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She stood next to him seemingly staring at the floor. The many working around them took her bowed head as heavy concentration. In reality she was looking at him, staring at the front of him. Admiring the way his shirt showed his defined chest and slim mid section and hips. His thighs were always something to drool over! She saw pure beauty and wanted to touch it, but she couldn’t.

He was the youngest photographer she ever hired. At the age twenty this man was an expert at what he once called a hobby. His pictures were brilliant, so clear and held such emotion. Perfect for the magazine she edited. Wild Life was Samantha’s magazine and Nate was her star photographer. He won the honors by submitting the finest photographs for a contest the magazine held yearly. The pictures were so good that Samantha felt compelled to ask the young man on to the staff. He gladly accepted the offer, saying the money could help him finally go to college. The first time she looked at him she saw his beauty and now months after working side by side with him, picking just the right photos for the lay out, she found it hard to keep her hands to herself. Samantha was also young for her position at the magazine, only 29 and already head editor. She was promoted because of her superb writing skills. She wrote the articles that made the magazine number one of its type.

Now they worked next to each other picking out the perfect pictures for her article. He pushed one of his favorites towards her. When she made no comment he bowed his head so that he could see her eyes. She snapped out of her trance and apologized to him. “I’m sorry, I’m kind of out of it, that’s a good one, perfect actually, I’ll use it.” He smiled happily at her, so proud that every one of her stories was accompanied by only his pictures since he started working for her. She was so interesting to him, such a passion for her job. Her eyes sparkled at him when she was happy with his pictures, constantly complimenting his skill. He thought about her at home, at the office and when he was out with his friends. Why couldn’t he find a girl like her, she was perfect in every way. Her boyfriend was probably some kind of Mr. Universe. Besides, he thought she just thinks of me as a kid.

She looked so tense standing there next to him analyzing the pictures. He wrapped his fingers around the back of her neck and gently massaged her tight muscles. She leaned back against his touch and closed her eyes.

“Thanks kid, I needed that.” She said turning her face towards his.

“You’re lucky, that’s the exclusive Nate massage.” He said, smiling at her.

Samantha glanced down at her watch and saw that it was already 7 o’clock at night. “All right guys and girls, we are calling it quits for the night, see you all Monday at 8am” She announced to the office.

“Well, I need a drink! See you Monday?”

“Sure, but hey, if you need a drink I know where you can get a lot of them for free.” He said. She raised an eyebrow and looked him quizzically.

He continued, “My older brother is throwing a huge party at his house tonight and you could come with me if you want.”

She turned towards her office to collect her belongings and signaled Nate to follow. “How old is your older brother and what’s he throwing a party for?” she asked.

“He’s twenty five; his girlfriend just broke up with him so he’s buying a half barrel to celebrate his freedom.” He answered

Samantha sat in her chair and bent over to grab her brief case she craned her head to look up at him. “Good music? Lots of people?”

“Yep its going to be a good time, I promise. I’m the designated driver for a few of his friends so I can drive you home if you need.” He said enthusiastically.

“I’ll go; I just need some time to go home, shower and change. I’ll call you when I’m ready and you can tell me where to meet you.” She got up and turned off the lights; Nate followed behind her and locked her office door. He watched the back of her as they walked through the empty office together. Her curls bounced slightly, her hips swayed, her calf muscles tense under her nylons, finished off by her small feet delicately working her black leather pumps. Normally she dressed down in the office, but her morning had been packed with meetings, which meant that Nate got the pleasure of seeing his pretty little boss in nylons and heels.

They stepped in to the elevator with a few other people, and were silent all the way down to the parking garage. Samantha stepped out of the elevator and pushed a button on her key chain. Nate parked further then Samantha, so he walked her to her car. “Okay, try to be ready by ten; I don’t want to get there too late.” Nate said as he walked away.

“No problem, I’ll see you by ten.” Samantha half-shouted at him.

Nate drove up in a different car then he normally drove, Samantha didn’t know it was him at first. He saw her sitting on her front stairs. She wore a faded pair of bell bottom jeans, the bottoms slightly frayed, and a black button up the front cotton shirt. The first three buttons undone showing a little bit of cleavage and her long hair in a pony tail, curls pouring over her entire head. She realized who it was and sauntered towards the car. Nate got out and opened the door for her. She looked him up and down taking beylikdüzü escort in the sight of his tight well defined body. He wore a pair of olive cargo army pants and a long sleeved black t-shirt. His blue eyes sparkled at her, appreciating her silent praise of his appearance. They drove together making small talk, music, movies and “time to leave” procedures.

