Taking Control

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It had become something a tradition on a Friday afternoon for Simon to invite his best friend, Edward, over and the two would watch some B-grade action movie or another before heading out for a night of drinking and socializing in the many bars and clubs that dotted the town. Much to Simon’s dismay, however, it had also become something of a tradition that his mother (a widow for two years now) would flirt outrageously with Edward, often to the embarrassment of Edward as much as to himself. Edward was a handsome young man, eighteen years old, athletic, with a strong build and dark hair, not unlike Simon; but Simon was gregarious and outgoing and Edward was shy and introverted. Simon didn’t know for sure but he suspected that Edward was still a virgin and he suspected, perhaps, that his mother thought the same and she enjoyed to make the most of his shyness and often flirted in an overtly obvious manner knowing full well that Edward would be too shy to embrace or reject her advances.

For Edward these flirtations were quite nice, something to look forward to although they were often embarrassing for him as he didn’t know how to take them, especially as his best friend, and this woman’s son, was almost always with him when it happened. For Simon it was embarrassing because he knew how uncomfortable it made his friend and he didn’t want his mother to get the reputation of a horny widow who would try to seduce anyone who might look upon her favorably. Simon knew that he would have to do something, it was becoming too much and as the man of the house he deemed it to be his responsibility to intervene.

The two watched movies and knocked back a few beers in peace for a couple of hours before Jessica, Simon’s flirtatious mother, eventually returned home. Simon heard her key in the door before loud footsteps of her heels on the wooden floor announced her imminent approach. She opened the living room door and stepped cautiously inside, carrying an armful of shopping bags clutches tightly to her side.

She moved off towards the side of couch on which Edward and Simon were both sat and gave her standard greeting, “good afternoon boys.”

“Afternoon, Mrs. Campbell,” returned Edward, polite as ever.

“Please,” she cooed, “you’re eighteen now, you can call me Jessica.”

Simon rolled his eyes, she had barely been home two minutes and already she had started.

“Oh yeah,” said Edward, “I keep forgetting, it’s a hard habit to break.”

Jessica smiled at her son’s friend, he was always so polite, a virtue which her son seemed to be losing. She walked in front of the couch and leant over and kissed Simon of the forehead, giving Edward a good view of her tight backside as it strained against the back of her dress as she moved. As she moved to stand up she looked back at Edward and caught him staring at her backside but didn’t let on that she knew. “And how are you?” she asked, turning her attention to her Son.

“Fine,” he replied, noncommittally, his eyes barely glancing away from the TV screen.

Jessica had grown used to his recent lack of enthusiasm and decided to ignore his mood and get on with what she like to do best on a Friday afternoon- flirt with Edward. She placed her shopping bags down on the coffee table and, ignoring the movie, began to speak excitedly about her purchases. “Look what I bought today,” she exclaimed happily, eliciting little response from her son who glanced only briefly in her direction but getting the attention of Edward who was too polite to ignore her altogether.

She lifted a pair of black leather heels out of one of the shopping bags, “look” she said, smiling widely, “aren’t they cute.”

Her audience remained quiet but Edward nodded in apparent appreciation, he didn’t know the first thing about shoes and to him they seemed to be exactly the same as the ones that Jessica was already wearing but he couldn’t ignore her and he could see how excited she seemed to be with her latest purchase.

“Guess what else I got,” she said, her voice still charged with excitement.

Simon turned slightly to see what else she had bought, while Edward shrugged, unable to even hazard a guess.

“Go on,” Said Jessica, trying to get Edward to play along, “guess.”

“I’ve no idea,” he replied, “a dress?”

“No,” returned Jessica, glad to have at least one of the young men joining her game, “think smaller.”

“A skirt?” he offered, not really sure what else to guess.

“Smaller still.”

Simon turned his full attention to his mother, knowing that she had probably bought this latest item just so she had an excuse to flirt with Edward who was still trying to think of something else to guess.

“Just tell us,” said Simon, annoyed at his mother’s behavior, “we’ll be here all day otherwise.”

Jessica pouted in mock annoyance before pulling a jade green bikini from her shopping bag.

