a woman can be but Alena showed me what it’s like to have a woman make love to me. No, Davenport’s in a category of her own, I think I’ll file her under ‘deviant sex.’ I don’t like her, she’s arrogant and unpleasant.”

“Well you know it’s strictly women for me, but I’m getting a real buzz out of you exploring your sexuality,” said Jack.

“Listen Jack, I know we’ve talked about this before but I illegal bahis would feel better if you fucked an attractive, willing woman now and again. It would assuage my ‘guilt’ and turn me on immensely to hear you tell all in that eloquent, filthy turn of phrase that you have.”

“But don’t forget the rules, our friends are out of bounds, especially Hilda, if she got the chance she’d be in your pants before you could blink.”

Tamara knew that there were plenty of women that would bed Jack, even if he didn’t know it himself, and one in particular that she’d lined up for him as a birthday surprise. She hadn’t yet told Jack about the planned threesome with Alena. It was his birthday in two weeks time and she couldn’t think of a better present.


Monday morning, half term over, Tamara was getting ready for work. It was early June and, to Jack’s annual disappointment, the end of stocking season (except for very special occasions!) until mid to late September. But not today, today was unseasonably chilly, Tamara put on her white six strap suspender belt and nude stockings. White bra and panties were followed by a summer dress, black with a delicate pale green and lilac flower pattern. The dress had short sleeves and flowed down below the knee. Three inch black heels set off her calves and ankles perfectly.

Tamara was excited, more than she was prepared to admit, at the prospect of seeing Alena again. She was also looking forward to telling her that it was Jack’s birthday on Friday and she was to be his present.

Tamara and Alena greeted each other in the staffroom with a platonic hug and a look in their eyes that only they knew was much more than mere professional camaraderie. It was going to be a busy day so they agreed to meet up at lunch time. In the event, lunch time was organised chaos so Alena suggested a drink after work to which Tamara readily agreed.

Alena looked professionally elegant dressed in a mid grey knee length pencil skirt with a red fine knit top and red heels. She also wore pale grey stockings, as Tamara would find out later.

When she was able to snatch a quick moment during afternoon break, Tamara made a quick phone call to Jack.

“Hi love, I haven’t got long, I’ll be late but not too late home tonight, I’m going for a drink with Alena, we just need a catch up.”

“You naughty girl, are you having a drink? I can pick you up if you like, but you’ll have to tell me what time you two will have finished your, er… chat,” Jack said mischievously.

“No, I’ll stick to tonic and drive home. Like I say, I won’t be too late so don’t wank yourself dry because I want you to come on my breasts and face tonight. Bye sexy.”

Jack was too surprised to speak.

Tamara and Alena got to the pub by 5.30 pm. It was almost empty, just a few afterwork drinkers contemplating their lot. They were pleased to be alone in each other’s company again and had hugged affectionately when they got out of their cars. They spent a while reliving their two days together and reaffirmed their fondness for each other.

Tamara asked if Alena was still okay for the weekend.

“God yes, I’m counting the days.”

“Can you arrive on Friday evening and stay until Sunday?”

“Yes, I’d love to. Is Jack looking forward to it?” asked Alena salaciously.

“He doesn’t know yet.”

Alena looked quizzically at Tamara.

“It’s his birthday on Friday so I want to surprise him. He thinks we’re going for a meal but he’s going to get the birthday surprise of his life… you!”

“Wow! Wonderful, mmm… my God I’ve gone all hot… Wow! Yes please, don’t worry I’ll make it a memorable night for him.”

Tamara put her right hand on Alena’s right thigh.

“And me I hope sweetie, I… What’s this, stockings at work? I must be a bad influence.”

“You see how I admire and look up to my boss,” said Alena seductively.

“God Alena I’m really turned on now I know how accessible you pussy is. Can we go somewhere?”

“Oh yes please, I thought you’d never ask. I know a secluded spot a couple of miles away. We can drive out there in my car then I’ll bring you back here.”

Alena drove to the quiet overgrown driveway of an abandoned Edwardian villa that was awaiting demolition. It was well hidden but, as it was still daylight, Alena didn’t want to take any unnecessary risks. Her house was just a couple of hundred yards away so she got straight down to business. She leant over and gave Tamara a deep penetrating kiss whilst slipping her right hand under her dress and inside her panties.”

“Mmmm… oh Alena… you’ve got me at a disadva… oh… fuck… ahhh… Alena, please don’t stop, please don’t st… oh my Goddd… oh Christ… ahhh, ahhh… Fffuckk I’m cominnngggg…”

It was probably the quickest orgasm Tamara had ever had. She was still floating when Alena said, “God watching you come like that was a fucking huge turn on, do me now.”