Nate and Samantha walked up the packed drive way to the house. Nate’s brother stood in front of the house, holding a beer and talking to a female.

“Josh,” Nate interrupted, “this is Samantha, my boss.”

“Hello Samantha, nice to meet you. I’ve heard so much about you, Nate was right you are little hottie.”

Samantha blushed and looked at Nate who was also obviously embarrassed. “Come on lets get you a beer.” Nate said as he escorted Samantha into the house.

“You told your brother that I was a ‘little hottie’?” Samantha asked.

“Those were not my exact words. I said that you were short and umm yeah hot.” Nate was blushing and smiling profusely.

Samantha laughed “Well thank you sweetie, you’re pretty cute yourself.” She reached up and patted his head.

They reached the keg and waited in line for beer. The music playing was loud but sounded good, there was about fifty people gathered all over the house. Age groups ranged, but Nate was the youngest, the only person under twenty one.

He placed a beer in her hands and said “let’s mingle.” He grabbed her arm and pulled her into a spacious living room filled with groups of people. Nate walked her up to a group huddled in a corner; they were passing around a joint. One of them handed it to Samantha, she took a long hit and passed it to Nate, who looked stunned as he took it from her and held it to his lips for a hit.

“Don’t look so shocked, it’s the weekend!” She said with a grin on her face. The group was a mix of art college grads and students. The conversation was great, the beer and weed helped Samantha relax. She was having a great time, Nate was the perfect date, he got her beer when she needed more and always had something interesting to add to the conversation.

After a bit of chatting Nate asked Samantha if she would like to dance. They moved out into the middle of the room where there was a large group of people dancing. The song playing had a fast techno beat, easy to dance to. Nate put his hands on Samantha’s hips manipulating her movement. Samantha felt a rush of lust; he was so strong and had such piercing blue eyes. He moved behind her and pulled her hips back to meet his pelvis, their bodies grinding together. Samantha had her eyes half closed drowsy from the alcohol and weed, half blinded by lust. She felt Nate’s fingers moving down her hips, and towards her thighs. His fingers pushed into the flesh on the front part of her leg, daring to dip between them. She felt herself panting; Nate was making little bites at her neck, whispering in her ear. She couldn’t hear what he was saying, it didn’t matter she liked the way his hands felt too much. He had his other hand tucked in between their bodies caressing the back of her inner thigh. Through her jeans she felt one of his fingers brush against her lips. She sighed and leaned harder against him for support, letting her head fall against his shoulder. Nate’s hand was hidden by his body so he felt obligated to explore further. He rubbed two fingers from the top of her ass crack all the way between her thighs and up to where her clit would be. He felt her heavy breathing and continued the slow motion up and down her clothed pussy. He could feel the crotch of her jeans getting moist, and couldn’t wait to get them off of her.

Samantha was shocked by Nate’s boldness, but was getting so much pleasure from his touch. She was hoping this would make her forget her and her boy friend’s ugly break up yesterday. She turned around to face him; he immediately wrapped his arms around her torso, resting his chin on her head. She pushed her head up and looked at the under side of his chin, she puckered her lips and let out a hard sigh against his neck. He slightly pushed her away and looked down at her. She looked at him through her lashes and grabbed at the back of his head pulling his neck back within range of her lips. Nate wanted this woman in a bad way, but cared for her too. He wondered what went wrong this morning at work, her eyes looked puffy when she arrived in the morning and he only managed to get a smile from her once or twice. He pulled away from her kisses and looked down at her. “Was there something wrong at work today, you seemed so sad?”

“Dan and I broke up yesterday, it sucked pretty badly. I don’t really want to talk about it.”