“What do you think?” she asked, her face beaming with anticipation.

“It’s… uh… very nice,” replied Edward, feeling bursa escort a little uncomfortable.

“It matches my eyes, see,” she said, lifting it up to her face. The color was almost identical to that of her eyes and it complimented the strawberry tone of her hair perfectly. None of this was lost on either of the young men but Edward said no more out of sheer nervousness and Simon remained quiet out of annoyance of his mother’s behavior.

Unperturbed by their silence she spoke again, this time with an air of finality on her voice, “well I’m going upstairs to try it on… don’t go anywhere,” she said, turning to Edward, “I need a man’s opinion.” Without waiting for a response she grabbed her bags and hopped back off up the stairs to her bedroom to get chanced into her latest purchase.

Simon and Edward watched the movie for a couple more minutes before Simon spoke, “sorry about that, I don’t know what’s up with her at the moment.”

“It’s okay,” said Edward, cautious not to sound too accepting of her behavior.

“I think I’m going to stay in tonight,” said Simon.


“I’m sorry to ask but do you mind leaving for today? I’ve got to sort this thing out with mom, she’s really starting to take it too far.”

“Sure,” replied Edward, a little taken aback, “no problem, bro.”

Simon led his friend to the front door, “sorry about this,” he said, annoyed that he had been forced to ask his friend to leave in such an abrupt manner.

“No problem,” replied Edward.

“I’ll give you a call tomorrow,” said Simon as he closed the door after his friend.

With his friend out of the way he returned to the living room and turned off the movie. He had been meaning to sort this thing with his mother out for weeks now but he had been waiting for the motivation to do it. Now, with his best friend forced to leave, he knew that it was time to take control, she had gone too far and he was not going to stand for it.

It wasn’t long before Jessica arrived back in the living room, this time clad only in her bikini. Her pale white flesh and toned figure was on full display, hidden only by the scant covering of her rather revealing bikini and the cascade of red hair that fell down onto her shoulders. She entered the room with complete confidence and strode across to the center of the floor before she realized that anything was wrong. She glanced, momentarily, around and noticed that the TV had been turned off and that the intended audience for her new clothing was nowhere to be seen.

“Where’s Edward?” she asked, her agitation clear on her voice.

“He had to leave,” replied Simon, his tone dark and forceful.

“Why?” asked Jessica, nonplussed.

“Because he was embarrassed at your shameless flirting,” said Simon coldly.

Jessica appeared as though she was about to speak but then stopped herself.

“He’s not the only one,” added Simon.


“You’re embarrassing me,” he continued, “prancing around like you’re twenty years younger, not a care for what those who have to witness it feel, it’s pathetic.”

“How dare…” she was cut off.

“Shut up!” commanded Simon, his tone indicating that he was not to be trifled with, “I hadn’t finished speaking yet.”

“Who…?” she was cut off again.

Simon stepped towards his mother, his eyes struck with controlled anger, “I said, shut up!”

Jessica was shocked by his outburst and attempted to slap him across the face but he was too fast and he had anticipated her action. With deft motions he grabbed the wrist of her striking hand and twisted her arm behind her back, she tried to pry his grasp away with her other hand but in so doing she managed only to surrender her spare arm and he gripped them both tightly in one hand.

“You know,” he said calmly, “Dad would be ashamed to see you like this, to see that you’ve lost all your self control and that you’ll do anything for a cheap thrill.”

Jessica wanted to speak but realized that her son really meant business, it had been a long time since someone had taken such immediate control over her like this but being in a submissive position was something that she had once known very well and everything that she had learned came flooding back.

“I think that he’d also be ashamed of me,” he continued, “for not doing something sooner, for not putting you back in line. He was always a strong disciplinarian and I’ve come to the end of my tether so I have two choices, I can either follow in his footsteps and try and fix you or I can leave right now and not come back. I’ve never been one to shirk my responsibilities though, so really my only choice is to stay.” Simon was happy with how his little speech had come out, he had run it over in his head many times but it was now that it really mattered and he managed to speak with strength and clarity.

