Tail of Perversity

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The house was dark, except a sliver of dim light coming from under the closed bedroom door. She did not expect her hubby home for at least another hour yet. Knowing that he would be tired from his evening shift, she put the sexy novel down on the night stand next to the bed and took a long slow stretch.

She flipped the TV on but none of the usual programs seemed to keep her mind from wandering about the steamy love scene that she had just read in the novel. Her thoughts of the lust that she imagined from the story began to fill her every thought now.

Her right hand moved from over her head from her half reclining position down to her side. Along the way, her wrist brushed against her right breast. She felt the flame beginning to increase in her loins as she played over in her mind of the lovers in the story. She moved her hand once again. This time it came to rest at her pubic mound. Her restless hand began to glide slowly over her soft tuft of pubic hair.

She convinced herself that it wouldn’t hurt to go ahead and play around to help relieve the nagging thoughts that kept her from relaxing as she waited for her Lover to get home. Besides, she was sure that he would just want to shower and go to sleep.

She slid around on the bed until her butt rested just at the edge of the bed, just like her and her Honey often position themselves during sex. Her feet rested on the very edge of the mattress, leaving her bottom half completely exposed.

She grabbed the small vibrator from the night stand and laid it next to her so she could use it after she manually worked up a good lather.

Her right hand began to softly explore the moist folds of her womanhood. Her fingers tauntingly spreading her luscious lips apart as the one finger began to rub the hardening bud that would send her mind over the edge. She would occasionally slip a finger just barely into the opening of her aching pusswah.

Her other hand would grab and massage her breasts in a medium groping fashion, much as she imagined the two lovers in the book had done.

Her passion was now at a point where she reached for the vibrator. She fumbled to flip the slide switch to the on position. She felt the cylindrical shaft vibrate in her hand. She moved the rubber tip of the vibrator down her belly, stopping to hold it just above her furry mound, feeling the vibration traveling through her tummy and lightly land at her swelling clit. She knew that it wouldn’t take much of the vibration to send her to her peak and over the edge.

When he walked into the house, being ever so quiet, not wanting to awaken his sleeping Beauty, he slowly and softly closed and locked the door. It took him a minute or two for his eyes escort kartal to adjust to the darkness that filled the house.

He was happy to be home early this night. They had gotten their work finished early, and the Boss rewarded them by letting them leave a half an hour early. He stopped at a convenience store on his way home to get a small cup of hot coffee, hoping that it would help him ward off his fatigue, so maybe, he could have a good romp in the hay with his Bride.

His eyes now adjusted to the darkness, he began moving down the hall toward the bedroom. He noticed the light peering out from under the door, and began smiling, knowing that she would be glad that he was home early.

The second shift really put a crimp in their lifestyle, including a normal sex life.

He walked up to the door, still creeping as he walked. He expected to hear the faint sounds of voices coming from the TV. She usually always watched TV to help keep her awake until he got home at night. Instead, he heard the dull hum of the vibrator as well as her intermittent moans.

For a fleeting moment, his heart sank, knowing what that sound indicated. He had heard it many times before when the made love. He very slowly eased the door open, trying desperately not to make a sound.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the door was opened far enough for him to see that his sweet lover was in her usual position at the edge of the bed. Only this time, he was not at the side of the bed with her.

A grin sneaked across his face as he carefully sat his hot coffee cup down on the floor and he began to remove his shirt. He leaned down and picked the styro-foam coffee cup back up and figured he would just barge into the room.

Again he smiled. This time he would slip into the room, as quiet as a mouse, and try and get in front of her, without her knowing it. He knew this would really take some doing, because she was normally the first one of them to hear things. He also knew that her moans were becoming louder as the vibrator worked it’s magic on her.

He could see from his view point, that her eyes were closed in an imaginary setting as she climbed her peak of ecstasy. Even better, he thought. He took one big gulp of the hot coffee into his mouth, then sat the cup on the floor again. This time, he didn’t swallow the hot liquid, rather he held it in his mouth. He got down on all fours and began slowly dog walking from the other side of the bed, slowly moving to the side where she was totally exposed.

Her breathing was becoming rapid and irregular. He knew that he needed to hurry to pull off his surprise, but also knew he must remain quiet, or it would spoil everything.

By maltepe escort the time that he finally made it directly in front of her weeping pussy, she was beginning to lift her hips off of the bed as the vibrator relentlessly hummed into her now crimson hard pleasure pearl.

