Taking the Edge Off Ch. 02

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What it is to be a mother.

And at that, a mother who one day, like it was nothing, insisted that her socially awkward virgin son practiced on her pussy!

It was unplanned. It just happened. Michael couldn’t control himself enough around girls to have a relationship with one. Karen thought she was helping in her own frank and straightforward way.

She figured that a mother should be there for her son the way his father wasn’t, to love unconditionally and to help in any way that she could. She didn’t count on the fallout of what she had coaxed to reality. And she hadn’t counted on her attraction for Michael and their connection to have been so deep.

Life had gone on as normally as it could have, under the circumstances. What is normal anyway? Any chance of a normal life was ruined when Michael was three years old. Now he was eighteen and Karen was forty two. No relationship since had lasted.

She wasn’t a typical beauty, and she wasn’t the most socially apt, but she was always a most sexual creature and that side to her had been sacrificed for much of her life since motherhood. But still she had Michael and he was worth it, every step of the way.

So when that relationship seemed to come to a head, a month after their educational encounter of sorts, both of them flew headlong into the arguments and the tantrums. They’d had no problem moving on up until then. After that it seemed that more lay beneath the surface than either had admitted, or even expected.

Michael had gone into a short-lived relationship with a girl from college. Karen had tried getting back into the dating game but couldn’t find anything promising, not even in the bedroom department. Their family seemed headed for ruin until the end of Michael’s relationship, when his girlfriend had turned out to be a serial cheat and one who liked to play with boys’ minds.

Gradually, Michael broke under pressure and returned home, his face streaked with burning tears, and into the arms of his mother. It was most welcome. Karen could never have forgiven herself if they had driven each other any further apart.

‘I love you mom, I’m sorry I acted like an asshole,’ he cried into her neck, holding on tight. She told him that she loved him too, naturally. She assured him that everything would be fine, that she was here for him no matter what.

‘I’m sorry, sweetheart,’ she said after letting him cling to her a while. The clock struck eleven at night and the house was otherwise shrouded in quiet darkness. ‘I’m glad you don’t hate me.’


‘It’s been a long time coming but we really should talk. Please?’

‘I don’t think I can right now,’ he said, wiping the wet from his blurred eyes.

‘It doesn’t have to be now,’ she disarmed, ‘no pressure; I think you’ve had enough. How about a coffee to neaten you up a little?’

‘You look tired Michael so let’s not torture each other,’ Karen said. The clock now struck midnight. They had made small talk about the things that had happened around them. ‘I just want to make it quick. What we did is in the past, but I didn’t realise it would cause such high emotions. But we’re both hormonal people so I suppose I overlooked the odds in that respect. But where we could have done it better, we got carried away with our own lives and I think that got in the way. I’m sorry, you know I love you. It won’t happen again. At least tell me how you’re feeling.’

‘A little bruised,’ Michael admitted sorely. He meant emotionally, despite things coming to blows between he and a long trusted friend of his that the little bitch had turned against him. The fight didn’t last any more than five punches. And it didn’t matter that Stevie walked away unscathed. He’d learn when she would play him off against some other idiot. Soon enough…

‘But it wasn’t because of us,’ he explained. ‘It was because that bitch Eva tried to manipulate me. She tried? She succeeded. She’s ruined everything. I thought I was just paranoid at first, but…’

‘Go on,’ Karen encouraged with a gentle pat of the hand against the back of his. Then she took hold and didn’t let go.

‘I don’t know how to say this without going back “there” and I know we don’t want to go back “there”,’ he stressed. So she encouraged him anyway, because better out than in.

‘All bursa escort the time I was with her, I was trying to replace you and I knew I couldn’t. How can I even begin to replace my own mom, and with a cheating slut like her? It messed with my head. And then all I wanted was you, because I couldn’t compare and I’ve basically been going out of my mind ever since.’

Karen raised a hand to her forehead and closed her eyes to try to block out the shame. What had she done to his beautiful mind? Was it her? Or was it the bitch?

‘Oh my god, Michael,’ she whispered, opening her eyes to see him again. ‘I thought I knew something about it but I had no idea.’

‘I couldn’t get you out of my head, mom. And there we were pushing each other away. I think I was falling for you. I felt so ashamed.’

‘Don’t be. I’m beyond flattered. But little old me?’ she asked.

‘You’re not old, mom,’ he said with a tired and resigned smile that barely broke the dark in his eyes. ‘But can we drop it for now? I’m exhausted.’

Karen seconded that. This business was exhausting but she would never sleep another wink in her life if that were possible, just so she could protect him. She stood up and drew him into her arms once more, hugging him close but not too tight.

He didn’t let go for a long time. And she wanted so badly to tell him that she felt the same, but she couldn’t. Not right now. It wouldn’t be fair on her son.

‘It’s hard,’ she said finally. ‘Love is hard. You learn from your pain and move on and don’t make the same mistakes, at least not more than ten or fifty times until they’re worn to nothing. You go get some sleep. Weekend tomorrow!’

