Tales of an Infatuated Barista

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Her name was Mila and she slung coffee for a living.

By her own account, she had everything that mattered — a job she enjoyed, a wonderful husband she’d been with for almost 10 years, and two boys who were her absolute world. She was perfectly content, until she suddenly wasn’t.

He’d come into the shop many times before, a definite regular. And she had always thought him handsome in passing. But this day was different. This day, she really noticed him for the first time.

She noticed the salt and pepper tinge to his hair where the tips kissed his forehead, and the surprisingly attractive heavy stubble blanketing his jaw. His hands were strong, and bore no signs of a wedding band, and she found herself blushing at the thought of what those strong hands — those fingers — could do. But it was his eyes – which only a day prior, she would have described as kind — that now left her breathless. It was those warm brown eyes, the way they crinkled at the edges with the wink he always offered, that suddenly awakened something in her that she hadn’t felt in a long time. A feeling that only then, did she realize she had been missing.

Her days quickly became more restless, as she found herself looking forward to his frequent visits. It remained though, that she knew very little about him save for his name being Cole, and that he was a local contractor. She didn’t mind it though, and gladly let her imagination fill in the blanks, usually in the shower, as her fingers wandered and brought her to climax.

She knew that it was one-sided — that he was a charmer, and likely dealt with all ladies in the same manner – but it didn’t matter to her. She had a husband and twin 5 year-olds. It wasn’t like she was going to throw away her life as she knew it to pursue him. But in another timeline, she thought, if she were single, she wouldn’t hesitate. She wondered how those breathtaking eyes would look, staring down into hers as he pumped his hips a final time, spilling himself inside of her. Or how they would look half lidded, as she knelt in front of him, dragging her tongue up his length.

These types of thoughts became an all too frequent fixture of her days, and after awhile, she found herself desperately trying to get him off her mind, to no avail. That’s when she recalled how she’d managed to work through and let go of things when she was much younger — by writing.

Knowing very little about him, she allowed her thoughts, her fantasies, to pour over the page.

*She walked home, slightly unsteady from her work Christmas party, having imbibed a little more than she’d originally planned. It wasn’t a long walk from the pub, and she usually enjoyed the silence that this time of the night brought. The sky was that bright shade of grey-pink that always promised snow, and the cool breeze eagerly nipped at her cheeks. She slowed as the first flakes of snow began to fall, and stumbled slightly over the curb.

She was jostled further from her silent reverie as a black pickup truck slowed to a stop just ahead of her. As she passed by, the window lowered, and a familiar voice intoned, “Mia, you need a ride?”

She glanced through the window to find Ben in the driver’s seat, staring out at her.

Fuuuck, she thought. Yes, I need to ride. Your lap, your face, your fingers. I’ll take any or all.

She instantly became slick at the thought, and felt a familiar warmth rise up her cheeks. She hoped though, that between the drinks she’d had earlier, and the frosty nip of the air, her face was red enough already, and that silivri escort it wasn’t too obvious.

“Hey,” she finally sputtered, breaking away from her thoughts. “No, I should be okay. I really don’t have far to go.”

Wow, she thought, That was some incredible self restraint.

Here was the man she’d been fantasizing about for weeks now – taking every chance to unabashedly imagine him in different scenarios as got herself off – offering her a ride home. In his truck. She had a weakness for pickups, and often fantasized about having sex in the cab of one.

But she’d had a lot to drink, and although she wasn’t technically drunk, she was sure that she wasn’t capable of making the best decisions at the moment, especially where this man was concerned.

“I don’t mind. It’s cold out, and we’re going in the same direction”.

Damnit! She’d had the self restraint once — she wasn’t sure she had that same strength again.

She took a deep breath, and the words began to pour from her mouth before she could stop them. Her brain was trying desperately and in vain to put a stop to her sudden honesty, but to no avail.

