Tales of Eros Crystals Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 – The Explosive Pair

Viessa is on her way back to the temple. She looks sad and frustrated. She imagines and fantasizes having sex with Ayama. She thinks to herself that she needs to find a way and get the remaining coins to buy a whole night with him. An idea comes to her; she could borrow the remaining coins from other shrine-maidens, since she’s fifty coins short. Viessa reaches the temple and immediately runs to her neighbor’s room.

“Hey, can I borrow 50 coins from you?” asks Viessa, with puppy dog eyes.

“What? No. Why should I give you my coins?” the other shrine-maiden responds.

Viessa thinks, she needs to make an offer. “I’ll do your cleaning duties for a week.”

The other shrine-maiden doesn’t look convinced.

“Two weeks.” She’s still not convinced.

“A full month!” says Viessa in the hope of this being her final offer.

“Fine, you can have 50 coins from me,” replies the shrine-maiden, finally giving in.

This brings immense joy to Viessa as she has enough now to visit the brothel.


Night. All the whores, including Ayama and Fyrila, are lined up for duty assignments. Madame Lahore sets four whores on bar duty, two dozen on rooms, and another dozen as servers. Any low-level whore not mentioned is automatically on fuck stations. She addresses Fyrila and Ayama.

“Fyrila you’re gangbanging it tonight. We have important guests visiting; a squad of royal Inquisitors are in town and they ordered a succubus for a change.”

Fyrila frowns, not happy with her assignment. The Inquisitors are battle-hardened rapists, sent out to crush rebellions and to mentally break any traitor who demands the same rights as Futas. Inquisitors love to torture and to brutalize, even outside their profession. Fyrila is in for something.

“Ayama, you’re on stretching duty!”

Ayama cheers, happy about his assignment; he has lucked out tonight. Wealthy owners send their slaves, concubines, wives or daughters for stretching duty when their buttholes are too tight for anal sex. A professional will then loosen their anuses and perform a vast array of stretching techniques and exercises to make them suitable for anal sex.

“They have been set up in the basement, Ayama. You have the whole night unless someone requests you.”

Ayama nods and smiles at Fyrila who looks away, a bit mad. She would rather perform another show with Ayama; he seems cute since the time he was sent out to buy new stock.


Viessa is masturbating furiously. She imagines how Ayama flips her legs over while she’s in bed and licks her from her anus to her pussy. It’s making her drip with pussy juice, soaking the whole bed; she can’t take it anymore and orgasms. She has to be quick, as the rooms don’t have any doors and nuns are patrolling the corridor. She puts a blanket over the soaked bed sheets to cover up her masturbation when suddenly Artemis appears in the doorframe.

“Your little anus will be next soon!” She waves a goodbye kiss to Viessa and leaves.

Viessa knows exactly what this means. Artemis was not referring to the initiation ritual. She stands up and walks over to another room where Artemis is raping a shrine-maiden in the butt. This happens to all the girls, as they have to keep their virginity, but some of the more unprofessional nuns have to release their cocks. Artemis pounds harder, girls cry for their mothers but she puts her hands over their mouthes, while she comes inside them. Viessa needs to make a decision, she doesn’t want to lose her virginity to Artemis, even if it is only her butthole. She goes back to her room, grabs the coin box and sneaks out. She manages to sneak by, unnoticed by all the nuns. Like a cat, she drops down from a nearby window into the kitchen area.


Fyrila is tossed around like a ragdoll. These inquisitors look tough, all three of them are muscular and tall standing Futas with horsecocks. The beginning of their shafts are a bit darker in color for a third of the shaft, before going completely pink. All three horsecocks are very veiny and thick. They appear to be elven half-breeds, mixed Escort with horses. They wear stockings only, matching their hair color. One is a red-headed fury with lavish red pubes and freckles on her face. She chokes Fyrila until she’s about to pass out and then throws her to the next Futa who does the same. This one is a ruthless Brunette, with hair going down to her butt. She chokes her out, then slap Fyrila awake and throws her to the last Futa, the leader, a Blonde feisty bitch.

All three have horsetails as well, they’re wrapped tight in a sleeve and lifted upward. They get off by handling Fyrila like this, they circle around her and choke her out repeatedly, then slap her back awake. She not liking this, but it’s her duty for tonight. The red-haired Futa eats her asshole out, she’s held upward and suspended while all of this happens. These Futas are strong.


In a moist basement filled with intricate torture devices and stocks, ten women differing in age and breast size are restrained one way or the other. Four are in stocks, three suspended mid-air and roped up, and the final three are stuck in walls with only their asses and legs sticking out. Ayama is very happy with this arrangement, as he gets to violate ten anuses for the entire night. The women have been prepared with butt-plugs.