“Hmm well at least you’re here dancing with me. I mean after all he can’t be as artistic as me, and I’m sure my body is much better. See, you get it all with the Nate package.” He smiled into her face, feeling better since her confession, now he just wanted to cheer her up. She smiled up at him, amused by his faux confidence. These were things he said at the office when everyone was tense, no body took him seriously they knew his ego was slim to none. She put her hand on the back of his neck and kissed his throat soundly, before dropping her head back onto beyoğlu escort his chest. He played with her curls wrapping them around his fingers. She moved her hands up the front of him, over his stomach and up to his chest. The muscles were so tight, so toned; she could feel his heart beating fast under her hands. He wrapped his hand around her hair and pulled her head back, he kissed her throat then her earlobe, leaving small spots of moisture tingling on her skin. She sighed heavily and stared at his lips as they moved closer to hers. His hand was fastened tight in her hair and she felt a slight tug. His dominant actions nearly made her swoon; she felt her insides throbbing. The kiss was long and needy, both pulling each other closer, grabbing at each others clothes. When Samantha finally broke the kiss, she looked up at Nate with her eyes half closed. He was smiling down at her, his erection pressed against her stomach, subdued by his clothing. She wanted him so badly and knew he wanted her, but he was her employee. As a senior staff member she could not fraternize with members of the junior staff. Nate didn’t know what to expect after that kiss, all he wanted was to be inside of her. Watching her nude body underneath his, making her moan.

Josh broke the spell “Nate, you’re needed! There are a few people you need to drive home.”

“Okay, I’ll be ready in a minute.” Nate turned towards Samantha, “I’ll be back in an hour or so, if you want I can drive you home then.”

“That’s fine I need to dance a little more anyway I think. See you soon.” Samantha waved at Nate and he was gone, she suddenly felt so tired. She made her way to one of the sofas and leaned her head back on the soft cushion and tucked her feet in behind her. She was thinking about Nate and how beautiful his body would look naked when she drifted into a light sleep, the loud music waking her from time to time.

Samantha was coming out of her sleepy state extremely turned on. It was as if someone was running their hands over her body while she was asleep. The sensation was there again, a hand running from her ankle up to her inner thigh. She opened her eyes a little and looked down to her lap. It was Nate; he was stroking her thigh now, looking down at her. She turned so that her knees were bent, feet flat on the couch next to Nate’s thigh. He smiled at her realizing that she was enjoying his touches. His hand became bolder, letting his fingers run all the way up her inner thigh to the spot where her leg met her torso. Samantha spread her knees a little more giving Nate more access. He got on his knees between hers and leaned down to kiss her. He kissed her lips then her neck, then the top of each of her breasts. His hands moved up her stomach then to her breasts he let the palms of his hands feel for her hard nipples. Samantha gasped, Nate’s body was pressed against hers, she could feel him pressing into the wet crotch of her jeans. She pulled her legs around him and grinded her hips against his.

“I think we should stop Samantha, a crowd is gathering” Nate said as he crawled out from between Samantha’s legs.

Samantha looked around at the staring faces; she blushed a dark shade of red. “I think you’re right, why don’t you take me home.” Samantha got up from the couch straightening her clothing.

Nate opened the door for her and let her in the car. She turned her knees towards the driver’s side and rested the side of her face against the head rest. Nate got in and started the engine, he glanced at Samantha. It looked like she was ready to pass out. By the time Nate drove up to Samantha’s door she was sleeping. He kissed her cheek and said her name. She woke up and looked at him “Thanks for the great night kid, and thanks for driving me, see you on Monday.” She opened the car door and walked to her door. Nate sat in the car watching to make sure she got into her house okay. When she disappeared inside he drove off. He was so disappointed with the way things turned out; she was all over him at the party then back to calling him “kid” by the time he got her home.

Samantha collapsed onto her bed thoroughly exhausted from her long day and even longer night. Before she passed out she saw that her clock read 4:30 am, she had been up for twenty four hours, and now she was finally going to sleep.

Samantha’s weekend was boring, and long. All she could think about was Nate’s hands all over her body. Her ex came to pick up a few of his things from her place and she just said “hi” and ignored him the rest of the time. It was like she was on a different planet. She couldn’t wait to see Nate, but at the same time wondered what she should do. He was so young and was her employee, there was no way there could be a relationship, at least not a serious one.

Monday finally came and Samantha was at the office by 8am. She couldn’t wait to see Nate; he should be in by nine she thought. When nine hit and still no Nate she became concerned and asked her receptionist if she had any messages.

“Yep, here ya go.” Stephanie handed Samantha a folded piece of paper.

Samantha unfolded the piece of paper and walked back to her office. It was a phone message from Nate.

“Arrived in Oregon, will be back by Wednesday the latest bizimkent escort with some fantastic pictures.”

She had forgotten that he had to leave for Oregon on Saturday. Hadn’t she told him that she’d see him on Monday? Well, she thought, this sucks.