Just as he swallowed the hot liquid in his mouth, his woman began the cries of her passion. He immediately raised his head from the side of the bed, and stuck his steaming tongue deep into her slit as she came.

She felt many emotions as he did this. Surprise was foremost, and in an instant that changed to a burning lust as her tummy tightened with wave after wave of release.

Her juices wee greedily lapped away by her Man. She grabbed a fistful of hair on his head as he hungrily lapped the nectar that seeped from her soft pussy. His hot fiery tongue stayed buried as deeply inside of her as he could stretch it. The heat from his pink tongue radiated heat inside of her soft, wet, velvety walls.

Her climax was doubled when he had performed his sneak attack. The vibrator had taken her to her crescendo just at the exact time that he had delved into her aching kitty, giving her a vaginal orgasm as well as her clitoral climax.

She laid on the bed, her legs now dangling from the side, as she regained composure and her normal breathing. She did manage a quick “Hi, baby” to her lover as he stood and leered at her.

You naughty Girl! I can see I’m going to have to give you a good hard spanking. He was toying with her of course, but strangely, his words quickly flared her desires again. She knew that she needed more than a toy and her imagination. She needed HIM. In her!

She played the game back with him, “You can spank me Only if I cant make it up to you somehow. Ok?”

He grinned with their play, and agreed to give her one chance at retribution.

She sat at the edge of the bed in a seated position. She began tugging at his belt buckle, then the button of his jeans, and finally the zipper. As she peeled the thick denim down his hips and past his thighs, she noticed the bulge in his underwear. There was a noticeable shadow of wetness on the tip of the bulge.

“What have you been reading?”, she asked playfully.

He quipped back to her, ” Aw no reading. Just been watching this hot sexy chick play with herself!”

That was music to her ears as she quickly slid the white boxer briefs down his legs, exposing a sumptuous hard cock. The thick bulbous head was a dark pink and almost had a purple hue to it. The thick vein jutted from the side of it and ran from the base to one side of the tip , just below the head. A clear drop of pre cum adorned the tip of his hot cock.

She pendik escort bayan stuck her pointed tongue out, and quickly lapped the clear sticky fluid from its perch. He moaned as he watched and felt her do this. She began licking with a wide flat tongue from the base of his shaft to the tip. She was happy to watch the mushroom shaped head flare as her hot tongue neared the bottom of his tip.

After she coated the entire shaft with her thick spit, he pushed her onto her back. She was now in their favorite position as he leaned down onto her.

He kissed her deeply, snaking his tongue into her mouth only to be greeted by her tongue gliding back over his tongue. His passion was at a white phosphorous stage now as he moved from her lips and playfully bit at the side of the nape of her neck. She turned her head, giving his mouth and tongue a full and unobtrusive opening to her neck.

She could feel his weight as it began to bear down against her lying body. His erect cock was nuzzling her in the wet matting of her pubic hair. She kept the bottom half shaved, but at his request, kept a neatly trimmed tuft of hair just above her full lips.

His hot cock head began probing for her opening. She felt the thick hard shaft as it pushed against her swollen clit. It felt good to her. The hot tip she could feel nudging between her soft folds.

She opened her legs wider, giving his searching cock easy access to her wanton pussy. She could feel the stickiness of more pre cum as his tip nudged her inner thighs and lips. Her passion was now at an impatient moment once again as well.

She reached down between them, grasped his throbbing shaft, and placed the bulbous tip into her opening. As he eased ever so slowly into her depths, she could feel the large tip as it spread the walls of her velvet tunnel, only to feel them wrap around the shaft that propelled the tip.

His slow sawing motions began to gain a quicker pace as their excitement began to peak. Soon, he was slamming into her pussy with a short fast thrusting motion. Each time his cock was buried to the base, his shaft would bump against her clit, sending fire running through her. With each thrust, her breasts would bounce in an up and down motion, keeping unison with each thrust.

Suddenly he told her to look at him. She saw deep into his glazed eyes as he did hers, their imminent climax.

His cock erupted deep inside of her. She felt his heat as his cock spasmodically kept in time with the convulsions of her climax. He could feel her opening as it squeezed with each convulsion, causing his cock to spurt yet another jet of his hot sticky seed deep into her loins.

Both totally drained of tension, he slid off of her and laid down next to her reclined position at the edge of the bed.

He then slid an arm under neck and pulled her close to him, just holding her in their after glow. “Damn, I hope I come home early more often”, then he chuckled as did she.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32