Taking Care

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First, I would walk in the room. You would see the lustful look on my face and realize this is a moment in time that has been dreamed about for a long time. Immediately you know how much I want and have wanted you from that first day I saw you at the fair.

I tell you to relax and let me make you feel like the woman that you are. I ask you if you trust me … explicitly. You hesitate for a short moment and nod your head in silence indicating that you do. I note the hesitation and anticipation of the unknown. I tell you to do everything you are told, for the experience of a lifetime. I ask you if are comfortable with me after all these years. The look on your face is all I need to know that you have thought many a lonely night about just such an encounter.

You smile and say o.k. Your sultry voice makes my knees weak. I want to listen to you talk, moan, groan and shout with pleasure. Just hearing your voice brings immense pleasure to me. Yet in a few words, as if you want to tease me, you tell me that you trust me because you know how much I love you and you love me as much.

I would reach down to the waistline of your sweatpants and glide them slowly down your legs exposing those sexy limbs. After taking them off your feet and dropping them on the floor, I would admire your silky, sexy soft legs.

I then reach up and slip your shirt off, gently caressing each arm as I drag the sleeves down from the extremity which I long to have hold me close. As the sleeves drop from your hands, the shirt shortly joins your pants on the floor.

I step back and glance at your nearly naked body, I sigh, for it has been only in my imagination that I could see such beauty. Now I know dreams do and can come true. As you lay there with only a bra and panties on; you notice a slight bulge in my pants and smile.

I walk to your side and you begin to reach up to me. I look at you with a pained look as I so desire to have you touch me and I touch you, yet; I say no, lie still. You lower you arm hesitantly to your side, with a frown. Knowing that you want to touch me, I smile and tell you that you will be able to touch me soon enough. With that, I lean down, place my lips on yours and gently kiss your mouth, dragging my tongue across your teeth.

We moan together. I press my lips to yours with slightly more pressure and your tongue slides out to meet mine.

Our lip embrace breaks as you look disappointingly at me. I just smile and say, “Be patient.” I tell you to turn over on your stomach. You do as requested without hesitation, I notice a wet spot on your panties and I smile knowing you are enjoying what is happening. That, in turn, makes me happy and although it goes without notice by you, the bulge grows.

I climb onto your thighs, sit and again ask if you trust me. You say without hesitation that you do. As the words come out, you feel your bra strap come undone and a slight gasp comes from your mouth. I take the palms of my hands, slide each hand under an end of the clasp, and slide the straps outward toward your arms, gently, massagingly, pressing your back as I go.

The pressure of my hands feels like a tense iron as you feel your shoulder muscles begin to loosen and long for more. My hands continue past your shoulders and down your arms until our hands meet. After I move the straps over your fingertips, I lean down resting my bare chest on your back, clasp each hand in mine, and gently squeeze. Your back is so soft on my chest and you feel the ever-expanding bulge on your butt cheek. Another gasp escapes from your lips. I whisper gently in your right ear, how I have dreamed and longed of this moment. I have played the scenario over and over in my head and like a symphony that has been practiced for years; it is now time to perform. I also tell you that I will draw this out as long and pleasurefully as I possibly can.

I gently squeeze each hand and then tell you to lift your torso off the bed. You understand that I want to remove your bra and you lift. I slide the bra out and drop it on the floor alongside your other clothes. Tempted as I am to put it on my head and wear it, there will be time for humor later, besides it would be lost without you being able to see it.

I slide myself backwards, down toward your ankles. As I move, I am sliding my hands down your back. You feel my fingertips grip the edge of your panties and you instinctively raise your hips. I slide your panties down and off your ankles. I hold them escort kartal for a minute; place them near my nose and inhale, smelling you for the first time. I smile thinking how good that smell will eventually taste. I look back down at your nakedness and the smoothness of your skin, even from behind, so beautiful, so desirable. My bulge grows a bit more.

I figure since I am at your feet already, I will start there. I pick up your left foot and when it is perpendicular with your body, I squeeze your toes together and ask you if it is too hard. You gently moan saying that it feels good. I continue to squeeze your toes and gently squeeze rhythmically onto your foot and up to your ankle. From there I move onto your calf and continue to squeeze massaging your calf to your knee. Your leg resting against my chest, you are nearly numb from the relaxing movements. Suddenly you feel moistness on your big toe. It startles you back from your dream state.

It takes a moment, but you finally realize that I am sucking on your big toe. It feels so good, as my mouth pulls your toe. This is a sensation you have never felt before. You feel a tingle move up your leg, to your pussy. You feel its moistness increase and wonder how sucking on your toes can feel so good. I gently kiss the sole of your foot and place it down. I pick up the right foot and repeat the same procedure. As I begin to massage around your right knee, your anticipation of me sucking on your right big toe has the moistness flowing. You tense when I gently grip your toe with my teeth and pull. A bolt of pleasure streaks up you leg faster than the tingle and sets into your moist crevice. You think to yourself if this feels this good, what can be next.

