Taboo: Generations Bk. 14

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Book XIV: Addendum: Enter: Kairi

Talk about life throwing one a curveball …

Where do I even begin with this? Okay. It is safe to say that every semester I meet a few students whose passion for physics rivals my own. We talk, theorize, plan … and usually by the end of the semester only one remains whose enthusiasm is still prevalent. Most of the time, though, they have fallen through the cracks as rushing, partying, and sex take a stranglehold on their academic careers. Oh, they still perform well in class, and they are bright as ever, it is just that where I was once their sole extracurricular activity, they have moved on to ones that they relegate more importance to. One semester’s batch saw seven such students at the beginning, but by mid-semester there remained only Kairi.

Kairi is an exceptional young woman. She is intelligent, bold, outspoken, and never afraid to challenge a theory because she has the knowledge to create plausible scenarios to prove her points. Did I mention she was beautiful? She appears to be of mixed race, maybe Asian and Polynesian. I don’t know, and it doesn’t matter.

Kairi became my assistant, and has proven herself to be of great value to me. The more time I spend with her, however, the more I think I am falling in love with her. It’s not just her physical beauty. She stimulates me intellectually.

So why add Kairi to this book? It has been almost a year since she and I first met, and a lot has happened since that time and the time I now take to make this notation. In short, I’m playing catch-up.

I often sent Kairi on errands for me, and yes, sometimes those errands saw her going to my off-campus house to retrieve one thing or another that I may have forgotten. I kept a spare key under a garden gnome, so she had free access to my house.

One particular afternoon, a day in which Ma decided to grace me with her presence, Kairi showed up. Well, I am getting ahead of myself here. Let me start over.

Ma called to tell me she was on her way. She told me that she would be staying the night, which was fine with me, because it meant that we could make love all night if we wished, and I wished very much so. I was at home upon her arrival as I had already finished my last lecture of the day. I took her out to eat, and upon our return home we showered together before moving to the bedroom.

We lay on the bed and kissed, then Ma moved into a sixty-nine and we took our time pleasing one another. Then we both turned as we heard a politely-placed, “A-hem.”

Ma rolled over, pulling the comforter with her; I sat up, my erect penis standing out like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I didn’t try to cover myself. I think I was secretly hoping that Kairi would join us. Be that as it may, I said, “Kairi, what are you doing here?”

She held up a Manila envelope and said, “It’s from the Nobel Foundation. You won.”

“Let me see,” I said, and she brought it to me.

Ma crawled and looked over my shoulder as I opened it, and sure enough I was being honored by the most highly acclaimed committee in the world. “That’s wonderful,” Ma said, then tilted my head back and kissed me on the lips.

“It is,” Kairi said, and she sat on my lap—I could tell immediately she had no underwear on under her skirt as she slid across my cock with virtual ease—and kissed me flush on the lips for a solid ten seconds.

“Um, excuse me?” Ma said to her.

She smiled, said, “Hi, I’m Kairi,” and stuck her hand out to Ma. Ma took it, then Kairi pulled her forward and planted a kiss on her as well.

“Wh—What—?” Ma managed, but nothing more, as

Kairi gaziantep escort bayan said, “This calls for a celebration.” She pulled her blouse off, then her bra, then her skirt. She was only about five-two, but her body was so perfectly proportioned. She walked to the bed, pushed Ma onto her back, then gripped my cock as her mouth went between Ma’s legs.

“Oh—Oh dear,” Ma said, mildly shocked as Kairi began sucking her pistachio-sized clit. Then, as her breathing became labored, “Oh, Kairi, Oh, shit. Don’t stop, baby. I’m almost there. I’m almost … almost …UNH,” and she came. It wasn’t a big one, but the smile on her face suggested it was satisfying nonetheless.

Kairi lifted her face from Ma’s crotch and said to me, “I want to watch you fuck her.”

I positioned myself in front of Ma and slowly inserted my cock into her well-lubricated pussy. As the familiar feel of her warmth and moistness washed over my swollen penis, I let out a mildly audible, “Ahhhh.” Ma did the same.

“That’s it. Nice and slow,” Kairi said. She then looked over at Ma and said, “Would you like to taste my tiny pussy?” As she threw a leg over Ma’s head, she said, “Look how beautiful it is. Don’t you like it?”

Ma gently pulled Kairi’s crotch down on her mouth, and I distinctly heard the young woman land with a “squish.” I looked and saw that her pussy was already cum-soaked, and rivulets of her frothy, white cream ran down the corners of Ma’s mouth even as strands of the sticky sweetness connected her pussy to Ma’s face. Ma moaned loudly, then said, “My god! This tastes like pure sugar.”

