Take a Memo, Please

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“Good morning, Mr. Ryan.”

Michael Ryan looked up from the memo that he was reading. His secretary, Jessica Nolan, had walked into his spacious, well organized office with a smile on her face.

He returned her smile. “Good morning, Ms. Nolan.”

“Coffee?” she asked him, always the dutiful secretary.

“Yes, thank you.” He watched her as she went to the coffee machine on the counter. She had been working for him for six months now and was the best secretary he ever had. She was dutiful and well organized and always went above and beyond the call of duty for him. At 30, he was the CEO of Ryan Industries, one of the biggest software companies in the country. He was thinking of promoting Ms. Nolan to personal assistant although in many ways she already was.

She was such a wonderful worker and yet he couldn’t figure her out. She was an incredible looking woman but acted like a churchmouse. She was shy and quiet. She had an amazing, curvaceous body that she hid beneath frumpy suits. Her necklines never plunged and her skirts always went below the knees. She wore sensible flats instead of sexy pumps. She never wore makeup on her gorgeous face and she always hid her beautiful green eyes behind her glasses. She wore her luxurious copper colored hair in a tight chignon. She had a body and a face that belonged in Penthouse and yet she never flaunted it. Still, there was something about her that made him grow hard in her presence.

She brought the coffee to his desk, light with two sugars, just the way he liked it.

He smiled at her. “Thank you, Ms. Nolan.”

“You’re welcome, Mr. Ryan.” Always the dutiful secretary.

“Sit down a minute, please,” he told her as he indicated the chair across the desk from him. “I would like to speak to you about something.”

“Certainly, Mr. Ryan.” She sat and crossed her legs like the little lady that she was. Just a hint of those legs was enough to send him into a tailspin. “Is there a problem?”

He shook his head. “Not at all, Ms. Nolan. On the contrary. How would you feel about becoming my personal assistant?”

She stared at him through her glasses. “Your personal assistant, sir?”

He nodded. “I know you’ve acted like one in many ways since you’ve been here. Your official title has always been secretary. I feel that you’re much more deserving of that title. You’ve proved yourself in many ways and I think you deserve a promotion. This would mean more responsibilities but naturally it would also include a pay increase and some more bonuses.”

She kept looking at him and felt her heart beating inside her chest. It always sped up in his presence. She’d been in love with Michael Ryan since she started working for him. The man oozed sex appeal from his pores. He was confident and self assured and had worked hard to get where he was today. He was a decent and fair employer, generous to a fault and he was just so hot.

Jessica often lay in her bed alone late at night touching herself and pretending that Mr. Ryan’s illegal bahis hands were on her body. She was 26 years old and had never been touched by a man before. She wanted so badly to be touched by Mr. Ryan.

His blue eyes bore into her. He was so tall and strong, so powerful and masculine. She had plenty of fantasies of him throwing her down across his desk and having his way with her.

“Ms. Nolan?” His deep, rich voice brought her out of her fantasy of him.

“Mr. Ryan, I’m honored that you feel this way.”

He grinned at her and she melted some more. She felt a tingle at the juncture of her thighs and her blood pressure soared. Oh how, she wanted this man.

He stood up and reached across to shake her hand. “Congratulations, Ms. Nolan,” he told her. “You deserve it.”

She put her hand in his and her whole body trembled. “Thank you, sir.”

“Why don’t you call me Michael from now on? How’s that sound? Fair enough?”

“Are you sure?”

“Absolutely. And can I call you Jessica?”

“By all means.”

“And do me a favor.”


“Don’t be wound up so tight around me. Let your hair down a little. Relax.”

So he wanted her to relax, did he? Well, she’d show him.


The next morning, she came into his office as usual.

“Good morning, Mr….I mean, Michael.”

He was busy reading a memo on his desk. Without looking up at her, he said pleasantly, “Good morning, Jessica.”

“Coffee?” she asked sweetly.

“Yes, please. Thank you.”

He finally looked up at her as she went to the coffeemaker.

“Jessica?” he asked in disbelief.

She smiled at him, knowing that she had finally gotten his attention. “Light, two sugars?”

He stared at her in amazement. Her beautiful hair now hung loosely around her face, hanging down to the middle of her back. Her face was devoid of glasses but she had worn makeup today and it made her green eyes look incredible. She wore red nail polish on her fingers and black spiked heels on her feet. The suit she wore had a short skirt that came to mid-thigh and the top was buttoned low, revealing an ample amount of cleavage. She looked sexy and hot and Michael wanted her more than he ever thought possible.

“You look…”

“Different?” she asked, back to her shy self again.

“That’s not the word I would have used but yes, different is one way of putting it.”

She brought the coffee over to his desk and he admired the sway of her hips. “How would you have put it, Michael?” she asked, trying to be in control again.

“I was going to say that you look amazing. Sexy. Hot. I never thought…I mean, you’re always so shy and quiet and the way you dress…”

“I’m glad you noticed me. I wanted you to. I dressed this way for you today.” She sat on the edge of his desk, displaying a smooth, creamy thigh for him. “I lay in my bed at night and dream of having your hands on my body. I know I don’t have to prove myself as a worker to you anymore. You made illegal bahis siteleri me your personal assistant already and I’m grateful for that. I want you to know that I’m available for anything personal if you get my drift.”

