Tales of Jason Ch. 19

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“Twins!” I repeated. I stood there in complete and total shock. My head would turn from left to right in rapid movements. I saw the same face each time. The Sam I had just fucked tried to speak but was cut off by the Sam who caught us.

“Damn it, Davis!” he said with anger in his voice.

“Davis? Oh, so you’re Davis,” I said, turning to him after the realization.

“Yeah, that’s me,” Davis said nervously.

“Wait,” I said. In my head, it began to make sense. The faulty recollection of previous sexual events. The two were pretending to be one person, “So you two were pretending to be one person the entire time?”

Davis turned off the shower and we both stepped out. Sam stepped away for a moment and returned with a towel in each hand. He handed us a towel each. Davis and I dried ourselves off and I wrapped the towel around my waist.

Sam sighed, “Yeah, we’ve been doing it for years.”

“But why though?” I said.

“Well, because Davis is quite shy, so it is hard for him to hook up with men. So as his older brother…”

“By a few minutes!” Davis interrupted.

“Sam rolled his eyes, “Anyways, as I was saying, over the years I’ve found us guys to sleep with. If the person was a bottom, I’d have sex with them. If they were a top, then it would go to Davis over here.”

“Oh, that’s interesting. Has there ever been a guy who found out?”

Sam shook his head, “You’re the only one.”

“We like having sex with you, Jason,” Davis said.

“And I do too. I just wish you guys would’ve been upfront about it We could’ve been having three ways a long time ago.”

“Yeah, we’re sorry about that. It’s an odd situation to be in, to be honest. When I first met you, I wasn’t sure of your position. Only that you were a great cocksucker. Alkibiades told me after that you were verse.”

We walked out of the shower and into the locker room. I sat down on the bench while the twins stood before me. It felt odd looking at two people with the same face. I had never met twins in real life before.

“Does Alkibiades know?”

“No, we haven’t told him. I’m not even sure how to tell him. I’m afraid he’ll only allow one of us into the house,” Sam said.

“Maybe, but the only way to find out is to ask. Trust me, I have lied to him and it cost me. It’s better to be upfront about it. He’s a great guy, I’m sure he’ll let you both move in.”

“Hopefully,” Davis said.

I looked at them both and said, “This is a bit surreal. I have so many questions.”

Sam smiled, “I bet you do.”

“Ask away,” said Davis.

“Do you guys have the same size dick?”

Sam answered, “More or less.”

I actually wanted to see the difference.

“Do you guys have a psychic link?”

Davis shook his head, “That’s a common question we get, but no.”

Sam’s stomach rumbled. He placed his hand over his stomach and said, “How about we talk about this over some dinner? I’m starving.”

I too was hungry. I held up my soggy underwear and said, “Sounds like a plan, however, my underwear is wet.”

Davis spoke, “I have some underwear you can borrow.” he walked past his brother to the locker at the end. There he opened the door and took out a pair of briefs, then came back and handed them to me. I unfolded them and saw they were white Hanes briefs. I slip them on and put the rest of my clothes on while Davis did the same.

After we changed, the twins escorted me up the stairs that were next to the office. Apparently, their home was above it. It was a small apartment with the essentials. A living room, a kitchen, two bedrooms, a washroom, and a restroom. It honestly tandoğan escort felt like I had left the warehouse-looking dojo and entered an apartment complex.

Sam went to the refrigerator and began to take out some frozen food their uncle had prepared. He then placed the food in the oven. While we waited for the food to warm up, I continued with my interview. As I said earlier, I had never met twin brothers before let alone have sex with each of them. So I had plenty of questions to ask.

Davis took our soggy underwear to the laundry room to dry then came back and sat with me and Sam at the kitchen aisle. “So what else do you want to know?” Sam said.

“Uh, I got one. I noticed you were wearing a pair of Davis’ briefs, so do you guys share underwear?”

“Occasionally but not often. Only when I have to do laundry. I’m not like my brother who likes tightie-whities. I like my underwear to have color in them.”

Davis rolled his eyes. Indicating that his brother has teased him for wearing the underwear. I turned to Davis and said, “I think they look good on you.”

Davis smiled and stuck his tongue out at his brother.

“So I assume you two have had sex with each other?”

“Of course,” Sam said, “We were each other’s first.”

