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When Krista DeWitt was woken by the phone ringing at nearly two that Thursday morning she knew it was bad news. She was awake instantly and sat up in bed. She recognized her mother’s shaky voice on the phone when she answered. But she was sobbing and heaving so much that Krista had difficulty making out what she was trying to explain.

“It’s Ben. He’s been in an accident. I know we should have never gotten him that damned motorcycle,” Patricia DeWitt told her daughter before sobbing some more.

Krista learned that her younger brother, Ben, had crashed his motorcycle. It had been a gift from their parents on this twentieth birthday, not quite a month earlier. As far as Mrs. DeWitt knew her son had sustained back injuries, but had not been told many other details. The doctors did not know yet just how serious his condition was because he was still in surgery.

Krista quickly put some clothes on and drove to St. Mark’s Hospital. It was a route she was very familiar with because she worked as a nurse there. She was twenty-five and had been a nurse for two years. Krista was accustomed to having to console distraught family members who were visiting someone who was her patient. Now she was in the same unfortunate situation as them. She choked back tears as she drove. Her parents were waiting for her in the Emergency Department waiting room when she arrived. Her mother was crying while her father held her. Although he was trying his best to comfort her mother, Krista could tell that her father was just as emotionally fragile.

The wait seemed interminable for Krista and her parents as they sat in the Emergency Department, each silently praying to receive good news about Ben’s condition. When a tall man with short greying hair and wearing green scrubs approached them over an hour later they stood up, almost frightened to hear what the doctor was going to say.

“Hi, I’m Dr. Green. I’m the doctor who performed Ben’s surgery,” he said. “He’s got a long road of recovery ahead of him, but thankfully there was little or no nerve damage to his spine. He won’t be paralyzed, but it will be a while before he’s fully healed.”

Krista heard her parents sign in relief. She continued to listen to what Dr. Green had to say, then asked him several questions. She did not know the doctor well, but had met him a few times while tending patients of his. They got along well and had mutual respect for one another. He had a good reputation for being a skilled neurosurgeon, which was a relief to Krista.

“You guys go home and get some rest. There’s no point in staying here. Ben’s still heavily sedated,” Krista explained to her parents. “I’m going to go up to his room and wait till he wakes up. I’ll call you later and tell you if I learn anything more and to let you know how he is. The worst is over. You guys get some rest and come see him this evening. Besides, seeing you this upset will only worry him.”

Krista hugged her parents, then walked towards the elevator. When she entered her brother’s room and saw him lying in the hospital bed she felt tears flowing from her brown eyes. Her brother had cuts and scrapes on his chin and left arm. He was also in a body cast that covered his torso. Krista sat in a chair beside the bed, quietly sobbing.

Almost an hour later Krista saw her brother stir. She leapt to her feet and moved over towards his bed, clutching the side rail. Ben opened his blue eyes and squinted. He winced slightly. When Ben noticed his sister crying, he gave her a weak smile.

“Hey… no need to cry. The cat that ran out in front of me is fine; I swerved just in time. The PT Cruiser coming in the other lane didn’t make it though.” Ben laughed, then flinched in pain.

“It’s not funny, Ben. You could have killed yourself. You’re lucky to not even be paralyzed,” his sister chided. “That motorcycle is going to be the death of you.”

“You don’t have to worry about that — it’s totaled,” her brother said with a frown.

Krista was secretly glad, but tried not to show it. She gave her brother’s hand a soft squeeze, wiping tears from her reddened cheeks. She brushed her long black hair from her face and smiled at him.

“Dr. Green had to put two rods in your back. Even once your cast comes off, you’re going to need weeks of physio to help you regain your strength,” she told him.

Ben nodded, seeming disappointed, then the corner of his mouth turned up. “I guess I shouldn’t complain about that. I’m lucky that I’ll be able to still walk,” he concluded.

“Very,” his sister said solemly.

Ben’s recovery was more rapid than his doctors expected. They attributed it to him being healthy and athletic. Soon he was allowed walk to the bathroom, although never without the help of a nurse. Ben hated having to be aided just to walk a few yards though. The bathroom was in the corner beside his bed and he saw no reason why he could walk there on his own. But it was better than the catheter that had been inserted during his surgery and had been left in for over a week after that.

Krista spent as much time with her brother as she could. She stopped Yeniçamlıca Escort in before or after her shifts at the hospital and on her days off. Once his cuts and bruises faded she grew more encouraged about his recovery.