“Listen Ben, I really appreciate your offer, but I am incredibly attracted to you, and I have had a few drinks, and I couldn’t stand to be in a car alone with you tonight for fear of either embarrassing myself, or being unable to say no to…” she trailed off and took a deep breath. “And I just embarrassed myself anyhow. I’m gonna go,” she nodded awkwardly as she stepped back from the curb and continued her walk home, much more briskly than before.

She felt her face flaming with embarrassment, and couldn’t stop replaying what she’d said over and over in her head. She had no clue what had come over her. She was far from drunk — even less so now, as humiliation seemed to be a great way to sober up.

She suddenly froze in her tracks, as a hand gently grabbed her shoulder, turning her around. His eyes were half closed against the wind which had suddenly picked up, and looked deliciously reminiscent of a wink as he stared down at her. Her cheeks flamed ever hotter, and she fought to keep her gaze.

“Mia, it’s freezing out and it’s well after midnight. I’m not expecting anything other than to offer you a drive home,” he spoke and gestured to the truck.

She felt utterly humiliated and nodded her defeat as she let him lead her back to where he was still parked. A demure “thank you”, was all she could manage to squeak out.

He held the door for her, as she pulled herself up into the passenger’s seat and settled in, dreading the conversation of the next 5 minutes. This was ridiculous — she was a grown woman but was feeling more like an awkward, angsty teenager.

She heard his car door slam shut and casually snuck a glance across the cab to see him buckling in and taking the wheel. Fuck! She thought, glancing from his stunning profile against the harsh glare of the streetlights, to his strong hands gripping the wheel, down to the noticeable bulge in his jeans. She quickly glanced away trying desperately to keep her cool, but she felt a familiar tug as her nipples perked up, and her panties became noticeably wetter. This is going to be a long five minutes.

They were both silent for much of the trip, with only the low din of the radio to distract them.

When they arrived out front of her high rise, Ben parked and turned off the engine. She unbuckled, and wanted to slither out into the night, but knew that she had to merter escort look at him in order the thank him. She really didn’t want to lift her gaze — didn’t want to see what was in those eyes. She expected judgement or worse, pity.

She absentmindedly bit her lower lip as she tried to corral all of the strength she had to raise her eyes and meet his steady gaze. Oh god, she sucked in a small gasp. It was as if the air had been sucked out of the truck and replaced with pure electricity. Where it was just a moment ago so difficult to meet his gaze, she now suddenly couldn’t look away. He reached out with his right hand, and cupped her chin as he gently ran his thumb over her lips. Without thinking, her tongue darted out in time to take in the saltiness of his skin.

She didn’t even have time to take a breath before his mouth was on hers and all rational thought escaped her. His lips were soft but insistent and his mouth tasted deliciously of coffee. His stubble chafed her skin as their tongues entwined, and his hand made it’s way to the back of her hair, tugging and guiding her as his mouth continued it’s delightful assault on hers. She wrapped her arms around his neck for leverage as she lifted herself up onto his lap, and almost came as she lowered herself down on the rock hard bulge straining his jeans. She ground her hips against him, eliciting from him a small growl to match her moan.

He tugged her hair then, pulling her head back roughly as he kissed a messy trail down her throat while unzipping her coat with his free hand. She couldn’t wait any longer. She was soaking through her panties, and needed so badly to feel him inside of her. She reached her hands down, and clumsily managed to undo his belt, setting to work on the button and zipper. Her fingers fumbled with her eagerness and she let out a small yelp, as his teeth grazed her breast.

Just then, a horn honked — close and loud. No. No. Ignore it. She was so close, having his jeans fully undone. He just needed to lift up off the seat to slide them down. The horn sounded again, longer this time. Ben groaned and lifted his head from Mia’s chest, glancing in the rearview mirror. They were parked at the front door to the apartment, blocking the car behind them. Shit.

They’d need to move this elsewhere, but Mia thought that inviting him up to her apartment was too personal, as was going back to his place. This was about the sex, not about getting to know each other better. “I don’t want to stop. Park at the lake?” it was half question, half demand. She slid off of his lap and back into the passenger seat as he put the truck into drive.