She didn’t sleep for a long time. She lay awake in the night listening to her heart hammering with all the power of her love, her dread, her guilt and her uncertainly all at once.

And the anger at the way any girl would treat her boy – she could not begin to fathom what kind of urban trash brought their child up to act that way. Her love may have become unconventional to say the least, over the past month, but she had taught her son to respect women as the women they were.

Now what was that worth?

In his eyes, no woman would be worth half as much as his mom. They wouldn’t have that promise of unconditional love, nor the bond they had. And then her mind strayed to the sex between them that one fateful day.

Oh lord the sex!

Her hand moved down across her abdomen and came to rest on the neatly trimmed patch just above where she so suddenly ached for him, her son.

Then, no, she thought. Don’t be so weak!

But that little voice returned and with it she whispered and murmured sweetly into the dawn.

‘I can’t believe I slept so long,’ Karen remarked, sleepy eyed. She walked into his room just past twelve to find him barely out of his own slumber, no doubt naked beneath the sheets as usual. When the pyjamas went all those years back, nothing else took their place.

She was wearing nothing but a white vest and a pair of loose shorts, which she wore only to get from bedroom to bathroom. Michael liked what he saw, especially the Good Morning greeting that the erect nipples of her defiant G-cup breasts were displaying.

‘Did you sleep okay? Can I get you anything?’

‘I’m good, thanks mom. I couldn’t sleep until around six but I haven’t been sleeping well lately.’

Karen blushed, wondering how thin these walls may have seemed in the dead of night, and then regardless she offered him a sympathetic smile. ‘Is there any room for your little old mom there?’

‘You’re not old. I told you,’ he said, shuffling further away so she could jump on. To his surprise, she pulled back the cover, exposing his slightly engorged modesty, and scooched over to him, pulling the cover back up again.

Karen lay a loving kiss on his cheek and then his lips, putting an arm across his chest and a leg over one hip, ignoring the fact that she was causing him some excitement. The wind could have just as easily have caused that by blowing on him. But of course, he drew her in and held her there.

‘I miss this,’ she reflected, and then went back to that day. Maybe an inappropriate choice of words, maybe not…

‘The snuggling,’ she then corrected.

‘Me too…’

‘We don’t bursa escort bayan have to talk about it,’ she then roamed.

‘I don’t mind.’

‘But your mother must ask. You were falling for me? Really?’

‘I’m sorry mom, it’s not like I could help it.’

‘Well sex does do that to people who have a close connection. It’s pretty standard, which is kinda sad now that I think about it. But we had sex and it happened. There, I said it.’

‘Yeah we did…’

‘I actually have a confession myself,’ she offered to disarm him, just in case she was prodding too hard or too soon.

‘You do?’

‘I fell for you pretty hard myself.’

‘You did?’ Michael asked at the mercy of his disbelief.

‘And I’m glad,’ Karen added. ‘I couldn’t think of a sweeter man to fall for.’


‘But it was only when we started fighting and distancing from each other that I realised, so it probably hurt more than it should have. It’s okay though. Moms and sons aren’t really cut out for that. But you really compared her to me?’

‘Of course I did.’ Michael shrugged. ‘Not that she was comparable.’ And that was when he began to feel his mom’s heart hammering faintly through her breast against his chest.

‘You’re the absolute best son I could ever have wished for!’ She meant it. ‘And at least now you’ve made your first steps towards healthy relationships. You’ll figure it out. I’m not the greatest mom in the world. Not the worst to make comparisons with though, it seems.’

She laughed and then to her surprise so did Michael, before he hugged her tighter and kissed her back; one on the cheek, one on the forehead and then one on the lips. Their eyes met and Michael realised just how fucking adorable she really was.

‘You’re the greatest mom in the world to me. I don’t care what happened. I should have loved you harder after that day and I really wished I could have. I think it’s all made me realise just how much I do love you.’

Karen blushed and was surprised to find that her eyes suddenly stung with the familiarity of her own tears. But they didn’t fall. Instead, with glassy eyes she looked up at him proudly and with a profoundly deep love that she hadn’t felt, at least since back when…

They kissed again. Was it motherly? Was it the kiss a mother and son ever shared? Neither knew but it felt right for the moment.

‘Anything else you want to get off your chest?’ she asked him. He paused for a series of moments while she watched him tick over like the face of a clock. ‘Anything at all…’

‘In all honesty,’ Michael began, ‘I fantasised about you a lot after that day.’

‘You did?’

‘Yeah and, ummm,’ he stammered, ‘I even called Eva mom when I was making love to her?!’

‘Get out, really?’ Karen asked and she was suddenly rolling about the bed laughing.

‘You have no idea. As soon as I was about to come, it just rolled out of my mouth. I don’t even know how.’

‘I don’t know what to say. Should I be jealous?’ she asked.

‘I don’t know, but I thought of you a lot,’ he confessed.