One afternoon while Krista was visiting her brother she noticed a look of discomfort on his face. It worried her. She got up from her chair and stood beside his bed, looking down at him.

“Are you okay, Ben?” she asked anxiously.

“Yeah… but… ah… could you get a nurse to come help me to the bathroom? I need to pee,” he said, seeming embarrassed.

Krista chuckled. “I think I better ask Dr. Green if you sustained any brain damage in your accident, little brother,” she teased. “In case you’ve forgotten, I’m a nurse. Here — I’ll help you walk over.” She lowered the side rail of the bed.

Ben looked up at his older sister, now feeling more uncomfortable than he already had been due to his aching bladder. “Yeah, but you’re my sister. Call one of the other nurses to come in,” he said.

Krista gave her brother a scolding look. “Ben, they’re all busy. I’m not going to take them away from other patients just so you can pee. I’ll walk you over there.”

Ben sighed. “I don’t know why I can’t just go on my own. It’s close enough that I could practically spit at it from here,” he said.

“Can you hit the toilet from here?” she taunted with a sharp laugh. “You’ve been lying in bed for a long time, Ben. You might not realize it, or want to admit it, but you’re weaker than usual. If you trip or fall, you’re going to hurt yourself. Badly. You may look okay on the outside, but your back is still healing. If you re-injure it, this time you could end up in a wheelchair for the rest of your life. Do you want that?” Krista’s normally soft voice had grown stern.

Ben let out another sigh, louder this time. “Okay, I guess I don’t have any choice,” he conceded.

“No, I’m afraid not. Eventually your bladder will win out,” she joked.

Krista helped her brother to sit up on the side of his bed. He was wearing a pale green hospital gown that barely covered his knees. She could tell that he was bashful about her seeing him wearing just that, judging from the way he tugged at it as he sat up, making sure he was completely covered.

Krista wrapped her right arm around her brother’s waist and helped him from his bed. She could feel his cast beneath the thin polyester robe as she held him tight against her. She took his left arm and placed it around her to steady him as he stood up.

Ben clenched his jaw and let out a quiet groan as he took slow, tentative steps away from his bed. His sister was right — he was rather weak and unsteady on his feet. Still, using a urinal or bedpan would have been preferable to Krista guiding him to the bathroom.

As they slowly made their way towards the bathroom in the opposite corner of the hospital room he could smell the scent of his sister’s shampoo in her thick, black hair. He drew in a deep breath and smiled. Now he was aware of how his left hand was brushing the side of her left breast. His pulse quickened and he felt his cock twitch as his fingers rubbed over her firm mound. Ben shifted slightly, hoping to slip has hand lower on his sister’s side.

Krista felt her brother move and stopped, giving him a worried look. “Are you okay?” she asked.

“Yeah,” he replied with a grunt.

“Well, go slow, okay?” she cautioned.

Ben nodded and took another step towards the open bathroom door. Now Krista was holding him tighter against her. He was several inches taller than her and bulkier, so she struggled somewhat to help hold him. She had tugged his left hand more securely around her, making sure she was supporting him properly. When she repositioned herself it made Ben’s nervousness increase. Now he could feel the back of his hand rubbing over the underside of his sister’s heavy breast through her sweater. Ben tried to force himself to think of other things, but all he could focus on was the sensation of his sister’s firm mound resting on his hand. It reminded him of the maxim to bathe in the Ganges, but not to think about elephants. He wondered if she felt him touching her there, and if she did, whether she enjoyed it as much as him or just didn’t care. Maybe she just didn’t care, given the situation, he thought. Still, felt himself getting hard by the normally forbidden touching of his sibling.

As Ben and his sister slowly moved closer to the bathroom his thoughts were filled with the times he had admired Krista’s sizable and perfectly formed breasts when she wore tight or revealing tops. Occasionally he would catch glimpses of her rounded cleavage down the front of a blouse or loose tank top when she would bend over. Sometimes, on rare occasions, he was even fortunate enough to snatch a look when Krista wasn’t wearing a bra. The first time this happened Ben was a teenager. He was captivated as he stared at his sister’s heavy globes, swaying slightly inside a blue tank top as she leaned over to tie her sneakers. It was a sight he had Escort Yeniçamlıca never forgotten and was the beginning of his forbidden desire for his sister. To feel her, or see her topless, had been his goal for years. Ben silently cursed the hand of fate for having decided that his first opportunity to touch his sister’s breast would have to be at such an awkward moment. Be careful what you wish for, he thought to himself.

