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Jennifer looked at the clock again, was the clock ticking backwards? It felt like days to go but it was just that she had been thinking about it for days. What would happen if she went for it? She had to go it was something she felt she had to do, but was non the less thinking twice about it for all those days. Now there were just hours left, she had to keep her mind busy. Think about the week ahead? The week past? No, all she could do was picture what her night would be like … even if she didn’t know what exactly was in store for her.

What to wear was something she had thought about for days too. Not wanting to come off sleazy however wanting the attention, she settled on something pretty basic. Overdoing always seemed so fake and that just was not Jenn’s style. She choose a red silk button up blouse, something she could probably wear to a meeting if one more button was buttoned up. Leaving it undone was the plan for tonight. Moving just the right way would expose the pretty red lace bra she had bought for this night. The soft lace covered her nipples and felt nice on them. A black skirt was on her mind too. Not too short , just above her knee, underneath the matching red lace panties. Sheer black nylons, thigh highs, would cling to her legs and black high heels. Her legs always looked nicer in high heels Jenn thought. Leaving the blouse unbuttoned would draw attention to her chest, her best feature she thought. With a natural D cup, her cleavage was very noticeable – nice soft skin – sensitive nipples that stood hard when excited were also noticeable. Her evening was sure to be exciting with never ending nerves it seemed.

It was finally time to get ready for her night out. With everything laid out that she would need, she headed into the shower. That was one place she always spent a lot of time and care. Especially for a night such as this. Waist long blonde hair took time to wash and rinse … the water felt nice running over her body. Jenn put in conditioner to make her hair nice and soft and full and while she waited for that she shaved her legs with care. Now time seemed to be flying by … like she would never be ready in time. Grabbing the lotion and caressing it on her legs and arms, knowing full well this is how she would feel to him as he touched her later tonight.

After towel drying her hair, she slipped into her robe and went to her bedroom. Jenn started to get dressed, lace panties and bra first, she decided that was enough for now until she got her hair and make-up done. Blow dry, brush, curl, spray and then make up, she was happy with how she actually got herself put together. Perfume was the next essential, something sexy and something she had bought special for this night also. She always thought it was silly when her friends would say when they went out they put it behind their knees … for some reason tonight seemed like a good night for that though.

So far so good, she looked good and smelled nice. Back to her room it was time to finish getting dressed. Nylons she had given some thought to and she decided sheer black thigh highs would look nice. Even out of her clothes, she would still have the contrast of black and red. Slowly rolling them up her legs her mind drifted. Shaking her head to snap herself out of it, telling herself she didn’t have time for this, she just had to get ready. Nylons in place the skirt was next and the blouse last but not least. Taking a spin for the mirror one last time … it was time to go. She had a long drive ahead of her.

Jenn sat in her car in the parking lot trying to gather her thoughts and fears. She had never been so nervous in all her life. But wait she thought, why was she so nervous … maybe there wasn’t anything to be afraid of. Composure … that was the word she needed right now. Nerves on edge she scared herself when she shut the car door. “Stop” she said to herself, actually saying it out loud. She thought to herself again, she had no idea what was ahead for her and until she knew there was nothing to be nervous about. Maybe things would turn out very different then she had been imagining for weeks. She secretly hoped they wouldn’t be different.

Pulling the door open slowly she saw the bar right away, Kurtköy Escort it was across the room. Just as she got to it, a couple got up to leave, so she was able to get a barstool at the end of the bar. They looked very happy and Jenn wondered if they had come there together or if they had just met. As her mind drifted thinking about them, the bartender placed a glass of wine down in front of her. “I didn’t order this,” she said. The bartender replied, ” no you didn’t but that is what was ordered for you” with a smile. Jenn returned the smile and looked around to see who might have bought this for her. She didn’t recognize anyone but wanted to thank them. Picking up the glass to take a sip she left a lipstick print on the rim of the glass.

Out of nowhere someone was standing behind her, he whispered in her ear, “nice shade.” When Jenn tried to turn around to see who it was he spoke up and told her not to, “No, you’ll know soon enough” he whispered. Was this the man she was there to meet or was it just someone who had decided to buy her a drink … before she was done thinking, he was gone … as fast as he had appeared, he disappeared. Should she wait to see if he came back … maybe it wasn’t him. She didn’t know much about the man she was to meet tonight, just that he was soft spoken and his name was Matthew. He told her on the phone that she would know who he was. They had only spoke for a minute to decide a time, they had been set up by a mutual friend. Jenn decided to wait a little longer just in case it had been Matthew.