Jessica’s early caution was temporarily dissolved by Simon’s speech she knew that he wanted her silence but she felt as though she had to question him, at least so she bursa escort bayan could have a little clarity, “what are you saying?” she said.

“I’m saying,” replied Simon, letting his displeasure at her decision to speak be heard in his tone, “that it’s about time that I did my father proud and make sure that you don’t step out of line and put the family name in jeopardy.”

“But how?” she asked, her voice wavering with the dual realization that she may be about to lose some of her freedom to do as she chose and that her son had grown into the mold of his father as he had always hoped he would.

“There are going to be rules of decency that you are to follow, and there are going to be consequences when you fail to do so.”


“Yes, consequences. When you displease me I will punish you, and I will continue to do so until you behave in a more appropriate manner around any guests that we may have at the house.”

“But… what punishments?” asked Jessica, now quietly sobbing.

“You’re about to find out,” replied Simon.

Without allowing time for him mother to respond he pushed her hands in towards her spine and led her to the couch. He sat down abruptly upon its leather surface and then moved him mother face-down over his lap so that he was still able to hold her wrists together with one arm whilst allowing his other arm access to her practically exposed ass so that he could spank some decency into her. He noticed that him mother almost seemed resigned to her fate already and making her lay over his lap seemed easier than he had anticipated.

“I think that you know what’s going to happen next,” he said.

“I think I know,” said his mother, her voice still wavering.

“Well go on then, guess,” he mocked, imitating her earlier game.

“You’re going to spank me,” she said, beginning to sob once more.

“Very good,” replied Simon, “and you’re going to count out the strokes; do you understand?”


“Very good.”

Simon moved his free hand towards his mother’s ass and grabbed at the waistband of her bikini bottoms. Without allowing her any time to brace herself he pulled abruptly on the waistband so that the fabric of her bikini was forced off her ass cheeks. He heard her exhale with pain but she already knew better than to complain and he looked over her practically bare ass with hungry eyes. He looked at the pale flesh and smiled as he prepared to turn it red.

He rubbed his hand gently down one of her ass cheeks and noticed it twitch in response. He thought it best to tease her for a moment and he floated his hand above her naked ass for a few seconds before raising his arm high into the air. Jessica felt the movement of his body and tensed her ass in anticipation of the blow but it never came. She felt nervous by his apparent ability to sense her reactions to his movements and almost unconsciously her buttocks began to tense and relax with anticipation of the first blow.

Eventually Simon made the first strike and landed a stinging blow across her left buttock just as it had relaxed.

Jessica felt nothing for a couple of seconds before the stinging set in, in her eagerness to block out the pain she forgot to count off the stroke.

“One!” said Simon angrily, counting for her. “You better start counting or I really will get angry.”

“One,” returned Jessica, fully aware that it was too late.

“I don’t think so,” said Simon, laughing, “that was a freebie; we’ll start on one in a moment.”

This time he left little time for her to anticipate the blow and he threw his hand down onto her right buttock.

“One,” counted Jessica through clenched teeth.

Simon remained quiet and looked upon his handiwork with a smile; each of her buttocks had a near perfect image of his hand imprinted in red upon her pale skin. He felt an odd sense of pride swell over him as he thought of his father and his strictness and disciplinarian nature and he wondered how proud he would have been to see that aspect of his character passed on to his son.

Over the next few minutes he unleashed a hail of slaps against his mother’s backside, gradually turning it from a milky-white to a bright scarlet. With each slap his mother counted off until eventually, at twenty-four he decided that she had had enough and that it was probably time to stop.

While his mind had been focused upon the punishment he had failed to notice that his efforts had caused him to become aroused but now that he had stopped he could feel the hardness of his cock straining against the fabric of his jeans. He wondered if his mother had been able to feel it pressing against her stomach or not, for a moment he panicked but then regained control of himself, he knew that it was important that he kept control at all times from now on in order to set an example to his wayward mother who, to his delight, had remained motionless since he stopped his ministrations.

“I think that I’ll stop there for now,” he said, wondering what escort bursa kind of reaction he would get from his mother.

“Thank you,” she replied.

Simon was a little confused, he didn’t know if his mother was thanking him for the spanking or for the fact that he had now finished, either was he was struck by how timid her voice seemed.