“Interesting. Can you explain the position’s situation?”

“Well, I’m a bottom and Sam is a top,” Davis explained, “For me, I naturally wanted to be a bottom. He never forced me to. And I’ve never had the desire to be a top.”

“At first, we didn’t know what we were doing. It started with jerking off, then we began to suck each other off. And that escalated to anal. He tried to enter me but I didn’t like it, so we swapped and the rest is really history. I occasionally suck his cock but it’s not often enough for it to develop as a skill.”

“Which explains, why you sucked at doing it,” I said jokingly.

Sam’s face flushed red. Davis laughed.

“It’s okay, Sam. Not all of us are cocksuckers like me or your brother.”

A beep came from the oven. Sam stood up and went to the oven and opened it. He served each of us and then we began to eat. As we ate the conversation continued but this time the questions were directed at me.

“So what’s your story, Jason,” Sam said.

“What do you want to know?” I said before taking a bite of my food.

“When did you start having these feelings towards men?”

I swallowed the food, “In high school. My friend KJ and I were close and like you two, we started with jerking off, then oral, and finally anal. That’s the story for at least this side of me.”

“Side?” Davis said.

“Yeah, before my gay awakening,” I used air quotes, “I dated a girl for two years in middle school. But after that, I kind of stopped being in relationships. Not because I didn’t want one but I just became more focused on school work.”

“So KJ was the first guy you had sex with?” Davis said.

“Yup. But then he found another guy to have fun with, Sean. And I kind of went on my own. I’d end up having sex with several guys before high school ended. But then I met Dick. He changed my life forever.”

“Ooh, sounds like a love life,” Davis said.

I took one last bite before I started the story. It felt like a long time ago when I met Dick but it was only a few months. So much had happened since we first met. “Kind of. We never ended up dating but he helped me explore my sexuality further. I met him at his skateboard shop. Where he made a deal with me,” I explained to them what the deal was and what had happened after.

“Wow! That sounds so tunalı escort hot,” Davis said.

“It was. And after that, we continued to have sex. At one point we did develop feelings but they quickly dissipated. We tried at first but realized we weren’t really each other’s match. Now me, Dick, his brother Javi, and my cousin Steven all live in the same house.”

“I bet you guys have a lot of orgies,” Sam said.

I smiled, “On occasion.”

Sam grabbed the dirty plates and took them to the sink where he began to wash them. Davis and I then stood up and went to the living room. The two of us were sitting on the couch when Davis turned on the TV. He found a random movie to watch. Then without hesitation, I felt his hand on my crotch and his lips on mine. His hand gently rubbed my crotch causing my erection to fill the space in my briefs.

Davis’ hand slipped under the waistband of my shorts and pulled them down to my ankles. My erection pressed against the white briefs wanting to escape its confinement. Finally, it got its wish when Davis pulled opened the briefs. My cock sprung out fully erect. Davis tucked the waistband of the underwear beneath my loose balls, then he lowered his head above my crotch. The next thing I felt with the wetness of his tongue around the head of my cock. This caused me to jerk back. Then he consumed my cock in his mouth.

Waves of pleasure washed all over my body as Davis pleasured my cock. I even felt the pleasure in the back of my neck. He was an amazing cock sucker. A complete opposite of his brother.

Davis swallowed my cock into his throat where the throat muscles massaged it. The sheer amount of pleasure caused me to tilt my head back and let out a moan. It made me wonder if Sam was aware of what we were doing.

A sloppy sound was made as Davis took my cock out of his mouth. The saliva-covered cock shimmered as he looked up at me with redness on his face. He then got off the couch and removed my shorts. Tossing them to the side. Next, he knelt between my legs, and from my balls, he drove his tongue up until he reached the tip of my cock. With his right hand, he gripped the cock by the shaft and pulled back my foreskin. The pink tip radiated as a combination of precum and saliva covered it. I felt his lips wrap around it then he swallowed my cock into his mouth.

Passionately, Davis bobbed his head up and down. Slurping sounds could be heard. Which was only made louder as his saliva-covered hand stroked me. It was a trinity of pleasure-giving as his mouth, tongue, and hand all worked together. Which was all done expertly as of the years he sucked his brother off.

Sam sat down on the arm of the couch. A smile hung on his face. “He’s pretty good, huh?”