Listening to the music and sipping her wine, time seemed to pass slowly again. She had waited long enough … taking the last sip of her wine the bartender showed up as if on cue. “Finally” he said with his gleaming smile, “you need to go to room 1348.” Jenn looked puzzled, ” What do you mean? I’m supposed to meet someone here tonight.” He gives her a look and says,” You already have, now you need to go to that room, first floor to the left.” This was crazy, did she dare? “Maybe I need another glass of wine.” Again with his smile, almost a smirk, he says, “no time for that, I saw how long the first one took you, now get going.” She had already wasted 10 minutes and it seemed as though it was now or never time. She was crazy, she had to be. Quick stop in the ladies room to freshen up, in other words replace the lipstick she had left on her glass. Not too much had gotten messed up in the time since she had left the house.

Standing by the elevator waiting for the doors to open her heart was racing. It was beating so loud that if she hadn’t been looking at the doors she never would have heard them open. No time to panic there was only one floor to go. Stepping out onto the first floor and the doors closing it still wasn’t too late. All she had to do was push the button to make the elevator come back and go back down. It was as if her arms were frozen but her feet started walking to the room she had been instructed to go to. Taking a couple of deep breaths she raised her hand to knock on the door. Jenn had a moment where she had to laugh to herself because just a few seconds before she didn’t think she could push the elevator button but now she had no trouble knocking on this door … one that she had no idea what would be waiting for her.

Knocking on the door no one answered. The door was open just a crack which was kind of strange because normally hotel doors would lock you out in a heartbeat if you didn’t have one of those plastic card keys. Jenn pushed the door open … the room was dark, the light of one lone candle lit up the other side of the room and when the door closed that was the only light. “Hello?” nothing, no one answered and she couldn’t see anyone. It looked like there was a chair near the candle so she made her way over to it. She would wait a few minutes there, she had waited this long what was another few minutes. When she got to the chair she could see a note on the table next to the candle. It read, ” take this scarf and tie your hair back with it.” That seemed harmless enough so she picked it up to tie her hair and as she did she felt hands touch her waist. Startled she dropped the scarf. “Shhhhhh it’s ok.” Whoever this Pendik Escort man was he was awfully quiet sneaking up on her yet again. She could feel him bending to pick up the scarf but something inside her head told her not to move.

With her back to him still, he pushes her hair out of the way and puts the scarf around her neck. Jenn is instantly scared, but he slides it around her neck to the back and ties her hair into it. She must have let out a sigh because again he says, ” shhhhhh.” He runs his hands down her body, not for any reason just for the sake of doing it and feeling her tremble. The room was still very quiet when he turns her slightly and walks her across the room to the wall. Still behind her he pushes her hard against the wall and tells her, “don’t move.” Jenn stands still.

So many thoughts run through her mind that she has no idea of time anymore. She wanted to ask what he was doing but didn’t think she should say anything and break the silence. Just then she feels his hands on her toes. Slowly he moves his hands touching every inch of her … from her toes to her foot to her calf. As his hand moves to her thigh he teases her, running it up the front then around to the back and finally to the inside. Jenn is sure he can feel the heat from her pussy. He lifts her skirt and runs his hand quickly over her panties and feels just how wet she has become already. She has waited so long for him to touch her and now that he has she is soaking wet. “Taste me … let me feel your fingers and then put them to your mouth” she finally gets the nerve to whisper. He doesn’t do it though, he moves his hands to her ass instead. Running his hands down and between her legs he feels the insides of her thighs but doesn’t touch her pussy this time. Jenn sighs again as he pulls her skirt back down. His hands moving up her back, taking the scarf as he moves his fingers through her hair. Before she knows it he is tying the scarf over her eyes. It was already so dark in the room that the scarf makes it impossible to see anything … not even a shadow.

Holding her arms firmly he turns her putting her back to the wall. The wall was still warm since she had been pressed against it for so long. He kisses her and her heart jumps a beat. He puts her arms down to her sides with an extra strong touch as much as to say keep them there. Running his tongue down her neck his hands are one step ahead unbuttoning her blouse. His warm tongue still sends chills through her. Sliding the red blouse off her shoulders she instinctively arches her back, pushing her chest towards him. He loves lace and feels her nipples pushing against the fabric. Rolling her nipple between his fingers he has to take one into his mouth … slowly moving the lace just enough to expose her nipple, he takes it into his mouth flicking it with his tongue and biting it gently. Jenn moans out in pleasure, and with every touch she continues to get wetter.

Her legs getting weak he moves her away from the wall and removes her skirt. “Step out of it” he tells her, almost as an order. Standing now in just her bra and panties, thigh highs and heels feeling very exposed but so excited. “Could we go to the bed?” Jenn asks in a soft voice not sure yet if she should be saying anything. His answer is “no” in almost a whisper. Then just as soft but in a stern voice he says, ” on your knees.” He sounded so serious so Jenn did as she was told. She heard a noise that sounded like his shoes hitting the floor and then the sound of his belt and zipper.