As she said this, she hitched up her skirt revealing her stocking clad illegal bahis siteleri thighs and a wet patch on her panties. Tamara leant over, shoved two fingers into her cunt, and returned the favour. Within two minutes Alena’s lovely breasts were bouncing in time with her orgasm.


Tamara was home by 7.15 pm. She could still smell Alena on her fingers and was feeling very excited about the weekend, she also felt very naughty. Jack was also aroused, he couldn’t stop thinking about coming on Tamara’s face and breasts and was soon given the context for the control that he was looking for.

“Jack, I’ve been a very bad girl and you’re going to have to punish me.”

“Why, what have you done?”

“I let Alena put her hands inside my panties and fuck me with her fingers, then I did the same to her.”

“I see, well, that is very naughty indeed and you’re quite right, you do deserve the most severe punishment.” Said Jack feeling an even greater surge of arousal at the prospect of dominating Tamara.

“Come here.” Jack grabbed her and forced her up stairs to the bedroom.

“So, you think you can fuck Alena without my permission?”

“No Jack, I’m sorry, it was a mistake, I promise not to do it again.”

“It’s too late for that.”

Jack made her remove her dress and forced her face down onto the bed. He bound her hands and gagged her. Then he laid her over his lap and pulled down her still wet panties.

“So, you enjoy dishing out a bit of a spanking do you? Well I’m going to show you how it’s done.”

He slapped her right buttock so hard that the sound resounded around the room. Tamara flinched and let out a stifled squeal of pain. Seconds later Jack slapped her left buttock just as hard, she flinched again. For the next couple of minutes Jack spanked Tamara’s bare buttocks alternating right and left. He counted fifteen slaps on each side of her arse.

Tamara felt a sharp pain at first and tears filled her eyes. But, as the spanking continued she also felt a delightful sensation of hot arousal. The pain became enjoyable and her tense body gradually relaxed at the mercy of Jacks large hands. He reached between her legs and, sure enough, her pussy was soaking wet.

She moaned with pleasure but Jack told her, “Not yet slut.”

Jack decided that she was ready for the next phase of her punishment. He lifted her off his lap and made her kneel in front of him. Next he stripped off his clothes and stood in front of her with his large erect cock in her face.

As he removed the gag he said.

“Now you’re going to show me how sorry you are. Suck my dick slut.”

Tamara felt dirtily aroused and she loved the feeling. Jack’s abuse was turning her on to deviant feelings that she had first discovered at the hands of Davenport. Tamara, her hands still bound behind her back, took Jack’s cock in her mouth as he held it for her to latch on to. She sucked the head and shaft for several minutes and he became ever more aroused. Just as he seemed to be close to an orgasm he withdrew and lifted her to her feet before shoving her onto the bed on her back.

Jack sat astride Tamara’s breasts and pinned her shoulders down with his knees.

“Now for your humiliation.”

He pumped his cock rapidly with his right hand, Tamara’s long sigh signalled a small spontaneous orgasm. Jack’s hand was a blur as he shot the first globule of come onto Tamara’s breasts and emptied the rest of his load onto her face. He was breathing heavily with the effort and at the huge rush of kinky arousal that had pervaded his senses.

A strand of spunk hung between Jack’s cock and Tamara’s left cheek.

“Clean me up slut.” Said Jack as he pushed his still hard cock toward Tamara’s mouth.

She licked him clean then he raised himself up and left her tied up on the bed, her face covered in his come, having told her that he would be back to shaft her from behind when he was ready. Tamara loved the feeling of being humiliated as much as she loved to dominate. Her arse still felt warm from the spanking and she hoped fervently that Jack would spank her again some time soon.

Jack was as good as his word. Twenty minutes later Tamara, hands still bound behind her back and face down on the bed, received a firm fucking from behind which brought them both to climax at the same time. They fell asleep in a loving embrace, delighted that there had been a seismic shift in their sexual boundaries and they had both been willing to go with it.


Friday evening, Jack was ready. He was wearing a casual blue suit and slim fitting white t-shirt. Tamara was still putting the finishing touches to her hair and makeup. She wore a fitted satin dusky pink shirt and very tight dark grey long skirt. The skirt had zipper slits up each side to the mid point of her thighs. This would allow access to the pink lace panties that covered her mound. The zips were only partially opened just now so she had to walk in small steps and this, together canlı bahis siteleri with nude stockings and four inch black heels, created a very sexy outline.