“Okay– do you want me to turn the water on for you while you go?” Krista was still clutching her brother as they stood in the bathroom beside the toilet. His erection was beginning to tent his hospital gown and all he wanted was for her to leave the room.

“No, I’ll be okay,” he said, staring at the porcelain bowl.

Ben waited while his sister stepped away from him, then gave her an annoyed look when he saw her standing with her back to him at the closed door. “You can leave me alone, Kris. I’ll let you know when I’m done,” he said, sounding peevish.

“No. Sorry, Ben. I’m staying right here to make sure you’re okay — hospital rules,” she said. “If you fall and hurt yourself, my neck will be in a noose. I could get fired.”

Ben let out a groan and tugged at the hem of his gown, dragging it over his swelling cock. He looked down at his erection and drew in a deep breath. He struggled to think of anything or anyone else besides his sister as he held his shaft in his hand. He felt it twitch a bit when he touched it. The veins had begun to bulge. He tried to pee, but he was too hard.

“What’s the matter, little brother — got stage fight?” Krista giggled.

Just the sound of his sister’s soft voice ringing out in the small bathroom made Ben’s cock throb and thicken more. He looked at her from the corner of his eye, but as his gaze moved down her back to how her firm ass looked in her tight jeans he felt his cock rise even more. He looked back down at his erection and closed his eyes, breathing faster as his face became hotter.

Krista waited for the sound of her brother’s bladder emptying as she stared at the wooden bathroom door. She smiled to herself as she surmised the problem, having felt his fingers rub over her breast as they made their way towards the bathroom. She had noticed the slight tent in his gown before she turned away from him and had to force herself to not stare at it. Her clit was swollen and she felt herself becoming wet while she waited for her brother to pee. After close to two minutes of silence Krista grew impatient. She began to worry that standing for so long would weaken Ben.

“Look, let me just turn the water on.” Krista backed up towards the sink, staring straight ahead.

When he saw his sister moving towards him, Ben grew panicky. “No, just stay there,” he blurted out, turning towards her without thinking first. A sharp pain shot up his back and he cried out. “Fuck!” he exclaimed, clutching his lower back.

Krista whipped her head around from the sink towards her brother. She immediately saw the alarmed expression on his rosy face. His wide eyes met hers as he clutched his hospital gown in his left hand. When her eyes moved further down she saw his hard cock. It was thick and somewhat darker than his flushed cheeks. It stood straight out from a thick patch of dark, curly hair below his muscled abdomen. His heavy balls hung loose below his shaft and moved a bit when he did. Krista gasped, unable to move as her eyes slowly moved from the swollen mushroom head of brother’s cock and up the thick shaft with bulging veins. She noticed it rise higher and twitch as he stared at her with a mortified look on his red face. Krista smiled at him.

“Now I see what the problem is,” she said in a soft voice and grinned.

“Just leave me alone, Kris,” Ben snapped, tugging his gown down over his erection and trying to cover himself with his hands.

Krista turned quickly and locked the bathroom door, then moved back over to stand beside her brother. He looked scared as she approached, but she noticed his eyes flit down to her chest. She smiled, running her eyes up and down his body. She could feel her hard nipples rubbing against the inside of her bra and wondered how obvious they were through her sweater. Apparently enough to get her brother’s attention, she thought to herself.

Krista stood beside her brother and tugged his gown back up, clutching a fistful with her left hand. “Let me help you with that, Ben,” she said, almost whispering.

“No… dammit, just go, Krista,” he said, sounding angry.

“Ssshh… someone will hear us,” Krista said. She knew her brother was probably too excited to feel like resisting much. Plus, she had noticed him ogle her many times over the years and assumed that this was not the first erection of his that she had caused — just the first that she was fortunate enough to see that wasn’t hidden behind tight denim. And the first she intended to relieve him.

Ben could feel himself beginning to sweat. When he felt his sister’s soft hand cup his balls and gently squeeze them he moaned. Her skin was soft and warm and Yeniçamlıca Escort Bayan her touch gentle as she fondled his sac. She squeezed them a bit and rubbed them with her palm. He felt weak when she gave his cock a squeeze, then began to slowly stroke it.