He moved his hand back towards his mother’s ass and held it just above the surface of her reddened skin, reveling in the sensation that it gave him feeling the warmth that radiated from her body. As he inspected his handiwork he came to another realization, this one perhaps more shocking than the last, his mother had a visible patch of moisture on her bikini bottoms, clearly she had become as aroused as he had by the experience.

His had moved almost instinctively towards her womanhood and he pressed a finger against the fabric, pressing the moisture onto his own hand. He brought his hand up towards his face and sniffed at the fluid, leaving him without a doubt in his mind that his mother had become aroused by the experience.

“It looks like you enjoyed that,” he said mockingly, as he wiped the liquid onto his mother’s beaten ass.

She didn’t reply, perhaps out of shame, perhaps out of shock. Simon moved his hand back down to the wet fabric and rubbed slightly against her opening, eliciting a shiver from him mother, but no vocal response came. He soon became completely caught up in the moment and he rubbed harder at the fabric eliciting a more labored response from his mother as she began to breathe heavily and occasionally moaned with anticipation as he rubbed against her aching hole.

With a skillful movement of his wrist he pulled the bikini down to her knees exposing her reddened womanhood to his watchful gaze and releasing the scent of arousal into the air.

“No,” she murmured, become semi-conscious of her surroundings, “you can’t.”

Simon pressed against her now bare pussy and rubbed slowly and rhythmically, ignoring his mother’s earlier protestations, “do you really want me to stop?” he asked, rubbing with increased intensity.

“I…” she tried to speak but she could not make her thoughts intelligible, “please…”

“Please stop?” he asked, “or please keep going?” as he spoke he pressed a single finger into her pussy and began to slide it back and forth with ease.

“Please…” repeated Jessica, still unable to speak properly.

He slid another finger into her warm, wet hole and began to move his digits back and forth with increased vigour.

Jessica was unable to respond to this new invasion and in many ways felt relieved, now that she couldn’t speak she felt as though she had been released from the guilt of what she was allowing to take place, for a couple of incredible minutes she rode upon a wave of pleasure without a car in the world for who was causing it.

Simon could feel his mother becoming more intensely aroused and he decided that he wanted to elicit another response from her. Still pumping his fingers back and forth he brushed his thumb across her puckered anus and ran it in circles across the purple opening.

“Oh god,” moaned Jessica, her voice so strained that the words blurred into one elongated syllable.

“You’re close aren’t you?” asked Simon, his experience with women sufficient to allow him to make this easy call.

“Y-Yes,” replied Jessica through heavy breaths.

Simon slowed down his ministrations and skilfully timed his actions to keep his mother floating on the edge of orgasm without allowing her to achieve one just yet.

“Please,” she begged, “don’t… stop.”

Simon had hoped for this response, his cock was becoming harder by the minute and he realized that he ought to get a little relief too. “What will you do?” he asked.

“What?” replied Jessica.

“What will you do for me in return?” he asked, rewording his question.

“Anything,” came Jessica’s reply, her voice sounding tense and desperate.

“Don’t say it if you don’t mean it,” returned Simon, his hand still slowly agitating his mothers aching pussy.

“I mean it,” she replied, “I’ll do… anything you want.”

As soon as she spoke Simon halted his ministrations and removed his fingers from his mother’s pussy before wiping the moisture onto her burning ass. “Stand up,” he ordered, his tone displaying his impatience.

Jessica immediately jumped to her feet, her bikini bottoms bunched heavily around her knees and her bare pussy clearly reddened and in need of attention.

“Take them off,” ordered Simon, indicating the only two items of clothing that she was wearing.

Again she immediately obeyed his command quickly pulling off both items of clothing and allowing them to fall in a bunch at her feet. Simon saw, for the first time, the impressive sight of his mother’s naked breasts and marveled that such a beautiful creature seemed to be under his direct control. He was eager to put her to the test and so continued immediately with his orders, “lean over the arm,” he said, indicating the arm of the couch.

She followed his order without hesitation and leaned her body over the arm of the chair, her legs spread widely and her ass pointing towards the ceiling.

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