She tilts her head up and back as if she is looking at him … but she can’t see a thing with the scarf. Maybe he will want to see her eyes as she pleases him … maybe not. Jenn licks her lips, wetting them, anticipating his cock. He is already breathing hard, she can hear him. Returning the favor Jenn runs her hands up his leg to his balls, squeezing them gently. Wetting her lips again she says, “fuck my mouth” she surprises herself but that is truly what she wants and now. He pushes his hard cock into her mouth in short strokes. Then begins to pump it harder and deeper into her throat. She backs her head up and he stops … her tongue runs up the underside of his shaft and when she Maltepe Escort reaches the tip there is enough precum to wet her lips again. Touching his asshole with the tip of her finger, feeling it as she sucks him more, slow making it last. He thrust his cock fast and hard into her mouth. All of the sudden he stops, Jenn waits still, waiting for him to force his cock between her lips again.

Taking her by the hands he leads her, they walk a few steps and he backs her to the dresser. “Sit on the dresser” he says quietly, “with your legs crossed … very lady like.” Jenn does as she is told, she puts her hands to her side and crosses her legs. Again he runs his hands up her legs to her knees but now he forcibly pushes them apart. She wants to beg him to eat her, right now she wants nothing more than to feel his tongue on her smooth pussy. She has to ask, she can’t wait any longer. “Please, I’m begging you, please let me feel your tongue on me.” He likes that she wants him so bad that this time he pushes her panties to the side and runs his tongue from as far back as he can reach up to her clit. She cums as soon as she feels his teeth take her clit. Working his tongue feverishly on her clit she moans uncontrollably.

She has waited so long to be taken like that. She has finally gotten her way, even if she had to beg. That is probably what he wanted all along. Just as she is about to soak his face he moves and kisses her thigh. She didn’t want to wait she wanted to explode. When her breathing returned to normal he spread her pussy wide and fingered her with such force she wanted to scream, but it was all she could do to catch her breath again. Then running his tongue up her pussy, then up her stomach finally reaching her nipples. He sucks them hard. He takes her by the waist, stands her up, turns her around again. Pushing her head down so her ass is sticking out towards him he begins to fuck her wet, waiting pussy. Fast and hard, pulling her hips so her pussy meets his cock as hard and deep as he can. Reaching under her to finger her clit as he buries himself in her. Jenn tightens her muscles and tightly squeezes his cock as he tries to pull out and making it tight as he buries himself inside of her over and over.

Suddenly she is pushed to the bed on her back. Before she can get her bearings, her legs rest on his shoulders. Once again he begins to fuck her. Jenn reaches for the blindfold but her hands are taken away from it. Fucking her harder and faster until he is about to cum she screams out … just then he cums on her tits, her scream has made him cum. He takes her fingers and puts them on her tits, she rubs his hot cum all over her tits as he watches. “That looks nice” he says again whispering. Jenn takes her fingers and moves them to her mouth to taste him. “Mmmmm” he says and kisses her. Taking his hand he brushes her hair off her face and says, “I’ll be right back, don’t move.” Jenn can hear the water running. A few minutes later she hears the door open and then his voice, “time to clean yourself up.” The door shuts.

Jenn nervously removes the blindfold. There is no one there she can see the light from the bathroom, it is enough light to light up the room. She looks around and finds all of her clothing, and walks to the bathroom. Starting the shower she thinks about what has just happened. It was amazing but why did he leave so suddenly. She takes a long, hot shower going over every detail. When she is finished she steps out and notices right away he has left her a message on the mirror … “See you soon – M.” Just as her mind starts to wonder the phone rings, who could possibly be calling. Jenn grabs a towel and answers the phone, “Hello?” she says cautiously

“Jenn?” the caller says

“Ummm yes, who is this?”

“This is the bartender from downstairs, do you remember me?”

“Of course I do, why are you calling here?” she asks not being able to come up with a reason for it on her own.

“Jenn, there is a man sitting down here waiting for you!” he says, ” he has been here for a little while and has just said he is waiting for a woman named Jennifer.”

“Oh my” Jenn replies worried all of the sudden, “could you ask if his name is Matthew, please.”

“Yes, it is” the bartender answers right away.

“I’ll be down soon, please ask him to wait.”

“I’m sure he’ll wait for you Jenn, take your time.”

The bartender smiles at Matthew and Matthew smiles back and nods his head in agreement … yes, he’ll wait.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32