After placing your right foot down, I move your legs apart with ease as your body has become like putty in my hands. You hesitate for a minute thinking you might be embarrassed about the moistness between your legs and then the thoughts of pleasure you just experienced leading to what pleasure you might yet feel relaxes your muscles. Your legs slide apart with ease. I position myself in between your thighs and again beginning with the left side; begin rubbing your outer thigh mashing your flesh in my hands as if I was kneading bread. Once I reach the base of your ass, I stop moving up. I move from the outside of your leg and place my hands on your inner thigh and begin to knead your inner thigh with my hands so close to your moist slit I can feel the heat, tempted, I resist and move slowly down toward your knee.

Once there I resume my position between your legs and repeat the same process on your right thigh. Once I reach the top of your thigh, the base of your ass, my hand gently brushes against your moist lips, but intentional or accidental. To you that thought lasts but a second and it is gone, it really did not matter, for it sent a quiver up your spine to the nape of your neck that covered your body with goose bumps. You lay there with your face down, not being able to see what is next, you want so much, right now, yet have no words to express those thoughts. Then suddenly …

You feel pressure on your ass and you feel a hard throbbing bulge pressed into your ass crack and my chest again lies on your back. Suddenly my hand is moving your hair behind your right ear and I whisper, “How do you feel?” Without waiting for an answer, I turn your head, our mouths meet lips open, and tongues darting at each other like combatants, wrapping around each other like it was a wrestling match. Passion is the only word that comes to mind as your teeth gently bite down on my lower lip and pull. As you let go, I withdraw my tongue from your mouth and, yet you do not want the kiss to end, so your tongue follows. Once you have your tongue in my mouth I close my lips on it and suck hard. It feels like your tongue is trapped in a vice. Yet the chills and shivers are back and running throughout your body. You feel your pussy dripping with juice like it never has before. You wonder if you just urinated. No, you have just had the first of, what you anticipate now to be many orgasms.

I let your tongue go and your body goes limp. I ask you if your alright and you just moan “uh huh.” I just smile and slide slowly down your back and position myself between your still separated legs. I reach down and cup your ass with my thumbs firmly against your anus — I give a mighty squeeze and my left thumb slips slightly into your back hole, just maltepe escort enough to send another jolt throughout your body like you were hit by lightening.

I relax my grip thinking that I hurt you, but you relax and tell me you were just pleasantly surprised. I then tell you it would be the first of many pleasantries. You just sigh and say o.k.

I move my hands up to the small of your back and rub your back alternatively between firm and extremely gentle, you complain that you are ticklish. I ask you if it feels good or not, you say yes. I ask if it is too ticklish to continue, because I can stop completely or I can go on. Just the thought of being left in the state that you are in is unimaginable, so you tell me to continue.

I continue to massage your back and shoulders for a while occasionally rubbing the sides of your breasts as my hands move down your sides. Then you feel my lips on your shoulders kissing your skin, gently licking on occasion. I kiss across your shoulders and down your back, back and forth. Slowly with occasional licks and nibbles, tasting you in an exquisite fashion and we both enjoy every touch of my lips, tongue and teeth.

Once I reach the bottom of your spine, I turn over and now straddle that well massaged and kissed back, facing your feet. Again, I lean down and this time you feel my erection in the upper middle of your back. You open your eyes and see my knees are nearly parallel with your head. My stomach is at your lower back and my hands are again gripping your ass cheeks. I look back at you and tell you, “I love you.” You tell me that you love me too and as the last sound comes out of your mouth, you feel my hands spread your ass cheeks apart and then my tongue on your anus. The feeling is overwhelming, something you have never felt before and to be honest with yourself never thought you would. However, as good as it feels you now wonder why. As my tongue licks around and darts in, that stormish feeling comes across you again. You wonder how you could have another orgasm without any of the normal sexual parts being touched. Yet, there it is.

Suddenly, you feel my head pressing in between your legs and spreading them apart. The smell of your juices is wafting up into my face and making my mouth water. The aroma is enticing and irresistible. I cannot take it any longer; my tongue follows the crack of your ass down to the beginning of the split in your pussy. My nose is encased in your sweet smell and I am intoxicated with your scent. My tongue hits the bottom of your pussy and like a basketballer hitting a three pointer at the buzzer for the win in a championship game, my senses go into overdrive and I taste that sweetness. I can barely resist delving in and just licking you until you are as dry as a desert rock. Oh, the will power that it takes. Nevertheless, I made you a promise that this would be an experience of a lifetime and I am just getting started. I keep reminding myself that when the time is right I will bury my full face into that pussy and lap up all those sweet juices and possibly, yet happily drown.