‘Well, if we’re making confessions then I might as well come clean,’ Karen owned up, looking her son in the eyes so intently. ‘A lot of fantasising. You impressed me that day, without a lie…’

‘I’d still love to really have sex with you,’ Michael then said.

‘Well then!’ Karen’s eyes nearly popped out of her head. She covered her mouth to stifle something before it escaped.

‘You’re not mad are you?’ Michael asked.

‘No, that would make me a hypocrite. But really?’ He nodded.

‘That’s good to know I guess,’ she answered and then laughed. ‘But that’s probably not sensible considering what we put each other through last time.’

‘I don’t know, wouldn’t it be different?’

‘Like how?’

‘Like we know how we feel and we wouldn’t want to make the same mistakes. Or like you said last night, sometimes you just have to wear them out.’

‘I can’t believe we’re rationalising this,’ Karen cried out laughing, then demurely, ‘we are rationalising this, right?’

‘We’re hormonal people, mom…’

‘And now you’re stealing my lines.’

‘You’ve been a good teacher.’

What should she do? She didn’t feel backed into a corner but all of a sudden here was another side escort bursa to their relationship, a closeness she hadn’t experienced before, and God forbid, she loved it. Michael the boy seemed to have grown into a man overnight.

‘Humour me,’ she said in all seriousness. ‘We are mother and son, talking about having sex here…’


‘Yes thank you. Is it out of turn for me to suggest that it’s wrong after last time?’

‘It all depends,’ Michael said looking back, and then looked into her eyes. ‘If you want to as much as I do.’

‘So how would it be?’

‘You didn’t answer my question, mom,’ he prodded. ‘Do you?’

‘And if you want me to answer that, then answer my question,’ she flirted. ‘How would it be?’

And Michael thought back to that other day so long ago, and remembered the words she’d used to describe it. When he had asked what it was like, that bare flesh on flesh feeling, she had used five little words, little but unforgettable. And he had ached for her ever since.

‘Like it’s meant to be,’ he said and gave those words time to sink in.

Karen couldn’t control herself. Enchanted by the moment she leaned in to offer her son a loving kiss. It didn’t end. Their lips locked, soon their tongues were at play and her hand was wrapped around his erection beneath the covers.

She had to make this decision now or never and she knew what her body, her heart and her soul wanted more than anything.

‘I’ll tell you what I want more than anything else right now,’ she whispered seductively to him. ‘You in my womb as bare-naked as the day you were born.’ And with that Michael was struck dumb.

The moment the head of his solid erection kissed her wet pussy and then plunged forth slowly, they both hissed with pleasure and braced each other for the long slide.

‘Now you can really feel how wet I am,’ Karen observed, then her had hitting the pillow weightily, ‘oh god your cock feels delicious inside of me.’

Her shorts were already hung from the headboard. Now enraptured in their mutually incestuous lust, she scrambled to be free of her vest top, allowing her son full access to her naked body. It only seemed fair since here he was, the perfect body, as naked as the day she gave birth to him and trying to re-enter her womb.

‘Jesus, look at you disappearing into me with that thing. I’m in love,’ she cried.

‘I’m in love with you, mom, stupidly, hopelessly, helplessly,’ he confessed, and then Michael brought his mother to the first mind-bending orgasm.

‘Is it wrong that I wish all of a sudden we’d done this years ago?’ she then asked, a confession of her own.

Plunging deep into her slippery heat, Michael almost came there and then, but braced himself tight and soldiered on. ‘I kind of like the wrong right now, being joined at the hip with you, being inside you; connected as close as I feel.’

She pulled him close to her then and whispered, ‘pick me up so I can fucking bounce off of that beautiful cock.’ Her wish was his command. Soon Karen was in her son’s lap, embracing him for leverage. ‘Look at that,’ she panted, their bodies almost melded together in the heat of their lust, ‘your mom’s pussy taking your entire length, reeling you in, sucking you deep into me…’

‘You are one dirty bitch, mom, if you don’t mind me saying.’

‘You don’t know the half of it yet, son…’

Then they were spooning. Sweating, slippery flesh clapped wetly together. Hands grabbed and groped and limbs entwined feverishly. Michael never wanted to leave his mother again and that afternoon they fucked and fucked and couldn’t seem to stop until she laid him down and straddled him.

‘Michael,’ she breathed, sliding down onto him and swallowing him whole.


‘No matter what happens, I love you baby, okay?’

‘I love you too, more than you know.’

‘And I’ll never regret you,’ she said lovingly as she began to buck and grind steadily against him, his swelling, aching cock buried deep and aimed at her womb. ‘No matter where this leads. But I am going to show you how a real woman treats her man…’

Bucking, grinding, gyrating, she rode her son and her lover to a place far beyond family. Embracing and joined together as lovers, they were past all of that now, and somewhere no mother and son could go.

Michael felt himself being rode to the point of no return and staring lovingly into Karen’s eyes, he willed it with a sense of rightness that he could never have expected before this day.

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