Her body was burning up, and she couldn’t focus on anything other than his jeans, still unzipped and still straining over his erection. They pulled up at a red light, and she spoke up, breaking the silence. “Pull your jeans down.” She added a strained, “please”. He glanced over at her, his eyes smouldering, and paused only a second before freeing his cock from the confines of his clothes.

“Oh fuck,” Mia breathed, her arousal almost painful at this point. She moved closer and reached out, wrapping her hand around his erection. It was so warm and hard, the tip glistening with a single drop. Without thinking, she leaned her head down and flicked her tongue over the tip. He tasted of salt and musk and it drove her wild. She swirled her tongue around the head of his cock before parting her lips and taking in the first two inches of his shaft. His hand tangled in her mecidiyeköy escort hair again and she heard him suck in a breath. She began to suck while she felt him pull the car to a stop and take the key from the ignition. Using the hand that was tangled in her hair, he guided her face up to his and hungrily tasted her lips.

She quickly pulled free of her jacket and slipped a leg over his lap, once again straddling him. The only thing separating her hot wetness from his cock was the thin, wet layer of lacy panties. She ground hard against him eliciting another growl as he dragged his teeth down her throat.

She reached between them, pulled her panties to the side, and grabbing his rock hard length she slid it up and down her slit. His cock was so big and so fucking hot, and she was dripping and ready. She leaned up a bit, grabbing hold of his firmness and gently guided the tip to her entrance. One hand on her hip, the other on the back of her neck, he quietly urged her, “Look at me. I want to watch you while you slide down my cock.”

She watched his eyes. It felt so personal, so fucking filthy somehow. His gaze was pure hunger, and she was more than ready to be devoured by this man. She slid slowly down his length, stretching as she took him in — her mouth opened but no sound came out. Once fully impaled, she rested a moment, adjusting to his size before she began to shimmy her hips, grinding against him.

Neither could take much of this before his hands grabbed her hips, and they both found the rhythm as she began to bounce up and down on his shaft. Her hands dug into his shoulders, and she moaned, throwing her head back. She let herself get lost in the feeling of his cock so deep inside of her, the wet sound of their bodies colliding, and the insistence of his rough hands kneading her hips. He began bucking his hips up to meet her, burying his cock even deeper with every thrust.

She’d felt it building deep within her and she rode him harder and harder until her body jerked and shuddered with the white hot explosion of her climax. Back arched, she held onto his shoulders and screamed out while he continued to thrust up into her, forcing wave after wave of pleasure. The tightness of her contracting around his cock rid him of what little control he had left and he thrust up a final, rought time, and released his load deep inside her pussy.

Completely spent, she collapsed back down onto his lap, kissing him messily, still enjoying the feeling of his stubble on the tender flesh of her lips, before sliding off of him and back into the passenger’s seat.

He drove her home as he had initially offered, and parked in the same spot as his first attempt. She unbuckled and leaned toward him. “You know what’s filthy?” she whispered. “I can feel you dripping down my thighs.” She leaned into him gently biting his bottom lip. “Thanks for the ride,” she breathed, winking and glancing down at his lap.*

Mila let out a sigh. Done. She wasn’t sure if she felt better or not though — the words on the page igniting feelings within her that she had been intending to tame, not exacerbate. She thought about it for a few minutes, and decided to post it to her favourite erotic stories site. Perhaps a few anonymous comments might make her feel more like a creative writer, and less like an overly hormonal teenager.

She hadn’t visited the site in quite some time, but the thought of posting these — her very private fantasties — online, got her very excited. She knew it was far-fetched, but the idea that Cole might stumble upon them without knowing, sent a shiver of excitement down her spine.

‘Makeitadecaf’, she typed in the space for a username. An inside joke — one that few would recognize, but that made her smile anyhow.

A few moments later, she was ready to hit post. Taking a deep steadying breath, she released her fantasy anonymously out into the world.

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