“Shhhhhhhh,” Kairi said to her, then lifted Ma’s mouth to her pussy once again. Ma’s pussy was getting wetter by the second, and soon Kairi whispered, “Oh, ma’am. Ma’am, you’re going to make me cum. My tiny pussy’s going to cum in your mouth, ma’am.” She then jerked like a chill had run its course throughout the entirety of her body just before letting out a deeply satisfying, “AAAAHHHHHHHHH!”

I noticed a splotch of cum plop from her pussy and said, “Oh, fuck, I’m gonna—”

“No!” Kairi shouted at me. “Don’t you dare cum yet. Pull out of her this instant.”

I immediately did. I even took two steps back for good measure as the sensation to cum passed me by. I don’t know what it was about this young woman, but I was handing complete control of this encounter to her without resistance. Apparently, Ma had also, for when she finished licking up that last drop of Kairi’s cum, the girl told her, “I want you to teach me how to suck Dr. Saunders’s cock, ma’am.”

Ma told me to lay down, and once I had she took my cock in her hands before guiding it to her mouth. Kairi positioned herself into a sixty-nine with me. Her pussy was a thing of beauty. Her labia majora was barely discernable, and her labia minora barely protruded from that. I closed my eyes and gently affixed my mouth to her and immediately said, “My God! She does taste like pure sugar.”

As I slid my tongue across her cashew-sized clit, her legs quivered. “Oh, D—Dr. Saunders.” I continued to softly coddle her clit between my lips as my tongue gingerly caressed it over and over again. “Open your mouth,” she told me, and I did; she filled it with her sweet cum as she breathily, almost silently, said, “Ohhhhhhhhhhh.”

Ma said, “Here Kairi. You try it now,” and no sooner had the girl wrapped her lips around my cock than she was creaming once again. I ecstatically lapped up every bit.

“It’s so big,” Kairi moaned. “I can barely fit the head in my mouth.”

“Just relax,” ma told escort bayan gaziantep her soothingly. “There’s no hurry. This isn’t a competition. Just make love to it with your mouth,” and Kairi did. She was finally able to get about three inches down the shaft, but she couldn’t do much more.

After a few minutes, Kairi said, “I want to feel it inside me, ma’am. Will you please tell Dr. Saunders to put it inside me?”

“Turn around and get on top,” Ma told her, but Kairi said,

“I want Dr. Saunders on top, ma’am. Please?”

It was odd that they were speaking about me without recognizing my presence. I mean, they obviously knew I was there, but Kairi had taken to giving up the complete control Ma and I had relegated to her and was now engaging Ma alone to dictate matters. “Jason, Kairi wants you inside of her. Would you like to oblige her?”

As I sat up, Kairi took my place on the bed. She spread her legs wide, and just as I was about to enter her she said, “Ma’am, I have had sex just once in my life. Please tell Dr. Saunders to be very careful, ma’am. Please? Please tell him. My tiny pussy won’t be able to take all of his cock, ma’am. My pussy is just too tiny and tight. Please tell him to be careful, ma’am, as this will be like me losing my virginity all over again.”

She had to know what she was doing. She had to know she was driving me crazy by talking about her pussy thus. Still, that didn’t stop Ma from telling me, “You have to be very careful, Jason. Be slow. Be patient.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” Kairi told Ma. Then, to me, “Are you ready, Dr. Saunders? Are you ready to enter me?”

Dear God, I was. I placed my cock at her pussy and gave a light push. Only about half the head went in, and not because she wasn’t wet, because she was; sopping wet. It’s just that she wasn’t kidding. Her pussy really was tight and tiny. I looked at Ma and said, “I’m afraid I’m going to hurt her.”

“Take your time,” Ma told me. “Be patient.”

I continued with the small amount of in/out I was able to do, and was finally able to get my entire cockhead inside her. “Oh-h-h-h-h-h-h” Kairi exclaimed, her voice shaking. I kept at my slow, steady pace until I was a good four inches inside of her. Her eyes were rolling into the back of her head, her head itself was jerking back and forth as she said, “Oh-h-h-h- Fu-u-u-ck.”

My cock was covered with her cum. Ma swooped in and licked it from me, then began to nibble on Kairi’s clit, sending her even further into the boundless unknown of ecstasy. “Dr. Saunders … My pussy … too tiny … so tiny … p-p-please … too big … too much …” When Kairi came, her pussy clinched with such force that it ejected my cock from inside her.