He moves to the first one in a stock and pulls the plug. She’s gagged, making a slight moan when he plops it out. This is making Ayama very hard; his dick seems to have grown in size. But not just that; little protruding dots appear on his dick. He can shapeshift his cock for various situations and needs. Now he will need a cock that can stick inside a rectal cavity. He begins to lick the anus of the first woman, making it very moist. He then sticks his cock inside her. The women cries in pain. But it’s all muffled and she can’t do anything about it. He moves his cock back and forth, and with each stroke a bit of her anus prolapses and protrudes. He moves faster, the woman tries to scream louder, but again, all is muffled.

This makes Ayama’s cock just harder and BIGGER until he pulls out and with a big plop. Her anus together with her rectal cavity prolapses completely. It looks like a red slimy slug sticking out of her butt. He takes a jar filled with Eros Nectar and smears it all over the anus. This will not just heal any wounds, but it will also loosen it up more and make it tougher and better usable for anal penetration in the future. He leaves the bitch marinated and moves to the next, a more mature woman. This one should be easy for Ayama since two fingers already fit in her anus, soon after that three fingers. Ayama lubes his hand up with the nectar and proceeds to fist her, hard and fast until a nice plop. Yet again, he marinates her with the nectar. This one didn’t give a damn, didn’t even moan. Instead, she’s just dripping with pussy juice. Ayama laughs. He loves a good slut, but wonders how big her master’s cock must be since it was so easy for him to plop her.


Fyrila is double penetrated by the Blonde and Brunette. The Ginger is choking her out, her lights go out. Her unconscious body whips back and forth from the hard pounding she receives until the Ginger slaps her awake. She’s slapped hard to the point that Fyrila cries a little but not for long because of the big surprise. The Ginger shoves her cock inside her mouth and takes a big piss inside Fyrila’s mouth. Soon she’s mouth full with piss coming out of her nose and mouth corners. The Futas laugh, enjoying this. The bottom one drinks it too until the piss bursts out of Fyrila’s mouth showering everyone. The Ginger proceeds to piss into Fyrila’s face, dousing her completely in piss. They lift her up, and with a couple of slaps all three piss on a kneeling Fyrila, who slowly drinks up the piss.


Ayama moves to the third. This one’s on her back in the stock. Her legs are tied up all the way to her head in a full nelson position, leaving her nice and easy to access. But she’s a fighter, constantly trying to scream at Ayama. Her asshole is tight, barely a finger fits in. Ayama needs to pull out the big guns. He Escort Bayan lubes up his cock with the nectar as well as her anus and shoves his now massive cock inside. She’s incredibly tight. To Ayama’s amazement, he hasn’t fucked something this tight in a long time. She screams in pain at Ayama but he thrusts his cock harder into her. Minutes go by and Ayama can’t manage to plop her. He pulls his cock out with a bit of frustration, thinks for a moment and grabs the nectar again to lube up his entire forearm. He gets into position and slowly but steadily shoves his entire forearm up her rectum. She screams wildly, but he begins to fist her. Back and forth, back and forth. Her eyes roll back and she pisses herself from the stimulation, pissing all over Ayama who drinks it up. With one big plop he prolapses her entire rectum, the longest out so far and it’s thick and particular bright, a Type S anus which is most efficient at recycling crystals. Her master will be pleased, thinks Ayama to himself and starts to suckle on the prolapsed anus. She squirts hard because of this, to Ayama’s amusement.


Viessa manages to sneak past Artemis and runs outside the temple with her coin box in hand. She sneaks past some guards and into town, heading for the brothel. She has to be careful; a shrine-maiden this late at night is a welcoming rape victim. She reaches the market where the thieves and murderers are still being raped, this time around by drunk party goers. Unfortunately, she bumps into some drunk Futas who are just looking for something to fuck and they can smell Viessa’s pussy from a mile away. Five of them befall Viessa, and begin to force their tongues into her succulent mouth. But before anyone can force their cock into Viessa the first Futa is cut down with the swing of a broadsword.

“That is a shrine-maiden, you drunk fools,” says the mysterious figure.

The drunks retreat and run off. The figure emerges from the shadow revealing a Futa-Lord, a high royal member of the Futa-Knights. She has similar metallic-white hair to Viessa but is equipped with a massive horsecock and a piercing with a little golden bell at the tip. She’s unsleaved, presenting her erect cock with proudness.

“Now leave before I fuck you to death myself for being out this late at night.”

Viessa runs away, not for the temple but the brothel.


Eight have been plopped. Ayama works on the ninth anus. This bitch is suspended with rope. He’s working her ass. This one should be easy to plop, thinks Ayama. He gives her a couple of slaps, pulls her hair and she presses his dick out with the sound of someone pulling out a cork. Ayama licks the anus of the ninth. He’s so hard his dick has changed color. More reddish than ever before, pumping with blood, the veins are hard on his cock. He sticks his tongue into her anus when he’s interrupted by another whore.