“Oh god…” he sighed.

“Ssshhh…,” his sister hissed again. She ran her thumb over the head of his cock, spreading his precum around and smiled into his eyes. “Does that feel good, Ben?” she whispered.

“Uh-huh,” he grunted, nodding his head.

“Relax and enjoy it, little brother. I will.” Krista’s soft voice was thicker now as she grew hornier.

Ben gripped a chrome metal bar affixed to the wall beside the toilet and breathed heavy. He looked down at his sister’s hand as she stroked his cock and rubbed his balls. He could feel her breast rubbing against his right arm, which added to the overall sensuous experience. His eyes shifted to the right and he looked at her thick nipples pushing out at her sweater. He wondered if she would let him feel her, but did not dare do anything that might make her stop.

Krista stared at her brother’s thick cock as she pumped it with her fist. She pulled at it so the swollen head was pointing up towards her. She licked her lips, and for a moment contemplated taking it in her mouth, then decided that was probably going too far with him. Besides, she wanted him to cum quickly. Having one of her co-workers discover her eagerly sucking her brother’s cock was the last thing she wanted. She watched his balls shake as she jerked him harder and listened to him panting.

When Ben let out a deep moan and his body tensed Krista gripped his rod harder and stroked it faster. Seconds later she saw a stream of thick cum erupt from it, splashing over the toilet and landing in the bowl. Krista kept pumping her tight fist, smiling as he shot two smaller blasts of cum. She felt some land on the back of her hand and run down her fingers but she kept stroking him. Once she felt him relax and begin to soften she reluctantly let go of his spent cock, gliding her fingers over his balls one last time.

“There… feel better?” she softly asked and smiled.

“Ah… yeah… thanks,” her brother said with a sheepish grin.

Krista turned and went back to the sink, intending to wash her hands while Ben used the toilet. When she saw his thick cum glistening on her hand she darted her tongue out, licking it all up. After she lapped his cum off of her, Krista washed her hands, listening to the sound of him pissing. Once Ben had finished emptying his bladder, she took some paper towel and wiped his thick semen from the toilet before flushing it — although she wished she could have tasted more of it.

After Ben was back in his bed he seemed anxious. Krista felt the tension too. She attempted to make conversation, but they both felt nervous and avoided one another’s eyes. After close to a half hour Krista looked at her watch and stood up. She hoisted her purse over her shoulder.

“I should be going. I promised Mom I’d stop in later,” she lied.

“Ah… okay. Well, thanks for… ah, stopping in, Kris,” Ben said, giving his sister a nervous smile.

Krista nodded. “No problem. I’ll try to get in again tomorrow.”

That night Krista laid in bed and made herself cum over and over until her clit ached and her sheet was soaked with her juice. She imagined committing all sorts of obscene acts with her younger brother and allowing him to do things to her she had previously refused to allow boyfriends to do. The image and feeling of Ben’s cock would not leave her mind and she fantasized about it filling her everywhere and anywhere he wanted to put it.


When Krista woke the next morning her hand was still resting on her wet pussy. She smiled and moved her hips, feeling her clit swell. She had a shift at the hospital that night and planned to visit Ben before that. At least she would have an excuse to leave if she became too nervous around him. It was almost nine thirty that morning. Krista planned to do grocery shopping that afternoon, but there was still plenty of time to cum a few times, she thought to herself. She could not get the image and feeling of her brother’s cock out of her mind and needed some release.

That evening after supper Ben was happy to see Krista enter his room. He was also relieved. He worried that what had happened in the bathroom would cause irreparable damage to their relationship. As much he had enjoyed getting a hand job from her, and would love for it, or more, to happen again, nothing was worth the risk of them being estranged.

“How have you been feeling?” Krista asked.

“Good. Dr. Green said I might be able to go home sooner than he thought,” Ben replied.

“That’s great. I bet you can’t wait to get out of here.”

Ben widened his eyes and nodded. “Oh, yeah!” he exclaimed.

Krista was wearing purple scrubs and sitting in the chair beside Ben’s bed with her legs crossed. He did not want her to catch him staring, but could not help but notice how her bust filled out the tight purple top she was wearing. As soon as she had entered the room his cock had begun to stiffen, but it had been in that state almost constantly since he had last seen her. Even after quietly masturbating that night once the hospital grew dark was not enough to sate his libido. He wanted his sister with an even greater intensity than ever before.

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