Out of breath, I said, “Yeah, he’s had plenty of experience.”

“I taught him well,” Sam stood up from the arm of the couch and walked around it. In one swift action, he removed his pants. His erection was pressed against the fabric of his gray Fruit of the Loom briefs. Sam knelt before me with each knee to the side of my thighs. I slid down slightly until I was at eye level with his bulge. Sam dug his hand into his briefs and pulled out the thick cock. Next, he pointed the tip in the direction of my mouth. It opened and the cock entered. My lip closed around the shaft and Sam began to thrust.

Slowly, Sam moved his pelvis back and forth. My hands naturally reached for his hairy thighs where they began to move up and down. They moved north until I felt the bubbliness of his butt. I caressed them as the tip of his cock entered my türbanlı escort throat. A slight push completed the entrance of his cock into my throat. His pubic hair tickled my nose as the cock was ensconced in my throat. A strong grip off his butt cheeks accompanied it.

A satisfied moan left Sam’s mouth as he pulled the cock out of my mouth. Several saliva lines could be seen from his cock to my lips. I stared up at him as I used my tongue to lick the tip of his uncut cock. The sensation caused Sam to tilt his head back and moan.

Davis stopped sucking my cock and stood up. Slowly, he removed his clothes. He started with his shirt, then his shorts, and finally, he removed his white Hanes briefs. Sam took his cock out of my mouth and stood up off the couch. He followed suit as his brother, he removed his shirt and then his briefs. Sam then bent down and pulled my briefs off entirely while Davis removed my shirt. It was then that I was finally able to see both of their cocks. They looked nearly identical. I did notice however that Davis’ was a bit veiny compared to his brother’s. Which might’ve been a giveaway to my eye. Another difference between the brothers I noticed was that Sam had a six-pack. Which explained why he refused to take off his shirt.

Sam grabbed me by the arm and pulled me up to my feet. Next, Davis said, “We’ve been wanting to try this for a long time.”

Davis lay down on the couch facedown. I already knew what they wanted to do. I got down on my knees behind him. A knee to each side of him. Then Sam knelt behind me with his knees aligned with mine. With my cock in hand, I pressed the tip against the entrance of his hole. Slowly, my cock slid inside his tight warm hole. I bent forward slightly allowing my cheeks to part. That’s when Sam planted his hands on my sides and I felt his thick cock enter me.

I began to thrust. My cock slid back and forth inside Davis’s hole. The back-and-forth action resulted in Sam’s cock getting pleasure. Sam moaned and slapped my ass cheek, “Faster!” he urged.

I sped up.

The room soon filled with moans from all three of us. My rapid thrusting caused the couch to move. I drew close to climax but Sam was the first to cum. An explosion of cum came from his cock as he filled my hole with his gooey seed. But that didn’t stop me from thrusting. With Sam’s cock still inside me rubbing against my prostate and the feeling of Davis’ tight hole, I finally achieved my climax. A grunt left my mouth as I fired my entire load inside Davis’ rectum. The thrusting slowed as I filled him. A gasp left my mouth. I couldn’t believe I was able to release that cum in such a short time. Sam pulled out his cock and sat down on the couch. I did the same. Davis turned onto his back and began to stroke himself. Wanting for him to cum, I bent down and removed his hand from his cock. I wrapped my lips around the tip and began to suck on it. My hand stroked the shaft in a twisting motion. Davis’ body jerked as I pleasured his cock.

Davis bit his lower lip and looked at me as he came. The gooey cum shot into my throat and mouth. I continued to stroke his cock as his cock filled my mouth. I licked the red tip of his cock and sucked out the last drop of cum. Then I sat back up on the couch and swallowed the heft load. Davis rested his legs on me and Sam’s lap. Sam brought his arm around my shoulder and held a smile on his face.

“Wow, that was an amazing blowjob,” said Davis.

“Wait, have you had another guy suck you off aside for your brother?”

He shook his head.

“Wow, well I’m glad I was able to satisfy you. Maybe one day, I’ll take my time.”

Davis smiled, “I’d love that.”

Davis and I got up and cleaned ourselves. It was a bit late in the afternoon. The twins suggested I sleep over. I agreed. For the rest of the night, I got to know them a bit more and we ended up falling asleep together in one of their beds. All three of us, in one bed, just in our briefs.

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