“I think I do.” He put his hand on her thigh. “For some reason, I’ve always found you to be incredibly sexy, even when you dressed the way you did. There’s just something about you.”

“Tell me about it.” She swung her legs so that each one was on the side of him. He was able to see the black bikini panties she wore.

“Jessica, what are you doing?”

“Anything you want.” She began to unbotton her blouse.

He put his hands on her thighs and reached under her skirt. “Did you dream of me doing this to you?” he asked her in a seductive voice.

She moaned. “Every night. I feel your hands on my body.” Her blouse was undone. She removed it, exposing her black bra to him.

“I dreamed about you too, Jessica,” he whispered as his hands moved further up. “Every night all I kept thinking about was what you had under those frumpy suits you wore to the office.”

“Now you know,” she said as she removed her bra. “What do you think so far?”

“Keep going.” His voice was husky as he stared at her luscious breasts.

“Do you like what you’re seeing?”

He gulped. “Very much.” His hands moved up to cover her breasts. “Oh yes, very much.”

She unzipped her skirt and began to slide it down her legs. He watched her, entranced.

All she wore now were the panties. Michael stood up and began to remove his suit jacket. His tie came off and then his shirt. Jessica sucked in her breath at the incredible strength of his upper body. He began to unbuckle his pants and she reached out to help him.

“Jessica, look what you’ve done to me.” He indicated the bulge in between his legs.

“I like knowing I can do that to you, Michael.” She lay back on his desk and slid her panties off. Her hands went to her breasts and she began to caress herself.

“I like what you’re doing,” he told her as he continued to undress. “It’s making me even harder.”

“Hurry, Michael,” she begged as her hand dipped between her legs. She was soaking wet and ready for him. She opened herself wider and he stood between her legs.

“Jessica,” he spoke her name tenderly as he entered her. She wrapped her long, luscious legs around his muscular back and took him into her.

“Yea, baby,” he said as his hands covered her breasts. “I like how dedicated you are to your job.”

“I’ve wanted you for so long,” she told him as she moved with him. “Oh Michael, this is like a dream for me.”

“Me too, baby. You feel so good. You’re so wet.” He pounded her and his mouth found one, erect nipple. He suckled on it and bit it gently.

“Yes, oh yes,” she cried as she scratched her nails down his back.

His mouth found her other nipple and he gave it the same attention.

Her hands held his head to her as he continued to gratify her with his canlı bahis siteleri mouth. He suddenly moved away from her and knelt between her legs. His mouth went to her wetness and he licked her there, lapping at her juices the way a cat would at a bowl of cream. She almost screamed her pleasure but she knew that she had to control herself. She didn’t want to bring the whole company running into the office.

“Michael,” she cried his name softly. “That feels so good.”

He continued to eat her up, like she was a seven course meal that was his for the taking. He stood up again and entered her and he was harder than ever.

He held her hands over her head, pinning her to his desk. His mouth moved over the lush curves of her body again until she cried out as she came. Her juices flooded him and he released himself only a moment later. He remained inside of her, collapsing onto her soft flesh.

“That was incredible,” he said as he sat up and smiled at her.

“It was,” she agreed. “I’m tingling all over.”

His hands touched her body everywhere. “I think I’m going to like having you as my personal assistant.”

“I’ll do the best job that I can for you, I promise.” She smiled at him.

“I’m sure you will. You’re so efficient and hard working.”

“And you’re so hard.” Her hand encircled him and she could feel him throbbing. “Do I really do that to you?”

“Yes, you do.” He kissed her mouth gently. “I don’t know how you do it to me, Jessica but I like it a lot. I think you’re going to have to start spending a lot of time in my office from now on.”

“I like that idea.” She sat up and ran her hands through her long, wild hair. She could feel his eyes on her body and it excited her again.

“Touch yourself,” he whispered.

“Like this?” Her fingers disappeared between her legs. She spread herself so that he could watch her.

He sat in his chair and his eyes remained fixated on her as she pleasured herself.

“That’s it, baby,” he encouraged her as her hips moved on his desk. He watched her as she licked her lips and her ministrations grew even more intense.

“Say my name when you cum again,” he told her.

And just as he said it, her hips bucked and she cried out his name.

He stood up and took her in his arms. He held her close to him, kissing her hair softly.

“You’re a keeper,” he told her. “I’m hanging on to you. Would you like to have dinner with me tonight, Jessica?”

“I’d love to,” she told him. “And if you’re lucky, I’ll give you dessert.”

He grinned at her. “Maybe we’d better get dressed now and do some work, huh?”

She smiled back. “Maybe.”

He took her hand and helped her down. He embraced her again. “I think I could fall in love with you.” They dressed in silence, just smiling at each other.

He admired her in her sexy suit. “Will you dress like that everyday from now on?”

“If you’d like me to.”

“Oh, I would.” He straightened out his tie and sat in his chair. “It would please me very much if you dressed that way.”

“Then I will.” She grabbed her notebook and pen and sat in the chair across from his desk.

He cleared his throat. “Would you take a memo for me, please?”

And it was back to business as usual.

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