Ma took my cock into her mouth as she continued to rub Kairi’s clit; her pussy was like a volcano spewing albino lava. Once she had settled and saw what Ma was doing, she sat up and the two of them tag-teamed my dick, their mouths all over every inch, until finally, “Oh, shit. Here it comes.”

“You take it,” Ma said to Kairi, who placed her mouth around my cockhead while she continued to pump my shaft, and a few seconds later I was filling the mouth of my assistant with a huge load of cum. It took her a couple of tries, but she was finally able to swallow every drop, even that pearl-like remnant that presents itself when a finger is run along the main vein, as Ma showed her.

“Keep sucking it, sweetheart. We want it to stay hard,” Ma said to Kairi.

“Sixty-nine her, with you on top,” I whispered to Ma, and when they did I watched gaziantep escort blogu Ma eat her pussy for a few minutes before making my way to the rear, where the young teen was eating the mature woman’s pussy. I spread Ma’s ass cheeks and began to suck her asshole.

“That is so fucking hot,” Kairi said. I looked down at her, smiled, and kissed her. She readily accepted my tongue into her mouth.

I moved back up and ate Ma’s ass for a few seconds longer, then said, “Excuse me,” to Kairi as I slid my cock into Ma’s pussy. I buried it to the hilt and held it there as I said to Ma, “Know what I’m going to do?”

Silence, then, “Jason, no. Please.”

I said nothing.

“Please, Jason. Don’t.”

Her pussy palpitated, and her legs quivered. I slowly pulled my cock out of her.

“For the love of God, son, don’t do it!”

I placed the head of my cock at her asshole and eased it in. Ma came instantly, demonic moanings escaping her lips as she washed Kairi’s face with her cum.

“Holy shit!” Kairi exclaimed as she burst into laughter. Then, “Wow, you’ve got to teach me how to do that.”

As I increased my speed, I said, “You know what’s about to happen next, don’t you, you fucking whore?”

“I’m a fucking whore,” Ma repeated. “Fuck my whore’s ass for me.”

“Fucking like this is too good for your slutty pussy, isn’t it?”

“My … My … Oh, Jason. Mommy’s pussy doesn’t deserve that dick, only Mommy’s asshole. That’s why your motherfucking cock is buried in my motherfucking asshole right now, isn’t it, you fucking bastard? That’s why you like to fuck Mommy’s motherfucking asshole with your motherfucking cock, you motherfucking motherfucker. Oh, fuck,” and she began to weep.

I had momentarily forgotten all about Kairi until Ma unleashed another torrential downpour upon the young girl’s face and chest, prompting from her another fit of laughter as she said, “This is the hottest fucking thing I have ever witnessed.”

“Suck her clit,” I commanded Kairi as I continued to plow my mother’s asshole, and soon enough, another downpour of the obscenity kind filled the air once again.

“You God-damned son-of-a-whore.” Ma was still weeping; her words were shaky as they came out of her mouth. “Fuck Mommy’s fucking asshole, Jason. Oh, shit, baby. Fuck Mommy’s fucking asshole. This is why I gave birth to you, baby, so you could one day treat me like the fucking whore I am, so you could fuck my ass the way your father just can’t.”

“You see that tight little pussy in front of you, Ma? Your asshole is still as tight as that pussy, even after all these years. That’s why …” at this point, I began thrusting hard into her, speaking only one word with every powerful thrust. “THAT’S-WHY-I’M-GONNA-FUCK-THIS-FUCKING-ASSHOLE-TILL-THE-DAY-I-DIE!” I then clenched her ass cheeks as I let loose a primal, guttural scream. Ma screamed as well. Her sphincter gripped my cock as the levy broke and she deluged Kairi with another, almost preternatural flood of cum even as the cum I filled Ma’s ass with spilled over and onto her soft, wet pussy.

We stayed in that position for several seconds, then Ma and I fell over. She weakly bent her head back and we kissed. “I love you,” she said softly, and I returned the sentiment. Ma looked to Kairi, then said, “I guess you deserve an explanation.”

Kairi sat up—she looked like she had just walked out from a shower and hadn’t bothered to dry off—and disregarded Ma completely as she said, “We have got to do this again! Promise me, both of you. Promise we will do this again.”

“Uh, sure,” Ma and I both promised.

“Now,” Ma said in an attempt to cover up what she and I just divulged to this stranger, “about the ‘mommy/son’ thing.”

“I’m pretty sure you will blame it on role-playing since there is a discernable twenty-plus year age difference between the two of you,” Kairi began, “but I recognized you the minute I walked in the door, Mrs. Saunders.”

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