That was the longest Monday she had ever spent, she had a lot of work to do to finish the current issue, a day long meeting scheduled for Tuesday to show “the powers that be”, the final lay out of this month’s issue. Tuesday morning came and Samantha was dressed to kill, she wore her black leather pumps and a black pinstriped suit coat with skirt to match. Her day was one long meeting, and boring as hell. Samantha was showing the CEO out of her office when she caught a glimpse of Nate standing in front of his desk. She walked Rick to the elevator, shook his hand and turned to face Nate. His eyes were on her, surveying her entire body. She winked at him, letting him know that she caught him in the act.

She sauntered towards him slowly, swaying her hips gently. “How was Oregon?” She asked.

“I took some great pictures and after developing them I found one that I forgot that I even took.” He handed her a large black and white glossy. It was her, taken on Friday night. The view was from above her. she was sleeping, her head was resting against the back of a large couch her knees were drawn up to her chest and a significant amount of her cleavage swelled in the v of her shirt, her make-up looked perfect and her lips were in a pout and slightly parted, she looked angelic. It was the most beautiful picture anyone had ever taken of her. She was speechless. Nate smiled down at her.

“When I saw the negative I decided to develop it immediately, I’m damn glad I had my black and white film on me that night! I knew it would be a great picture, what do you think?”

“Nate, it’s beautiful!” She exclaimed holding the picture to her chest.

“My day is over I can go home now so I think I will.” She stammered feeling dumb-struck, suddenly after wanting to talk to him for days now she had nothing to say. It was still very early, 2 pm; the entire office was still there.

“So we’ll go over the pictures tomorrow then?” Nate asked.

“Sure, the next issue has gone down to print already, so if you want you can go too.”

“Nothing to do around here I’ll walk you to your car.” Nate said as he picked up his portfolio.

Samantha nodded and got all of her things together. She met Nate at the elevator, and stood silently with him waiting for the loud “ding”. It came and the doors opened, it was empty except for them. Nate stood coolly against the back rail of the elevator waiting for the door to close, Samantha just in front and to the side of him. The doors slammed and his fingers were immediately on her neck. He pulled her to him, her ass pushed into him and she laid her head back on his shoulder. He put one hand on her hip and reached one across the front of her, feeling his way under her suit coat. He kissed the side of her face, and rubbed his palm over the cup of her bra. He felt her nipples get harder, and his cock swelled against the back of her.

The elevator stopped and the doors began to open, they were already at the parking garage. Samantha snapped out of her haze and straightened her clothes; Nate did the same and followed Samantha to her car. When she got to the front of her car she turned toward Nate and began “Nate, this cannot happen! You are my…” Nate interrupted her by pushing her back against her car with his body, and unbuttoning the top button of her blazer. Samantha lost, she wanted him more then anyone that she could remember, His fingers felt so good pinching at her now, exposed nipple. He reached down to her knees and rubbed his hands up her thighs pulling her skirt up to her waist. He forced her to slide to the hood of the car and let his hands explore her nylon clad lower half. His hands slid up her thighs to her pubic region, coming close but never touching her pussy which was covered by only a thin layer of panty hose. She moaned against his lips, and clawed into his shoulders, begging for more. His fingers played against her thighs then came up her lips fast, right above her clit. He lightly traced her lips with two finger tips applying more pressure each time he reached her clit. She threw one arm around his neck and reached her other hand down to the front of him. She rubbed her hand over the outline of his hard cock pressing against his pants, he moaned a little and pushed his pelvis hard to her hand. He pushed his fingertips between her lips and rubbed the nylon over her clit, enjoying the wetness that was soaking his fingers. They were both in a complete state of ecstasy; she now had her hand down the front of his pants and was stroking him slow and hard. Samantha could feel that she was going to cum, she stroked Nate faster, letting his pre-cum lubricate her strokes. Nate pushed his body closer to hers; pressing their hands together grinding into each other. “You are so wet Samantha.” Nate said through clenched teeth, grinding harder and harder against her, pushing his fingers harder and faster against her clit. He felt her legs tense around him “Cum for me baby.” The orgasm racked her body, she could feel cum flowing out of her, small waves of chills ran through her body, and she cried out. Samantha could feel Nate’s body tensing up, through her state of blind ecstasy. She pulled her fingers up and down the shaft of Nate’s cock faster and harder. He gripped her thighs hard and let out a loud moan, her fist filled with his cum, his body shaking against hers. He rested against her until the spasms of his orgasm stopped.

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