Jack drank all of this in as she teetered down the stairs. He loved the large black teardrop jet earrings set in gold and the string of black beads around her neck. He couldn’t fail to notice that her skirt was so tight that each of her six suspender clips and straps were protruding very obviously through the material. Tamara had never gone out so obviously flaunting her suspenders before but he was aroused at the thought of her stiffening cocks in the restaurant.

“You look immensely fuckable if you don’t mind me saying. What time is the table booked for?”

“Not till 7.30, we’ve got lots of time yet.”

It was just after seven and the restaurant was only ten minutes away.

The doorbell rang.

“Go and see who that is Jack,” said Tamara, knowing exactly who it was.

Jack opened the inner front door and saw Alena through the full length glass of the outer door. He took in that she looked very attractive in her long mack and very high heels, but he was more puzzled as to why she was there and why she was carrying an overnight bag. He opened the door.

“Hello Alena, nice to see you, er… were just going out actually.”

“No you’re not Jack… Well, aren’t you going to let me in?”

Jack was confused but he invited Alena in to the hallway where Tamara was waiting. Tamara didn’t seem in the least surprised at Alena turning up unannounced.

“Hello gorgeous, come in, come in, so lovely to see you.”

“Hi Honey, thank you for inviting me.”

“Er… I don’t understand, is Alena coming to the restaurant with us?” asked Jack.

“No darling, she’s staying in with us, she’s your birthday present from me.”

Alena took off her long coat to reveal a stunning red and black lace basque, a very short, very tight black skirt and black stockings, the tops of which were only just covered by the hem of her skirt. She oozed sexuality. Jack’s jaw fell almost as far as his rapidly rising prick as she stepped over to where he was standing and covered his mouth with a warm, lingering sensuous kiss. As she leant into his groin with her right hip, Alena could feel his cock swelling. She gave him a coy look and rubbed herself even harder against him.

“Happy Birthday Jack. I’m all yours to play with.”

To say Jack was surprised was an understatement. He was still in the embrace with Alena as the realisation dawned on him that Tamara had not been joking.

Jack began to laugh, Alena and Tamara joined in.

“Fuck me Alena!”

“I will later Jack.”

“Okay Alena, put him down, there’ll be plenty of time for that later on. Jack, the pizzas will be arriving in a few minutes. Be a dear and open a bottle then set the table, oh, and take Alena’s bag up to the main guest bedroom.”

“Pizza’s, so we’re not eating out after all then?”

“No Brain of Britain, we’re eating in,” said a teasing, gleeful Tamara.

Walking into the lounge with Alena, Tamara said, “You’ll be sleeping with us, we’ve got a super kingsize bed, but you can use the your own room and main bathroom as well.”


A good pizza and a couple of glasses of wine later Jack felt more at ease but still wasn’t sure what was expected of him. Was he supposed to take the initiative? They were now sitting in the lounge, Alena and Jack on the large sofa, Tamara on the two seat sofa.

“So, what do you think of your present Jack?”

“She’s utterly stunning, you both are… but I’m not sure how I’m supposed to play with her if you get my drift.”

Tamara and Alena smiled and gave each other a knowing look. Tamara stood up and moved over to the large sofa.

“Go and sit over there Jack and we’ll get things started, then you can claim your present when you are ready.”

Tamara sat on Alena’s right and leaned in to kiss her, Alena returned the kiss and they held each other’s faces tenderly. Their kissing became deeper and more passionate and they started to run their hands over each others bodies. Tamara had her hand on Alena’s left thigh then moved it up over her hip, waist and cupped her breast. Alena’s skirt rode up and revealed the lacy tops of her black stockings, which were clipped to the straps of her basque, and lacy black panties.

Jack’s cock was bursting but he kept his place for the moment watching the sensual display in front of him. Now Alena shifted her weight and reached down to unzip the slit on the right side of Tamara’s skirt. Tamara helped her pull the zip all the way up to expose her thigh and give access to her pussy. Alena’s hand slipped under the skirt and she fondled a suspender clip but stopped short Tamara’s mound. Tamara felt underneath Alena’s short skirt and slipped her fingers erotically under one of her suspender straps to caress her bare flesh.

Tamara eased Alena on to her back and reached for her pussy, Jack couldn’t tell whether she had got her hands between Alena’s legs but it had the effect that Tamara had intended and he couldn’t contain himself any longer. He moved over to the large sofa, cock straining the material of his trousers. Tamara got up and moved over to the small sofa.

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