I slowly climb off your back to allow myself to reorganize my thoughts and regroup myself. I keep telling myself “this is for her,” “this is for her.” As I stand next to you, I ask you if you are all right. You tell me that I am extremely mean for teasing you like that. I apologize and tell you that it was not in the plans, but I was overcome but am back on track now. I ask you to roll over. You look at me and see my extreme hard on through my boxer shorts, but wonder how, because I was fully dressed when I came in. You do not bother to ask, because it has only been about 20 minutes, but it seemed like hours.

As you roll over, I see those beautiful breasts and extremely hard nipples. You appear slightly embarrassed and begin to cover up. I tell you you are beautiful and I want to see. You lower your hands. I glance over your body as you glance over mine, still wondering why I still have my boxers on. I look at every part of your front, as I already know every inch of your back, quite well. I look over your stomach and just smile. I say it must have been hard, referring to the c-sections. As I see your pubic area cleanly shaven, I smile even wider. I glance back at your face and ask how you knew? You just smile and said I mentioned I like bald pussy once, years ago. I again reiterate how much I love you. You reply that I am not the only one out to please that day.

I pendik escort bayan lean over and kiss you deeply, passionately. I move off your lips to your left cheek. As I get close to your ear, I tell you that what I did to your back I am now going to do to your front. You groan and tense a bit. I continue on to your neck without hesitation and with combination of kisses, licks and small bites, I work my way around your upper neck and chest. When I approach your left breast, I feel your hand gently on my head not pushing or pulling, but gently rubbing. I drag my tongue across the top of your left tit over the top of your cleavage and across the right breast. Then I move down a fraction, moisten my tongue, and drag it back the other way. This continues slowly working my way over your breast until I get to your left areola. There I stop, look at you, your head is arched back, and your body seems to quiver when I lift my mouth off your breast. I blow gently on your nipple and do not get the reaction I expect. There is a slight quiver, but little else. I begin to wonder if I have numbed your senses by to much foreplay. I think not, so I continue.

I moisten my mouth good and place my mouth over your nipple and see that you have not seen what I was doing, and I thrust my head down and your nipple enters my mouth and I suck and lick at the same time. You arch your back, thrusting your tit further into my mouth. I get your nipple firmly between my teeth and give it a gentle tug, you moan. So, I pull it a little harder, you moan a little louder. I yank it good and you yelp as another wave comes over you and you begin to wonder if you will pass out from the sheer ecstasy, you are experiencing. As I am sucking the one nipple, my left hand finds your other nipple and mimics my mouth movements on it. Now both nipples are being stimulated, one with my mouth and one with my hand.

Your hand has moved off my head and it is now draped over your head as if you were a damsel in distress looking for help. Then I change sides placing the right nipple in my mouth and pinch and squeeze the left nipple with my right hand. It hurts a bit, but it feels so much better, so you ask me not to stop. I continue for about another minute, gradually slowing my pace and tell you that I have to stop for now, but will come back. I promise.

I begin kissing, licking and nibbling the underside of your breasts and stomach. I only stop to lick your belly button a bit. O.k., a bit more than a bit. I eventually continue past your belly button and the aroma of your wet pussy is even more intense than before and I cannot believe how pleasantly pungent it is. It is delectable and knowing that I am going to feast on your juices and push you over the edge with orgasm after orgasm just makes me want you more.

I reach the top of your crack and I place my hands on both sides and pull apart to expose your clit, which is already red, and so inviting. I stick out my tongue and give it a quick flick, which sends shivers throughout your body. I continue to lick gently at your clit back and forth. Then I hesitate and stick out my tongue as far as it will go and place the base of my tongue on your clit and slowly drag my tongue all the way back into my mouth until the tip is connected to your clit and I close my lips around your clit and give a tug with my teeth.

Again, you shudder and your hand is back on my head, it feels like you are trying to push me away, but then you pull me closer. I felt like a teeter-totter not knowing which way you want me to go. I shake your hand away and stick my tongue down to the initial territory I tasted of your sweet pussy; the bottom of your crack near your ass. I stick out my tongue and drag it slowly up your crack pressing it against your crack so when the right moment comes along … My tongue pushes into your pussy full tilt and I begin lapping up your love juice as if I was a dog at his favorite watering hole. It goes as deep as it can into your velvety folds of your love crack. I swish it around so that any juice that might not have made it all the way out would not escape. You are thrusting your hips in rhythm with my tongue lashes and this must be how two people can make beautiful music without instruments.

After I ensured that you came at least two more times, I begin to slow my tongue lashes and begin to lick around the outside of your beautiful crack. Again, your hands have left my head. They have gone back over your head, you look like you completed a triathlon and won. Again, I ask you if you are all right, you reply yes. I just smile and ask if I have fulfilled my promise, do you feel more like a woman than you ever have before, you simple say, “yes but we are not through yet.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32