Taken By A Teacher

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Another interesting class with her favorite teacher, what could be better than this she thought to herself. Layla had spent so much time with him that they had become more like friends. He had even gone over to her houe for a meeting with other students. He never told anyone but she secretly dreamed of him. His touch, his smell and his lips against hers. Her friends teased her about spending so much time with this man. They would tell Layla that it’s weird to have a teacher’s phone number, email address or to have him over your house. But Layla didn’t care, she was a girl who knew waht she wanted. If only this man wanted her back.

This man that so often ran through Layla’s mind was none othe than Mr. Scott. He wasn’t the cutest teaher or the most popular but he had something that drove her mad with desire. He was older than her by quite bit, he was 53, she knew this because she made him cupcakes on his birthday. It’s as if they knew everything about each other. He never seemed to notice when she would gaze at him with longing eyes during class or would smile sweetly when he would tell her what an amazing person she was. But never did he even show any interest in her.

Little did Layla know, every night when Mr. Scott drove home to an empty house he thought of her. Her soft skin, her gentle hands and her feminine figure in his arms. It was true, he wanted her as bad as she wanted him. When she would gaze at him in class he would secretly return the stare followed by a half smile. He wanted to make a move on his student but he was waiting for the right moment as well as making sure he didn’t lose his job in the process.

The following day at school, Layla walked into class 6th period her long blode hair tied back in a messy bun bobboing behind her. Her eyes met Mr. Scott’s and she smiled a friendly hello. She took her seat as usual. After class she stayed late to talk because she had lunch after his class. This seemed like a routine day for Layla. She stayed after class and spoke to him in a friendly tone hoping today would be that day. escort kartal He rested his hand on her shoulder and said

“Layla, I’ve been wanting to ask you something for quite a while.” he whispered.

“Ask me anything” Layla replied casually. He inhaled slowly and closed his eyes.

“I couldn’t help but notice the way you’ve been acting towards me lately.” he said flatly.

“I dont know what you mean.” Layla answered in a ditzy fashion. She was sure she knew where he was going but she wanted to here him say it.

“I was wondering if you’ve been thinking about me the way I think about you.” Layla smiled and bluhed a soft rosy pink.

“Say no more Mr. Scott, I know what you mean.” She raised both hands and rested them on his shoulders. The hand he had rested on her was slowly falling to her breast. She inhaled deeply as he picked her up and sat her on his desk. He bent down and kissed her on the mouth softly, enjoying the feeling of her forbidden tongue wandering around his mouth. He pulled back and so did she. They gazed into each other’s eyes. Mr. Scott began un-buttoning his blue button-down shirt. Layla saw where this was going and she pulled her pink polo over her head and pulled the hair-tie out of her blonde hair letting a wave of golden locks fall over her shoulders.

Mr. Scott grabbed her and kissed her again reaching around behind her and un-clasping her bra. She let her bra fall to the floor. She reached down and unbuttoned Mr. Scott’s pants. His warm strong hands massaged her breasts. The slightest touch made her wild with passion. Her nipples bcame hard quickly. He kissed her neck as she slid down his pants and kicked off her flip-flops. He kissed her breasts and sucked on her smooth skin. He playfully bit at her fully erect nipples sending waves of pleasure across her whole body.

Mr. Scott finished pulling off his pants and boxers. Layla sat on his desk in awe of the moment he never though she’d see. She lowered herself down on to her back on his desk sending some papers fluttering to maltepe escort the floor. She looked up at him smiling. He brought one finger up to her pussy and rubbed slowly and gently. She sucked in air fast. He slowly inserted his finger into her. She moaned with excitement and he began pumping his finger in and out. He then added a second. She moaned as he thrust his fingers gently in and out. With the other hand Mr. Scott rubbed her breasts. She closed her eyes as he added a third finger. She let out a groan louder than before.

Mr. Scott saw the look of pleasure on her face, her eyes closed, her head tilted to the side and her back arched slightly. He knew it was time to do what he had wanted to do for so long. He asked her, “Are you a virgin.” Layla blushed a deep scarlett when faced with this question. She was a virgin but she didn’t know what Mr. Scott would think if she told the truth, but she did it anyway.

“Yes” she said in a small voice no louder than a whisper. He smiled not because he was hapy or sad, but because he accepted this fact. Layla was now sure she felt comfortable with him inside her. Mr. Scott sensed her comfort and he spread her legs wide enough for him to stand in between. He took a deep breathe in unison with her. He slowly slipped his cock into her awaiting pussy. She moaned loudly and gasped. Mr. Scott stopped allowing her to adjsut. Then he began to slide the rest of it into her. She moaned and panted. He looked into her eyes deeply and her eyes told him that she was ready.

Mr. Scott began to pump in and out of her slowly at first. She moaned and gripped the sides of the table. He began to pick up speed. Layla gasped loudly as she felt it, Mr. Scott had popped her cherry. He stopped thrusting and looked at her with concerned eyes. She smiled and let out a silent giggle. He began to thrust again deeper and faster. She moaned and closed her eyes as he went deeper. She felt the rythem of his pounding cock going in and out of her.

“Harder. harder” she moaned as he picked up speed again. pendik escort bayan He flicked at her nipples and held her hips steady. Layla could feel something strong inside her wanted to be freed.

She moaned louder and louder “Ahhhh” she groaned as he pounded her harder. He smiled and closed his eyes as if fucking her was the most delightful thing he had ever done. Layla felt the sensation from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. She arched her back an let out a small scream as she felt a feeling unfamiliar to her. Warm liquid mixed with blood flowed out of the pussy. Mr.Scott saw this a thrust deeper and harder than before and soon enough he had come as well.

She lay on his desk out of breathe and at a loss of words.He stood there contently gazing into her eyes as he had done the whole time. Neither of them said a word but it was as if nothing needed to be said. Mr. Scott looked at his watch and gasped softly.

“I have a class in 5 minutes.” he said with little expression in his voice.

Layla froze, realizing everything that had just occured, she was laying naked on her teachers desk with class arriving in less then 5 minutes. And surprisingly she was unusually calm. She got to her feet, her knees a bit weak. Mr. Scott walked over and helped her find her balance. She blushed and looked away smiling. She quickly found her thong and skirt. She clasped her bra and slipped it over her breasts. She pulled the polo over her head and hopped into her flip-flops. Mr. Scott as well was dressing. He picked up the papers that had fallen and he helped Layla gather her things. The school bell rang loudly disturbing the silence. Mr Scott looked at her and she looked back.

“See you tomorrow.” She said. A smile spread across his face,

“Yeah I guess you will.”

She giggled and clutched her books to her chest and walked out of the room. Mr. Scott let out a deep breathe and thought to himself, did that really happen or was I dreaming. He sat down at his desk as if nothing had happened but as he was fixing the already neat stacks of paper on his desk when he found something. Something to prove it wasn’t a dream. A plain black hair-tie that once held back his favorite student’s hair, a reminder of this day that would stay in his memory for the rest of his days.

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