“Ayama, there’s someone who wants to see you,” says the cute little whore.

“I’ll be there once I’m finished here.”

“Okay, but be done with it quickly; she paid good money for you and she booked the big suite.”

Ayama is unsure who it could be. His usual customers do not make last minute changes. But he doesn’t waste any thoughts on that any further. Instead, he proceeds to plop the last two slaves.


Two whores look at Viessa’s request in confusion. Not sure they can grant it, is it legal for a shrine-maiden to do this? They don’t give it much thought, considering how many coins Viessa has spread out before them. They lead her upstairs to the rooms. Viessa sees what’s happening in the other rooms since some guests love to leave the doors open. She passes by several orgies and stops when she spots Fyrila who is being hanged as part of an asphyxiation game by the Inquisitors. They let her dangle for a few seconds for her to almost lose consciousness and then lift her up and fuck her while another Futa is pulling the rope to tighten it. Viessa is shocked by this, can’t believe her eyes; she has never seen such a thing. And it’s turning her on, at least a little, out of curiosity. She’s led to Ayama’s room.

“Please Bayan Escort wait here, your whore will be ready soon,” says the prostitute, and leaves the room.

Viessa looks around at Ayama’s belongings. There are lots of sex toys, and a weird collection of ceramic imprints. They are not like any Viessa has ever seen; these are pussy imprints. She caresses the prints, all these cunts in different shapes. Some are more open than others, some are wider, some look very, very tight. She’s getting aroused by looking at the imprints. Viessa hears someone coming in through the back door. It’s Ayama.

“I’ll be ready in moment, just have to take a quick shower,” he shouts.

Viessa’s heart starts to pound faster. She has met the one she wants to have sex with so badly. He’s not far from her but she restrains herself, waiting for him to finish. Ayama takes a giant piss, so much built-up tension from prolapsing the slaves.

He leaves the bathroom dressed in new pink silk stockings and elbow long sleeves. She loves what she’s seeing there. He too, since Viessa is already undressed and completely naked, her shrine-maiden uniform stashed away. Ayama can’t see it and he doesn’t recognize her face from earlier in the market. She kisses him softly and leads him closer to the bed. But while she kisses him, she also touches him everywhere, putting her little fingers in each orifice. She looks at his anus as well as his cockhole. She plays with both like a curious child. Ayama finds this amusing and plays along. Many newcomers and first timers do this. She throws him onto the bed, proceeds to grope him some more, then turns and flips him around. He laughs, enjoying himself.

She puts him in a doggy position and sucks on his massive balls. His cock has returned to normal size. Licking her way up, slowly towards his anus, she rams her tongue into it. A lot of energy releases. All the crystals in the room are already glowing. He turns around and starts to eat her little pussy out; they sixty-nine it. Ayama takes charge and throw’s her on her back. He slowly pushes his cock inside her, popping her cherry. Blood pours out of Viessa’s pussy. She hugs him closer to herself as he goes in deeper.

He has her sideways, laying behind her. He’s going fast, each stroke causing a loud squishing sound and squirt. At the same time putting his tongue into her mouth and choking her a little. Viessa is dripping, she’s so moist her juices drip and squirt down Ayama’s thighs. They’re both about to come hard, the crystals in the room are glowing brightly; not just in this room, but everywhere.

Fyrila’s pounding stops for a moment. Everyone looks at the glowing crystals in the room. The crystals are lighting up everything, not just in every room of the brothel but all across Vespa. They even reach the Sun-God temple. This is causing everyone to go into AHAEGO, the ultimate orgasm, or put in simpler terms, they’re fucked silly by the released energy. Everyone’s eyes roll back. The three-horse Futas fucking Fyrila are drooling from insanity; like beasts, they fuck Fyrila harder than before. Fyrila passes out, drooling as well.

Artemis is raping another girl in the church, foaming from her mouth. Crystals all around them are glowing. The Shrine-maidens are squirting in unison, nuns are slipping on the ground in their own cum. Lady Minerva is fucking several nuns at the same time, ass-raping one, and sticking her fingers into more. Madam Lahore is fucking her two femboys like a beast, moving from one hole to the next. This is one gigantic, city-wide orgy; everyone is fucking everyone and everything.

Ayama is about to cum inside Viessa. The energy is so strong the entire room is glowing. With a big bang everyone around the city cums. Fyrila is filled up with cum and it’s drooling from her mouth and nose. Some smaller crystals burst across the city. Viessa is drooling, knocked out by Ayama’s cock, but he keeps going. The squishing from his pounding is getting faster, she’s still dripping juice as he pounds her in a mating press until he cums a second time. He turns her around and puts his still hard cock in her little ass, or at least he tries, but it’s too tight. He lubes it up with spit and slowly pushes his cock into her little butthole. He cums again and passes out from sheer exhaustion.

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